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When writing my 1984 research essay over capitalism I felt rather well

prepared for this topic. I had quite a bit of background knowledge on the topic as I
regularly had done a lot of research on this topic in regards to debate purposes.
When producing this piece I was inclined to apply a large amount of the background
knowledge I had on the topic. What was interesting about this is it was the first
essay I had written where I had an extensive amount of background knowledge
comparatively to past essays Ive written. I feel that I have improved my ability in
research essays in my overall research process. I still think I need to improve the
way I contextualize and include the evidence in the essay. One problem I had when
writing this essay is that its a controversial topic and evidence is hard to find
supporting my side, I overcame this by accessing open source databases,
specifically in context of the IMF. The resources I used for my research included
debate files, school databases, google scholars, and google news; I would use all of
my resources again except for the school databases as these were extremely
unorganized and rarely actually had information on what you truly needed. In
addition to this while the work isnt intended to tell a story, I believe it told a strong
factually supported argument.
When describing how I felt about this work, I enjoyed the topic I was writing
about. The only part I didnt like about the writing process was using ethos, logos,
and pathos as some of the implications of these themes were contradictory. I
specifically enjoyed the research process. What I found satisfying about the
research process is the means by which I research using the verbatim tool, and
cutting evidence like it was for debate. What I found frustrating about the finished
product is that I felt like ethos, logos and pathos didnt flow well together. My
standards for this writing were rather high since I knew so much about it. I think to
some degree I did, but failed in other areas. My goal for this work was to ultimately
make clear for the reader the faults that exist in capitalism, my goals never
changed over the course of my writing, and I did feel like I wrote an extremely
convincing argument. I believe that this shows Im capable of comprehending
complicated topics quickly. I believe what I learned during this process about my
self is the extents Im willing to go to, to find the information I need. Post writing this
essay I dont feel any different about the argument. When comparing this to my
essay over The Book Thief you can see many improvements, the most clearly seen
in the writing of my thesis. This main change came off my learning of a three prong
thesis. It shows that once I understand an explicit idea in regards to writing, Ill
continue to apply it.
When writing this essay I distinctly differed in my research process. For
example I cut pieces of evidence similarly to how I would do it for debate purposes.
My process was similar in that I had a general similar number of pieces of evidence.
If I were a teacher I would have told myself to pick a topic a little simpler in
comparison to what other students picked. I would still give this an 85% or higher,
in terms of a rubric this would have met all of the requirements. One thing I would
want people to notice about this essay is all the examples I provide of the downfalls
of capitalism. When looking at my work, my classmates typically notice how long it
is. I met the work standards for this assignment by making sure to implement ethos,

logos and pathos. One way I feel I didnt meet the standards is by not providing
enough information on each. One piece someone else might learn about me from
reading this piece is the issues I like to think about compared to others.
One thing I would like to improve on in context of evidence based essays is
my incorporation of evidence. If I had to change something about this essay when
rewriting it, it would be to make it simply more understandable. In the next revision
of this piece I would change my word usage. Something that my classmates did that
I would like to put in my essay is to be more emotional about ethos, logos, and
pathos. One goal I would like to set myself up for next time is to apply the
improvements I discussed. One thing I would like to spend more time on in regards
to ELA in school is discussing critical literature like capitalism. I like to write in depth
about the literature I read. One thing I feel like I need more help with is
implementing my research in writings. One thing that might help show my teacher
next year my writing that needs improvement is showing this essay.

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