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Circle the best future form to complete these sentences.

1. Don't worry about your driving test! I'm sure youll pass / you're passing .
2. I wont come / m not coming on Friday, sorry. I have a doctor's appointment.
3. Are you hot? OK, Im going to / Ill open the window.
4. Don't leave your bike there! Someone s stealing it / ll steal it .
5. Look at the traffic! We're going to be / We're arriving late for school.
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Correct and write these sentences on the line below.
1. That looks heavy. I help you.
2. I'll play at a music festival this weekend.
3. He's playing really badly. There's no way he's winning this match.
4. I'll meet Charlie and Anna later.
'I feel ill.'
Sandra said ______________________________.
2. 'I'm going into town.'
Mark said ______________________________.
3. 'I studied music for five years.'
Alex said ______________________________.
4. 'I've been to Shanghai.'
She said ______________________________.

5. 'We can help you.'

Will said ______________________________.
6. 'It will rain on Tuesday.'
The weather forecast said ______________________________ on Tuesday.
7. 'Whats your name?'
The police officer asked me ______________________________.
8. 'Are you over eighteen?'
The teacher asked Amy ______________________________.

1. He (offer) a new job last week.

2. The bridge (blow up) yesterday.

3. This novel (write) by Hemingway.

4. Flies (catch) by spiders.

5. All the trees (cut) down yesterday.

6.. He (throw) out of the bar a week ago.

10. Pigs (use) to find truffles.

11. The old theatre (reopen) last Friday.

12. She (ask) about the accident by the police yesterday.

13. Eggs (throw) at him last month in Bristol.

14. Mice (catch) by cats.

15. I (often / ask) for her address.

1) (she / pass the exam)?
.2) (you / eat lunch yet)?
.3) (he / read the newspaper today)?
4) (you / not / study French for ten years)
.5) (they / be in London for six months)
6) (where / you / be)?
.7) (we / not / go to Paris)
.8) (she / not / see The Lord of the Rings)
Choose the present simple or the present continuous - it could be positive,
negative or question
(you/come) tonight?
(he/eat) rice every day?
.3) I
(work) at the moment.
. (he/come) to London often?
.5) He

(play) tennis now.

8) He
(not/play) golf now.