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Hess Pet Center now provides full-service

luxury pet care to do owners. Recently, we
have been inundated with requests from
current clients and from employees in Hess
Office Park to expand our services to cat
owners. Providing services to cat owners
has always been part of our long-range
business plan; therefore, we decided to
survey all of our clients and Hess Office Park

Some of our clients even sent pictures of

their dogs with cats that belonged to their
friends who want to use our services. Andy
is pictured below with his friend Choo.

Survey Results

First, we asked our current clients if they

had any objections to adding cats to the
facilities. WE are happy to report that there
were no objections. More than 20 percent
of Hess office Park employees indicated
that they needed services for cats.

Action Plan

We will begin immediately with a pilot

project that will include three types of
services for cats:

What was even more surprising were

responses from clients who only have dogs,
but who suggested many of their friends
would like to use our services for their cats.
Several sent pictures for their friends cats.
They all indicated we could publish their
names and pictures in our newsletter.
Sadie, shown above, is one that would likely
be a frequent boarder at Hess Pet Center.

Total professional care provided by

board-certified veterinarians and
highly trained technicians.
Luxury boarding
Boutique that provides one-stop
shopping to meet your cats needs
and desires.

The architects and construction team met

and agreed that we could finish an
expansion area of the new addition and
have a nice area to meet the demand for
accommodating cats. This expansion will
not impact the construction completion
dates. Space in the veterinary clinic and
the boutique is already available.









reat News!

The $125,750,000 increase

in the Wexmark College
Foundation endowment
this year is the largest
increase ever. The
outstanding results of our
capital campaign and the higher-than-expected
yields on our investments combined to make
this a banner year for the Wexmark College
Foundation. We have already exceeded our
campaign goals, and we have more than a year
left in the campaign.

and effectively when other institutions try to

take advantage of the financial situation of
Wexmark and recruit our academic stars.
Last month, the finance and Budget Committee
finalized their recommendations for next years
budget. The budget shown in the graphic clearly
demonstrates that our priorities are on
academic enrichment for Wexmark. Please note
that 84 percent of the total unrestricted budget
goes directly to the support of students, faculty,
and academic units. Only 7 percent of the total
unrestricted budget supports the operations of
the foundation.

Academice Units

This week the Board

unanimously approved
the $4,350,000
unrestricted budget as
The development
it was submitted by
Committee was
the finance and
especially successful in
Budget Committee.
securing more
This level of support is
unrestricted gifts than
the highest in the
we normally receive.
history of the Wexmark College Foundation. It is
As we all know, securing unrestricted gifts in
more than 20 percent higher than last years
the most difficult part of fundraising.
level of support.
Unrestricted gifts allow us to apply the funds to


the areas of greatest need.

Unrestricted Budget
The Board reaffirmed at our last meeting that
faculty support is our top priority-followed by
scholarships, fellowships, and support for
academic units. The proposed budget targets
these priorities.
The budget cuts imposed on the College this
year make it imperative that we make funds
available to recruit and retain outstanding
faculty. We need to be able to respond quickly

Thank you
The hard works and dedication of our stall and
our outstanding Board members made this
record-breaking year possible. Every member of
the Board made a significant financial
contribution this year and also took an active
role in assisting our development officers with
their fundraising efforts. Thanks to each of you
for assuming a major role in the campaign. The
impact you have had on the quality of Wexmark
College is truly significant.


Study Trip to France

Home Base






Aix en

World class
French cafes,
walks along the
Chateaux of
the Loire Valley
sites and
towns in the
Sun, scenery,
and the sweet
life in Provence

Contact Us
Chicago Language School
200 Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60605
312) 555-3321

Chicago Language School

200 Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60605


Gabriella Buccieri
Recipient Address
City, State Zip

Following the completion of Term 2,

students fly to Paris and embark on
a one-month stay in France that
includes one week in each of four

French Program

Program Overview

Admission Procedures

Course Descriptions

The Intensive French Program

offered by the Chicago Language
School prepares students for study,
travel or business in the Frenchspeaking world. This program is
designed for professionals and
students who need to
communicate in French with
colleagues, instructors and clients.
The program trains students to an
advanced level of French
proficiency in conversation and an
intermediate level in written French.
The program culminates with a
one-month stay in France. Students
then have the option to stay in
France to take further training or to

Applicants must have an intermediate

level of French for acceptance into the
program. This level is determined during an
interview with the Program Coordinator
and completion of a one-hour written
exam. In addition, applicants must have
completed high school. Upon acceptance
into the program, a non-refundable $500
administration fee is payable.

Intermediate Conversation: Ask

questions, give simple descriptions, use
present tense, use past tense with

Upon successful completion of the

Chicago Language School
program, graduates receive a
certificate recognized as
equivalent to 18 credits at the
university level.

To apply for the program, call the Chicago

Language School at (312) 555-3321.

Program Content
The Chicago Language program is divided
into two 4-month terms followed by one
month in France for a total program length
of nine months.
Term 1

Term 2



Comprehension I

Comprehension II

French Business

Living and Working

in France

French Creative

French Cooking

Reading Comprehension I: Develop

grammar skills, understand travel
documents and newspaper articles.
French Business Writing: Study typical
business situations and develop
business correspondence in French.
French Creative Writing: Develop a flair
for French through writing short
vignettes, poems, and stories in French
and through study of selected French
literary classics.
Advanced Conversation: Express
yourself easily, use all the main
structures and tenses in French
accurately, develop good aural
Reading Comprehension II: Develop
grammar skills, read and understand
business contracts, read and
understand journal articles and books.
Living and Working in France:
Understand French regulations, identify
job opportunities, learn French
geography and culture.
French Cooking: Learn French cooking
(in French) from a French chef.

Nightly Specials & Events

Monday Dollar Dogs
Tuesday Loaded for 50 More
Wednesday Free Soda with Meal
Thursday Table Trivia