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CICLEGRAM is the neveletter of the Bicycle Coalition of the Delavare Valley, a volun= teer organization advocating the use of the Bleucte tor everyday transportation and the protection of bicyclists’ rights. Monbership bonefit include @ subscription to GXCLEGRAM, other Coalition publications Cincluding the internetionally-known "Cycle f Recycle" calendar), discounts at many area yele routing servi trom helping ot yet e menber, the coupon below to join; Lf you are, about a gift membership for a friend? fe Conlition, P.0. Box 8194 phi, PA” 19i0i Sign me up! Enclosed is ay check. {1 $15 indtviduat dues* [1 $20 fa [ 1.$6 tow income duest (so calen ‘+ 1°83 more for one Bike Commu (epecial offer for sev oF renewing 1] $5.75, (85.25 [1 §6'@s neabers) size color (tan or It. blue) T want to contribute an added §, designated as follovs: Telephone (please include ares codes) dey evening I may be able to help vith these activities: + *VE THE BICYCLISTS of the Unieed States, in order to fora a sore perfect cransporta~ tion system, establish access, insure domestic nobility, and provide for the’ defense of the onmon vehicle that quiets our cities, 1inks the public & and public transit, and secures a'wiger use of the world's resources, do Grdain and establish this Velorution for CYCLEGRAM 1987 BICYCLE COALITION of the DELAWARE VALLEY P.O. Box 8194 ¢ Philadelphia, PA*19101 SPRING (215) BICYCLE 15) BI-C-CLE TTEANSITWAY TRAVESTY The fina1 draft of the Chestnut Street Transitvay management study was roleased in midcapril for review, “Ax we reported in the Winter Crelegran, the study aoving ali but shuttle buses from the Trane Sttvay during the peak podeatetan period Between 10 AH and LPN, The Cool ition supports this recommendation ws the fire tep in reclaiming Center City for nore convivial modes of novenente However, the final draft report recommends that "bicyclists should continue to be prohibited fron the Transitway since they Would create additional conflicts ( Between cyclises, buses and pedestrians, 28 yell as general traffic during those hours (6:30 PM=7:00 AM] ‘hen such traffic s8 permitted." Stuff and nonsense! This terse fattonale could be applied as the City's “final solution" to bicycle use on any street. Cyclists, beware! ‘The finel draft report reJected the Cosli- tion's suggestion to place bicycle parking racks on munbered streets near the Tay, even though this vould have added only $1000 to each block's enhancement budget of $400,000 0 $800,000, The Coalition has already written to the City to urge it to reconsider our earlier Fecommendations to recognize, accept ané accomodate bicycles before it issues the final report. "If the City allovs the enti- bicycle policies in the report to stand, the Coalition can only conclude that the city of Philadelphia sees no role for the non polluting bicycle in center city transporta- tion at a tine when its federal transporta "ion funds are in jeopardy for non-compliance with the Clean Air Act. The short-eightedness of the City's continued discrimination against the bicycle may become apparent. in the not= foo-distant future, Tf you wish to express your concern about the recommendations, call Mr. Christopher Zearfoss (Chief Transit Operations and Plan- ing Division, Dept. of Public Property) at 686-4581, or vrite to your councl person. HANDS on Tim Carey, former ovner of the South Street Bicycle Shop, 1s offering basic bike repair and maintenance at the "East Falls Bicycle Learning Center", 4161 Ridge Avenue, Phila delphiay Pa 19120, For fees, times’ and ates, call Tim at 215/843-3861. ‘TIME IS RUNNING SHORT POR GETTING BICYCLE PROVISIONS ON THE ATLANTIC CITY RAIL. LINE WAIL the newest rail Line in the United States, the Philadelphia-Atlantic City Line, rk the turning point for Dicyclists 4a their continuing struggle to get provisions for bieycles on trains? The new Line, to be operated jointly by New Jersey Transit and Antrak, Vill have 15 to 17 traing @ day between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. New Jersey Transit, which Vill run most of those trains, ie currently fodifying some of its old railcars for use on the new Line, scheduled to open in 1969. The Bicycle Coalition has asked NIT to install on Cars bicycle provisions similar to fon the Austrian which are. con= sidered the best anywhere, but NIT has not. yet agreed to do soy “re may be a wetter of aobilizing the bicyclists as a market force,” Coalition's John Doviin, lists from the Philadelphia region, from other places — write to NiT's director, Jerome Preao, he might vell come around to ‘seeing that there's s real denand out here for those provision in addition, it would be especially help- ful for bicyclists In New Jersey to write to their state senatore and asseablypersons about the matter. Bot all this writing suse be done soon ~- HJT has already started to rebuild those railears!™ Tere's Tov to adivess your request Tor bicyele provisions on the new Atlantic City~ Philadelphia rail line, Wherever you 21 you can write to Nev Jersey Transit: ir. Jerone C, Preso Executive Director Now Jersey Transit, 'P.0, Box 10009 Newark, NJ 07101 If you Live in New Jersey, vrite also to State Senator ‘and Assomblyman (or Assemblywoman) State House, Trenton, 308625, BICYCLE COALITION ACTIVITIES AND CONTACTS The Coalition works on a vide range of projects, and 4t depends on volunteer effort for virtually everyehing it toes, tere are the names and telephone nusbers of the contact persons: ACCESS TO PUBLIC FACILITIES Fairmount Park roadways: Beth Irish, 215/438-0426; Bridges fand rail 1ines: Ralph Hirsch, 215/386-1270: League Istand Ferry: Peter Bent, 609/845- 2780; Chestnut Street Transitvay: Bob Pierson, 215/925-5971, CAMPAIGNS Helmet use encovragenent: Michael Beker, 215/893-9181; Bottle deposit bil] for Penns}1vania: Cindy Jacques 215/574-0852 (Penn PIRG); Bikes Not Bombs (co send Dicyeles to Central America): Marvin Thal, 215/233-3883. INSTRUCTION FOR BICYCLISTS Effective Cycling course: Dennis Koelnel, 215/357-8575; Basic bieyele repair, Tim Cerey, 215/843-5861, OTHER SERVICES TO BICYCLISTS General tour~ ing information: Tim Carey, 215/843-5861; Family tanden tours: Scott and Nan Steketee, 215/747-1288. SERVICES TO ORGANIZATIONS AND COMPANIES Bicycle COALITION LIATSONS 70 VARTOUS GROUPS Bike Shops: Bill Cotton, 215/927—4717; Bicycle Clubs, Kerry Carter and Bob Radplifte, 215/988-9378; Bike Messengers: Michael MeGertigan, 215/561:8185; Triathlo John Sugarman, 215/567-5131, and Lev Frankle, ‘s09/asus0226, SPECIAL EVENTS Freedom Valley Bike-a-thon: Jim Castella, 215/925-6004 (AYH) or 215/365- us. COALITION PUBLICATIONS "Cyclegran” production and Conmuters Bike Map ales: Nancy’ Drye, 215/387-0242; "Cycle and Recycle” calendar: John Dowlin, 215/222-1253; Public relations: Michael McGettigan, 215/561-6185; Archives: Dayid Weinterg (Temple's Paley Library) 215/ 787-8257, ACTIVISTS, the Bicycle Coali- 5 of denonstrations bly, civil disobedience events to Wight cyclists! and pedestrians’ con cerns. To find out more, call 215/561-8185 ‘and Leave a message. CYCLE AND RECYCLE The Cycle and Recycle 1988 calendar w¥il1 Co-published by bicycle organizations in ‘Ons Philadelphia and Washington DC and Possibly one or tvo groups in Svitzeriand. ‘The calendar will celebrate the bicycle as SANE transportation (Safe, Accessible, Non~ Vsolent and Ecological) and is scheduled to go to press at the end of June. Coalition Renbers interested in working on the calen- dar should contact John Dovlin at. 215/222 1253, “Graphic artists and typesetters are ‘especially needed. THE STILL LIFE (and sheer elegance) OF THE PARKED BICYCLE The drt of parking/securing bicycles con tinues to be perfected in Philadelphia, thanks to the Coalition's bike parking pro- ject. The Science Center at 34th & Market Tecently ordered three hitehing poste in ainlegs steel to replace its 01d-feahioned "dioh rack" at its 3400 building, The posts installed attractively between the curbside trees, have been vell-received and the Science Center intends to order nore, along vith a number of "ribbon racks", for its other Market Street buildings, Bicyle Technology has also ordered stain- Less steel posts for ies nev store at Lith & Locust and has even installed a post, coated vith a black nylon finish, for convenient indoor parking. Not to be outdone, Abner's has asked the Coslition to installs hitchin Post in brage (1) at {te 38th & Chestnut Tait tderancaetl, Vernier ar Sévents VILLARD ROUSE SPEAKS ABOUT PRILADELPHTA PARKS On Sunday, May 31 at 2:00 in Menorsal Hail, West Falrnount Park, Willard Rouse vill be the guest speaker at the annual neeting of the Friends of Philadelphia Parks. Rou wr of One Liberty Place and ‘the 1987 Philadelphia Avard, ‘on the critical iaporcance of the park ayatem to both the 1iveability and arketability of the city. The public is Invited. FPP is a non-profit orgentzation advocating the maintenance of the park systen for the enjoyment of all, For more infor tion, call 215/743-9686 or 473-7106, Fairaount Park bicycle regulations summary of the new bicycle rogelations, effective 15 Harch 1987: (G)" Bicycles may use li roadvays in the park at all times, with these exceptions: (a). Lincoln Drive between Rittenhouse Street and Kelly Drive, at any tine () West River Drive from 7 a.m to 10 tm, and from 4 pom. to 6:30 poms, Mondays’ through Friday (c) Kelly Drive in the direction of peak sage fron anny eco 6:30 Jb Fridays. UY" Bleyeles’'aoy noe be eiddon on ture areas of other planted areas, or placed on flover bede or other planted’ areas ()"Bseyelists muse yield the right of vey to pedestrians on sidevalks and footpaths [REVISED BIKE SHOP DISCOUNT LIST Bike Shop Liaison Bill Cotton has revised the Coalition's List of bicycle shops that offer discounts to Renters. The enclosed Vist ss based on responses to Bill! ailings: if, there are additions or correc fiona, send them to Bil] at the Coalition's PO Box, or call hin at 215/927-4718 during the day (BAM-7PH). SCHEDULE, OF EVENTS FOR SUNMER 1987 ALL bicyclists vho vant to help Seprove the Conditions for bicycling in the Delavare Valley are cordially invited to monthly ‘ings, waually held the second Monday of hy month from 6 to 1:30 pm in Js J. Mull i~ fan's Restaurant in 30th Street Station, Phitedelphin. Park your bicycle in the ste- ton building, behind the restaurant. Sunday, Nay 17 "Bicycles, Development and Haiti"; a alide presentation by Ken Hughes, Director of the Institute for Transportation The Conmissary floor. Dinner at June 7 7th Annual FREEDOM VALLEY iON which raises money--over $30,000 to complete the Fhiladelphio-Val ley Forge Bikevay. Cali AYH for details at 215/ 525¢6006 if you vant to help plan this impor- tant eyeling event. Volunteers needed at Tegistration, and os standing and riding halls. An entrence form is enclosed. Monday, June @ Coalition's monthly secting at 6 PH at J. J. Nulligen's in 30th Street Station. Joy Clauss will update us on the the bikevay/valkvay which ts to be part of the nev Bive Route expressway. Also, review of past year and budget plans for 1967-68. Saturday, June 13 Ve's Bikes for Billy--an ‘open touring ride along the West River Drive to support the rehebilitation of the statue fof Willian Penn stop City Hall. Sponsored by Canpboiive V8. 8:30 AM, are Musoun. More info at bike shops and PNB banks yy, June 14 CoreStates US PRO Chanpion- e startet 8 AM, This is our fonal racers speed up the funk Wall and along the Schuylks1l, Help contact World Cycling, Ltda, GoreStates Staff Dept., 9 Willett Drive, Ambler, PA 19002 oF call 215/247-9136, Wonday, July 13 Coalition's monthly seeting ae 6 PH at J. J. Mulligan's in 30th Street Station. Major topic to be announced. Monday, August 10. Coalition's gonthly meeting ae 6 PH ated, J. Mulligan's sn 30th Street Station, Major topic te be announced. Monday, September 14 Coalition's sonthiy necting at 6 PM at J. J. Mulligan’s an_30th Street Station. Major topic to be announced. Sunday, September 27 "Discovering Belize by Bicycle", 8 slide show by Bob Santolli, whose Fecent show on Teeland vas fabulous, ‘The Commissary Restaurant, 1710 Sanson Street Second floor. Dinner’ et 6:00; slides at 7:00,