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ery Love story has a beginning

But some Love stories never have their end !!!

It was the time of My college life The Cool & enjoyable life!!!
First year was boring as well as enjoyable just because the whole day was like : teacher
coming to the class, lecture then again new teacher, then lecture, again new teacher,
again lecture and no fun...but that time I was having with me my sweet
friends vikas & prashant....They remained always with me every time...and their Gossips
was enjoyable.

One year later. .. .

Now time for the juniors to come,, When i saw first time into college cab, she was looking
Very innocent. I was in the second year, the most special year of my life... :) :) I gained a
lot in my college. Teachers were always helping, classmates were very good and friends
awesome...:) :D talking about my friends some more were added to the existing
list...Manisha, Komal, Arti, jaspreet.................
Some One was very special to me with whom I can share anything.........she
was Naughty, pretty not good in looks..but with beautiful soul. Everyone use to pretend
her wrong for her frankness,, but she was more than my life, even I share my secrets with
him...all the joys and sorrows..everything.....
The days went on & on, and We became good friends.. I was really fell in love with the girl
this time; and confessed everything in front of her one day.. She was normal and instead of

shouting she smiled


Said: Its OK..Be relaxed!!

The girl was comfortable with the friendship but not in the state of being in a relationship
with me. She had her desires and some different goals for life Her dream was more
precious, then to be in a relation with me.
Then came third year, the year of achievements and hard work. This year was really
really really awesome. I got first Rank in ece Branch because she always encourage me &
always said vishal you can, You are the hope of our college Bus..............when ever I tease
her She always use the word" KHASMA NU KHANE" VO Words jo hamesha dimag me
Ghumte Rehte hai...........

& Expectations from the girl went on increasing for me,, with everyday passing and this gave
birth to fights. One day I decided, never to talk again as he thought the girl does not
understand him. The girl accepted and never explained anything this time. She thought,, if
her friendship is strong hell come back again
After some months I back again, with a promise that well be friends forever and I will not
repeat the same thing ever. But My heart was unable to stop beating for her. I was strongly
affectionate and ready to do anything for her.
Now, coming to last year fourth year...well it was an year of full on masti.....some more
friends were added to my friendlist. In this year we all actually realised how to live the
life. My life was enjoyable with that Girl full on masti.........In fourth Year one of my firend
has Hacked his FB password and write Some none sense on her wall......... At That Time
she has thinked I have hacked her password and from the day she stopped to talk with me.
I did everything to make her understand but she is not ready to hear a single word.
She didnt need that false happiness but she was hurt for losing her best friend.
I have Convinced her many times but She is not believing on me. 4 Years passed away, and
now the girl decided that if hell come back again, shell not treat him friendly. Herself
respect was badly hurt and she has lost very Good friend due to misunderstanding.
Its very hard to realize that you are no more important for the person for whom once you
were everything. It hurts a lot when you see someday, that you lost a person who was truly
indeed for you.

Vishal polowalia