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Slidecast of 5 seminars

Artur Movsisyan

Table of contents

1) Living and working abroad

2) International sales in practice

3) Visit to the European Council in Brussels

4) Generation Y

5) Mining industry in Greece

1) Living and working abroad

Prof. Dr. Dirk Buyens

Vlerick Business School

the why, what and how of international, intercultural

a personal point of view


He spent three months in Valencia

Huge language gap

Mister Buyens was not well prepared he was focused on partying

Many cultural differences

not many people spoke English at the time


Went to the university of Minnesota for one year

He did not had a job barely made ends meet with his small budget

Married his girlfriend in order to spent the year with her in the States

Middle of nowhere


15 30 days a year Vlerick campus in China

Rising importance of being a polyglot

100 % different habits and values in comparison to the Western World

Growing Economy

Saint Petersburg

15 30 days a year Vlerick campus in Russia

Russians tend to become aggressive when talking about sensitive topics

(politics) be careful

Russians are not thrilled to speak English : THEREFORE learn few

Russian words

Why? : The times they are


The world is flat


The world will never be flat

From add on to Olympic minimum

Being out there is one thing, having learned something is however

the key question

Export product: the Belgian CEO

What? : 5 core international


Language skills (good enough beats perfect)


The outside-in-view


The Multi-ethnocentricity reflex


The Homelessness skill


The seeing through the cultural facade

What will happen if you come back

from your experience abroad?

Everyone is interested in your story: (for 30)

Life went on, so dont push yourself

The repatriation is much more troublesome: leaving is easier than

coming back

Behave amongst your friends, not above them

Reflect on yourself

Enjoy the memory



A person who inspired the entire class room

Dare to take the big step

Think before you act, dont hesitate too long

Now we are young we have to do this otherwise we will regret this in the

2) International sales in practice

Eline Blanchaert

International Account Manager - Klingele Chocolade

Klingele Chocolade NV, Evergem:

Start: working as a jobstudent

Business plan in 2004

International Account Manager 11 years of service

10th November 2015

International Business


7 steps

1) Know your product and determine strategy & competitors

2) Exhibitions

3) Flanders Investment & Trade


5) Sales alone will not lead to turnover

6) Keep up to date

7) Networking & open your eyes and ears


Put the emphasis on the importance of internationalisation and trade

Miss Blanchaert is the living example of the fact that loyalty pays off
(began as a studentjob now an International Account Manager

Gave chocolate to everyone at the end of the seminar

Very detailed presentation (maybe not enough interaction with het


3) Visit to the European Council in Brussels

Facts about the trip

6 October 2015


Guided through the European Council

Plenty of security check

Facts about European Council


Formation: 1961


Location: New Europa Building, Brussels

President: Donald Tusk

No legislative power

The meetings of the European Council = Referred to as EU Summits

EU collective presidency


The guide was everything except enthusiastic

Too much boring information, nothing practical

Although it was nice to be able to sit in the meeting room

At the end it was still educative

4) Generation Y

Joerie Van Den Bergh

Co-founder InSites Consulting

A cross-generational view on NXTGen marketing

Babyboomers: 1946 -1964 (51-69 years)

Gen X: 1964 1979 (36-50 years)

Gen Y: 1980 1996 (19-35 years)

Gen Z: 1997 2011 (4-18 years)

The NXT Gen has the most influence on the Food that is being consumed
at home.

GEN Z is texting the most while watching TV

GEN Y is making using the most of the app called Whatsapp


Very nice and clear presentation

Different from others

High amount of visuals

Good interaction with the students, I never lost my attention during the
seminar because of his enthusiasm

5) Mining industry in Greece

Elli Damaskou Catapa

Arteveldehogeschool KNT

March 9, 2016


CATAPA is a volunteering organization (2005) that works around

sustainable development and alternative globalisation, with a focus on
the mining issues and Latin America.

To contribute concretely to a sustainable solution for the ecological and

climate crisis, they encourage a fairer mining industry and a more
sustainable use of metals.

CATAPA also follows some open-pit mining cases in Europe, especially in

Romania and Greece.

Skouries, Chalkidiki

Small village facing a lot of problems

Big part of the village is used as mining ground

Government is not doing anything to counter this

Important region for the Greek tourism

A minority of the local population has vocally opposed the project, citing
impacts to the environment, tourism and agriculture.

Many demonstration against gold-mining industry in Skouries

Despite the fact of all these demonstrations there are still no changes

Global perspective on mining

The big mining companies dont care about local society

Mostly open-pit mining

They only think about their own profit margin

Use dynamite to destroy and open the rich grounds of Chalkidiki

Deforestation and destruction of biodiversity


CSR and regulations have to be implied in every company

Bribery has to vanish out of the world

Mining causes many problems worldwide

We all have to work towards a solution

Mining is a huge drawback for the environmental situation nowadays