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Maher 1

Mia Maher
Mr. Fronk
Honors World Regional Geography
North Korea Rocket Launch
Section 1
Last week, US officials announced that North Korea may be preparing a rocket launch.
This launch may be for a satellite or space vehicle, however no one knows exactly what it is. It
could take place in within a week. When a rocket was launched in 2012, the United States
believed it was a ballistic missile in disguise. A tall launch tower was built last year, which leads
spectators to think it could be preparing for a long-range rocket. North Korea, however, claims to
have a peaceful space program. The United States still believe that they plan on launching a
missile to hit the US (BBC news, n.p.).
Section 2
Over these past few weeks as we have learned about East Asia, we talked about North
Korea, and their relationship with the United States. We learned that North Korea views the
United States as an evil country. They dream of bombing New York City and destroying our
country. They believe we are the cause and start of the Korean War, and that we want to start a
genocide (class notes). This article reinforces the lengths that North Korea is willing to go to
destroy America, their enemies.

Maher 2
Just as we saw in the documentary we watched in class, North Korea keeps their culture
and lifestyle a secret from the outside world. Because of this, no one knows exactly what the
missile they plan on launching will do. It is a secret to the outside world, just like the North
Korean everyday life.
Section 3
I think that North Korea is definitely trying to do something to hurt the United States.
Because of their history of hatred for the US, it is very likely. I do not think it is right for North
Korea to be doing this. It does not surprise me, however, because of all the trouble North Korea
has caused. It upsets me because the United States cannot trust North Korea, which is dangerous
for our country. It is also scary for our countrys future, and what North Korea can do to hurt us.

Maher 3
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