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The Nature of Socialization

By: Amaya Holliday

Socialization is a tree,
You start with your roots,
Perpetual and strong,
going deep down into the earth,
Through generations,
Centuries old,
Roots drenched in perpetuating fear, confusion, insecurity, and ignorance.
Roots make you believe you are not pretty,
like that model who has been mutilated by photoshop,
You will be happy if your legs are so skinny, it looks like life has been sucked out of them,
You will be loved if your face is not a face,
But a cacophonous concoction of foundation, mascara, and blush,
You will never be good enough for society
As you follow the tree towards the twisting trunk,
You continue to believe,
because you are a girl your self worth is based on an A, B, or C, cup size,
Inside you feel the slow demise.
The trunk -the worst part of the tree, covered in snarly knots of evil,
Like a never ending collection of filthy bark and ideas,
Its the part where you continue to believe that a thigh gap is currency sold to you by the media.
And your stomach should be as flat as the mirror you judge yourself in,
As you grow up and climb the tree
You reach the branches,
You start to spread,
Stretch--away from these fabricated ideas,
Away from the medias chilling oppressive voice whispering hostility
You expand
Towards the sun,
Towards accepting yourself,
Towards love,
To loves golden voice singing acceptance into you ears