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CAS Activity Proposal Form

Student name:
Grace Purba
Action (2)
Proposed activity: Muaythai
Date of starting: 20 March 2016
Day: Weekday or Weekend
Approximate time: 2 hrs per week
Name of Adult leader (supervisor): Pak Faisal
Position: Trainer for Muaythai
Contact detail: 081384449838


Please comment on how this activity will help you to achieve the Learning Outcomes as IB
CAS requirement?
1) Developed new skills
This is my first time to take a serious muaythai training every week. I believe that I will
developed new skills starting from my strength, core and ability to also self defense. I
also be able to learn a lot of new techniques regarding Muaythai a sport from Thailand.
I then will increase my expertise in Muaythai not only about the techniques but for my
own health and balancing a healthy lifestyle
2) Undertaken new challenges
I undertake new challenges through balancing my education life not only the 6 subjects
core in IB but also in sports. I will get through the challenge in which I have to go
beyond my comfort zone, to improve my strength and balance in sports. As well as, I
will go through the phase where I will be exhausted from the training because muaythai
its said to be one of the most tiring training. But I will not give up.
3) Shown perseverance and commitment
This training will happens ever week. And in ever week meeting, my trainer will not
give a lot of break time. Therefore, I will persevere in times of exhaustion and hoping by
strength and health will be improving since then. I am committed to train myself to
balance my life and to learn new things (Muaythai).
4) Increased their awareness of own strengths and weakness
Through Muaythai training, I will be able to understand my capability and ability in
Muaythai and core strength. I will be aware on what things I should improve like for the
specific techniques and also I will be aware of my real strengths such as the ability to
go beyond my exercising limit.
5) Engaged in issue of global importance
I know that nowadays there are a lot of people and teenagers who are lacking of
exercising. Therefore, they are not aware of the sickness that may come. My trainer is
also a self defense trainer so I will be able to learn self defense techniques. Im aware
that in this world I have to be ready like for example if I will be by myself in college, I
will have to know the techniques in self defense to take care of myself and not just
depend on others. I also am aware to have a healthy lifestyle.

Activity Leader:
This student has given me the letter providing information about this CAS program. I am
aware of the need for evaluation and am willing to provide this.
Leaders signature:
Approved by CAS Coordinator: