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Give an example of problem analysis where the problem components are relatively simple, but the

difculty in solving the problem lies in the interconnections among sub-problem components.

Let us consider traffic signals of few areas in United States of America, sensor is assigned to the
signal systems. If we were in an intersection or a four way path road and we are on red, by the
help of sensor it turns green if there are no vehicles in the other parts of road. It is programmed
in a well-organized way that it wont mess-up with all the signals. If the sensor does work
properly it will be a big problem with accidents on roads.
Many developers equate technical quality with overall product quality. Give an example of a product
with high technical quality that is not considered high quality by the customer. Are there ethical
issues involved in narrowing the view of quality to consider only technical quality? Use the Therac-25
example to illustrate your point.

Is the fact that developers always equate technical quality with overall product quality, there is a
software called INS Zoom with deals all the immigration issues at one place. Immigration forms,
E-fillings, Compliance, Stakeholder relationship management etc. are done in this INZ zoom
Website. There is no other platform that can perform all the immigration issues at place, but the
thing is isnt successful in the market as it costly.
An example of problem analysis is the processing and synthesis of sensor data. Getting the accurate
picture of the overall system when lots of real-time sensor data are flowing into the software system
is relatively simple, but when one considers the specic solution of the individual inputs such as a
specic software being used for controlling the shape of the wing of a plane, depending upon the
real-time sensor data like air speed, pressure, temperature, it becomes difficult to interconnect the
sub-problem components.

The Aircrafts pressure, temperature, and airspeed can be analyzed and can get
warnings if the levels are exceeded by using a software. But all the things cant be
controlled by a software. When we consider autopilot it just saves the data given by
the pilot and travel accordingly. As pressures and temperature changes as per the
climatic conditions and places no software can perfectly control an aircraft.