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Megan L.

716 N. River Avenue Alma, MI 48801 Phone: (517)-316-6588 E-Mail:

To obtain an Elementary teaching position.

Alma College
Bachelor of Arts

Alma, MI
Apr. 2015

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Early Childhood Education (ZS)

Farwell Area Schools
Kindergarten Teacher

Farwell, MI
August 2015- Current

Alma College Head Start

Educational Student Teaching- Preschool
Supervising Teacher: Lori Henry

Alma, MI

St. Louis Carrie Knause Elementary School

St. Louis, MI

Educational Student Teaching- First Grade

Supervising Teacher: Julie Brown
Curriculum Meeting
St. Louis Carrie Knause Elementary School
Observed and helped plan St. Louis yearly reading curriculum
C.A.F.E & Daily 5 Mini Conference
Alma College Course

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

St. Louis, MI
Winter 2015

Alma, MI
Fall 2014

Instructor: Christie Freestone

Trained on how to effectively implement C.A.F.E. & Daily 5 in a classroom
Alma College Head Start
Educational Field Placement- Age 3-5
Supervising Teacher: Mrs. Lori Henry

Alma, MI
Fall 2014

Conducted 40 hours of classroom observation.

St. Marys Elementary
Educational Field Placement- Third/Fourth grade
Supervising Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Lux

Alma, MI
Fall 2014

Conducted 50 hours of classroom observation.

Education Study Abroad
Compared US and UK educational systems
Time Studied: One month

London, England
Spring 2014

Luce Road Elementary

Alma, MI

Educational Field Placement- Kindergarten

Supervising Teacher: Mrs. Theresa Goecker
Conducted 30 hours of classroom observation

Fall 2013

Ithaca North Elementary

Educational Field Placement- Fourth Grade
Supervising Teacher: Mrs. Amy King
Conducted 40 hours of classroom observations.

Ithaca, MI
Winter 2013

Educational Field Placements consist of:

Planning and leading numerous lessons to small and large groups

Provided appropriate supplies for students for affective learning

Assisted teacher with grading papers, making bulletin boards, copying papers,
and making other classroom materials

Assisted teacher with individual instruction for extra help to students

Observed the teachers style of teaching

Helped teacher set up centers for affective play

Observed and conducted a case study on the development of an individual


Farwell Elementary
Kindergarten Teacher
PCMI Substitute
Middle of the Mitten Learning Center
Childcare Assistant
Outback Steakhouse
Child Care
Child Caregiver

Farwell, MI
August 2015- Present

St. Louis, MI
Jan. 2015- August 2015

Alma, MI
Feb. 2013- Sept.2013

Okemos, MI
Feb. 2012- Sept.2012

Dewitt, MI
June 2007- Aug. 2010

Alma College Harlan R. McCall Memorial Scholar
Awarded for Academic and Student Teaching Excellence.

Alma, MI
May, 2015

Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification

Elementary Education
Early Childhood (ZS)

August 2015.

21Things for Teachers

Alma, MI

Completed 21things for Teachers in a Technology Course at Alma College.

Summer, 2014

TRIG Modules
Completed TRIG modules in a Technology Course at Alma College.

Alma, MI

CPR & First Aid

Certified through The American Red Cross.

Alma, MI

Project WOW, Project Wildlife, and Project Learning Tree

Alma, MI

Fall, 2014

Sept 2014

Received certification from Alma College.

May 2012

Alma College Football Tour Guide

Alma, MI


Dec. 2013-April 2015

Alma College Football Filmer


Alma, MI
Aug. 2014-Sept 2014

Dr. Jenise Cardinal-Donnelly
Director of Education
Indiana Purdue University
Phone: (231)-392-1634
Mrs. Julie Brown
St. Louis First Grade Teacher
St. Louis Carrie Knause ECLC
Phone: (989)- 388-3345
Greg Pscodna
Alma College Football Head Coach
Alma College
Phone: (989) 285-4737
Cindy Krell
Second Grade Teacher
Farwell Elementary
Phone: (989)-954-5007

Dr. Nicola Findley

Professor of Education
Alma College
Phone: (989) 463-7184
Mrs. Jennifer Lux
Third/Fourth grade Teacher
St. Marys Catholic Elementary School
Phone: (989) 576-1021
Ms. Mary Kuenn
Field Instructor
Alma College
Phone: (989) 620-7883