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FALL 1989 Newsletter of the Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware Valley LETTER OF THE MONTH AWARD How often have you read a news article about gridlock, urban “rush hour” (neither a rush nor an hour), and America's "love affair" with the automobile (isn't it more like a forced marriage?) with no mention of the bicycle as a very possible, very affordable, and very at- tractive transportation alternative? And how often have you read an article about bicycling that fails 10 mention the Coalition (and other advocacy groups), which overlooks our publi- cations and services (the 10 county commut- ers’ bike map, for example)? Well, now's your chance to write back. Beginning in October, the Coalition will of- fer $25 a month for the best published letter on the benefits of everyday bicycling, Local- ly targeted letters should mention the Coali tion and educate the public (andthe editors!) about safe, healthful, low cost, energy effi- cient transportation: an “auto(self)mobility” that should be encouraged not discouraged, by legislators, planners and employers. Letters by Coalition members to national media (TIME, NEWSWEEK, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL...) will also be eligible for the award. In the event of more that one superb published letter per month, consideration will be given to the Paper's circulation and day of publication. In a tie-breaker situation, for example, priority might be given to a letter in the Sun. PHILA- DELPHIA INQUIRER over a letter in the Sat. Wilmington NEWS JOURNAL. Letters should be inspired, lightweight and “bicyclic” - get- ting the best mileage from the least wordwork! —_—— SEPTA AND BICYCLES, AGAIN ‘The Coalition recently submitted written com- ments to SEPTA conceming its published Draft Service Standards. Some of the Coali- tion's suggestions were: “Including the phrase "folding bikes are al- lowed off-peak” on all the regional rail time- tables. This has been the policy in the past, Establishing bicycle parking at regional rail and major transit stations. Secure racks in a visible location would be easy to install. -Allowing full-sized bicycles on the airport train, Every airline allows bicycles as bag- gage, but SEPTA's train to the airport does not allow bicycles to be carried. -Allowing full-sized bicycles on off-peak regional rail, using a permit system if SEPTA thinks it is necessary. WEST RIVER DR. RECLAIMED Since September 18, West River Drive carries two-way traffic at all times. Now that the Schuylkill Expressway reconstruction is com- Plete, the Fairmount Park Commision (FPC) is trying to reclaim the park for park users. The BCDV supports the FPC and is working with them to end the bicycle ban during the peak rush hour, to encourage enforcement of speed limits and to implement other traffic control ideas, Motorists who wish to continue high speed travel on the Drives will exert pressure to reintroduce one way operation. The FPC needs your support. Contact William Mifflin, Executive Director of Fairmount Park, Memo- rial Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19131, with a copy to Comissioner Alexander Hoskins, Streets Dept, Municipal Services Building, iladelphia, PA, 19107. Meeting Highlights July 10 Present: Jeff Abrahamson, Len Zangwill, Gihon Jordan, Christine Bender, Sid Ozer, John Dowlin, Nancy’ Drye. Calendars: The 1979-1990-2001) calendar will bbe given out at the Coalition's fall meetings. The calendar will not be mailed to members. Bike Radio: Due to an anonymous tip concerning some anti-bike comments made on the Tony Bruno morning show, WCAU-AM, Gihon Jordan tespond- ed and gave an impromptu interview one very ear- Ty moming and spoke up for bicyclists. The Bike-a-Thon was a success. The Valley Forge Bike Trail is now funded, but. the event's proceeds will support parts of the project not eli- ible for government fund The City Bottle Bill has been tabled again ‘The national bill is discussed in this Cyclegram (ee p 3) SEPTA has requested public help on its new wansit_map. “We propose. listing our number @15-BICYCLE) and mentioning that folding bikes are allowed on the trains. yf BIKES ON THE AC LOCAL ‘Are New Jersey Transit trains to Atlantic ‘City the little trains that could? If you've wanted to bike through the Pine Bar- rens, to tour Cape May and beyond, or - if in gener- al, you've wanted all public trains to and from Philadelphia to carry bicycles on a reasonable and convenient basis - now's the time 10 say so. NJ Transit trains have begun their daily runs to Atlantic City. Once the NIT management has de- termined the trains’ peak and non-peak hours, they've agreed in principle to carry passengers’ bicycles on an experimental basis, according to William Feldman, NJ DOT's Bicycle Coordinator in Trenton. Coalition members are encouraged to write letters supporting bicycle access to these trains to Mr. S. Thomas Gagliano, Executive Director, NJ Transit, P.O. Box 1009, Newark, NJ 07101 August 14 Present: Jeff Abrahamson, Gihon Jordan, Len Zangwill, Mark Brakeman, Alice Wells, Chtistine Bender, ‘Grace McAllister, Marianne Macken, Sid- ney Ozer, Nancy Drye. Denver:The Denver cycling community is facing possible banishment from their urban parks. Jelf will contact them. Perhaps we can leam from each other. Membership: We talked about ways to increase membership. A new student/institutional rate was set at $10/year. Biking Days at_ universities. Chryster/Rodale press to see if we can do. someth- ing like the Plymouth pamphlet. We should also make use of student press and make an effort to get student representatives from colleges and uni- vetsites in the area to attend the meeting City Potholes can be reported: by oa 5508. Survey: A survey of bicycle usage in the city ould be useful. Ginon wants to do it joimly with e ity. Bike Parking: There will be parking for 700 ‘cars at Liberty Place. What about bikes? The air- port also does not provide bicycle parking. Jeff will write an official letter to the Philadelphia Parking Authority. We should emphasize that cy- lists would be willing to pay some fraction of what cars pay to park there. Treasurer's Report: ‘Nancy reports that we need more members if the budget is to be bal- anced. Jeff Abrahamson We proposed having Safe Jeff will contact ling 686- [[Editor: Tina Salowey Contributers: Jeff Abrahamson, Dowlin, Nancy Drye, Bill Moffett. John on Jordan, BCDY Officers President: Gihon Jordan, 349-8605 Vice-President: Christine Bender, 288-5692 Treasurer: Nancy Drye, 387-9242 Secretary: Jeff Abrahamson, 449-4064 Cyctegram cle Coalition of the Delaware Valley, is published quarterly by the Bicy- P.O. Box| 8194, Philadelphia, PA 19101. BCDV is a volun- ‘wer, non-profit organization promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation. Coverage of an| event not sponsored by BCDV does not constitute an endorsement, This newsleiter is printed on reclycled paper Adopt-a-County The Bicycle Coalition represents a ten county area covering auch of southeastern Pennsylvania and soe of New Jersey. There is a lot to be done out there and, unless someone is keeping an eye on things and knows what's going on, it's almost impossible to be vigi- lant over nore than Philadelphia and its immediate environs. So, we'd like to recruit county representatives. If you would like to (or think you might like to) adopt the county where you live or work, please drop us a line at 215-BIC- YCLE to find out more. No experience necessary--just a willingness to learn and to help out the cyclists in your area. Helmet Safety ‘The first conclusive study of hel- met safety appeared in the 25 May 1989 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, pages 1361-1367. It reported that wearing a (hard-shell) helmet reduces by 85% the risk of head injury and by 88% the risk of brain injury in the event of a cycling accident. The authors note that “helmets are particu- larly important for children, since they suffer the majority of serious head injuries from bicycling accidents.” According to the introduction of the article, the most common cause of serious injury or disability to cyclists is head injury. Head injuries account for 70% to 80% of all cycling fatali- ties, and 1/3 of the cycling accident cases seen in emergency rooms and 2/3 of those admitted to hospitals have head injuries (according to a study quoted). The authors of the article con- clude that "the time has come for a major campaign to increase [the use of helmets] .” For a well-argued essay on why we should not jump immediately to helmet laws, see the letter by Danel Callahan, PhD, on pages 1412-1413 of the sane issue. Bike Light of the Month First Pennsylvania Bank has run a couple of television adds showing cyclists using their ATMs. This is the sort of publicity that we like to see. To praise them, write Frank &. Reed, President, First Pennsylvania Bank, 15th and Market Streets, Center Square, 39th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102 and Carol Palmerio, Director of Marketing, 1500 Market Street, 42nd floor, 19101. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Name, Address, City, ‘Telephone, Membership dues: S10 suideny/ " __$15 single low income] institutional Sign me up to help with: (C) Adopt-an Agency ()Newsleter () Leafleing at bicycle events () Bicycle Parking Development ( ) Roadway and Traffic Design () Instruction for Bicyelisis () Outreach to Recreational Clubs ( ) Program Development ()Telephoning () Other Please send me the followings ‘The Bike Commuter Map 85.75; ($5.25 members) Bottle Bill T-shirt $6; ($5 members); Specify tan ‘or blue, sizes Ix only. Mail this form along with a check to: 820 famity Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware Valley P.O. Box 8194 Philadelphia, PA 19101 (215)-BIC-YCLE Ossian ‘Membership in the Bicycle Coalition of the Dela- ware Valley includes a subscription to Cyclegram, the Coalition's quarterly newsleter, discounts at over 20 bicycle shops, invitations to Coalition special ‘events, as well as expert help from the Coalition's touring, racing and commuting advisors. If the going gets rough, the Coalition's defense fund can help. GEEOMOEGEGOAH The Spoke 'n' word: Lung Association Applies the Brake “We simply can't continue driving everywhere, all the time. ‘Weve goto apply the brakes. Sooner or later, we need come to grips with something we don’ know how to do. We dont know how w say t people thee isa beter way get wo and from work tan in an individual can.” Meh Walsh, air pollution consultant for the American Lung Assocation, quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer, September 3, 1989 (The Bicycle Coalition has been saying it for 18 years. Tt Took like Mr, Walsh needs some bicycle education.)