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Liezel Dignos

7645 Gertrude Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90045
March 16, 2016
Daniel Reik, Director of Recruits

Golden Hippo Media

11732 Goshen Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Dear Mr. Reik;
Greetings, my name is Liezel Dignos and I am writing to you to be an intern of the marketing firm. I was first introduced
to the Golden Hippo Media at the California State University: Northridge career night, finding the poster for the
marketing firm appealing. After speaking with you, the Director of Recruits, I find myself drawn further into the
comfortable culture of the firm as well as the passion to market the products. I relate to the background of the company, as
it was built by itself . My background includes being Co-founder and President of the Anime Club in my high school. I am
extremely confident that my skills as a market researcher will be beneficial to the company.
I believe in beginning something that I find passion in. I find high interest in Japanese animation and want to express and
spread the appreciation for the art throughout my time in Crescenta Valley High School. I founded the Anime Club with
my sister, and continued the legacy once she graduated. When I became President of the Anime Club, I used my artistic
abilities to market more members to join. How I did it was by gathering information of the shows and genres the student
body held interest in. Then I drew the characters of the shows in detail and made flyers and posters of them. Also I
constructed a variety of activities and events that would attract a larger audience of students. This captured the student
body as many signed up for membership. In total the Anime Club boosted up by 600% of membership compared to the
year before. Although I graduated from highschool, I still hold a strong influence to the club as their advisor, aiding them
with their marketing. By using marketing research and my abilities I further spread the appreciation for Japanese
Using my skills as a market researcher, I would my analysis of the intended audiences needs to be implemented in the
advertizing the products. In this current generation, we focus heavily on skin care. With korean health products for the
skin is going on the rise, I will survey a group of random people with their opinion for the reason. Through this
information, I will advertise the products that highlights their interests of skin care.
Thank you for taking the time and consideration in reading my cover letter. I hope that through my works and dedication,
Golden Hippo Media will consider me as an intern.
Warmest Regards,
Liezel Dignos