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Issue 1618 Anniversary EDITION

About you, for you, your community of friends

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miscell an



HCRs charity update / High Court 2015 / Socials


to the anniversary edition of the Miscellany!

About you, for you, your community of friends.


t gives me great
pleasure to be able
to include a few
words of welcome to
your new look Miscellany with its new Editor, Christine
Carpenter. Christine is an active Forester with family
connections to the Society dating back to 1882. She is
also a member of three Courts and a Court Secretary,
so Miscellany is in very good hands.
Christine has reviewed the questionnaires sent out to Courts
in September 2015, which included some new and interesting
ideas for articles that I am sure she has taken on board. The
Miscellany is a member magazine written by members for
members. Please contribute by writing articles, advising of
events and suggesting anything else you would like included.
In 1834, the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society was
formed for the purpose of looking after its members, and that
principle is as relevant today as it has always been.
The Society, today trading as Foresters Friendly Society,
is committed to ensure member representation is present at
every level. This is evident from the Membership Committee
and the two non-executive member directors on the Board.
I hope you enjoy reading the first issue of your new look
Miscellany hopefully with the sun shining.

In 1834, the Ancient

Order of Foresters
Friendly Society
was formed for the
purpose of looking
after its members,
and that principle is
as relevant today as
it has always been.
02 Foresters Miscellany

Mike Wilkinson

s Chairman
preparing to
pass the torch
to my successor, I
feel confident that
our leadership is in
good shape to meet
the challenges of the
next few years and our
new non-executive
directors will take up the
The Society is achieving
good levels of policy sales,
particularly through the
POIS introducers channel,
and the Board have
appointed a new Executive
Membership Director (Myles Edwards) to develop further our
membership base. All Board members find themselves active
in Court or Area meetings and make great efforts to engage
with members. To this end the Board has extended the role
of the Membership Committee to manage more of the strictly
membership affairs of the Society.
Preparation for High Court 2016 in Telford continue
apace.It is hoped that we will have a good discussion on
some alternatives for growth and development. Although the
finances of the Society remain sound, investment markets
remain volatile for now. We have managed to bolster the
Court Investment Fund, benefitting from the large gains in the
property portfolio and taken the opportunity to unitise the Court
funds and restructure the portfolio, and diversify. Meanwhile
our policyholders are benefitting from largely maintained bonus
rates in spite of market volatility.
Nevertheless our costs are kept under constant review.
Whilst we achieved some economy of scale from the POIS
acquisition to help all members and this has also helped reduce
the management levy, the Board is developing alternative plans
to navigate through potential economic turbulence where our
membership growth may not meet expectations.
I hope to share our story with many of you as I continue to
be involved after I step down as Chairman.

Our leadership is in good

shape to meet the challenges
of the next few years.


Were back!

Welcome to your new look Miscellany,

celebrating 180 years of our in-house magazine.

iscellany was first published in

1836 and, with a few hiccups,
has continued over the years to
be the primary means by which we keep
our members informed of developments.
It has gone through many changes over
its long history but its still going and
this new edition will reach over 45,000
member households. To help celebrate
we have a wonderful free prize draw.
I am very excited to have been appointed
the new editor of Miscellany and, in all
honesty, a little bit daunted. Im starting from
scratch but I love a new challenge! I would
like to thank Janet Clements for her many
years as editor. I know she had a passion for
Miscellany and so do I. I hope to ensure that
it continues long into the future.
For some of the newer members we
hope to give you an insight into what the
Foresters stand for. Our local branches,
known historically as Courts, are a key part
of our structure. As you will see, we organise
lots of social events that you can get involved
with, eating being one of them we do a
lot of that. Theres always something going
on to give you a sense of community and
friendship, and this magazine is the best
place to find details of whats on. Another
place to find us is on Facebook. Search
Foresters followed by your Court name and
number. (Note: Some individual Courts do not
have Facebook pages.)

I would like to
thank everyone
for their
to Miscellany.
The deadline for
submissions for the
next issue is 30 June
2016. Please send to
The editor reserved the
right to edit and condense
contributions or publish
articles at a later date.


From the long list of meetings and socials

around the country, there looks to be no
reason for sitting at home wondering what to
do. Get out there and get active!
In this bumper edition we have a lot to
catch up on over 2015, the High Court at
Southport, an introduction to your High Chief
Ranger, Linda Levett, and her charity, and
Missed Moments. We still have some old
favourites, plus new articles such as New
Voice for the next generation (exactly what
age is that?).
And I want to hear from you. Share what
you have been doing and your amazing
charity fundraising work. We will have a letters
page in future issues, and I will print the ones
I like, and the others I am also keen to see
photos of our youngest members. Perhaps
we can find out who our oldest Forester is
too? It might be my mum (shell hate me for
saying this.Hi mum!) She will be 91 in July.
Can you do better?
This is your society, your voice.
I hope you enjoy your Miscellany and your
free gift of a Foresters Fridge Magnet.


Miscellanists are the

most popular writers
among every people


Did you take out a policy with POIS (Post Office
Insurance Society)? If so, like thousands of others,
you are now part of the wider Foresters family.
But Foresters Friendly Society (FFS) is quite unlike
POIS. Whats the difference? And what does it
mean for you?
You are now a member of a local branch (Court).
Each of our members, including you, has an equal
opportunity to take part. You can go to meetings and,
if you wish, help run it. All our members can have
their say, can volunteer for office or can represent
the Court at our various meetings and conferences,
including the AGM.
If meetings are not for you, theres more. We are
a social community as well as a business one and
many Foresters simply enjoy taking part in socials

and win!

We need to know if you want

to continue to get your free
issue of Miscellany and in
what format. So if you find
it informative and enjoyable
please subscribe. Simply
fill out and send in the
detachable slip enclosed
and well go on keeping
you up-to-date with what is
happening in YOUR society.
You can also enter online at
Whats more, when you
subscribe youll be automatically
entered into our free prize draw
for a chance of winning 1,000.
Postal entries close 1 June and
online entries 5 June 2016.
Its as easy as that. Dont forget!
For full Ts&Cs please visit the website.

and charity fundraising, whether local or national. We

use the pages of Miscellany to celebrate what we do
across the country.
We caught up with one former POIS member who
has started to get involved with fellow Foresters in the
local area:
Its great to go from a passive society to an active
one, which Foresters has made happen, said Patrick
Byrne. It is marvellous to have such a generous offer
of social activities, and I really like the opportunity to
have a say on how decisions are made. It has been a
big plus in every way and I am keen to play my part to
make sure that it stays that way.
So, be like Patrick, contact your local Court you
will have had a letter from the secretary or contact
our offices in Southampton and get involved today!

Foresters Miscellany 03


A message from Linda

Our High Chief Ranger, Linda Levett, tells us about her
chosen charity and her work for the Society this year...
Q: Why did you join the Foresters?
A: I didnt have much say in the matter

Q: Do you have time for hobbies?

A: Yes. I like bird watching and walking, and

as my father, Jack Arlow (Past District

Chief Ranger, London United District) took
out a policy on the day I was born. I was
joined into my parent Court, Bryants
Pride, which recently amalgamated with
Planet of Streatham.

Im a Portsmouth FC season ticket holder

(Editor: Well someone has to be).

Q: What are your first memories of

Foresters as a child?
A: Attending High Court and presenting
bouquets at the opening and closing
ceremonies, and my first dinner dance at
the age of 10. This gave me an education
in ballroom dancing and table manners!

was delighted to be asked by

Christine, our Editor, to write an
article for the new Miscellany. It
would have been a tragedy if our
magazine had ceased publication
one of, if not the, oldest
magazine in the world!
I am three-quarters of the way
through my year as High Chief
Ranger and the time has flown
by. It has been a lot of work and
many meetings, but it has also
been an amazing opportunity
to travel around the United
Kingdom attending Area and Court
meetings, lunches and dinners,
greyhound racing, steam railway
outings, band concerts such a
variety of enjoyable events with
the added bonus of meeting so
many members and making so
many new friends.
Last year, apart from organising
my charity appeal, my other major
task was sourcing a venue for High
Court 2016. Telford was suggested
and all the way there on the train
to view the location, I was saying
to my husband, John: Im not
going to Telford! However, the
facilities were superb. Everything
we needed with reasonably priced
hotel accommodation metres
away. It is a beautiful part of the

04 Foresters Miscellany

Find Linda on Facebook at

Foresters - High Chief Ranger

Q: How active have you been in

A: Ive been a District Chief Ranger of the
South London District, Im a member of
several Courts and have also served on the
Southern Home Counties Area committee. I
even worked at the Foresters Central Office
in the 60s as PA to the Order Secretary (the
equivalent of the CEO today). Im currently
on the Membership Committee and a
Trustee of the Heritage Trust.

Q: Not everything this year has

been plain sailing, has it?
A: No, the down side to one of the most
exciting and challenging years of my life
was being diagnosed with cancer just after
High Court 2015. Within three weeks, I was
in hospital having major surgery and six
weeks later the chemotherapy started. By
November, I was feeling under the weather
most of the time some days worse than
others. The good news is that it appears
to have worked and, apart from regular
monitoring and scans, no more chemo.
I am already beginning to feel like my old
self and am very proud that through it all I
only missed one official engagement.
Throughout my last few months in
office, my diary is very full. I will be visiting
Guernsey for the Courts 150th celebrations,
Pandy in Wales, Perth, Scotland, the Grand
Central Railway, and the Oddfellows Annual
Conference in Eastbourne.
Its been an amazing, exciting and
challenging year.

We still have a voice

and we must not lose it.
One of my loves was Court LUD. This
was a ritual Court and Officers practised the
traditional ritual once a month. A personal
highlight was in 1966 when I appeared in
Miscellany holding a bow and arrow and
wearing a trouser suit not really the done
thing for women in those days!
Foresters has been good to me in other
ways too: I met my husband, John, who is a
Past High Chief Ranger, at a High Court and
we married in 2012.

Q: So you are a traditionalist?

A: I am. I love regalia to be worn, and seeing
Courts opened and closed, and initiations
performed, according to ritual. Member
participation has always been central to us
as a branch-based society. Active Courts
are vital. As members, we still have a voice
and we must not lose it. To me this is what
makes us different.

Lindas appearance in Miscellany 1966


Retro sweets raised money for ARUK

High Chief Rangers

charity appeal

Jewellery in ARUK colours

Linda has raised over 50,000 for Alzheimers Research UK

so far. She tells us why the cause is so close to her heart

powering world-class studies that give

here are 850,000 people living
us the best chance of beating dementia
with dementia in the UK. It is
sooner. ARUKs pioneering work focuses
a progressive condition which
on prevention, treatment and cure.
becomes worse over time. There is
currently no cure and dementia is the
Sharing our stories
biggest killer of women and the second
Raising money for ARUK has been a
biggest killer of men. We know that
tremendous experience. I nursed my
one in three people born this year will
mother until she had to go into a nursing
develop dementia in their lifetime,
home. My mum had the form of dementia
and the only way to prevent this from
with hallucinations, and as I have travelled
happening is to invest in research now.
around telling my story, members have
Many people think that dementia is
spoken to me afterwards and told
just a natural part of ageing,
me their stories.
which means that they dont
Everyones stories are
realise that is something we
different in some ways,
could, one day, defeat.
but in others they are
Alzheimers Research
Company Secretary Lisa
the same. Whether
UK believes we can
Russell ran the London
the person is calm
defeat dementia and
Marathon on 24 April to raise
and quiet or becomes
has a vision for a world
funds for ARUK.
violent, aggressive and
free from the fear, harm
You can still sponsor
moody, they slowly sink
and heartbreak of this
her via the Foresters
into another world and
condition. ARUK is the
Facebook page.
eventually have no idea who
UKs leading research charity,
their family and friends are
anymore. Gradually, as the mind
goes, the arms and legs cease to function
and this is the hardest part. I hadnt
worked this out! I knew the mind went but,
of course, as the brain dies coordination
and use of limbs and bodily functions
goes, too. Thankfully, by the time my mum

Everyones stories
are different in some
ways, but in others
they are the same.

reached this stage, her mind had totally

gone and she had no idea who or where
she was or who we were.
Dementia is very hard to diagnose,
as it starts in different areas of the brain
and the effect on the patient can be very
different. Going upstairs and forgetting
what you went for is not dementia
going to the door and not knowing how
to open it is. Walking 12 paces, turning
round and having no idea where you are
is dementia. Anyone who has lived with a
relative with dementia knows what a truly
devastating disease it is.

Please consider supporting

your High Chief Rangers charity
appeal, Alzheimers Research
UK (ARUK). If every single
Forester gave just one pound,
we would raise over 70,000
at a stroke. Please consider
giving just 1 today. Send
your donation to your Court
secretary/head office.

Over the past five years the High Chief Rangers charity appeal has raised over 350,000 for external charities:
50,000 and counting



Macmillan Nurses

Guide Dogs for the
Blind 100,000

Foresters Miscellany 05


Your society,
your voice
Foresters Friendly Society puts its members first. There are a
whole host of ways you can get involved with our great work,
and theres lots you could get out of it too!

s a mutual society, we
have no shareholders
to pay. Instead, we
are exclusively owned by
and run for the benefit of
you, our members. Profits
are distributed to members
through our Foresters Extras
membership benefits package,
to the with-profit policyholders
in the form of bonuses and by
re-investing residual profits to enhance
the customer service we provide. We
aim to differentiate ourselves by putting
our members at the heart of everything
we do.
What does it mean to be a member of
Foresters Friendly Society?
As a member you will be allocated to one of
our 190 Branches (known as Courts) and
will be contacted by the Court Secretary
at least once a year to give you details of
their social events and meetings throughout
the year. Your Court is run by a Committee
of Management, elected annually by you
as a member attending the Court Annual
General Meeting. At this meeting, your
Court also considers who will represent
06 Foresters Miscellany

them at the forthcoming

Societys AGM (known
as High Court). The
representatives are
known as delegates.
Through your Court,
you have the opportunity
to submit propositions for
consideration at High Court.
High Court
The Societys High Court is a three-day
event, and includes detailed discussions
between the Board and delegates on
the performance of the Society and on
strategic issues.
Delegates also have the opportunity to
vote on various vacancies (see below) and
standard items, such as the appointment
of the Societys auditors and the Societys
Report and Accounts
Even if you are not a delegate, you have
the right to attend High Court as a visitor and
listen to the debate but you will not have
the right to vote.
Courts are notified of all vacancies on the
Societys Board, the presidential role of

High Chief Ranger and the Membership

Committee. The vacancies are also
advertised on the Societys website. As
a member, you have the right to put your
name forward in respect of one of the
vacancies for consideration by the Societys
Nominations Committee and subsequent
recommendation to High Court.
The role of High Chief Ranger is of a
presidential nature, acting as a figurehead for
the members, representing and promoting
the Society, and is for one year, with a year
as Deputy. The High Chief Ranger is also the
Chairman of the Membership Committee
and shares the responsibility for chairing High
Court with the Chairman of the Board.
We want you to engage and be part of our
future. Its your Society.

Lisa Russell,

Company Secretary

We aim to differentiate
ourselves by putting our
members at the heart of
everything we do.

get involved

How can I be an


Foresters gives all its members the chance

to get active and involved. It can be fun and
rewarding, and give you new interests and
the opportunity to make new friends. Glyn
Carpenter tells us more...

Membership Committee:
working for you
How does the Society ensure that they know what
the members think?
First and foremost, we use the local Court network
where active members meet regularly and discuss
Society issues. But what of the majority of members
who dont attend Court meetings?

To ensure that the members voice

can be heard, the Board of Directors
set up the Membership Committee.
It includes directly elected member
representatives, and its job is to
promote active membership, act as a
conduit for members views, and ensure
that our extra membership benefits are
relevant to members needs and add
value to membership of the Society.
If you have an issue that you want to bring to our
attention, simply get in touch at:
Membership Committee, Foresters Friendly Society,
Foresters House, 29/33 Shirley Road Southampton
SO15 3EW. Tel 0800 988 4853
E: mail@forestersfriendlysociety.co.uk.

ou may think its not for you. But Foresters come in all
ages and from all walks of life. There are many ways
you can be active and make a difference to others and
yourself. You may not fancy going to a meeting, but you may
enjoy quizzes or coach trips. You might like the chance to
practise your Strictly footwork but cant find an opportunity.
You may feel a bit isolated and want to find a group you can
relate to, but dont know where to start. Foresters can help.

So how can you get more active?

Go to a meeting

Yes, we know its not for everybody but our local

branch meetings are not too formal or too long.
They give you the chance to have your say and
to influence how your Court (thats what we call
our branches) spends its money. For example,
Courts set how much they can allocate to their members by way of
additional discretionary benefits and many choose a local charity to
support. They organise social events for members and are always on
the lookout for new ideas and new people to help run them.

Go social

Your Court has a social programme that could range from lunches
to coach trips, theatre outings to days at the races, or quiz nights to
skittles competitions. If your Court doesnt offer what you want, tell
them. Perhaps they can organise a new event. Perhaps you can help.

Support a Foresters charity

You can support your Courts current charity or the

national charity appeal, or you may have a favourite local
charity that you would like to invite your Court to help. Go
to the meeting and tell them about it offer to organise a
fundraiser. They may be able to support you.

Offer to help

Are you able to give time to offer an isolated member

a visit or a telephone call? Some older members
may be isolated, unable or unwilling to drive at
night. A lift to a Court event could help.

Committee members Linda Levett HCR, Glyn

Carpenter HSCR and Penny ONions Member
Director working on re-writing the Court Handbook
that sets out the service standards for members.

At the end of the day you may simply ask: whats in

it for me? Well, they say you get out what you put in, but Foresters
offers many benefits to its active members such as new interests, fun
social events, new friends and the chance to make a real contribution
to others. You can even learn new skills such as public speaking or
running a meeting. If youre a younger Forester, its great for your CV.
All it takes is a phone call to your Court Secretary.
Call today and get involved!

Foresters Miscellany 07

Missed moments
Party in the garden
The court secretary of Court William and
Mary 332 held a successful garden party
at her home in Whaley Bridge. The raffle
raised funds for the HCRs charity Sense
and the Yorkshire Foresters Convalescent
Home Bridlington. Chief Ranger Audrey
Clarke said: My charity benefited by
136, bringing the total so far to 914.

Guiding hand
Last November, Bill Barton, Chief Ranger of Court Garibaldis Rest
4075, presented a cheque for 600 to the 66th Doncaster Guide
Unit, his chosen charity for 2015. This funding will help subsidise the
Guides local activities so that those from less fortunate backgrounds
can participate in all Guiding activities. It will also contribute towards the
Guides own support of the Baptist Church programme that provides
weekly meals for the homeless and needy.

A day at the beach

Court Three Marys 322 One of our
young Foresters enjoying a day out at
Cleethorpes beach last summer.

Races, raffle and

raising funds

To give and to receive

David Wigglesworth, Chief Ranger of
Court Swan 498, presented a cheque for
100 to Des Garner, Area Chief Ranger, in
aid of Men United UK Prostate Cancer.

The annual race night

event by Court Garibaldis
Rest 4075 raised 281
towards the Court Chief
Rangers appeal. The
Court thanked all those
who helped to make
it a success, and the
members from other
Courts who took part.

North western
Bingo in the rain

What a carve up!

An enjoyable garden party between Courts

Manchesters Honour no. 1 and Garibaldis Rest 4075
started in lovely sunshine, with 32 guests from various
Courts. There was the usual raffle and bingo together
with the sale of homemade fruit pies and egg custards,
and apples picked from the tree. The weather turned to
rain later but this didnt dampen spirits.

The Area Chief Ranger, Pat OConnor, welcomed members to the Area
Lunch, a carvery at the Davyhulme Park Golf Club. Guests of honour
were the High Chief Ranger, David Watkins and Debbie Johnson, and the
Yorkshire Area Chief Ranger, Derrick Garner and his wife, Melanie.

The two Courts shared the 465 raised. HCR Linda

Levett was amazed at the dedication of members
determined to complete the last game of bingo and the
raffle in spite of the rain.

08 Foresters Miscellany

Missed moments
North western

Remembering the fallen

They shoot. They score

Court Royal Windermere 697 has recently sponsored Heathwaite U14s
football team. They are shown here wearing their new kit before they went
on to win 18-0. Well done. What a team!

Carrying on the tradition of the Wrenbury

Court, which is now part of Court Tunstall
1839, a wreath was laid at Wrenbury War
Memorial on Remembrance Sunday on
behalf of the Foresters.

Bowled over
The Area Ten-Pin Bowling Tournament was held at NAMCO in the Trafford Centre,
Manchester. Sixteen players competed and the winners were Ted Ingman (Court 4075),
Rheme Wild (Court 1) and Radik Sharp (Court 6050), with Kasia Sharp (Court 6050)
picking up the wooden spoon booby prize. A raffle raised 44 for the ACRs appeal.

The Flying Forester

Iris Webster of Court 1464 has
earned the nickname the Flying
Forester after flying the zip wire
Velocity at Zip World, Bethesda,
North Wales in aid of Sense.
Iris was fitted out with the
necessary kit and first rode the
Little Zipper before going further
up the mountain to descend on
Velocity. We congratulate her on
her achievement.
You can view her flights
from Iriss head cam! Go to
the Courts Facebook page
(Foresters Min-Y-Don 1464)
and follow the links.

Northern home counties

Luton Hoo theres posh

Oh we do like to be
beside the seaside!
Three courts joined forces for a midweek
holiday to Great Yarmouth, which was
organised by Court Prince Albert 2643.
Staying at a fabulous hotel, the group
voyaged on the Norfolk Broads and paid
a visit to a local theatre for their Wonderful
Summer Show.

Last July, 11 members and guests of

Court Verulam Excelsior 6054 enjoyed a
summers afternoon in the picturesque
stately home of Luton Hoo. The
accommodating staff tended to all our
members requirements and we enjoyed
an outstanding afternoon tea.

Foresters Miscellany 09

Missed moments

It all makes sense

Fifty-five members and friends attended
a Christmas luncheon at Park Farm Hotel,
Hethersett, near Norwich. It was organised
by Courts Foresters Home 2746 and
Perseverance 4892. A raffle raised 169
for the HCRs Sense appeal.

Just pub grub and a

great night out
Court Gunners Delight 1107 went for
a Christmas meal at The Jolly Farmer in
Moulton Chapel, Spalding, which was
attended by 12 people who all enjoyed
the food and company.

Brenda take a bow

Brenda Sharp, Secretary of Court 1120, retired after 27 years service.
Brenda worked in the Kings Lynn District Office and was also Secretary
of Court 8821 which amalgamated into Court 1120. The Court has
now in turn transferred its engagements to Court Motteux 1465 and
Brenda decided to step down. The committee made a presentation to
recognise her many years service.

Presentation to hospice

Court Eye of Providence 1112 is sad

to announce the passing of Morris
Spridgeon. He became a Forester in
1962, and was a trustee for 36 years. A
keen photographer and volunteer fireman,
his funeral at Thorney Abbey was well
attended. The Court will miss him and his

Welcoming lunch for

POIS members
Court Eye of Providence 1112 held a joint
lunch with Court Pride of Newborough
9399 at the Gordon Arms in Peterborough.
Thirty-one members, including six former
POIS members, were welcomed. A raffle
for the HCRs charity Sense raised 43.
The photo shows Court 1112 marking their
175th anniversary - congratulations!

Members of Court Unity 4893 presented

a cheque for 539.35 to Sue Ryder
St Johns Hospice. The money had
been raised through raffles and a wellattended coffee morning.

Big turnout
Court Foresters Pride 9389s Christmas Sunday lunch was held at The Spirit of Endeavour,
Boston, and attended by 28 people. A raffle raised 42 for the HCRs charity Sense.

10 Foresters Miscellany

Tribute to Morris

And a good time was

had by all

Court Unity 4893 held another

successful annual meal at Sharnbrook,
near Bedford and raised 170 for the
HCRs Charity Sense.

Missed moments
East Anglia South

Food, fun and fundraising

Court Poor Mans Friend 4098 held an
enjoyable steak night and watched Peter
Pan Goes Wrong (and it certainly did!) at
the Cambridge Arts Theatre. Who would
guess that the Crocodile would get the
sympathy vote? Last year, the Court
supported animal charity Blue Cross, and
the years fundraising culminated in a visit
to the Blue Cross branch in Cambridge
where a cheque for 200 was presented.
Court Secretary Ros Morris said:
They do a marvellous job of rehoming
unwanted and abandoned pets with
new owners. In the past year, they have
helped 499 animals.

A raffle and a goodbye

Left to right: Ray Cooper, Kathryn

Vagneur, David Watkins, Rosalyn
Morris, Geoff Mannering, Stella Rowe

East Anglia South held an Area Meeting at Hintlesham, which was

attended by HCR David Watkins who gave a speech about his chosen
charity appeal, Sense. A raffle raised 130 for Davids appeal. The
meeting was also attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Society,
Kathryn Vagneur. The meeting saw the departure of Geoff Mannering,
the former Chair for East Anglia South Area, who was thanked for his
years of service. Laurence Beales was welcomed onto the committee.


Every picture
tells a story

Court South
Sussex 2454 weekend
trip to Scotland
October 2015.

St Patricks Day fun

at the races
Court Bosmere 2277 held a fun day at the races
to celebrate St Patricks Day and to support our
Chief Rangers appeal for a local charity, the
Rainbow Centre. Among the 30 guests were
several children, who helped to put out the horses
and collected the dice.

Foresters Miscellany 11

Missed moments
Wales and Borders

Round up

The Great Trunk

Members of Court Leek 2005
found a better way to spend a
lazy Sunday afternoon in August,
cruising down the Trent and
Mersey canal from Stone on the
narrow boat, Staley Rose, with
23 other Foresters. The weather
was hot and sunny, the twocourse traditional Sunday roast
was excellent and the crew warm
and friendly...what more could
you ask for? Well you cant have
a gathering of Foresters without
a raffle, and Jen managed to
squeeze 80 out of us which will
of course go towards our High
Chief Rangers charity, ARUK.

Theyve all gone potty

A factory tour and lunch at Middleport
Pottery was served up for members
of Court Moorland 9475 at the oldest
continuously working china factory in
the UK. In 2011, Middleport Pottery,
which was built in 1888, was saved
from demolition following a stunning
9 million restoration by the Princes
Regeneration Trust.
Emily, our enthusiastic guide, invited
us to climb worn stairs and explore
workshops occupied by helpful staff
in clay-smeared overalls. The restored
Victorian office, full of dusty old sales
ledgers, also displayed stunning
collections of Burleigh ceramics from
across the years.

Early in December, 23
members of Court Coventry
7829 enjoyed a festive lunch
at the Oak Inn, Defford.
The following week 14
Court members travelled
to Aberdare for the Area
Christmas Lunch, and later
went to a Christmas Show at
the local theatre in Pershore.
In January, HCR David
Watkins visited the Area. He
gave an informative talk on
his chosen charity Sense,
and he was presented with
cheques totalling 1,042.50.


Growing in confidence
Foresters from Courts Henbury 5779 and Anchor of Hope 6209 visited Cherry Tree Nursery in Northbourne,
Bournemouth for tea and a tour, and to present cheques totalling 1,100 from the Wessex Area Chief
Rangers appeal and Court Henburys appeal. The nursery aims to offer people with long-term mental health
problems the chance to gain or recover skills, confidence, hope, self-esteem and a reason for living. The
Foresters generosity was reported in the local press which noted that they have become Cherry Trees first
official 25th anniversary sponsors for next year.

12 Foresters Miscellany

Member portraits

Name: Ian H Smith

Name: Pat OConnor
Area: North Western
Court: Manchesters
Honour No. 1
Lives: Droylsden,
Hobbies: Gardening and
Jigsaw Puzzles

Pat became a member of the

Foresters at the age of 16 through
her father, Cyril Shaw, and was the
first female member to join Court
Manchesters Honour No 1 of the late
Manchester District.
She was married in 1960 to
Michael OConnor, and they have two
daughters, four grandchildren and two
great grandsons. Pat has lived all her
life in the same house that she took
over from her mum and dad and moved
into when she got married.
Her first High Court was in 1964
at Whitby, which she attended with
Michael. Since then she has only
missed attending High Court twice.

Her two
Joanne and
have both
the District
three times
at High Court.
At present,
Pat is
of two Courts Court British Lion 44
and Court Promise 153. She has been
Chief Ranger on several occasions,
and is a Trustee of Court No. 1. Pat has
also been Treasurer of the Manchester
District, and is just coming to the end of
her term as Chief Ranger for the North
Western Area.
Recently she presented cheques
for 2766.98 each to the Yorkshire
Foresters Convalescent Home and the
North Western Air Ambulance. She had
raised this money during her two-year
term of office as Area Chief Ranger.
Pat says: Forestry has been a big
part of my life, and I have made many
good friends.

Name: Ted House

Area: Northern Home Counties
Court: Perseverance 2796
Lives: Watford
Hobbies: Gardening,
watching football

Ted (known as Ted from day one as

it was easier to call than Eddie) was
born and raised in the east end of
London, in North Woolwich by the
River Thames. He jokes: We had
ferries at the bottom of the garden!
Educated at East Ham Grammar
School, he worked all his life in food
retailing 13 years with Caters followed
by 32 years with Waitrose. He retired
12 years ago from his role as branch
manager. He says: In my time, I saw
more branches than Tarzan!

He loves to watch football at

Watford FC with his son-in-law and
Ted and his wife have been married
for 51 years. They came relatively
late to Forestry but enjoyed getting
fully involved. My wife and I became
Foresters some 20 years ago. I have
been an officer at all levels including
Chief Ranger in three Courts. I have
been Area Chief Ranger of Northern
Home Counties for the past four years.
Ted concludes: I still enjoy the
interaction with people and the social
and benevolence of Forestry. It is really
good to feel part of all this.

Area: Pride of Kent

Court: Defence 4343 and Pride
of Greenstreet 5329
Lives: Rochester, Kent
Hobbies: Researching family
Born in Chatham
63 years ago, Ian
was introduced
into Forestry by
his father at the
age of 16. He lives
in a suburb of the
historic town of
Rochester, Kent.
Besides his interest in Forestry, Ian has
a number of hobbies and interests which
include researching family history (he is
membership secretary for the Kent Family
History Society), and helping his local
Methodist church where he is very active,
holding a number of offices. Ian also helps
run a local club for the blind and empties
collection boxes at local pubs and shops
for various charities. He takes a great
interest in local history, is a member of the
City of Rochester Society, and organises
two large craft fairs each year in the town
that coincide with its two Dickens festivals.

Forestry has taught

me that we are not an
individual person but a
team, trying to improve the
lives of others and being
there when a need arises,
and not to seek self-glory.
Ian is an active Forester, too. Over the
years, he has held all the offices in his local
courts and was on the District Committee
of Management for the former Rochester
and Medway District, holding the office
of District Chief Ranger during the 150th
celebrations of the Order. He has regularly
attended High Court for the last 25 years
and is currently on the Area Committee for
Pride of Kent, and has chaired it on three
occasions. As if that isnt enough, Ian is
also a Court Introducer.
Ian and his wife Rachel celebrate their
40th wedding anniversary this year. They
have two sons, and four granddaughters,
ranging in age from four months to 15 years.
Ian says: Forestry has taught me that
we are not an individual person but a team,
trying to improve the lives of others and
being there when a need arises, and not to
seek self-glory.
Fine words from a fine Forester.
Foresters Miscellany 13

HCR David Watkins

opens the High Court

The Foresters meet...

The 2015 Annual General Meeting took place in June last year.
A summary report is available on the Societys website, but an
alternative report is shown below...

ome 316 delegates representing

166 Courts attended the 176th
High Court at the Southport
Conference Centre from Saturday
13 Monday 15 June.
The High Chief Ranger, David Watkins,
opened the meeting, telling of his year in
office raising funds for his chosen charity
SENSE, the charity for those with hearing
and sight disabilities.
The Chairman of the Board, Mike
Wilkinson, said the Board has a clear
strategy of growth; retaining our traditions
but remaining relevant in modern times.

Board of Directors
Graham Setterfield and David Watkins
joined the Board. Graham was
co-opted onto the Board in July 2014,
his appointment was confirmed with his
election. He has a background in the
financial services sector, in marketing.
Cheryl Eagleson, who was one of our
Member Directors, retired this year, and
David Watkins was elected as the new
Member Director.
Patrick Phelps, Finance Director, retired
from the Board in September 2014. Sally
Butters is now Chief Finance Officer.
Linda Levett became our High Chief
Ranger for 2015/16, while Glyn Carpenter
was elected High Sub-Chief Ranger.

14 Foresters Miscellany

Sales and Marketing

Premiums were up by 11% and sales
up by 55% in 2014. The increase in sales
was mainly due to the intake of POIS
members. There are four extra members
of staff dealing with this section of the
Society that has brought in 68 million
and 21,000 new members.
At present there are 60 Court
Introducers and 17 Employee Introducers
working with local Courts to recruit new
members. Most new policies are taken
up online.
The Society now has a presence on key
social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
LinkedIn, and Google+.

Current membership stands at 82,874,
thanks to the inclusion of 21,000 POIS
members. At the time of High Court, there
were 193 Courts.

A report was tabled discussing whether
Areas should be redefined. It was agreed
to consult Courts and the results would be
reported to High Court in 2016.

Funding of Courts
Delegates discussed whether Court
funds, mainly held in the Court Investment
Fund (CIF), were really investments or

more traditional deposits. The Boards

view was Court funds are investments,
that is to say, they move in value, as
they are invested. The CIF is invested
predominantly in property, and values are
subject to fluctuations. This investment
reaps a 6-7% income. High Court agreed
to the unitisation of the CIF to make clear
the nature of the Courts holdings. They
also agreed to create a 2 million pound
balance in the Court Reserve Fund (CRF).
The CRF is mainly used to support poorer
Courts, for example to enable them to
send representatives to High Court.

Total Society assets were 264.5 million
as at 31 December 2014. Total Court
assets stand at 75 million. Courts paid
out 871,000 in benefits to their members
and Court expenses were approximately
3 million. The Annual Report and
Accounts for 2014 were received and

The Board was authorised to pay
3,100 each to the Yorkshire Foresters
Convalescent Home, the Foresters Homes
Bexleyheath, and the Portsmouth and
District Friendly Societies Homes.
The Convalescent Home Benefit Fund

High court report

I disapprove of what
you say, but I will
defend to the death
your right to say it.

Why not give it a try? You might even enjoy it!

levy was set at 10p per 100 of net assets

on Courts annual accounts, and 3p per
100 for the Foresters Heritage Trust.
The Court management charge for 2015
will be 2.15% (down from 2.25%).
Deloitte LLP were appointed as auditors
for the 2015 year end.
A new rule was agreed that Courts may,
by Special Resolution, transfer up to 10%
of their income for the preceding year to
any other Court if it is in the interests of
both Courts.
A proposition for the Society to commit
to paying the living wage for employees
was carried.

And to finish
Socially: The traditional Horse Race Night
on Saturday was a packed event. Bidding

High Court was its

usual mix of business
and pleasure, a great
opportunity to meet and
make friends.
for horses was brisk and there were long
queues for placing bets. Almost 1,500
was raised; this was split among the
incoming HCRs ARUK appeal and the
charities chosen by the North Western and
the Yorkshire Area Chief Rangers.
On Sunday morning, a church service
was held at the conference venue,

conducted by Cynthia Tudor. A contingent

from the fabulous Foresters Brass Band
was in attendance to accompany the hymn
singing. They also gave a concert at the
bandstand in the middle of the town during
Sunday lunchtime.
Sunday night was the outgoing HCRs
gala dinner and dance with entertainment.
More than 400 delegates and guests
enjoyed a lively evening.
High Court was its usual mix of business
and pleasure. A great opportunity to
meet and make friends, learn about our
Society and to contribute to its running.
Any member can stand for election as their
Courts delegate. Why not give it a try? You
might even enjoy it!

Foresters Miscellany 15



180 years on
Today, there can be few magazines or journals with titles in more
or less constant use for the past 180 years. In the Foresters Friendly
Society, we can therefore take some pride in commemorating the
publication of the first edition of The Foresters Miscellany in March
1836, and its subsequent history. Roger Logan tells us more

n its first format, the Miscellany

was a monthly, 16-page, roughly
A5 size, un-illustrated magazine.
Available to subscribing members
of the then Ancient Order of Foresters,
it was produced by a Leeds printer and
stationer, Samuel Moody, a member of
Court Stone Ezel No. 139.
As proprietor, he edited the Miscellany
in its early years. Subscribers received a
varied mix of editorial opinion, reports on
the opening of new courts, anniversaries
of established courts, poetry, short pieces
of literature, and births, marriages and
deaths of members. A correspondence
column provided a forum for sharing
thoughts about the emerging Order and
the Miscellany itself.

16 Foresters Miscellany

member pORTRAITS

Formative years

Samuel Moody, the first

editor of the Miscellany

Throughout the 1830s and early-40s, during the

Orders formative years, the original format was
maintained. A useful enhancement came with the
inclusion from 1841 of line portrait drawings and
potted biographies of High Chief Rangers. However
the level of support was not that expected, or
needed, to make publication viable. Changes to its
regularity of issue and content failed to halt declining
circulation. Eventually, in 1856/57 the title went
into abeyance.
A fresh start was made in 1857, with the
Permanent Secretary of the Order, Samuel
Shawcross, being invited to take on the role of
conductor. In this existence, The Foresters
Miscellany and Quarterly Review contained some
40 to 50 pages of news, specially commissioned
articles and statistics, as well as reports of local
Court events such as dinners and fetes. The cost
of production was partially offset by advertisements
promoting AOF members own enterprises.

Highs and lows

Over the years under successive conductors, or editors, the Miscellany

evolved to present a rich source of detail about the direction and progress of
the Order. At times of great world events, the Miscellany recorded the effect
of these on the lives of members and their families. Outstanding examples of
these were the two world wars. The published monthly list of fatalities during
1914/15 made sombre reading and perhaps not surprisingly, as the lists grew
longer, these were discontinued. On the other hand, photos of Forester Victoria
Cross winners with accounts of their actions boosted readers morale.
In more peaceful times, the annual highlight was the special bumper
High Court Meeting report edition of the Miscellany. With more or less
verbatim accounts of extensive debate on everything of importance to
Foresters, this represented a major feat of publication, often running to more
than 100 pages. Latterly, photographs were increasingly used to bring the
narrative to life, as was colour printing. We have even dabbled, albeit briefly,
with an online edition.
However, perhaps the outstanding achievement of the editors, and all
associated with the production of the Miscellany over the years, is to have
ensured the survival of a priceless legacy for future generations, enabling an
understanding of Foresters Friendly Society as it has evolved over 180 years.

Foresters Miscellany 17


Whats On

What do you get if you

cross a beetle with a quiz?

7 Court George Stephenson 808, Spring
Trip to Richmond, Yorkshire
8 Court Chatsworth 2337, Bowls
Tournament, Walton Dam Chesterfield
followed by The Royal Oak, Old Brampton
22 Joint Area Bowls Tournament,
28 Yorkshire Foresters Convalescent
Homes Annual Meeting

The Yorkshire Area Beetle Drive and Quiz was held at the John Charles
Centre for Sport. Win Evans won the Beetle Drive and was presented with
his prize by Sue Birch, the Area Coordinator. Quiz winners were Mel and
Becky Garner, Des Garner and Howard Beech of Court Children of the
Forest 3710. Another fun night with a very tasty pie and pea supper.

Best fancy dress

goes to...Linda!
The Area Chief
Ranger, Des
Garner (or
Dracula) and
his wife Melanie
welcomed the
High Chief
Ranger, Linda
Levett and John
as guests to the
Yorkshire Area
Annual Dinner
Dance held on Halloween last year at the
Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield.
The scary lady with Linda was the
winner of the best fancy dress costume
Jackie OConnor as a zombie bride. A
brilliant night was had by all!

Spring in their step

28 Garden Party, Ted & Jackie Ingmans,
4 Area Day Out, Lotherton Hall, Leeds
10 Area Meeting, The Queens Hotel,
29 Annual Dinner Dance, Cedar Court,
Event details contact:
AREA Sue 01422 202940
Court Chatsworth 2337 Alison 01246
Court George Stephenson 808 John
01434 607673
Foresters - North Western Yorkshire Areas

Members of Court Chatsworth 2337

enjoyed a wonderful spring social evening
on 27 February and welcomed several
new faces to join in the fun.
A quiz, dancing, games, singing and a
Lego model-making competition all made
sure that everyone had a good appetite for
the delicious pie and pea supper. Lots of
prizes were won, and everyone took home
a pot of daffodils.

Yorkshire round-up

In the run up to Christmas, 16 members of Court Perseverance 1586 had a lovely friendly
gathering with guests from Gateshead Court George Stephenson 808.
Christine Ambler, Chief Ranger of Court Roebuck 2510, presented Ann Gierschick with
a small gift as a token of their appreciation after serving 30 years as the Court Treasurer
and Trustee.

18 Foresters Miscellany

3 Yorkshire Foresters Convalescent
Homes Open Day, Bridlington

Just champion
What an
amazing young
man Andrew
Davies is. He
was treated for
AML Leukemia
and received a
bone marrow
transplant in
2013. He vowed
to pay back
the 150,000
cost of the NHS
treatment, to
the Sheffield
Childrens Hospital Charity, and to date
has raised a whopping 82,202! He
received the Champions award from
Andrew is a member of Court
Chatsworth 2337 of which his mother,
Alison, is the Secretary, and where his
grandfather, Tony was Secretary for 30
years and his great-grandfather served for
56 years. To donate to Andrews appeal
go to www.justgiving.com/drewy-davies

A moment to reflect
The 65 members attending the
Area Sunday Lunch at Ascot
House Hotel, Harrogate in
February held a minutes silence
in memory of David Blackwood
from Court Knaresborough
Old Castle 506, who passed
away recently. He was a regular
attendee and will be greatly
missed. The lunch raised 195
for the ACR charity, Prostate
Cancer UK through a raffle.

Flying high and recovering

The Area Annual Meeting was held on
Saturday 5 March at the Davenport Park
Hotel in Stockport.
Pat OConnor, Area Chief Ranger,
opened the meeting, followed by a minutes
silence for the late Eddie Arnold of Court
Farmers Ploughboy 122, who was the Area
Sub Chief Ranger until his passing last
November. He will be sadly missed.
Cheques for 2766.98, raised by Pat
during her two years as ACR, were given to
the Yorkshire Foresters Convalescent Home
and the North West Air Ambulance.
The incoming ACR, Frank McAll, will
be raising funds for National Search and
Rescue Dogs Association during his term
of office.


North Western
Whats On

Maybe the first,

wont be the last

On Sunday 21 February, Court Donside

6770 held its Annual Lunch at the Atholl
Hotel in Aberdeen, the first social outing
of the year. A delicious three-course lunch
was accompanied by a wordsearch put
together by court secretary Kathleen
Sinclair, a quiz prepared by social
secretary Karen Duncan, and a raffle with
thanks to Isobel Gibb and Sheila Lynch.
The final amount raised was 112, which
will be donated to The Archie Foundation
at Aberdeen Childrens Hospital.

Whats On

15 Area Lunch, Davyhulme Park Golf Club
22 Joint Area Bowls Tournament,

30 Area Event: 5 days/4 nights coach
tour holiday to Liverpool and Chester,
based at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

26 Court British Lion 44, Garden Party,

8 Court Abbey 7167, Meeting at
Blackadder Solicitors, Dundee

17 Ten-Pin Bowling Tournament,
Namco, Trafford Centre
23 Court Garibaldis Rest 4075, Race
Night, Barnsley

TBC Court Abbey 7167, Whitehall
Theatre to see Singing in the Rain
TBC Court Abbey 7167, Visit to
Callandar incl High Tea

7 Court Promise 153, Garden Party, High
Peak Derby
21 Area Day Out, Trentham Park Gardens
and Monkey Forest, Staffs
28 Courts Manchesters Honour No 1
and Garibaldis Rest 4075, Garden Party,

2-4 Court Abbey 7167,
Dundee Flower Show
14 Court Abbey 7167, Meeting at
Blackadder Solicitors, Dundee

3 Area Meeting, The Davenport Park
Hotel, Stockport

13 Court Abbey 7167, Edinburgh
Playhouse to see Billy Elliot

8 Court Farmers Ploughboy 122, Dinner
Dance, Davyhulme Park Golf Club,

2-4 Area Event: Pitlochry Theatre
Weekend to see Scrooge The Musical,
St Andrews Day Ceilidh/Buffet
8 Court Abbey 7167, Meeting at
Blackadder Solicitors, Dundee
8 Christmas Dinner and Carol Concert,
Caird Hall, Dundee

4 Area Lunch, Daveyhulme Park Golf Club
27 Pantomime, Altrincham Manchester

Event details contact:

AREA Sue 01422 202940
Foresters North Western Yorkshire Areas

Trainspotting John?
High Chief Ranger Linda Levett and her
husband John joined members of Court
Tunstall 1839 for lunch in one of the
Pullman cars at the Spotgate Inn in Stone,
Staffordshire. Here pictured with the
present Chief Ranger of the Court. (Editor:
Right up your street John, I bet you were
well at home.)

Event details contact:

Area Norrie 01540651762
Court Abbey 7167 Pat 01382 506477
Foresters Scotland*

Foresters Miscellany 19



Whats On

The heart of the matter

15 Area Chairmans Lunch, Polhisa,
Callington. Chris 01822 832426
21 Area AGM and Lunch. Details from
your court secretary
TBC Court Semper Fidelis 4938, Boat
Trip Plymouth Breakwater and Coastal

To mark 25 years since a major heart operation Joan Thomas, Chief

Ranger of Court Goodwill 5077, undertook a 10k sponsored walk in aid
of the Cornwall Air Ambulance around the Penrose Estate near Helston.
Wrapped up tight against a Cornish mizzle and accompanied by her
husband Ken, Joan said: The worst part of the walk was across the Loe
Bar which is a long bank of sand and gravel between the open sea and
the Loe Pool. Joan has raised nearly 500 from the walk. Her total for
the Cornwall Air Ambulance now exceeds 800.

22 Court Semper Fidelis 4938, Skittles
Evening, Kings Arms, Exeter
TBC Court Pride of the Plym 4087,
Bowls Tournament at Lee Moor
30 Lou and Dots Garden Party, St
Austell. Details from your court secretary.
Gifts for the raffle etc would be appreciated
5 Court Semper Fidelis 4938, Dinner at
Exeter Golf & Country Club
10 Area: Skittles at Kings Tamerton.
Details from Alex: 01752 658137
24 Court Goodwill 5077, Ten-Pin Bowling
at Trethorne, Launceston

Testing... 1,2,3.

22 Area Dinner at Trethorne Leisure
Park, Launceston. Details from your court
12 Area Quiz with Buffet, Eliot House
Hotel, Liskeard. Details from your court
26 Area delegates/visitors meeting,
Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth. Contact your
court secretary or Area Coordinator Glyn

Flying high
In January, Court Semper Fidelis 4938
donated 135 to Newton Ferrers Primary
School to cover the cost of a portable
amplifier to be used at school musicals
and sports day. Sheila and Alex Battershill
(PHCR) presented a cheque to pupil Holly
Richardson, pictured with her mum Lisa
and teacher Leila Naldrett.

Dodge the dodgems

20 Foresters Miscellany

Court Goodwill 5077 is clearly bouncing

with health after junior member Ethan May
won his age category at a mini-trampoline
competition at Bath University. The
eight-year-old also competes in full
trampolining and lives in Saltash with
his family who have recently become

Members of Court Goodwill

5077 visited Dingles
Fairground Heritage Centre
at Lifton in Devon. It hosts
the National Fairground
Collection, which captures
the magic of bygone days
with artwork, carvings,
vintage fairground rides
alongside traditional games
and side stalls all under
cover across 45,000 square
feet. Ken Thomas took to
the dodgems like Lewis
Hamilton at Silverstone.
Way to go, Ken!

Event details contact:

Court Goodwill 5077 Chris 01822 832426;
Court Pendennis 3754: Gary 01326
315055; Court Pride of the Plym 4087
Pat 01752 660410; Court Semper Fidelis
4938: Margaret 01752 215685
Foresters Devon and Cornwall

Now where do we
put these hoops?
Court Pendennis 3754 held its
annual garden party at Lou and
Dot Colwills, in Carlyon Bay,
St Austell, for the High Chief
Rangers appeal. Nineteen
members and friends played
croquet and tackled a quiz, which
was followed by afternoon tea, all
of which raised 140. This was
the sixth annual garden party that
Lou and Dot have organised and
they have raised over 1,000.

Wales and Borders

A rose between
The Devon and Cornwall Area dinner
and dance was held at Trethorne Leisure
Centre, Launceston with special guest
Linda Levett, the High Chief Ranger.
Members enjoyed fantastic food and
service with entertainment from singer
Miss Terri Dean. The raffle raised over
150 for the HCRs chosen charity ARUK.

Cinio Nadolig Llawen

Brian Robert retires

Its Welsh for a Merry Christmas

lunch. Twenty-six members of
Court Coventry 7829 enjoyed
a Christmas lunch at the Angel
Inn, Pershore, and held a
raffle, raising 71 for the HCRs
appeal. In February, 10 members
attended a great performance of
Oliver at the local theatre.

Brian of Court Loyal Hope 2949 has retired

from the post of court trustee after 45
years service, due to ill health. He was
presented with a watch and a cheque as a
thank you for his faithful service.

14-16 Court Pride of Guernsey 8143,
150th anniversary weekend
18 Court Lush And Alexandra 5916,
Lunchtime Gathering, The Caf on the
Park, Salisbury Playhouse
19 Court Sir George Hewitt 5069, visit to
the RNLI Poole, Dorset
29 Area Lunch, Romsey Golf Course,
Romsey, Hants


Bribes and Maltesers

Whats On

Court Secretary Christine Carpenter,

Chief Ranger Heather Davies and
retiring Court Secretary Sandra Gill

Court St Andrew 7170 made new secretary Christine Carpenter feel

welcome at her first court meeting. Christine said: They bribed me with
10 boxes of Maltesers. How could I say no?

Everyones a winner
Court St Andrew 7170 run regular trips to the races. Last year, the
members were surprised to find a horse running called Forresters Folly.
It was a 40-1 outsider so only a couple of brave souls put a few pounds
on. It romped home! On another trip to Ascot, one of the party won an
all-expenses paid trip to Qatar flying business class. Just goes to show
it pays to back Foresters.

4 Court Lush And Alexandra 5916,
Lunchtime Gathering, Oasis Caf,
5 Court St Andrew 7170, Goodwood
25 Courts Isaac 6209 and Henbury 5779,
Summer Lunch, Visitors Centre,
Blandford Brew
29 Joint Visit: Courts 5069, 2240 & 2290,
Beaulieu with 50s laughter and lyrics
show and cream tea
2 Area: Hants & Sussex/Wessex,
Challenge Skittles Match
9 Court St Andrew 7170, Christchurch/
Lymington trip
23 Court Sir George Hewitt 5069,
Dinner, The Watercress Line Railway,
23-24 Court Henbury 5579, Cream Tea,
The Old School, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Event details contact:
AREA Bobbie 01489 78160
Court Henbury 5779 Mike 01980 610552;
Court Isaac 6209 Jan 01258 857774;
Court Lush and Alexandra 5916 Barbara
01722 333925; Court Sir George Hewitt
5069 Bobbie 01489 781060; Court St
Andrew 7170 Heather 01747 853591;
Court Pride of Guernsey 8143 Jan 01481
Foresters Wessex

Foresters Miscellany 21

Pie, peas and Merseybeats
Eighty members and friends
of Court Leek 2005 held their
annual pie and pea supper at
the Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek.
HCR Linda Levett and her
husband John were guests while
entertainment was provided by
ex-Merseybeats singer Trevor
Leeson. A raffle raised 142 for
Alzheimers Research UK. Linda
said: We had a great evening!
The pie and peas were great,
the bar staff were kept busy
and we had a cabaret. And
Trevor Leeson was excellent.
A wonderful evening and
everyone was so friendly!

Whoo! Whoo!
Court Leek 2005 visited the
Severn Valley Railway. The day
began with morris dancers on
the station at Kidderminster,
followed by a lovely trip from
Kidderminster to Bridgnorth
and back.

Hold very tight, please!

The Area Social visit to the Crich Tramway
Museum was a huge hit with the 24
Foresters who attended. The tram ride and
tring tring of the conductors ticket machine
certainly brought back old memories. The
exhibition hall was full of
beautifully restored trams,
abandoned years ago in
favour of bus services but
now making a comeback in
the UK and across Europe.
A collection raised 26 and
this will go towards the
High Chief Rangers charity,
Alzheimers Research UK.

A gem of a day out

22 Foresters Miscellany

Members of Court Moorlands 9475

enjoyed a visit to the stunning St
Giles Catholic Church in Cheadle,
The 61-metre spire dominates
Cheadles skyline and was designed
and built in the 1840s by AWN
Pugin, and known as Pugins Gem.
As the members were guided
around the church, they admired
the hand-painted walls, tiled floors,
wooden ceilings and the impressive
stained glass windows.
A delicious lunch followed the
tour, and a raffle for the Churchs
lighting fund raised 71.

Birmingham meets
35 members of Court Leek 2005 enjoyed
a relaxing coach trip to visit Birminghams
2015 Frankfurt Christmas Market and
Craft Fair. The weather stayed fine for us
while we explored an authentic German
experience in the heart of Birmingham. We
found dozens of stalls selling everything
from traditional decorations to hand-made
gifts and toys. There were also ample
opportunities to sample a good selection
of traditional German food such as
pretzels, schnitzels and bratwursts which
could be washed down with a cup of hot
Glhwein to warm you up.

With compliments

Bit of a tall story

What a brilliant start to The New
Year. In January, 35 members
of Court Leek 2005 visited the
Garrick Theatre, Lichfield.
A fantastic Chinese banquet,
followed by singing sheep and a
tap-dancing cow in the classic tale
of Jack and the Beanstalk. The
show had the grown-ups bursting
with laughter, standing up, sitting
down, being sprayed with water
and shouting out loud for joy.

Whats On

Arthur Nuttall and Les Brown, of Court Friend in Need 4820, attended
the Northern Area Conference in March and surprised HCR Linda Levett
by presenting her with a cheque for 500 for her ARUK charity. Nice one,
lads. Unfortunately, the cheque appears to be missing from the photo.


19 Area: Walsall Leather Museum
23 Area: Bromsgrove Avoncroft
6 Court Leek 2005. Outing to Llandudno
19 Area: Smiths Turret Clock Factory,
Derby; lunch; afternoon, Derby Cathedral
16 Area: Halfpenny Green Vineyard,
27 Area: Clay pigeon shoot. Not suitable
for those of a nervous disposition
7 Court Leek 2005. Outing to
13 Area: Visit to JCB Logistics,
Goldendale near Kidsgrove.

Muggles have
magic day
In October Court
Verulam Excelsior 6054
was fighting the dark
arts on a dull morning in
Hertfordshire. Twentyfive members and
guests undertook the
Harry Potter studio tour.
Dare we say a magical
time was had by all?

27 Area: Llangollen Railway

30 Court Leek 2005. Pea and Pie
Supper, Westward Golf Club, Staffs
15 Area Meeting, Birmingham
26 Court Leek 2005 Christmas Carvery,
Westwood Golf Club, Staffs
Event details contact:
AREA Bob 01782 516301
Court Leek 2005 Paulette 01782 502045.
Foresters Central

Ho ho ho!
Court Peaceful Valley 1753
enjoyed a Christmas social
meeting, which featured a
music quiz and a raffle that
raised 102, before a visit
from Santa himself. Guests
included the High Chief
Ranger, and current and
former Board members, as
well as new Court members
Neil and Phil.

Foresters Miscellany 23


Gentleman Forester
of the Year!

Lands End to John OGroats and back again!

John and Elaine Maul from Court Old Oak 1620 are aiming to walk 2,000 miles to raise funds
for the High Chief Rangers Alzheimers Research UK charity both Elaines and Johns
fathers suffered from this terrible illness. Theyre actually walking further than from Lands
End to John OGroats and back again an average of five miles a day.
A Fitbit tracker bracelet is keeping tabs on their walking, and their current total is 1,603
miles well on track!
Most of their walking has been done in their local Lea Valley Park but they also visited the
Lake District (see photo) when they added substantially to their total.
They are both enjoying the walking challenge and, as a bonus, have lost quite a lot of
weight and are feeling much fitter! Follow them on Facebook Court Old Oak.
Their fundraising total is currently 620. Donations can be made via their fundraising page
at: https://foresters.everydayhero.com/uk/land-s-end-to-john-o-groats-and-back-again

Linda Lee was presented with the

Gentleman Forester of the Year award,
which was set up in memory of Ethel
Gentleman, a former Treasurer of the
Court Pride of Islington 2939. The award
is presented each year to a member who
goes out of their way to make life better for
others. Congratulations to Linda, who was
thrilled to receive the lovely silver rosebowl
from the last recipient, Doreen Dorren.

Christmas cheer

Follow the band

Members of Court Pride of Islington
2939 travelled to Mendlesham in Suffolk
for lunch followed by a concert with the
brilliant Foresters Brass 2000. A charity
table in aid of the High Chief Rangers
appeal for Alzheimers Research UK
sold an amazing 276 worth of jewellery,
sweets and Christmas cards.

Court Peaceful Valley

1753s Christmas
meeting raised 120
from a raffle, a themed
music quiz and the
sale of photos of the
event for 1 each. A
stellar turnout included
the Levetts HCR and
Past HCR Board
members Penny
ONions, Kathryn Vagneur and John Instance, and Andrew Pooley,
Area coordinator Janet Pooley, and former POIS member Richard
Short. All enjoyed a good spread of canaps and wine.

Gary Howard
Sarah goes that
extra mile
Sarah Springham, of Court Peaceful Valley
1753, swam a mile in the Thames for
Alzheimers Research UK. She raised over
500. It was no mean feat for Sarah, who
suffers from Crohns Disease.

24 Foresters Miscellany

Congratulations to
Gary Howard, Court
Trustee of Court Pride
of Islington 2939, on
his award of BEM for
parliamentary service
and service
to the Scout
movement in the
Queens Birthday
Honours List 2015.

Jack the lad

Court Pride of Islington 2939 took a stall
at the Christmas market at Hornsey Town
Hall, where they raised money for ARUK,
aided by a young man named Jack, their
star sweetie salesman.


Heres to a happy future

Edward and Fiona, members
of Court Sir Colin Campbell
4399, have become
engaged. We wish them a
happy future together.

south london

Whats On
7 Foresters Homes AGM, Bexleyheath
7 Court Foresters Fancy 2242, 10-pin
bowling, Bromley Pavilions Sports Centre.
21 Area Barbecue, Darenth Valley Golf Club,
Shoreham, Kent
22 Court Brownlow 6444, Spring Lunch,
Biggles Restaurant, Denham Bucks
28 Court British Flag 3213, Summer Lunch,
King Charles Hotel, Gillingham, Kent
2 Foresters Homes Garden Party,

and the Best Film

BAFTA went to
Around 60 members attended
the Area meeting at the
Croydon Park Hotel to listen to
guest speaker Andrew Pooley,
past Board member and now
serving on the Membership
Committee. Delegates watched
a film from the Foresters
Heritage Trust about the history
of the Foresters. A raffle raised
159, with the proceeds going
to the High Chief

16 Area Meeting, Best Western, Reigate

Manor Hotel, Reigate, Surrey. Court Sir Colin
Campbell No. 4399, Winkworth Arboretum NT
24 Court Foresters Glory 2242, Cream Tea
Quiz and Games, West Wickham
10 Area Outing to Windsor
10 Court Runnymede 2089, Dinner and
Dance, The Boleyn Hotel, Staines
19 Area Walk in London, followed by


Whats On

26 Court Foresters Glory 2242, visit to the

Bank of England Museum

Whats On

11 Court Brownlow 6444,
Christmas Lunch, Biggles Restaurant,
Denham Bucks

10 Area Lunch, King Charles Hotel,

Event details contact:

AREA Chris 01353 720638
Court British Flag 3213 Richard 01233
627683; Court Brownlow 6444 Malcolm
01525 220778; Court Foresters Glory 2242
Hilary 01689 836772; Court Runnymede
2089 Janet 01708 227425; Court Sir Colin
Campbell 4399 Chris 01353 720638
Foresters South London Area

15 Spring Lunch, Wrag Barn Golf Club,
9 Area Meeting, Ibis Club Reading. Contact
your Court secretary.
17 Joint Court Lunch, Goring And Streatley
Golf Club, Streatley-on-Thames, Berks
16 Autumn Lunch. Details to be advised
TBC Area Meeting
11 December Christmas Lunch,
Hawkwell House Hotel, Oxford
Event details area contact:
AREA Barry 01491 576 519
Foresters Thames Valley


17 Area Meeting, St Lukes Methodist,
Church Centre, Rochester. Includes a games
evening and fish & chips
11 Area Lunch, King Charles Hotel,
Event details contact:
AREA Janet 01708 227425
Foresters Pride of Kent

Combined Court
Christmas cracker
Nearly 70 members of Courts Sir Colin
Campbell 4399 and Newark Abbey 4675
attended a joint Annual Christmas Lunch
at the Farnborough Masonic Centre. The
guests of honour were High Sub Chief
Ranger and Past Chairman of the Order,
Glyn Carpenter, and his escort Christine
Carpenter. The raffle raised 200 with the
proceeds going to the Courts charities.

Weve gone

Pride of Kent Area visited TeaPot Island

in Maidstone, Kent. Teapot Island is a
family-run business that was established
in Yalding in 2003, and houses the biggest
collection of teapots in England, with more
than 7,600 teapots on display.

Foresters Miscellany 25

Hants and Sussex


Whats On

Over the moon

Court Bosmere 2277 held their Christmas
Lunch at The Half Moon Sheet. Thirty-nine
members, family and friends attended.
Chief Ranger Helen Guest welcomed
everyone including members from
Chichester and Petersfield Courts and
our special guests HCR Sis Linda Levett
and Yvonne Campbell from The Rainbow
Centre, the Chief Rangers chosen charity
this year. The HCR received a cheque for
200 for her charity, and Ms Campbell
received 1,432.05 for the Rainbow Centre.

southern home

Foresters down under

Two members of Court Lansdown 2559
found that it was a small world when they
came across a Friendly Societies Lodge
Hall in a heritage village near Christchurch,
New Zealand. The village is a living
museum from the old pioneer days, and
there were several old homesteads and a
church. Inside a lodge building, there was
a hall where Foresters used to meet.

East London
and Essex

5 Area: The Silver Gym, Queens Theatre,
Hornchurch Essex
14 Area Meeting, IRDSA Barkingside
16 Area: The Romford Rose, Queens
Theatre, Hornchurch Essex
18 Court Wellington 3538, Fun Quiz, United
Reform Church, Upminster
26 Court Good Intent 4629, Sunday Lunch,
Burstead Golf Club, Little Burstead Essex
2 Court Duke of Argyle 2630, Pensioners
Lunch, Hunters Meet, Hatfield Heath
13 Area Meeting, IRDSA Hall, Barkingside
11 Court Charterhouse 5671, Sunday
Lunch, Hunters Meet, Hatfield Heath, Essex
Event details contact:
AREA Janet 01277 222028
Court Charterhouse 5671 Cheryl 01279
437230; Court Good Intent 4629 Janet
01708 227425; Court Duke of Argyle 2630
Daphne 01628 668604; Court Wellington
3538 Janet 01708 227425


Time for treats

Wedding bells

Foresters from Court Star of Surrey 2767

turned chocolatiers to make treats to sell
in aid of the HCRs charity. Moustaches,
spoons and buttons. Yum!

In August 2015 Kathryn Vagneur , who sits

on the Foresters Board of Directors and
is a member of Court Charterhouse 5671,
and Vice Admiral Rory McLean (Rtd) were
married in the Chapel Royal of St Peter
ad Vincula at the Tower of London. After
the service, a champagne reception was
held in the Tower grounds. The reception
was held at the Royal Yacht Club in
Knightsbridge. The wedding cake was a
tower of profiteroles that was ceremonially
cut with a naval sword.
Guests included Penny and Derek
ONions, and Christine and Glyn
Carpenter, the High Sub Chief Ranger.
Unfortunately, the evening nearly ended
in disaster as Glyn had parked in Hyde
Park just behind the RYC but their car
got locked into the gated Royal Park with
no way in or out. They had to call the
Royal Parks police at midnight and were
escorted to their car and then to the exit.
No one was breathalysed.

Bowling for supper

In January, 30 members of Courts
Lansdowne 2559 and Friar Tuck 4460
enjoyed a fun evening of ten-pin bowling
at Bowlplex, Brighton Marina. The evening
saw 25 raised by a raffle.

26 Foresters Miscellany

in action

Roller hockey fun

In February, Court Princess Royal 2948
sponsored an Eastern Counties Under17s roller hockey tournament, held in
Sudbury, Suffolk. The Sudbury Team had
an unexpected victory in their first match,
winning 6-4, one goal being scored by
Harriet Finch, daughter of the courts
assistant secretary, Rob. They were
bravely defeated in their next two games,
but won the last game of the day 8-4.
The Sudbury Under-17s have done well
this season, and Court Princess Royal
wishes them continued success.



Whats On

Its a snip!

Record breaker

Many years ago Court Pride of Walton

2678 Felixstowe had taken in the Branford
Court, and provided a bench in the village.
Court 2678 have now contributed 200
towards its replacement, and the picture
shows the installation of the new bench.
Chairman Maurice Barber is seen cutting
the ribbon on a cold January day.

A Christmas party at the Cambridge Motel,

Shepreth, Cambs by Court Prospect B
9737 raised 255 for the HCRs Appeal.
Deirdre Salmon, Court Trustee said: This
is the largest amount the court has raised
in a raffle and its due to the generosity of
members and friends. Thanks to Geoff and
Julie for arranging a marvellous party.


Whats On
8 Area trip to Kentwell Hall, Lunch and
a visit to farm and gardens, Long Melford
9 Court Brave Old Oak 3658, Quiz Night,
Old School Room, Mendlesham
24 Court Indian Chief 6203, Cream Tea,
Heybridge Basin
6 Area: Fun Musical Quiz, Community
Centre, Mendlesham
22 Area Chelmsford, Trip along Chelmer
& Blackwater Canal with lunch
8 Court Brave Old Oak 3658, Film Show,
10 Court Brave Old Oak 3658, Annual
Lunch and Display, Community Centre,
17 Area Meeting and Lunch, Cameo Hotel,
Copdock, Ipswich
2 Court Indian Chief 6203, Sunday Lunch
and Cruise, Tollesbury
16 Court Brave Old Oak 2658, Foresters
Brass Band and Buffet, Community
Centre, Mendlesham


Peak of fitness
Bruce and Helen Hunt of Court Foresters
Pride 9389 presented a cheque for 1,743
to the High Chief Ranger for her Alzheimers
charity appeal. The money was raised by
five court members Helen and Bruce,
their daughter Charlotte, and Thomas and
Matt after taking on the Yorkshire Three
Peaks Challenge, which involves walking
the peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and
Ingleborough a total 24.5 miles, within 12
Beginning at 7am, three members
completed the Challenge in 11 hours 52
minutes. The court is immensely proud of
the whole team and would like to thank
everyone for their generous sponsorship!

6 Court Indian Chief 6203, Christmas
Lunch, Rivenhall Hotel, Rivenhall End
Event details contact:
AREA Ros 01353 720 638
Court Indian Chief 6203 Corinne 01245
Court Brave Old Oak 2658 Dawn 01449
Foresters East Anglia North & South Area

Gone to the dogs

Thirty of Court Foresters Pride 9389
members and friends had a great night at
the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium in
September. Guest of honour was Linda
Levett, the High Chief Ranger.

14 Court Unity 4893, Knebworth House,
26 Court Eye of Providence 1112,
Sacrewell Farm, Thornhaugh.
26 Courts Foresters Home 2746 and
Perseverance 4892, Otley Hall and Gardens
30 Court Foresters Pride 9389, Ancaster
Go-Karting/two games of bowling.
Over-16s only for go-karting.
19 Court Gunners Delight 1107,
Fun in the Field
19 Court Eye of Providence 1112, Jazz in
the Garden, Elgood Brewery Wisbech
10 Area: Mannington Hall and Wolverton
19 Courts Foresters Home 2746 and
Perseverance No. 4892, Cruise on the
Norfolk Broads
24 Court Gunners Delight 1107, Water
Taxi Trip, Spalding to Springfields Outlet
6 Court Foresters Pride 9389, Tattershall
Castle and Lunch
13 Area Meeting and AGM, Southgreen
Park, Dereham, Norfolk
2 Court Foresters Pride 9389,
Peterborough Greyhound Racing,
Three-Course Meal
16 Court Pride of Newborough 9399,
Bingo at Newborough Village Hall
8 Court Unity 4893, British Motor
Museum, Great Electric Train Show,
Gaydon, Warwickshire
26 Court Unity 4893, Christmas Lunch
Italian Style, Sharnbrook Hotel, Bedford
8 Courts Foresters Home 2746 and
Perseverance 4892, Christmas Lunch
at Park Farm, Hethersett
11 Court Foresters Pride 9389, Christmas
Lunch, Spirit of Endeavour, Boston.
13 Court Gunners Delight 1107,
Christmas Meal
17 Court Foresters Pride 9389,
Lincoln Pantomime
Event details contact:
AREA Ros 01353 720638
Court Unity 4893 Ros 01353 720638;
Court Foresters Home 2746 and
Perseverance 4892 John 01603 411273;
Court Foresters Pride 9389 Helen
01205 352925; Court Gunners Delight
1107 Helen 01205 352925; Court Eye of
Providence 1112 Sandra 01733 263128;
Court Pride of Newborough 9399 Helen
01205 352925
Foresters East Anglia North & South Area

Foresters Miscellany 27


A parting gift
Do you recognise any of these people
from the Sunday Church Parade?

A High
Court highlight
Cynthia took on the role as chaplain at the
Sunday service at High Court following on
from her late husband, John Tudor, who
took the service for many years. Here she
tells us how this came about

y first experience of High Court

was in 1980, when our family
drove all the way from Brighton
to Ayr because the then High Chief
Ranger, Ken Stacey, had asked my late
husband, John Tudor, to preach at the
traditional High Court church service.
We were amused to find that this was
to be held not in a church but in the
interestingly named Dam Hall!
Subsequently, occasionally at first and
then more regularly, the incumbent High
Chief Ranger would renew the invitation.
Because of this, we became more and
more aware of the work of the Foresters,
and shared in many of its ups and downs
as well as the personal joys and sorrows of
its members.
As the time for High Court drew near
John would spend a lot of time thinking
about a theme for his sermon that would
reflect both his faith and the essence of
Forestry. And some stuck in the memory:
the one people most often refer to is You
cant park here and, of course, some of
his jokes!
One year, it was suggested by the thenHCR and his lady that I should share in the
service. Perhaps because of this, the year

He spake and into every

heart his words carried
new strength and courage.
28 Foresters Miscellany

after John died I was asked if I would be

willing to speak at the church service in
Torquay. With some trepidation I agreed,
mainly because I wanted to say a heartfelt
thank you to all the Foresters who had
been so supportive at such a difficult time.
It has been an honour and a privilege to
be asked to continue sharing in this way.
When High Court was reduced to a long
weekend, we devised a shortened service
for the Sunday morning in whatever venue
could be arranged, and prayed that some
members at least would still want to come.
And you did; and you have kept coming.
I personally would like to thank all who
have been responsible for ensuring this
continuity and, of course, all of you who get
up early on a Sunday morning to be there.
However, that still leaves me with the
challenge of following in my husbands
footsteps. I cant tell jokes like he did,
but somehow from somewhere a theme
pops into my head that I can use. Maybe
a casual remark that someone has made
at High Court or some incident I recall.
Thinking about it, I find, as I am sure he
did, that somehow it relates to what we all
want in our heart of hearts to achieve in our
Society. And the service becomes a way of
offering it to God, and asking Him to help
us fulfil our purpose during another year.
So now I had better do some serious
thinking about a theme for this years
service. See you in Telford, I hope!

Cynthia Tudor

Joyce Rumble was a well-known and

well-respected Forester. She was a
member of Court Foresters Glory No.
2242 and Court Robin Hood No. 2694,
and served as Chief Ranger of each
several times.
Joyce was well known in the London
United District, and attended High Court
virtually every year between 1964 and
2010. She was also a prolific recruiter
of new members throughout her time as
a Forester.
Joyce was a formidable
businesswoman, who survived in a maledominated world in the 1950s, 60s and
70s. She left school at 14 and became
a hairdresser, before joining the Red
Cross as a nurse in 1939. During World
War Two she was also a fire-fighter. After

Lest we
On 11 November, the Society was
pleased to have erected a memorial
to those Foresters who lost their lives
in the two world wars at the National
Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas in
Staffordshire. Past High Chief Ranger
Jim Launchbury, accompanied by
Steve Launchbury, laid a wreath on
behalf of Court Loyal Oxonian St
Frideswide No. 2991 and all Foresters.

Tributes to the life of...

the war, she set up her own successful

hairdressing businesses.
She became President of the Bexley
Chamber of Commerce six times, which
was unprecedented for a man, let alone
a single woman. In 2001, she was
also honoured by Princess Anne, who
presented her with a Merit Award on
behalf of the Association of Combined
Youth Clubs for 53 years of service.
She died in late 2014, a month after
her 94th birthday, but Miscellany at
the time was not able to record her
contribution to the Society. However,
true to her priorities in life, she did
not forget the Foresters and she left
a surprise in her will that gives us a
chance to acknowledge her Forestric
career. Earlier this year, it emerged that
Joyce left 5,000 each to the Foresters
Child Support Fund and the Educational
Awards Fund.
Apart from her generous gifts to the
Foresters charities and a few other
bequests, the balance of her estate
went to her local hospice. Her legacy of
generosity and service lingers on.

Sandra Scotting

Joyce served as a nurse and

a firefighter in WWII

Colin Walker

High Chief Ranger 1993/94

I was greatly saddened to learn that Colin Walker had passed
away on 4 October 2015. He was 87 years of age, but certainly
did not show it.
I was privileged to serve on the Executive Council with
Colin, and attended several High Courts with him as Past High
Chief Ranger, where he spoke in his usual informative and
entertaining way.
Colin had been Bagthorpe District Secretary for 40 years
and was also a Regional Secretary for a time. He organised
monthly bus outings and quarterly conferences for the
members and continued to do so right up to the end.
Colin could only attend High Court regularly after he retired
from his role as a school headmaster. He was the Chairman of
the Education Awards Committee from its inception and, latterly,
he was best known for producing the crossword puzzle for each
issue of Miscellany. He was a conscientious and dedicated
Forester at all times. His many Forester friends and Court
members will miss him greatly.
His wife Monica supported him through his last illness, despite
not keeping good health herself. My wife Sheena, Monica, Colin
and I enjoyed each others company for many years; and Sheena
and I offer our prayers and sympathy to Monica and Colins
family and all his Forester friends at this sad time.

John Cassie (PHCR)

Colin is fondly remembered

for his famous crosswords!

Foresters Miscellany 29

member benefits


Grant Streader on
The Great South
Run. He raised
in the region of
1,130 for the
HCRs appeal
for ARUK.

More Extras that make the Foresters

different. Grant Streader, Head of
Insurance Operations, tells us more

Success stories

Clare Abbott
Recently graduated with a Masters in
English Studies from the University
of Leicester: As an English Literature
student, you can imagine the endless
amount of reading I had to do, so the
bursaries particularly helped towards
purchasing books. University can be a
challenging time in terms of finance for
students, so I am grateful for the support
I received from the Foresters.

Natasha Bellamy
Court Good Intent 2795: Firstly please
let me say thank you sincerely, for your
generous Educational Grant of 220,
which means so much to me. I am in
my first year of studying Mental Health
Nursing at Anglia Ruskin University. The
grant allows me to focus on learning.
I hope that in the future I will be able to
help someone achieve their goals, as
you have helped me.

Alice Turner
Congratulations to Alice Turner, a
member of Court Swan 498 of the
Yorkshire Area, who graduated from
Royal Holloway University, London gaining
a 2.1 degree in English and Drama.

30 Foresters Miscellany

who died during World War One. Today, the

s a member of Foresters Friendly
Fund provides financial assistance for children
Society, you can claim certain
who need it.
discretionary benefits from your
Convalescent Grants are offered to
local Court. We offer a minimum grant of
assist members recuperating after illness by
25 per year towards optical, dental and
providing a stay in either a home we support in
other health-related costs. But did you
Bridlington, Yorkshire or one of the members
know that we also have several additional,
own choosing.
centrally funded Membership benefits that
Educational Grants help our younger
members can apply to for cash help?
(but not always) members who are
Part of what we like to call
in full- or part-time study. And
Foresters Extras!
For more
in these days of high tuition
The benefits we offer are
fees who doesnt need a
the Foresters Support
helping hand?
Fund, the Foresters
on these benefits, feel free to
For me, personally, the
Child Support Fund,
speak to your Court Secretary or
rewarding thing is
Convalescent Home
call our friendly Member Services
always receiving notes
Fund, and Education
team on 0800 783 4162, who will be
of thanks from members
Awards Fund.
delighted to help.
they tell you how
The Foresters
NB: The membership benefits we provide
one of our services or
Support Fund is probably
arent regulated and are regularly
reviewed by us to ensure they are
grants has helped them in
our most versatile way of
relevant to our members.
their lives.
helping members in need. Over
In 2015, we paid more than
time, we have helped members
140,000 to hundreds of members
with grants for things as diverse as:
from all over the country. We try to help our
stair lifts, wet rooms, wheelchairs, members
members wherever we can, so in 2015 we
who have been made redundant, assistance to
reached out to the membership affected by
help fund private consultations where the NHS
the recent dreadful flooding. If you ever have a
can no longer help, and an adapted bicycle for
suggestion for where you think we could help
a child member with disabilities. The list really
our members, then please feel free to contact
is extensive.
us at Head Office. After all, who knows us
The Foresters Child Support Fund was
better than our own members?
originally set up to commemorate members




The Friendly Society

Convalescent Scheme offers
top-up grants towards the cost
of convalescence, provided the
shortfall between the costs of
care and the grant available
(currently 295pw) is in excess
of 50. Grants of up to 100pw
are available. For details,
contact your Court Secretary.

Education Awards
Fund Awards


Foresters Support
Fund Grants


Convalescent Home
Fund Claims


Foresters Child Support

Fund Grants


next generation


The still small

voice is wanted
William Cowper

Welcome young Foresters, to the

brand new issue of Miscellany!

ts great to have Miscellany back in action

again; its a good way to keep Foresters all
over the UK informed about what everyone
gets up to and what exciting events are coming
up in the future.
The Foresters is a fantastic society in which many
members raise money towards worthy causes, including
Guide Dogs for the Blind, Alzheimers Research UK and
charities for young children such as Barnardos.
The Foresters also offers assistance for its young
members through education grants. As a young
member myself, I received money each year towards
my education throughout my A-levels and studies at
university. This really helped towards transport, stationery
and textbooks, especially at university when life can be
challenging financially.
Many of you may have been a part of the Foresters
since you were born. This is the case for me. My mother
became a Forester in her 20s, and as a result, my sister
and I became members at birth. I have fond childhood
memories of attending dinner dances, quizzes and
many other fun social events that were organised to
raise money for charities. I was always made welcome
at these events by the older Foresters, and have made
many friends across all generations.
This Miscellany has a theme of Your Voice, Your
Society. This new section New Voice is for the
young people of the Foresters Friendly Society. Its
important, and interesting, to know what the Foresters
means to you. How do you get involved? Do you tell
your friends about it, and encourage them to become
interested in joining?
If youre interested in having your voice heard in
Miscellany and telling us what the Foresters means to
you, get in contact by sending an email to the Foresters
editor@forestersfriendlysociety.co.uk. Wed love
to hear what social events youve been to and what
activities youve been participating in to raise
money. Please send us photos as well.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Clare Abbott

Boost your

eing an active member of the

Foresters Friendly Society
can give you great life skills.
How many people can say theyve
been elected to office? Can run a
meeting? Can speak confidently in
public? Can read a balance sheet
and an annual report (without
falling asleep) and make sense
of them? Show a track record of
charitable fundraising? If you are
an active young Forester, you can
develop those skills by getting
involved with your local Court.
Being a member of the Foresters
Friendly Society will look great on
your CV. This will impress employers
because it indicates an interest outside
of your education/workplace, which
they like to know about. Fundraising,
communicating, organising and many
more action words can be used in
relation to the role you play within
the Foresters. Attending meetings
and engaging with members of all
ages within the Society indicates
commitment, social skills and
enthusiasm, which are qualities all
employers are looking for.
Next time: suggestions for CV writing.

Foresters Miscellany 31

News in brief

A round up of all the latest

from around the society...

Northern & Southern Conferences

Social Report

You can go as a delegate or as a visitor. Just ask your Court sectretary

The Northern Conference

enjoyed a presentation from the
NW Area Chief Rangers chosen
charity, the National Search
and Rescue Dogs Association,
peppered with incidents and
anecdotes of gripping searches
and dramatic rescues.

There was a great turnout of around

a 100 at each of the conferences
to discuss a wide range of issues
concerning the Society. These were
held in Southport and Southsea over
two consecutive weekends. Eighteen
members were new attendees.
Chairman Mike Wilkinsons term of
office is coming to a close. He reflected
on his time on the Board and the
Societys future.
Myles Edwards, the Executive
Membership Director, said: We are the
best kept secret. We need to increase
awareness of Foresters. We are founded
on long-standing traditions and deliver
good service to our customers. Its
the Foresters Extras that have a big
influence and make members join.
Grace Bowles, our new Marketing

At the dinner that evening, delegates

raised over 580 to be shared between
Frank McCalls NSARDA, the HCRs
ARUK and Des Garners (Yorkshire
ACR) choice of Prostate Cancer UK.
The Southern Conference had
an excellent presentation on the
Foresters Care Service by Red Arc,
and a powerful and moving address
from Christian, an Alzheimers
ambassador. But it wasnt all business.
We enjoyed an after dinner quiz
on Saturday courtesy of John the
questionmaster is always right Levett.
Over the course of the weekend we
raised over 1200 on the quiz, the
inevitable Foresters raffle, guess the
bunnys birthday and sales of jams
and jewelery. All proceeds went to the
HCRs ARUK charity.

Did you know YOU can attend the conferences?

Executive, is a fourth generation Forester.
She will be the first point of contact
within the marketing department for all
Court-related communications. She is
working closely on the incoming HCRs
charity appeal, and let us into the latest
fundraising idea for Head Office staff:
they are having a Bake Off. (Editor:
might have to pop down there to judge).
Paul Osborn, CEO, introduced us to
two new prospective professional NonExecutive Directors; Erik Vynckier, an
investment specialist, and Trevor Batton,
an actuary. He reminded us that Kathryn
Vagneur, David Watkins and John
Instance stand for re-election by the
delegates at the June 2016 High Court.
Paul also gave an outline of the High
Court agenda and spoke about Court
funding and Court income.

Yorkshire Foresters
Convalescent Home
Open day
3 July 2016

und and enjoy a range

Come and take a look at aro
the home.
of stalls to raise money for
more information.
Contact Ted on 01226

32 Foresters Miscellany

Open garden party

Foresters homes Bexleyh


(charity no 1047967)
Free entry
2 July 2016

The Trustees and residents

would like to invite you to
enjoy an afternoon of variou
s delights; a cake stall,
tombola, plant stall, bric-abrac, raffle, refreshments and
more. Call 01474 394 454
for more details


Dont forget!

Subscribe today for

your chance to win 1,000
Secretaries Conference

More than 100 Court Secretaries braved the January

weather to attend their Annual Conference near
Coventry. Presentations were made on the new
approach to the Court Investment Fund; the full
implementation of the annual member allowance and
adjustment of interest earned on Court capital; new
proposals from HMRC on Court Officers honoraria;
the results of the consultation on Areas; the relaunch
of Miscellany; and the credit union arrangements.
All of which gave Secretaries plenty of
issues to discuss and take back to their
respective Courts.

Taste of
In 1995/96, when I was High Chief Ranger, I chose
for my charity Taste for Adventure, which aims
to support underprivileged children from around
the Birmingham area, those with various learning
difficulties and the elderly.
The charity was the brainchild of John Brummie
Stokes, who was a mountain expert and an adventurous
character who loved challenges and living his life under
extreme pressure. The charity was a way he could help
others, and I was delighted to support it to help others
as well.
Sadly, Brummie died on 10 January 2016, but the
charity remains as his fine legacy. I will continue to give
my support to a worthy and worthwhile charity.

Jean Copperi

Past High Chief Ranger

Foresters Brass 2000

Foresters Brass 2000 has secured a highly sought after

place at the 2016 Spring Festival.
Beating some tough competition, Foresters gained
fifth place with their alternative programme opening
with Dirty Dozen Brass Bands Blackbird Special and
Simon Dobsons Little Hymn. Harry Jamess Trumpet
Concerto was played superbly by Principal Cornet, Adam
Hebditch, and they closed with Mark Ronsons Just and
Muses Knights of Cydonia, both arranged by the bands
conductor, Jack Capstaff.
We are also pleased to welcome back Rob Wilshaw on
solo trombone. Rob is an experienced trombone player
who enjoyed a successful spell with the famous Fodens
Band before returning to the Midlands. Were really pleased
Rob has returned to his Foresters roots and look forward
to some exciting times at Foresters Brass 2000!
IN CONCERT: 6 May with the prize-winning University
of Nottingham Brass Band at the University of
Nottinghams Djanogly Recital Hall.
Foresters Brass 2000 or their website
Foresters Miscellany 33


Foresters extras

As a member of Foresters Friendly Society, youre

eligible for a whole host of benefits at no extra cost.

Foresters Care
Practical and emotional
aid for the tough times
Sadly, we will all probably
know somebody who has
been diagnosed with a serious health condition. Usually, the
treatment received is first class but often the practical help
and emotional support needed by the individual and their
family can be missing. Thats where Foresters Care comes in.

Your personal adviser

Any member struggling with a serious health condition, or

diagnosed with one in the future, can use Foresters Care,
which will provide you with access to your own Personal
Nurse Adviser who will be there for you to provide practical
information and emotional support for as long as you need it.
This is a confidential, free service available over the phone
anywhere in the country. Your Personal Nurse Adviser will
also be able to arrange a Treatment Sourcing Service if you
want a rapid diagnosis or otherwise wish to pay for your own
treatment. By organising this through Foresters Care, you will
save an annual fee of 35.

Peace of mind

Foresters Care also provides a mental health programme,

which aims to help people reduce their levels of depression
and anxiety. This programme gives tailored advice,
information and emotional support, and can also be used by
those affected by serious health issues. The programme is
structured to provide continuing support to help achieve the
best possible outcome for members.

I can personally vouch for the fantastic,

invaluable support offered by this service as
my own mum used it after suffering a stroke.
Grant Streader, Head Office

GP Consultation Service
Imagine a GP service that was available
Foresters Extras provides you with access to our 24/7 GP
Consultation Service every single day of the year from
around the world. This gives Foresters guaranteed access
to a qualified doctor from the comfort of their own home or
workplace. The service provides telephone consultations,
for example giving further explanations of conditions,
medications or treatment options.
You can also arrange an online webcam consultation
so you can easily explain your symptoms to the doctor. The
doctor can use images and a note board to help you with
any explanation or diagnosis.

Private prescriptions

You can also obtain private prescriptions through this

service. The GP Consultation Service can raise an electronic
prescription to Pharmacy2U, where experienced pharmacists
will check and arrange to send the medication, by secure
First Class Royal Mail to your address.

Find out more

Foresters Care

01244 625180 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Foresters Care is provided by RedArc Assured
Ltd, an independent care advisory service. To
find out more about the services provided by
RedArc please visit www.redarc.co.uk

GP Consultation Service
0345 319 0063

Available 24/7/365

Foresters CAB Helpline

Free, confidential and impartial information
Access to free confidential and impartial advice on benefits,
debt, housing, consumer goods and services, and inital
advice on other areas of the law via a telephone helpline
service, provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

We also provide discretionary grants to our members for

education, health care, hardship, convalesence and child
support. See page 30 for more information.

34 Foresters Miscellany

Online Doctor Consultation service

Available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.30pm,

excluding Bank Holidays and can be accessed
via www.foresters.gpsurgery.co

Foresters CAB Helpline

0800 101 8315 Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Calls cost a maximum of 4p per minute from a BT landline, calls from non-BT
lines will vary. The price of calls from mobile telephones will depend on your
contract terms. This service is not designed to replace the care of your own
NHS GP. You may still need to contact your own GP. You should not use this
service in an emergency or for urgent conditions, so as not to delay necessary
treatment. The GP Consultation Service is provided by Medical Solutions UK
Ltd. The Foresters Extras membership benefits we provide arent regulated
and are regularly reviewed by us to ensure they are relevant to our members.

just for fun



the cook




Roasted vegetable soup

Delicious and frugal this warming
soup lasts well and can be spiced
up with endless variations...










 lb (1kg) mixed vegetables
(makes 6-8 portions). Use
any seasonal vegetables that
will roast; chunky carrots,
leeks, or butternut squash.
Additional veg: cabbage,
green beans and diced
l 1 clove garlic (if desired)
1 1/4 pint (750ml) veg stock
l 3 tbsp olive oil
l Seasoning to taste




Roughly chop the veg for

roasting and spread the pieces
in a deep roasting tin, covering
well in olive oil. Roast at a
medium heat until tender (4560 minutes).
When cooked, place the veg
in a saucepan with the stock
and season well. Add the

Ringing the changes

Day 1: Swirl a little cream in
the top for a delicious, rich
Day 2: Add tinned tomatoes
and tomato puree. Parmesan
gives a real Mediterranean
flavour. A handful of precooked pasta shapes turns it
into a quick Minestrone.
Day 3: If youre feeling brave,
add cayenne pepper, chilli,
chorizo and a can of mixed
beans for a spicy finish.

Sharp citrus cheescake

Smooth and zesty this
delightful dessert gives the
fresh taste of summer
For the base:
4 oz (100g) Hob Nobs (or
digestives or ginger nuts)
coarsely crushed
l 2 oz (50g) melted butter
l 1 oz (25g) demerara sugar

For the cheesecake filling:

 x1 pint (600ml) packet of
lemon or lime jelly
l Juice of one lemon or lime
12 oz (350g) full fat soft
l 4 oz (100g) caster sugar
l 5 fl oz (150ml) whipped cream

For the decoration:


Whipped cream
Pared rind of one lemon/lime

Make up the jelly, adding the
juice of the citrus fruit to make
up to 10fl oz (300ml). Leave the
jelly until it is almost set.






3. Kind-heartedness
7. Author of The Moons a
Balloon, David _____
8. As well as
10. Hotline partners
12. Sea rescuers
14. It goes with a bow
16. A keeper of the countryside,
18. Underwater boat
21. Who takes the minutes?
26. Main meal of the day
27. Not my sister
29. This will make you think
30. In the middle
31. Allow
1. A small mallet
2. A planned public or social
4. Big plane with a pointy nose

5. A Chief Ranger might
in nneext
preside over this
6. Behaving in a
pleasant manner
9. Grounded entertainment
11. Mans best friend
13. The last kingdom
15. Star Wars episode 4 A New
17. ______ the seed
19. Mr Bumbles profession
20. By reading this you probably
are one
21. A strip of material worn over
the shoulder
22. A group of people who have
something in common
23. Iron Bridge Country
24. A gathering of people to talk
25. Understood regulations
28. Welsh National Symbol

Lightly oil an 8-inch (20cm)
round, loose-bottomed cake
tin or spring-release tin. Mix
together the ingredients for
the base and spread over the
bottom of the tin, pressing
down evenly.
Mix the soft cheese with the
sugar and the almost set jelly
and fold in the whipped cream.
Turn into the tin and spread out
evenly. Leave in a cool place
to set.
For decoration, cut the pared
fruit rind into fine shreds and
blanch in boiling water for one
minute, then rinse under a
cold tap and dry thoroughly on
kitchen paper.
Remove the cake from the
tin, cover in a thin layer of
cream and decorate with the
blanched rind.


2K on a HB
11, 12 D and D
I 2 S of a Ls T
AIWG to SI, IM a M with 7W
3P to L of the R

6. 1H on a DC
7. 1965: F of SWC
8. 6B to an O in C
9. 25P is a P
10. MLS from the L 1911

1. Rooster, Vivaldi and Charlotte are varieties of what?
2. What rebellious event was organised in 1773 by the Sons of
Liberty as a protest against taxation without representation?
3. What is the spirit used in the cocktails Mai Tai and Daiquiri?
4. Which biennial sporting fixture was cancelled due to 9/11?
5. The rights to which childrens book were bequeathed to the Great
Ormond Street Hospital in 1929?
6. Kopi Luwak, produced mainly in Indonesia and a waste product of
the civet cat, is the most expensive variety of what?
7. What is Cornish Yarg?
8. From what material is the Taj Mahal constructed?
9. What is the currency of Egypt?
10. What is the connection between the answers to questions 1-9?
Answers: Brainteasers: 1. 2 knees on a human body 2.11, 12 dig and delve 3. In 2 shakes
of a lambs tail 4. As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives 5. 3 parts to Lord of
the Rings 6. 1 hump on a Dromedary camel 7. 1965: funeral of Sir Winston Churchill 8. 6 balls
to an over in cricket 9. 25 pounds (25) is a pony 10. Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre 1911.
Connections: 1. Potatoes 2. Boston Tea Party 3. Rum 4. Ryder Cup 5. Peter Pan 6. Coffee 7.
Cheese 8. Marble 9. The Pound 10. Types of cake.


additional veg and simmer until

all the veg is tender.
Leave the soup chunky or
blend until smooth with a
hand blender. Serve with fresh
crusty bread.

Foresters Miscellany 35



BUT WHAT IS A CREDIT UNION? It is a member-owned financial cooperative,
democratically controlled by its members, providing credit at competitive rates,
and other financial services to its members.
Credit unions differ from banks and other financial
institutions in that account holders are its members
and owners, and elect their board of directors, just
like Foresters Friendly Society. Credit unions see
themselves to be community-oriented and serving
people, not profit.
Member Director David Watkins has recently concluded
a project to enable Foresters to participate in a credit
union. I am delighted to have negotiated a new addition
to our Foresters Extras portfolio for our members, he
said. I have long benefited from my membership of a
credit union. I was a member of the Greater Manchester
Police Federation Credit Union. I took loans out to buy,
among other things, a holiday, house improvements and
a small car for my wife, Marie. Marie and my daughter,
Julie, also joined, both saving small amounts every
month. When Marie died all her savings were doubled
allowing me to invest a lump sum in the Credit Union
for our granddaughter, Miranda. When Julie died her
savings were also doubled which paid for her funeral
plus other bequests.
I had long hoped that the Foresters could set up its
own credit union, and when I was elected High SubChief Ranger in 2013 it gave me the opportunity to
develop the idea through the Membership Committee,
including the possibility of joining an existing credit
union, said David.
The Oddfellows had for a number of years sponsored
the Manchester Unity Credit Union Ltd (MUCU), and a
proposal to join with them was developed and approved
by the Membership Committee, Foresters Board,
MUCU Board and its members, he concluded.

MUCU is an independent organisation. If you would like to

find out more about joining, ask your court secretary for
a leaflet or contact MUCU direct on 0161 214 4626 or visit

2 Foresters Miscellany

What are the features of membership

of the MUCU Credit Union?
l Minimum

saving of 5 per month.

l A

member may save more than 5, up to a

maximum of 10,000 savings.

l Foresters

with over three years membership who

have been saving regularly for three months may
apply for a loan at 1% per month interest.

l Free

insurance on savings and loans (subject to

some simple terms and conditions see MUCU
website for details): for example, under the age of
65 all savings may be doubled and loans paid off
in the event of death; if death occurs between 65
and 80 years savings can be increased by 25%
and loans paid off.

l Young

savers can be enrolled by parents or


l Credit

unions are authorised by the Prudential

Regulatory Authority (PRA) and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA.
This means that, under the Financial Services
Compensation Scheme, savings are protected up
to 75,000.





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