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By: Rafael Chavez
Due: May 10th, 2016
Mrs. Livingston
Honors English 12

Dear Reader,
I would like to thank you for viewing my paper. The topic discussed on this is the
influences of gaming on both the individual and society. Gaming in the 21st century has made a
lasting impact on people who grow to love video games, even if they dont play them later in
life. Ever since its debut in 1958 and popularity spike in the 70s, gaming has made and
influenced many innovations up to this point. Examples would include but not limited to
therapeutic and medical advances, childhood memories expanding to ideas, aggression to
promote friendly competition, and much more. Gaming Communities have grown and allow
people to aspire to once again follow their dreams.
Yours faithfully,
Rafael Chavez

Table of Contents
1. Video game statistics (Pictured Diagram)
2. Timeline of video games
3. Top Ten Most Influential Video Games
4. Video Game Greeting Card
5. Notes

6. Works Cited

7. Video Game Statistics 2015-2016

Americas statistics:

155 million Americans regularly (2-5 hours) play video games.

42% of Americans play for at least 3 hours a week.
4 of 5 American households contain a device used for video games.
The average amount of years dedicated to playing video games is 13
Around 13.4 billion dollars consistently in sales
63% of parents say video games are a positive part of a childs life
Around 50% of gamers are male, 48% female (the 2% are those who disassociate themselves
from video games.


People experiment with creating small puzzles

considered to be games, which required large
computers with flashing lights.


More mechanical machines are made for

games. 1st game Pong by Atari is made as
an arcade-like machine.


Basic computer games invented. 1st home

game published by Atari so Pong can be
playable at home.


Atari 2600 is created, being one of the 1st

game consoles published.


Arcade games begin to flourish until

Americas game crash of 1983; putting
console developers, including Atari out of
business. (Jumpman Mario and Pacman are
still popularized at this point)


Growing multiple genres of gaming including:

area puzzles (Tetris), co-op (Tanks),

adventure(Legend of Zelda) and platforming

Adventure games become popular as well as

portable consoles such as Nintendos


Microsoft starts developing computer games.

Mortal Kombat is released, which caused
the rating system (C,E,E10,T,M,A) to be


In the late 1990s, 3D gaming is invented.

1996s Tomb Raider speaks towards women
playing video games.


Computers advance allowing MMOs to form.


Video games can be made through

crowdfunding. Games today provide
compelling storylines, and downloaded stuff.

Top 10 Most Influential Video Games

1. Space Invaders (1978)- Inspired game designers to form newer game genres, including Nintendo
designer Shigeru Miyamoto to create the Mario and Zelda series.
2. Karate Champ (1980)- Inspired the fighting game genre, played a role in the creation of Tekken,
Street Fighter, and the Soul series.
3. Tetris (1985)- One of the 1st games outside of America to be popularized. Also influenced puzzle
games and one of the 1st games to be ported to a portable console.
4. Super Mario Bros. (1985)- Nintendos biggest selling franchise and the one who evolved
platforming games from this day onward. This also influenced the media as movie and feature
films were made revolving around video games or directly based on them.
5. Doom (1993)- Greatly spurred controversy about violence in video games, but was resolved.
Known to have influenced modern shooters with 3D complexities.
6. Super Mario 64 (1996)- Brings 3D gaming into a whole new perspective with polygons and
uncommon mechanics (at the time).
7. Grand Theft Auto III (2001)- Known for its violence and scrutiny of gangs in a sandbox world,
the GTA series offered opportunities in side missions and extra quest. This had gamers

astonished by the extra content, games now often have a side quest or two to accompany the
main story incase the player gets bored.
8. Mortal Kombat (1991)- The game that started all violence, blood, and gore seen in video games
today. This game influenced the making of the ESRB due to being the most violent game of its
time, especially with beheading people and burning them alive.
9. Final Fantasy VII (1997)- Made a lasting impact of the RPG genre and how they continue to play
this game today as one of the best games of all time. This game in particular makes gamers today
realize that classics from back then are still relevant today.
10. World of Warcraft (2004)- A online game that is known to grow upon the communitys
cooperation with one another thus, bringing people together towards a common goal of having

Greetings player, take control of your life! Live the dreams you could imagine, or let th

Notes or Fun Facts:

Around 1983 since Super Mario bros. debut, there was an abundance of children being named
The code every gamer can remember off the top of their head:
,,,,,,,,B,A,START; is the famous code created by Konami in 1985
in the game Gradius, which would blow up the players ship upon inputting
the code. Yet in other games (some not made by Konami) often give the
player extra lives and is featured as the secret passcode to the mayors
secret room in the film Wreck it Ralph.
Both the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo DS have been credited as the consoles with the most
sales units, selling 155 million units worldwide.
World of Warcraft is the highest grossing video game of all time, bringing in 10 billion dollars
over its lifetime.
Atari is a japanese word that means success.
Despite nearly 20 years of study, psychologists still cant make a direct link between video
games being the main cause of crimes within minors.
The first video games such as Pong and Jumpman (Donkey Kong) were used as arcade
machines and thus, required coins to play.
Cheat codes were originally put into video games to test ideas before they were inputted or cut
out of the final product, cheat codes can only be accessed by pressing a set pattern of buttons or
pull up a hidden menu.
Games influence the large community of Youtube. While the youtubers create content consisting
of these games, more viewers are likely to get the game due to the popularity.
To add onto the bullet above: 30% of gamers on Youtube are women, while 47% of gamers on
Youtube are parents.
Although 49% of American people play video games, 42% admit to it in public. Not everyone
considers being a gamer to be some badge of honor.
Gaming has been so popular that it has been considered an electronic sport (Esport). Now players
can compete professionally and travel with a P1 visa (same as athletes).

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