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Diana Montanez


DNA Extraction Lab

1. Go through the animation (see link below). Where can you extract
DNA from?
-You extract DNA from cells, so first you need to collect some
cells from the test subject. The cells from the animation would be from
the inside of the mouth.
2. What are the uses or applications of DNA extraction?
- Test a newborn for genetic disease
- Analyze forensic evidence
- Study a gene involved in cancer
2. List the steps of DNA extraction.
- Collect cheek cells
-Burst cells open to release DNA
-Separate DNA from proteins and debris
-Isolate concentrated DNA
3. Describe what banana DNA looks like? Do you think other
organism's DNA is similar...why or why not?
-The bananas DNA was like a white squishy substance. It could be
easily be picked up and or felt. It was almost like cotton colored
very distinct. Other fruits could possibly have very similar DNA.
Plantains are in the banana family therefore it might be very similar.