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Creation of client

-----------------Login to client 000 - user SAP* - Password as 06071992

execute SCC4
click on change_>display or Ctrl-F4
click on continue
click on new entries
give client number (3 digits only)
update client data
leave the logical system as blank
give standard currency as INR (Depends on current location)
select the client role as customising
In the field of changes & transport for client-specific objects
select "Automatic recording of changes"
In the field of cross-client object changes
Select "Chnages to repository and cross-client customising allowed
In the field of protection:client copier & comparision tool
select "Protection level 0: No restriction" after client creation change this fi
eld as "No overwriting"
In the field of restrictions when starting CATT & eCATT
select eCATT & CATT not allowed
In restrictions
leave the check box blank of protection against SAP upgrade
click on save
Relogin to SAP with new client
client (newly created client)
user SAP*
password as "pass"