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Malvern Primary School

The purpose of the Student Welfare and Behaviour Policy is to facilitate the provision of a safe,
happy and supportive learning environment for all students attending Malvern Primary School.

To promote the development of the following in students:
A sense of empathy with and respect for others
Confidence and high self-esteem
Emotional security and resilience
Responsibility and self-discipline
A positive attitude to learning


Students should feel physically and emotionally safe and secure at school.
Students and adults are to be valued and treated with respect, thoughtfulness, friendliness,
encouragement and tolerance.
Students should treat the physical environment of the school, its resources, and the
belongings of others in a responsible manner.
Students should exhibit co-operation and self-discipline in their interactions with others, and
in their schoolwork.
Students should be made aware of the School Rules for appropriate behaviour.
The School Rules will be displayed in classrooms and other appropriate places throughout the
school. They will also be published on the school website.
Teachers are responsible for explaining, implementing, maintaining and revising the School
Appropriate support services may be used when the Principal, staff and parents consider this
to be in the best interests of the student.
Effective communication will be maintained between teachers and parents.
The school applies a zero tolerance approach to bullying (See Anti-Bullying Policy and
Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy).
Students, teachers and parents have a responsibility to report bullying behaviour so that it
can be addressed (See Anti-Bullying Policy and Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy).


Students will not verbally, physically or emotionally hurt another person.

Students will comply with the requests of teachers at all times.
Students will not deliberately disrupt other students work or play activities.
Students will avoid using offensive language.
Students will participate in keeping the school and classroom environment clean and
Students will not deliberately damage school property.
Students will not steal or interfere with the belongings of others

Students will remain in the school grounds between 8.45am and 3.30pm. They must not leave
the school grounds without the written or verbal permission of parents, or the permission of
the Principal.

Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in a manner that clearly demonstrates to the student
the connection between the behaviour and its consequence. Consequences will be applied calmly
and firmly, and a three-step process for managing inappropriate behaviour will be implemented.


1. Ascertaining Misbehaviour
When a member of school staff observes inappropriate behaviour, they will decide whether to
apply one of the consequences listed below.
When a report of inappropriate behaviour is received from a student, teacher or parent, the
staff member will hear from the student/students concerned and any witnesses, will decide
whether misbehaviour has occurred, and if so, whether consequences should be applied.
2. Consequences of Misbehaviour
Classroom situation: the behaviour is directly related to the classroom, for example
withdrawal from the class, repetition of work, apology, making up time, loss of privileges
Playground situation; the behaviour is directly related to the playground, for example
withdrawal from the playground or part of the playground, apology, loss of privileges,
counselling if appropriate.
Parental involvement required: particularly when bullying is involved, parents of both the
perpetrator and the victim will be informed, and joint action (home and school) decided upon
and implemented (See Anti-Bullying Policy and Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy).
3. Escalation Process
If the misbehavior persists, the Grade Level Coordinator will be advised, and will assume
responsibility for managing the outcome.
Depending on the significance of the misbehaviour, parents will be advised of the situation
Continued misbehaviour will be referred to the Department Coordinator for appropriate
Further instances of misbehaviour will be reported to the Assistant Principal and finally the
Principal. The Assistant Principal or Principal may be involved in the process at an earlier
stage if appropriate.
In cases of severe misbehavior a Behaviour Management Plan will be implemented for the
particular student.

As they progress through the school, students will be required to take increasing responsibility
for their own behaviour. The development of this sense of responsibility is very much a
partnership between parents and the school. Should a situation such as bullying arise, the school
will expect that the students parents will be supportive of, and involved in, the schools
behaviour management process.

This policy was last ratified by School Council in June, 2011