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Who is Skye Berkowitz?

Religious History and Spiritual beliefs

My familys value of personal belief systems growing up
was open and rich in variation. Being raised with the
knowledge of my Jewish ancestors and family has given me a
brief taste of the practice of Judaism. When I was about
elementary schooled age, I was enrolled in a Hebrew school
part time, however I did not get my bat mitzvah traditionally
when I turned twelve. At around eleven years old, the
concept of god did not interest me so I made the decision to
continue on my path without continuing my Hebrew studies.
As I have grown from a little child to a little adult I have been
influenced by my moms personal practices of Kabbalah,
Hinduism, Meditation, and other philosophies of Eastern
spirituality. At the cozy age of seventeen years old I have a
pretty basic foundation of my own series of beliefs and
practices. I consider the Earth as my religon, respecting the
laws of nature and understanding the delicate balance of life
is critical to me. I have dabbled in Wicca and Druidry, both of
which fascinate me. The most solid and core element of my
thoughts on religon however is characterized by a
philosophical approach. To me, I believe the best way to get
closest to god, is through transcendence of the material
world. I think the science of thought, if used in a certain way,
can strip away the concept of separate existence. So
basically, questioning everything has lead myself to the
conclusion that the answers can only be genuine if ones ego
is left out of the equation.

My Definition of Beauty
Beauty is the realization of ones body as being the vessel of
universal flow.

Beauty is the connection of hearts,

Beauty is letting go, beauty is simplicity.
Beauty is not needing a reason for bliss.

My Definition of friendship
Friendship is the synchronicity between two living

My Definition of home
Home is wherever you choose to let your life live.

What makes me sad

The feeling of hopelessness and disconnect from good
energy, the slow progressive death of everything around me
and injustice. When animals or nature is harmed. The miss
used potential of humanity. Loosing a cared one, humans
and creatures who cant receive help if they need it. The
dying culture of logic and creativity. Corruption and greed.
The abuse of past civilizations.
These are some things that make me sad.

What makes me happy

The feeling of freedom and the exchange of love and
light energy, the growth of new life and good intentions.
When nature can thrive. The ability of the human mind.
Loving those around you who love you back, helping those
who need it. Making art and sharing the passion of creativity
with someone else. Studying the history of life.
These are some things that make me happy.

I am
1. A vessel
2. A Light
3. A learner
4. A creator
5. A soul trapped within a flesh- craft
6. A growing energy
7. An imperfect creature
8. A celebration
9. A life
A Human
Pivotal moments
Abusing myself through the excessive use of some
drugs and suffering from self loathing and anxiety has
planted seeds of negativity in my life that have sprouted into
positive growing seedlings. Receiving help for the dark edges
of my experiences has been the biggest pivotal moment of
my life yet. In September of 2015 my parents enrolled me
into a therapeutic wilderness program based in the southern
deserts of Utah. I spent eight weeks camping out of a
backpack enduring all ends of nature. This experience
helped and continues to help me heal from lifes oddballs.

The most pivotal thing I have taken away from this moment
is the realization of my passion for wilderness and has
opened doors of lifestyles designed for outdoor exploration
for me.