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Athena Anderson

Diversity Lesson Plan Artifact

High School Social Studies: Grade 10
Discrimination and Diversity

Standard: W.9-10.1 - Write arguments to support claims in an analysis

of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and
sufficient evidence.
Culture or Cultural Concept: Diversity, Discrimination, Civil Rights,
Objective: The high school student will understand discrimination and
civil rights. They will be able to deliver an argumentative speech in the
manner of Martin L. King Jr.
Materials: The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss. The Youtube
Film MLK-The King and his Dream. Martin Luther King Jrs speech, I
Have a Dream. Markers, and paper. Power Point or other presentation
Set the Stage/Anticipatory Set:

Say, How many of you remember reading Dr. Seuss?

What were some of your favorite books? (Auditory)

State the Objective:

Say, The next two classes we will be exploring what

discrimination towards diversity looks like. We will

Athena Anderson
study Martin Luther King Juniors speech and create
our own speeches to deliver in class. (Auditory)
Investigate Prior Knowledge:

Ask students - What do you believe the word

discrimination means? What does diversity mean?

Discuss with students their prior knowledge about
Martin Luther King Jr. (Auditory)

New Information/Input & Model:

Read the book The Sneetches (Auditory)

Watch YouTube film MLK-The King and His Dream.

(Visual and Auditory)

Read the speech from Martin Luther King Jr. I have a
Dream. (Tactile and Auditory)

Guided Practice:
First Day:

Read the book The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.

After reading the book discuss with the class how this
book explains discrimination. Ask the students if they
can think of a time when discrimination has

happened in our society? (Auditory)

Have the class watch the YouTube film MLK-The King

and His Dream. (Visual and Auditory)

Second Day:

Athena Anderson

Break the students up into groups; try selecting

people they do not normally work with.

When the students are in groups have them read the
speech from Martin Luther King Jr. I have a Dream.

(Tactile and Auditory)

Afterward discuss briefly with the class about the
speech. Discuss why this speech made such an

impact. (Auditory)
Have the groups create their own speech to

persuade the Sneetches for equality. (Auditory)

Have each group deliver their speech to the class.

Independent Practice:

The students will be working as a class or with


o English Language Learners: Check in with each
group to make sure all are included. That the
assignment is understood.
o Special Education: Verbally have student/s
discuss the topic, use adaptive technology if
o Gifted: Students will select a topic that
addresses discrimination or when
discrimination occurred. The students will
create their own speech based on Martin

Athena Anderson
Luther King Juniors speech and appeal to their

Topic Review/Closure:

Discuss with the class any current events happening

now that centers around discrimination. Ask the
students, How can understanding discrimination
help us in our lives?

Evaluation: While students are working in the groups monitor how

each student is participating and being involved. Have the students fill
out an evaluation of their partners participation.