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Actors HW: Midterm Exam ~ Audition Monologue


Directions: Using the Big 6 checklist, PUPS and the acting tools (CROW, Rehearsal Logs, Audition Workshops,
and a Scored Script), prepare a comedic monologue for presentation in Audition Format.
Your monologue will be presented on __________________________________________________________.
The following documents will need to be turned in on the day of exam:
1. A final scored script of your monologue. (Typed, double-spaced with neatly written scoring)
2. A final draft of your CROW analysis (Typed, exploring all character traits and fullest detail)
3. A personal Rehearsal Log of at least three rehearsals (Written in detail focus, discovery,
4. A listing of lessons learned from Actors Workshops and how you applied them to your rehearsal.
5. THIS COVER SHEET explaining the processes as they apply to Creating a Character and
Preparing your Audition Monologue.
Big 6 (To Problem Solve)
Apply Big 6 to the Process of Rehearsal/Preparation for your monologue
1. Task Definition

a. Define the information problem.

b. Identify Information needed

2. Information Seeking Strategies
a. Determine all possible sources

b. What are the best possible

3. Locate and Access

a. Locate Sources (intellectual and

b. Find information within sources
4. Use of Information

a. Engage (read, hear, view, touch)

b. Extract relevant information

5. Synthesis

a. Organize from multiple sources

b. Present the information

6. Evaluation

a. Judge the product (effectiveness)

b. Judge the process (efficiency)
P.U.P.S. (To Analyze Data)
1. Percieve/Pull Information
2. Understand (Connections,
Context, Cause & Effect, Prior
3. Process (Make Operational
Inferences towards
4. Synthesize (Make Conclusions,