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Dabin Lee / 201521618

April 23, 2016

Essay 1
Prof. Vincent Gilhooley
Comparison essay
When a Korean high school student graduates, and he or she becomes university
student, they miss their high school life; even if they always thought I hope to go to
university as soon as possible. I hope to feel free life of university student! when they were
high school students. However, after they enter the university, they think High school
student days were good. I want to wear school uniform. I hate to think about todays
clothing. Like this, they desire a mutual life style ironically. The reason is that there are
several different aspects or cultures between Korean high school and university and many
high school students and university students want mutual life because of those differences.
First, in Korean high school and university, timetable makers are different. Korean
high schools timetable is made by school. In the new semester, the school gives students a
timetable based on curriculum. Students have to follow that timetable and take classes
without regard to their preferences. On the other hand, in university, students can make their
own timetable. In summer or winter vacation, students make their timetable on the Internet
autonomously. They can take classes according to their preferences. They can organize
classes freely and spend their free time in-between classes as they like.
Second, Korean high school and university have different exam form. In Korean
high school, most of the high schools exam form is some multiple choices and subjective
questions. Sometimes, when there are difficult questions on the exam paper, several students


mark or write




randomly. That phenomenon makes the





function. On the contrary, there


are many descriptive exams in university. Students have to write their essays or fill out the
answer sheet with long, creative sentences. That has more discrimination ability than the
high schools exam form.
Lastly, students dress is also different. In high school, students must wear their
school uniform. Wearing uniform is school rule of all Korean high schools; therefore, every
student has to wear their school uniform. On the way to school, students who dont wear
school uniform cant be imagined in Korean society. In addition, if they dont wear uniform,
they will receive penalty points from teacher. Thereby, Korean high school students dont
need to spend money and time on buying clothes; however, in university, students are not
restrained in the way they dress. They wear their clothes freely and dont receive penalty
points because of outfit. Thus, they can show their own style and unique personality to
people. Especially, lots of people spend much money and time on buying clothes.
Undoubtedly, there must be other differences between Korean high school and
university. These different things make Korean high school students and university students
desire each others life. Even though someone tell high school student Your age is the best
time in your life and university students have freedom which high school students cant
have, high school students hope to go university as quickly as possible, also university
students want to go back their high school days.