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Cause-Effect Essay

201421552 Lee Sun Kyu

Cause of Irish Famine

Topic: Cause of Irish Great Famine.

1. Introduction(Paragraph 1)
A. Potato is common crops which most of people love. Potato cuisines such as potato
salads, scalloped potato make perfect harmony with other ingredients.
B. However, this potato caused a catastrophe which shows us living hell from Ireland in
mid 1850s. This called Irish Great Famine or An Drochshaol. At that time, about 2 millions
of Irish were died from the blight of potato.
C. Why this terrible disaster happened so seriously? The simple fact which states that
cause of famine occurred by the potato blight must not be enough. The reason is analyzed
by three aspects; dependence of potato, population increase, socioeconomic structure of
Island, Initial countermeasure of the British government.

2. Body
A. Paragraph 2 (fist cause of effect) topic sentence: Dependence on potato
Food production of Ireland totally depended on potato.
a. Ireland did not have various agriculture implements (Zukerman, p.46). So, most
of Irish farmers who did not have agriculture implements could cultivate potato.
b. The yield of potato was efficient per one acre land. Irish farmland was divided for
tiny area per one farmer family. Additionally, Irish farmers only have 14% arable lands of
whole farmlands in Ireland. Therefore, they need to use potato for overcoming the poor
c. Potato was highly nutritious compared with other foods. Probably, many people
did not need to find substitute crops. They were just satisfied with potato which was
described as the great plant.
A. Paragraph 3 (second cause of effect) topic sentence: Socioeconomic
Socioeconomic structure of Island was unstable and unfair.
a. Tenant farmers were extremely exploited by the ruling classes. They were hard to

fight against poverty by themselves.

b. Irish population increased because of early marriage and higher food
production due to potato. This increase could not afford feeding starving families without
potato. The problem could be Malthusianistic Disaster. (K. H. Connell).
c. Pure agrarian-based society of Island was vulnerable to endemics.
Understandably, potato blight could easily destroy Irish production system.
A. Paragraph 4 (third cause of effect) topic sentence: Initial countermeasure of
the British government.
Initial countermeasure of the British government was truly insufficient and showed an
attitude of indifference.
a. Firstly, the British government thought the famine as laziness of Irishman.
Thus the government did not expand the poorhouse and facilities.
b. Secondly, the British government ignored Irish famine by having a political
battle between the liberal party and conservative party. Each party had a different opinion for
solving the Irish problem and direction of aid was in a state of confusion.
c. Lastly, the British government abandoned Corn Law with importing a lot of
wheat to Island. However, Irish could not buy this food because they had no money.

3. Conclusion ( paragraph 5)
A. Restated thesis: Irish Great Famine was the terrible event in Europe history for
many years. According to this, there were many submerged factors which brought
out tragedy. It was not only natural disaster but also artificial catastrophe. Unstable
Irish system murdered many people of Ireland. In addition, crucial British
government collapsed Irishmans life.
B. For that reason, we must previously exert to make an egalitarian society and find
the fundamental cause quickly to prevent enormous calamity.

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