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At the regular Altar

at the Shiva Altar
(Sip one spoon of water after each mantra)

(Now we chant the 21 names of the Lord, in
order to concentrate on the Lord)


(Repeat Achamana 2 - given above)

(Apply water to eyes and understand that you are of

the nature of Brahman)

(Prostrations to your favorite deity)

(Prostrations to your family deity)

(Prostrations to the deity of this house)

(Prostrations to the deity of this place)

(Prostrations to the deity of all the materials we have collected)

(Prostrations to the Indra and Shachi)

(Prostrations to Shiva and Parvati)

(Prostrations to our parents)

(Prostrations to the Lords who protect us Lakshmi and Narayana)

(Prostrations to all the Gods)

(Prostrations to all Brahamanas - those who are in the religious path)

(Prostrations to Lord Shiva, the main deity if this puja)

(Whoever chants or hears these 12 names of Lord
Ganesha will not have any obstacles in all their

(We completely surrender ourselves to that Goddess
who embodies auspiciousness, who is full of
auspiciousness and who brings auspicousness to us)

( When Lord Hari, who brings auspiciousness is
situated in our hearts, then there will be no more
inauspiciousness in any of our undertakings)

(What is the best time to worship the Lord? When our
hearts are at the feet of Lord Narayana, then the
strength of the stars, the moon, the strength of
knowledge and all the Gods will combine and make it
the most auspicious time and day to worship the Lord)

(When the Lord is situated in a person's heart, he
will always have profit in his work and victory in all
that he takes up and there is no question of defeat
for such a person)

(To achieve success in our work and to find
fulfillment we should first offer our prayers
to Lord Vinayaka and then to our teacher, then
to the Sun God and to the holy trinity of Brahma,
Vishnu and Shiva)


( St Lewis
or Australia Victoria )

( )
(touching various parts of the body)

(touch the head)

(touch face)

(touch the forehead)

(touch the heart)

(touch feet)

(touch groin)

(touch top of the skull)

(touch ears)

( show mudras)


(pour water)


(light the lamps)


(Touch the grains/rice/wheat)

(keep kalasha on top of rice pile)

(fill kalasha with water)

(sprinkle in/apply ga.ndha to kalasha)

(put beetle nut in kalasha)

(put jewels / washed coin in kalasha)

(put gold / dakShina in kalasha)

(put duurva / karika )

(put five leaves in kalasha)

(place coconut on kalasha)

(tie cloth for kalasha)

(copper plate and aShTadala with ku.nkuM)

(continue with second kalasha)


(Show mudras as you chant )

(pour water from kalasha to sha.nkha

add ga.ndha flower)


(Pour drops of water from sha.nkha on top of the bell
apply ga.ndha flower)


(Ring the gha.nTaa)
( Sprinkle water from sha.nkha
on puja items and devotees)


( put tulasi leaves or aksatas in vessels )
(keep milk in the centre)
(curd facing east )
. (Ghee to the south)
( Honey to west )
( Sugar to north)


(repeat 15 times)

(you can add more related shlokas)

( hold flowers in hand)

(offer flowers to Lord)

(show mudras to Lord)


(offer flowers/akshathas)
(offer water)


(offer water)

(offer water or akShathaa/ leave/flower)



27 1

27 1 1 (milk bath)

27 1 2 (curd bath)

27 1 3 (ghee bath)

27 1 4 (honey bath)

27 1 5 (sugar bath)

27 2

(Sandlewood water bath)

27 3

(Perfumed Oil bath)

27 4

(To clean the body)

27 5

(Hot water bath)

27 6 (Pure water bath)

(after sprinkling water around throw one tulasi leaf to the north)
(Sound the bell, pour water from kalasha)



' 3











' 15



(Offer water)

(Repeat 12 times)

( offer two pieces of cloth for the Lord)

32 1

32 2

32 3

32 4

32 5

32 6

32 7

32 8

32 9










42 1

42 2

(right hand round the head and quickly sound a clap

- thus you close all directions)
42 3

42 4

42 5

42 6




(dip finger in water and write a square and
'shrii' mark inside the square. Place naivedya on
'shrii'. ; remove lid and sprinkle water around
the vessel; place in each food item one washed

(show mudras)

Touch naivedya and chant 9 times 'OM'

(sprinkle water around the naivedya)

(request Lord to come for dinner)

(drop water from sha.nkha)

(cover face with cloth and chant gaayatrii ma.ntra
five times or repeat 12 times OM namaH shivaaya )

(Let flow water from sha.nkha)
(put tulsi / axathaa on a big fruit)

(put tulsi/axata on fruits)















(make three rounds of sha.nkha with
water like aarati and pour down;
chant OM 9 times and show mudras)







(Shake the kalasha)

. I izv pUja.
b xaNy nam s<vTsre %ray[e izizr \taE ma" mase
k:[ p]e yaedzI itwaE %ra;afa n]e riv vasre
1 Aat! we regl
u r AaLtr
` sve_R yae gu_yae nm>,
` sve_R yae dev_e yae nm>,
` sve_R yae a[e_yae nm>.
ar<- kay inivRmStu, zu-< zae-nmStu,
# devta kldevta susa vrda -vtu.
Anu}a< deih.
At! we izv AaLtr
2 Aacmn>
i;p! Aaene Spaen! Aae)
vter Ater @c! m
` kezvay Svaha, ` naray[ay Svaha,
` maxvay Svaha,
[aev! ve cNt! we 21 nmes! Aae)
we aed #n!

AaedrRe tae caeNcete Aaen! we aed

` gaeiv<day nm>, ` iv:[ve nm>,
` mxusUdnay nm>, ` iivmay nm>,
` vamnay nm>, ` Ixray nm>,
` ;Ikezay nm>, ` pna-ay nm>,
` damaedray nm>, ` s;R[ay nm>,
` vasudv
e ay nm>, ` *uay nm>,
` Ainay nm>, ` pu;aemay nm>,
` Axae]jay nm>, ` naris<hay nm>,
` ACyutay nm>, ` jnadRnay nm>,
` %pe
< ay nm>, ` hrye nm>,
I k:[ay nm>.
3 a[ayam>
` [vSy pr \i;>, prmaTma devta,
dEvI gayI DNd>, a[ayame ivinyaeg>.
` -U>, ` -uv>, ` Sv>, ` mh>,
` jn>, ` tp>, ` sTym!,
` tTsivtuvrR {e y< -gaed
R v
e Sy xImhI
ixyae yae n> caedyat!.

@pet! Aacmn 2 igven! Abaeve
` AapaeJyaeit rsaemt
& < -U-v
Ru Ssuvraem.
AaPPLy! vter tae @yes! ANd %NdeStRNd wt! yae Are Aae)

we nture Aae)
4 sLp>
` Iman! mhag[aixptye nm>,
I gu_yae nm>, I srSvTyE nm>,
I veday nm>, I vedpu;ay nm>,
#devta_yae nm>,
raeitNs! tae yaer )
vaeirte deTY
kldevta_yae nm>,
raeitNs! tae yaer )
imLy! deTY
Swandevta_yae nm>,
raeitNs! tae we deTy! Aae)
iws! haese
amdevta_yae nm>,
raeitNs! tae we deTy! Aae)
iws! Plce
e ta_yae nm>,
raeitNs! tae we deTy! Aae)
A! we mteirLs! ve hve caeCe ted

< ra_ya< nm>,
raeitNs! tae we $N ANd zcI
%mamhera_ya< nm>,
raeitNs! tae i;v ANd pavRit
mataipt&_ya< nm>,
raeitNs! tae Aaer preNTS
lmInaray[a_ya< nm>,
raeitNs! tae we aedS Vhae aetCe t! %s! im ANd [aray[
sve_R yae dev_e yae nmae nm>,
raeitNs! tae A! we g
sve_R yae a[e_yae nmae nm>,
raeitNs! tae A! rhmns! waese Vhae Are #n! we reiligs! pW
yetdkmRxan devta_yae nmae nm>,
raeitNs! tae aed i;v we mEn! deTy! #) iws! puj
. AivmStu.
sumuo @kd<t kiplae gjk[Rk>,
l<baedr ivkqae ivnazae g[aixp>.
u [
R aXy]ae balcNae gjann>,
adzEtain namain y> pQet! u[y
u adip.
iv*ar<-e ivvahe c veze ingRme twa,
s<ame sqev
E iv> tSy n jayte.

haevre cNTs! Aaer heS wese 12 nmes! Aae)

nez iv! naet! hve ANy! AaeBStCles! #n! A! wer
zua<brxr< dev< zizv[ ctu-j
Ru m!,
svdn< Xyayet! svR ivaepza<tye.
svRml maLye izve svaRwR saixke,
zr{ye y<bke devI naray[I nmae=Stut.
@ caeMPletLe y! surNRe der AaesLRe ves! tae wt! g
aeSe s!
Vhae @Mbaeids! AaEiSpiceSS Vhae #s! )

! Aae)

AaEiSpiceSs! ANd Vhae iNGs! AaEiSpcaeSe s! tae %S
svRda svR kaye;
R u naiSt te;a< Amlm!,
ye;a< idSwae -gvan! mlaytnae hir>.
hen! aed >Air Vhae iNGs! AaEiSpiceSs! #s!
e #n! Aaer heTS wen! were iv! be nae maere
#naEiSpiceSs! #n! ANy! Aae)
Aaer %NdetiR kNGS

tdev l< suidn< tdev tarabl< c<bl< tdev,

iv*a bl< dEvbl< tdev lmIpte> tei< =yug< Smraim.
ht! #s! we beSt! itme tae vaeizRp! we aed hen! Aaer
heTS Are At! we )
e ! Aae)
aed [ryn wen! we
eNGw! Aae)
we StS we maeN we eNGw! Aae)

aeVlee ANd A! we g
! iv! caeiMbne ANd mke #t!
we maeSt! AaEiSpics! itme ANd dy! tae vaeizRp! we aed
la-Ste;a< jySte;a< ktSte;a< prajy>,
ye;a< #NdIvr Zyamae dySwae jnadRn>.
hen! we aed #s! istutd
e #n! A pesaeNR s! heT he
iv! ALvYs! hve aei)
t! #n! ihs! vaeK ANd ivCtaeY #n! A!
wt! he tkes! %p! ANd were #s! nae k
i Stn! Aae)
e !
aer suc! A pesaeNR
ivnayk< gu< -anu< aiv:[umheran!,
srSvtI- [MyadaE svR kayaRwR isye.
qae Aicve suSe s! #n! Aaer vaeK ANd tae i)Nd
i L)LLmeNt! ve zaeLd i)ST Aae )
re Aaer yeS
tae aed #nyk ANd wen! tae Aaer tece wen!

tae we ;un! g
aed ANd tae we haeLy! iinTy! Aae)
#:[u ANd i;v
Imd -gvtae mhapu;Sy iv:[aera}ay vtRmanSy
A* [ae=itIy praxeR iv:[upde I etvrah kLpe
vEvSvt mNvNtre -art v;eR -rt o<fe j<b
U Ipe
d{fkar{y deze gaedavyaR di][e tIre k:[ve{yae %re
tIre przuram ]e sMyu Ameirka deze :t! eivs! ame
Aaer Aail deze #Ctaeir ame bInu deze
zailvahn zke vtRmane Vyvhairke b xaNy nam s<vTsre
%ray[e izizr \taE ma" mase kZ[ p]e yaedis itwaE
%razaf n]e riv vasre svR he;u ywa raiz Swan
iSwte;u sTsu yev< gu[ivze;[
e ivizaya< zu-pu{yitwaE mm
AaTmn uitSm&itpura[ae )laPyw mm skqMu bSy ]em SwEyR
AayuraraeGy ctuivRx pu;aTwR isXyw A<gIkt I izvrai
ta<gTven s<paidt samYy Ig[ez v[ #<aid
Alaekpal g[pit ctu devta pUjnpUvk
R < I izv
ITyw ywa zya ywa imiltaepcar VyE> pu;sU
pura[ae mE Xyanavahnaid ;aefzaepcare I izv
pUjn< kir:ye.
#d< )l< myadev Swaipt< purtStv,
ten me s)lavair -vet! jNmin jNmin.

kep! T s! #n! aeNt! Aae)

we aed
5 izv pa]rI Nyas
taeicNg! virs! pTS Aae)
we baedY
. `.
ASy I izv pa]rI mSy vamdev \i;>,
u ! DNd>, I sdaizvae devta,
I sdaizv ITyweR Nyase pUjne c ivinyaeg>.
vamdev \;ye nm>, izrse Svaha.
taec! we hed
u ! DNdse nm>, muoe Svaha.
taec! )ce
I sdaizv devtayE nm>, llaqe Svaha.
taec! we )
e d
` n< tTpu;ay nm>, dye Svaha.
taec! we heT
` m< A"aeray nm>, padyae Svaha.
taec! )eT
` iz< s*aejatay nm>, gue Svaha.
taec! aeN
` v< vamdevay nm>, mUiR Svaha.

taec! taep! Aae)

we Sk!
` y< $zanay nm>, aee Svaha.
taec! @S
` ` dyay nm>,
` n< izrse Svaha,
` m< izoayE vaE;q,
` iz< kvcay <,
` v< neyay vaE;q,
` y< Aay )q,
6 idGbNxn
zaev! muS
` A"aer+en #it idGbNx>, idzae baim.
7 g[pit pUja
AadaE inivRtaisXyw mha g[pit< pUjn< kir:ye,
` g[ana< Tva zaEnkae g&Tsmdae g[pitjRgit
g[pTyavahne ivinyaeg>.
paer vte

` g[ana< Tva g[pit< Aavamhe,

kiv< kivnamupm vStmm!,
Jyeraj< [a< [Spt,
Aan> z&{vUiti-> sIdsadnm!.
-U> g[pit< Aavahyaim,
-uv> g[pit< Aavahyaim,
Sv> g[pit< Aavahyaim,
` -U-v
Ru Sv> mhag[ptye nm>,
Xyayaim, Xyan< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, Aavahn< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, Aasn< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, pa*< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, Ay smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, AacmnIy< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, an< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, v< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, y}aepvIt< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, c<dn< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, pirml Vy< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, pu:pai[ smpRyaim,

` mhag[ptye nm>, xUp< smpRyaim,

` mhag[ptye nm>, dIp< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, nEve*< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, taMbUl< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, )l< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, di][a< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, AaitRKy< smpRyaim,
` -U-v
Ru Sv> mhag[ptye nm>,
mpu:p< smpRyaim,
` -U-v
Ru Sv> mhag[ptye nm>,
di][a nmSkaran! smpRyaim,
` -U-v
Ru Sv> mhag[ptye nm>,
D< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, camr< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, gIt< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, n&Ty< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, va*< smpRyaim,
` mhag[ptye nm>, svR rajaepcaran! smpRyaim.
. Aw awRna.
` vtu{f mhakay kaeiq sUyR sm-a,

inivR< k me dev svR kaye;

R u svRda.
` -U-v
Ru Sv> mhag[ptye nm>, awRna< smpRyaim,
Anya pUjya ivhtaR mhag[pit Iytam!.
8 dIp Swapna
Aw devSy vam -age dIp Swapn< kir:ye,
Ainai simXyte kivRhpityuv
R a hVyvat! juvaSy>.
ilt! we lMPS
9 -Uim awRna
mih*aE p&WvIcn #m< y}< imim]ta<
iptaae -rImi->.
10 xaNy raiz
` AaE;xay s<vd<te saemn
e shra},
ySmE k[eit a[Sw< rajn! paryamis.
qaec! we EiNceVheT

11 klz Swapna
` Aa klze;u xavit pive piris<Cyte
R ;
e u vxRt.
kep! klz Aaen! taep! Aae)
irce iple
` #m< me ge ymune srSvtI zutiu Staem< scta p:{y,
AisKNy mxe ivtSwyajIRkIye u[ua su;aemy.
i)! klz ivw! vte
` g<xara< xuradza inTy pua< krIi;[Im!,
$rI- svR -Utana< taim haepyeiym!.
iSNe #NAPPLy! g<x tae klz
` ya )ilnIyaR A)la Apu:paya pu:pai[,
b&hSpit saetaSwanae mTv< hs>.
put! beTle nut! #n! klz
` sihrain dazu;s
e v
u ait sivta -g>,
t<-ag< icmImhe.
put! jevLe s! vzed caen! #n! klz
` ihr{yp> ihr{y siNGpa paTSye ihr{y v[R>,
ihr{yyat! piryaenre in;*a ihr{yda ddTyn! nmSmE.
put! gaeLd di]n #n! klz
` ka{fat! ka{fat! praehi< t p;> p;> pir @vanae veR
tnu she[ zten c.
put! vR kirk

` ATwevae inzdn< p[ev

R ae vsitZkt,
gae -aj #iTkla swyTs nvw pU;m!.
put! i)ve levs
e ! #n! klz
` ya )ilnIyaR A)la Apu:paya pu:pai[,
b&hSpit saetaSwanae mTv< hs>.
Plce caecaent
u ! Aaen! klz
` yuvasuvas> prIvItagat! s %eyan! -vit jayman>,
t< xIras> kavy> %y<it Sva(ae Sva(ae mnsa devy<t>.
it Claew! )
aer klz
` pU[aRdivR prapt supU[aR punrapQ,
vev ivI[av> #;mUj ztktae.
caePper Plte ANd Adl ivw! kk
< <
#it klz< itapyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
12 klz pUjn
caeiNtnu ivw! secaeNd klz
klzSy muoe iv:[u> k{Qe > smait>,
mUle t iSwtae mXye mat&g[a> Sm&ta>.
k]aEtu sagra> sveR s Ipa vsux
< ra>,
\Gvedaew yjuvd
Re > samvedaewvR[>.

E sihta> sveR klz<tu smaita>,
A gayI saivI za<it puikrI twa.
AayaNtu dev pUjaw Ai-;ekawR isye.
` istaiste sirte y s<gxe taPluta saeidvmuTpt<it,
ye vEtNv< ivjiNt xIraSte jnasae Am&tv< -jiNt.
. klz> awRna>.
klz> kIitRmayu:y< }a< mexa< iy< blm!,
yaeGyta< paphain< c pu{y< v&i< c saxyet.
svR tIwRmyae ySmat! svR devmyae yt>,
Aw> hiriyaeis Tv< pU[k
R < < nmae=Stut.
klzdevta_yae nm>,
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
. mua.
;aev! mus! As! yae cNt!
invIRi; kr[aweR ta]R mua,

Am&it kr[aweR xenu mua,

pivI kr[aweR z mua,
s<r][aweR c mua,
ivpulmaya kr[aweR me mua,
13 z pUjn
paer vter aem! klz tae z<o
A g<x laeve
z< c<akR dEvt< mXye v[ devtam!,
p&e japit< iv<*ad Ae g<ga srSvtIm!.
Tv< pura sagraeTpae iv:[una ivx&t> kre,
nimt> svR dev
E pajNy< nmae=Stut.
pajNyay ivhe, pavmanay xImih,
tae z> caedyat!.
z devta_yae nm>,
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
14 "<qacRna
Aaer aePs! Aae)
vter aem! z<o Aaen! taep! Aae)
we be!
APPLy! g<x laeve

AagmawRNtu devana< gmnawRNtu ra]sam!,

k "<qarv< t devtavahn la<Dnm!.
}anwae=}antaevaip ka<Sy "<qan! nvadyet,
ra]sana< ipzacana< teze vsit-Rvt
e ,
tSmat! svR yen "<qanad< karyet!,
"<qa devta_yae nm>,
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
#Ng! we "<qa
15 AaTmzui
i:Ne vter aem! z<o
Aaen! puj #teMs! ANd devaetSe
Apivae pivae va svR AvSwa<gtaeip va,
y> Smret! pu{frIka]< s> baa_y<tr> zuic>.
16 gaezN& g pUja
vayVye AyRm!, nE\Tye pa*m!,

$zaNye AacmnIym!, Aaeye mxupkRm!,

pUveR anIym!, pime punracmnm!,
17 pam&t pUja
put! tulis levs
e ! Aaer A]tas! #n! veSseLs!
]Ire saemay nm>, kep! imLk #n! we cee
dixin vayve nm>, cud )
icNg! @St!
"&te rvye nm>, "
e tae we saeW
mxuin sive nm>, >Aaeny
e ! tae veSt!
zkRraya< ive_yae dev_e yae nm>, ;ugr tae naeW
18 arpalk pUja
R are ariyE nm>,
Ais<ta<g -Ervay nm>, -Ervay nm>,
di][are ariyE nm>,
c{f -Ervay nm>, aex -Ervay nm>,
pimare ariyE nm>,
%Nm-Ervay nm>, kpal -Ervay nm>,
%rare ariyE nm>,
-I;[-Ervay nm>, s<har -Ervay nm>,

[e nm>, iv:[ve nm>,

gayE nm>, g[ptye nm>,
;{muoay nm>, -&inaway nm>,
]epalay nm>, ipurs<heR nm>,
zaiNtye nm>, tuiye nm>,
}anay nm>, xmaRy nm>,
vEraGyay nm>, vIyaRy nm>,
sTyay nm>, A}anay nm>,
AxmaRy nm>, AnEyaRy nm>,
AsTyay nm>, Aivra}ay nm>,
svay nm>, rjse nm>,
tmse nm>, mayay nm>,
pay nm>.
arpalk pUja< smpRyaim.
19 pIQ pUja
Aaxar zyE nm>. mUlkte nm>.
vrahay nm>. AnNtay nm>.
pay nm>. nalay nm>.
kNday nm>. ki[Rkay nm>.
pe_yae nm>. dle_yae nm>.

kesre_yae nm>.
mXye I -vain z<kray nm>, pIQ pUja< smpRyaim.
20 Xyan<
` ` rept
e ! 15 itmeS
Xyayet! inTy< mhez< rjtigir ini-< ca cNavt<sm!,
rakLpaej! Jvla<g< przumg
& vra -Iit hSt< sm!.
pasIn< smNtat! Stutmmrg{ye> Vyakit< vsanm!,
iva*< ivvN*< iniol -y hr< p<c v< inem!.
I saMbsdaizvay nm>,
I sdaizv< Xyayaim.
yae cn! A maere relted aekS
21 Aavahn
haeLd laevSe #n! hNd
Vya cmRxr< dev< icit -Smnulpe nm!,

Aaya< %makaNt< naga-r[ -Ui;tm!.

` shzI;aR pu;> sha]> shpat!,
s -Uim< ivtae v&Tva ATyitzalm!.
AagCD devdevz
e tejaeraze jgTpte,
iyma[a< mya pUja< g&ha[ sursme.
` -U> pu;< saMbsdaizv< Aavahyaim,
` -uv> pu;< saMbsdaizv< Aavahyaim,
` Sv> pu;< saMbsdaizv< Aavahyaim,
` -U-v
Ru > Sv> saMbsdaizv< Aavahyaim.
Aae )
re laevSe tae aed
` %makaNtay nm>, Aavahyaim.
Aavaihtae -v, Swaiptae -v, siihtae -v,
siae -v, Avki{Qwae -v, suItae -v,
susae -v, sumo
u ae -v, vrdae -v,
sId sId.
zaev! mus! tae aed

Svaimn! svR jgaw yavt! pUjavsank<,

tavv< Iit -aven il<gie Smn! sixae -v.
22 Aasn<
pu; @vedgu< svRm! yt< yCD -Vym!,
%tam&tTvSyezan> ydenaitraehit.
idVy is<has nasIn< ine< v&;vahn<,
#Naid devnimt< ddaMyasn mum<.
` gaEir -eR nm>, Aasn< smpRyaim.
Aae )
re laevSe AR]waS
23 pa*<
Aae )
re vte
@tavanSy mihma Atae Jyayagu
< pU;>,
padae=Sy iva -Utain ipadSyam&t< idiv.
gaid svR tIwe_R yae mya awRnya tm!,
taeyme tt! suo Spz pa*w itg&tam!.

` gaxray nm>, padaeyae pa*< smpRyaim.

24 Ay
Aae )
re vte
ipaXvR %dETpu;> padae=Syeha-vaTpun>,
ttae iv'Vyamt! saznanzne Ai-.
gNxaedken pu:pe[ cNdnen sugiNxna,
Ay g&ha[ devz
e -i me Acla< k.
` v&; vahnay nm>, Ay smpRyaim.
25 AacmnIy<
Aae )
re vter Aaer A]wa leve laeve
tSmairafjayt ivrajae Aix pU;>,
s jatae ATyirCyt paim mwae pur>.
kpUrR ae]Ir suri- zItl< ivml< jl<,
gayaStu smanIt< g&ha[acmnIyk<.

` saXyae jatay nm>, AacmnIy< smpRyaim.

26 mxupk
nmaeStu svRlaekz
e %madehaxR xair[e,
mxupkaeR mya dae g&ha[ jgdIr.
` prmeray nm>, mxupk smpRyaim.
27 an<
yTpu;e[ hiv;a deva y}mtNvt,
vsNtae ASyasIdaJym! I:m #XmZzriv>.
g<gac ymunaEv nmRda srSvit,
taip pyaei:[ revc ta_y> anawRmatm!.
` I iveray nm>, mlapkzR an< smpRyaim.
27 1, pam&t an<

27 1, 1 py> an< imLk bW

` AaPyay Sv Svsmett
u e
ivt> saemv&:{y< -vavajSy s'xe.
pyanimd< dev ilaecn v&;j,
g&ha[ gaErIrm[ Tven mYyaipRtm!.
` zM-ve nm>, py> an< smpRyaim.
py> anan<tr zuaedk an< smpRyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 1, 2 dix an< cud bW
` dixav[ae Akair;< ij:[aerSyvaijn>,
suri-nae muoakrt! a[ Aayui< ;tair;t!.
d cEv mhadev Sv< Iyte mya,
g&ha[ Tv< suradIz susae -vaVyy.
` vamdevay nm>, dix an< smpRyaim.
dix anan<tr zuaedk an< smpRyaim.

skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.

27 1, 3 "&t an< "e bW
` "&t< imim]e "&tmSy yaein"&t
R e itae "&tv
< Syxam
Anuxmavh madySv Svahakt< v&;- vi]hVym!.
spIRz c mha Sv< Iyte n,
g&ha[ ya d< tv ItawRmv
e c.
` A"aeray nm>, "&t an< smpRyaim.
"&t anan<tr zuaedk an< smpRyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 1, 4 mxu an< haeny
e ! bW
` mxuvata \taywe mxu]r<it isNxv> maiXvn> s<tae:vxI>
mxuna muwae;sae mxumTvaiwRv< rj> mxu*aE rStun> ipta
mxumaae vnSpitmRxm
u a< AStu sUy>R maXvIgaRvae -v<tn
u >.
#d< mxu mya d< tv pu(wRmev c,
g&ha[ devdevz
e tt> zaiNt< y me.

` tt! pu;ay nm>, mxu an< smpRyaim.

mxu anan<tr zuaedk an< smpRyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 1, 5 zkRra an< sugr bW
` Sva> pvSy idVyay jNmne SvadirNay suhvItu nae,
SvaimRay v[ay vayve b&hSptye mxuma Ada_y>.
iswya dev devz
e apn< Iyte yt>,
tt> s<tiu map> sae vrdae -v.
` $zanay nm>, zkRra an< smpRyaim,
zkRra anan<tr zuaedk an< smpRyaim,
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 2, g<xaedk an< ;Ndlv
e aed vter bW
` g<xara< raxza inTy pu:pa< krIi;[Im!,
$rI- svR -Utana< taim haep Vhyeiym!.

hr c<dn s<-t
U < hr Iit gaErvat!,
suri- iy prmez g<x anay g&tam!.
` I nIlk{Qay nm>, g<xaedk an< smpRyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 3, A_y<g an< @)m
R d
e #l! bW
` kindJvnuz< uvan, #yiwvaRcmirtev navm!,
suml zkne -vais maTva kaicdi--aivZVya ivdt.
A_y<gaw mhIpal tEl< pu:paid s<-vm!,
< Vy s<im< s<gh
& a[ jgTpte.
` %maptye nm>, A_y<g an< smpRyaim,
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 4, A<gaetRnk< qae Clen! we baedY
A<gaetRnk< dev kStUyaRid ivimitm!,
lepnaw g&ha[ed< hira km
E t
Ru m!.

` kpidRne nm>, A<gaetRn< smpRyaim.

skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 5, %:[aedk an< >Aaet! vter bW
nana tIwaRdat< c taeymu:[< myaktm!,
anaw c yaim SvIk dyainxe.
` cNzeoray nm>, %:[aedk an< smpRyaim.
skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
27 6, zuaedk an< %re vter bW
iSNe vter A! AraeNd
mNdaikNya> smanIt< hemaMbaehavaist<,
anaweR my -ya nI< SvIkyt
R a< iv-ae.
` Aapaeiha myae -uv>, tan ^jeR dxatn,
mhIr[ay c]se, yaev> izvtmaers> tSy-ajyte hn>,
%ztIirv matr>, tSmat! Ar<gmamvae, ySy ]yay ij<vx,
Aapae jn ywacn>.

` hray nm>, zuaedk an< smpRyaim.

skl pUjaweR A]tan! smpRyaim.
Ater iSiNNg! vter AraeNd w+av
e ! Aaene tulis le)
tae we naeW
28 mha Ai-;ek>
;aeNd we beLL paer vter aem! klz
pu; sU
` shzI;aR pu;> sha]> shpat!,
s -Uim< ivtae v&Tva ATyitzalm!. 1.
pu; @vedgu< svRm! yt< yCD -Vym!,
%tam&tTvSyezan> ydenaitraehit. 2.
@tavanSy mihma Atae Jyayag< pU;>,
padae=Sy iva -Utain ipadSyam&t< idiv. 3.
ipaXvR %dETpu;> padae=Syeha-vaTpun>,
ttae iv'Vyamt! saznanzne Ai-. 4.
tSmairafjayt ivrajae Aix pU;>,
s jatae ATyirCyt paim mwae pur>. 5.

yTpu;e[ hiv;a deva y}mtNvt,

vsNtae ASyasIdaJym! I:m #XmZzriv>. 6.
saSyasn! pirxy> iSs simx> kta>,
deva y*}< tNvana> Abn! pu;< pzum,
t< y}< bihRi; aE]n! pu;< jatmt>,
ten deva AyjNt saXya \;y ye. 7.
tSma*}aTsvRt> s<-t
& < p&;daJym!,
pzUgS~u tag<e vayVyan! Aar{yan! aMyaye. 8.
tSma*}aTsvRt> \c> samain ji}re,
DNda~gis ji}re tSmat! yjuStSmadjayt. 9.
tSmada AjayNt ye ke cae-yadt>,
gavae h ji}re tSmat! tSmaata Ajavy>. 10.
yTpu;< Vydxu> kitxa VykLpyn!,
muo< ikmSy kaE ba kavU padavuCyet.
e 11.

a[aeSy muomasIt! ba rajNy> kt>,

% tdSy yEZy> p(a< zUae Ajayt. 12.
c<ma mnsae jat> c]ae> sUyaeR Ajayt,
muoaidNai a[aayurjayt. 13.
na_ya AasIdNtir]m! zI:[aeR *aE> smvtRt,
pd_ya< -UimidRz> aeat! twa laeka<g AkLpyn!. 14.
vedahmet< pu;< mhaNtm! AaidTyv[ tmsStu pare,
svaRi[ pai[ ivicTy xIr> namain kTva=i-vdn! ydaSte.15.
xata purSta*mudajhar z> ivan! idzt>,
tmev< iv*anm&t #h -vit naNy> pNwaynay iv*te. 16.
y}en y}myjNt deva> tain xmaRi[ wmaNyasn!,
te h nak< mihman> scNte y pUvRe saXya> siNt deva>. 17.
` I ay nm>, pu;sU an< smpRyaim,.
blay iyE yzsen*ay Am&tai-;ekae AStu,
zaiNt> pui> tuiaStu.

` ipnaikne nm>, mha Ai-;ek an< smpRyaim.

` nm> izvay, anan<tr AacmnIy< smpRyaim.
29 tpR[<
re vte
` -v dev< tpRyaim,
` zv dev< tpRyaim,
` $zan< dev< tpRyaim,
` pzupit< dev< tpRyaim,
` %< dev< tpRyaim,
` < dev< tpRyaim,
` -Im< dev< tpRyaim,
` mhaNt< dev< tpRyaim,
30 itapna
` nm> izvay. @pet! 12 itmeS
` tdStu ima v[a tde sMyaerZm_yimdmeStuzStm!,
AzImih gadmut ita< nmae idve hte saxnay.

` ihavE itasU< tt! itit tmya vaca,

z< StVy< tSma**ipr #v pzUn! l-te g&hanev.
nanaijgimzit ihaih pzUna< ita ita
` I saMbsdaizvay sa<gay spirvaray sayuxay
szikay nm>, I saMbsdaizv< sa<g< spirvar<
sayux< szik< Aavahyaim.
I gaErI siht I saMbsdaizvay nm>.
31 v
Aae )
re Tvae ipces! Aae)
Claew! )
aer we aed
` t< y}< bihRi; aE]n! pu;< jatmt>,
ten deva AyjNt saXya \;y ye.
v sUm< kl< c devanamip lR-,
g&ha[t< %makaNt sae -v svRda.
` izvay nm>, vyuGm< smpRyaim
32 I mha gaErI pUja

32, 1 k<ck
u I
nvrai-dRxa< saEv[E
R v
E t<tiu ->,
inimRta< k<ck
u I- -ya g&ha[ prmerI.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, k<ck
u I- smpRyaim.
32, 2 k{Q sU
ma<gLy t<tumi[i-> muEEv ivraijtm!,
saEmaLy Ai-v&Xyw k{QsU< ddaim te.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, k{QsU< smpRyaim.
32, 3 tafpai[
tafpai[ idVyai[ ivicai[ zu-ain c,
kra-r[yuain matStTitg&tam!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm> tafpain smpRyaim.
32, 4 hira
hira r<ijte devI suo saE-aGy daiynI,

hira<te daSyaim g&ha[ prmeir.

` I mha gaEyRE nm>, hira smpRyaim.
32, 5 km

km< kamda< idVy< kaimnI kam s<-vm!,

aicRte deiv saE-aGyaw itg&tam!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, km
< smpRyaim.
32, 6 kl
sunIl mra-s< kl< ne m{fnm!,
myadimd< -ya kl< itg&tam!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, kl< smpRyaim.
32, 7 is<r
iv*ut! kzanu saz< jpa ksm
u si-m!,
isNr<te daSyaim saE-aGy< deih me icrm!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, isNr< smpRyaim.
32, 8 nana Aa-r[

Sv-ava suNdra<ig Tv< nana r yutain c,

-U;[ain ivicai[ ITyw itg&tam!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, nana Aa-r[ain smpRyaim.
32, 9 nana pirml Vym!
nana sugiNxk< Vy< cU[IRkTy yt>,
ddaim te nmStu_y< ITyw itg&tam!.
` I mha gaEyRE nm>, nana pirml Vy< smpRyaim.
33 y}aepvItm!
tSma*}aTsvRt> s<-t
& < p&;daJym!,
pzUguS~ tagu
< e vayVyan! Aar{yan! aMyaye.
y}aepvIt< shj< [< inimRt< pur,
Aayu:y< -v vcRSvm! %pvIt< g&ha[ me.
` I sve
R ray nm>, y}aepvIt< smpRyaim.
34 Aa-r[<

g&ha[ nana-r[ain zM-ae mhez jMbUnad inimRtain,

llaq k{Qaem k[R hSt intMb hSta<giu l -U;[ain.
` izvay nm>, Aa-r[ain smpRyaim.
35 gNxm!
tSma*}aTsvRt> \c> samain ji}re,
DNda~guis ji}re tSmat! yjuStSmadjayt.
gNx< g&ha[ devz
e kStUir km
ivlepnaw kpUrR raecn laeiht< mya.
` I hray nm>, gNx< smpRyaim.
36 nana pirml Vym!
` AihrEv -aeGye> pyeRit ba< jaya heit< pir-adman>,
hSt}ae ivavyunain ivan!pm
u aSma<s< pirpatu ivt>.
` I mheray nm>, nana pirml Vy< smpRyaim.

37 A]t
tSmada AjayNt ye ke cae -yadt>,
gavae h ji}re tSmat! tSmaata Ajavy>.
A]tan! xvlan! zuan! kpUrR agu imitan!,
g&ha[ prya -ya mya tu_y< smipRtan!.
I zvaRy nm>, A]tan! smpRyaim.
38 pu:p
ibLvapmagR xUr krvIrakR sM-vE>,
bkaeT)lae[ muOyE> pu:pE pUijt z<kr.
` I -vay nm>, pu:pai[ smpRyaim.
39 AwapUja>
` izvay nm>, padaE pUjyaim.
` VyaemaTmne nm>, guL)aE pUjyaim.

` AnNtEyR naway nm>, janunI pUjyaim.

` xanay nm>, j<"e pUjyaim.
` AnNt ivrajis<hay nm>, ^n! pUjyaim.
` }an -Utay nm>, gu< pUjyaim.
` sTyseVyay nm>, j"n< pUjyaim.
` AnNtxmaRy nm>, kiq< pUjyaim.
` ay nm>, %dr< pUjyaim.
` sTyxray nm>, dy< pUjyaim.
` $zay nm>, paaER pUjyaim.
` tTpu;ay nm>, p&deh< pUjyaim.
` A"aerdyay nm>, SkNxaE pUjyaim.
` VyaemkezaTmpay nm>, ban! pUjyaim.
` hray nm>, hStan! pUjyaim.
` ctu-aRvve nm>, k{Q< pUjyaim.
` vamdevay nm>, vdn< pUjyaim.
` ipnakhStay nm>, naiska< pUjyaim.
` Ik{Qay nm>, aee pUjyaim.
` #Nmuoay nm>, neai[ pUjyaim.
` hrye nm>, vaE pUjyaim.

` s*aejatveday nm>, UmXy< pUjyaim.

` vamdevay nm>, llaq< pUjyaim.
` svaRTmne nm>, izr> pUjyaim.
` cNmaElye nm>, maEil< pUjyaim.
` sdaizvay nm>, svaRai[ pUjyaim.
40 Aw pu:p pUja
` zvaRy nm>, krvIr pu:p< smpRyaim.
` -vnaznay nm>, jajI pu:p< smpRyaim.
` mhadevay nm>, cMpk pu:p< smpRyaim.
` %ay nm>, vkl pu:p< smpRyaim.
` %na-ay nm>, ztp pu:p< smpRyaim.
` -vay nm>, kLhar pu:p< smpRyaim.
` zizmaEilne nm>, seviNtka pu:p< smpRyaim.
` ay nm>, mika pu:p< smpRyaim.
` nIlk{Qay nm>, #v<itka pu:p< smpRyaim.
` izvay nm>, igirki[Rka pu:p< smpRyaim.
` -vhair[e nm>, AawsI pu:p< smpRyaim.
ibLvapmagR xUr krvIrakR sM-vE>,

bkaeT)lae[ muOyE> pu:pE pUijt z<kr.

-vay nm>, nanaivxpu:pai[ smpRyaim.
41 Aw p pUja
` mhadevay nm>, ibLv p< smpRyaim.
` mheray nm>, jajI p< smpRyaim.
` z<kray nm>, cMpka p< smpRyaim.
` v&;-Xvjay nm>, tulsI p< smpRyaim.
` zUlpai[ne nm>, vaR yuGm< smpRyaim.
` kama naznay nm>, sevi< tka p< smpRyaim.
` devdevz
e ay nm>, mg p< smpRyaim.
` Ik{Qay nm>, dvn p< smpRyaim.
` $ray nm>, krvIr p< smpRyaim.
` pavRtIptye nm>, iv:[uaiNt p< smpRyaim.
` ay nm>, maic p< smpRyaim.
` sdaizvay nm>, svRpai[ smpRyaim,
42 Aavr[ pUja

42, 1 wmavr[ pUja

devSy pime s*aejatay nm>,
%re vamdevay nm>,
di][e A"aeray nm>,
pUveR tTpu;ay nm>,
^Xv $zanay nm>,
42, 2 itIyavr[ pUja
Aaey kae[e dyay nm>,
$zankae[e izrse Svaha,
nE\Ty kae[e izoayE vaE;q,
vayVy kae[e kvcay <,
Ae neyay vaE;q,
id]u Aay )q,
irt! hNd raeNd we hed ANd k
C KLy! saeNd A Clp!
wus! yae Claese A! idreiCtNS
42, 3 t&tIyavr[ pUja

aCya< AnNtay nm>,

AavaCya< sUmay nm>,
tICya< izvaemay nm>,
%idCya< @kneay nm>,
$zaNya< @kay nm>,
Aaeya< E mUtRye nm>,
nE\Tya< Ik{Qay nm>,
vayVya< izoiNdne nm>,
42, 4 ctuwaRvr[ pUja
%re idGdle %mayE nm>,
$zan idGdle c{feray nm>,
pUvR idGdle nNdIray nm>,
Aaey idGdle mhakalay nm>,
di][ idGdle v&;-ay nm>,
nE\Ty idGdle g[eray nm>,
pim idGdle -&<"Izay nm>,
vayVy idGdle mhasenay nm>,
42, 5 p<cmavr[ pUja

#<ay nm>, Aye nm>,

ymay nm>, nE\tye nm>,
v[ay nm>, vayVye nm>,
kberay nm>, $zanay nm>,
a[e nm>, An<tay nm>,
42, 6 ;avr[ pUja
vay nm>, zye nm>,
d{fay nm>, ofgay nm>,
pazay nm>, A<kz
ay nm>,
gxayE nm>, izUlay nm>,
pay nm>, cay nm>,
sve_R yae Aavr[ devta_yae nm>,
R caraweR gNxa]t pu:pai[ smpRyaim.
43 Aaerztnam pUja
. `.
izvay nm>, mheray nm>,
z<-ve nm>, ipnaikne nm>,
zizzeoray nm>, vamdevay nm>,

ivpa]ay nm>, kpidRne nm>,

nIllaeihtay nm>, z<kray nm>,
zUlpa[ye nm>, oqva<igne nm>,
iv:[uv-ay nm>, izipivay nm>,
A<ibkanaway nm>, Ik{Qay nm>,
-vTslay nm>, -vay nm>,
zvaRy nm>, ilaekz
e ay nm>,
izitk{Qay nm>, izva iyay nm>,
%ay nm>, kpailne nm>,
kamarye nm>, ANxkasursUdnay nm>,
g<gaxray nm>, llaqa]ay nm>,
kalkalay nm>, kpainxye nm>,
-Imay nm>, przuhStay nm>,
m&gpa[ye nm>, jqaxray nm>,
kElasvaisne nm>, kvicne nm>,
kQaeray nm>, ipuraNtkay nm>,
v&;a<kay nm>, v&;-aFay nm>,
-Smaeilt ivhay nm>, samiyay nm>,
Svrmyay nm>, yImUtRye nm>,
AnIray nm>, svR}ay nm>,
prmaTmne nm>, saemsUyaRilaecnay nm>,
hiv;e nm>, y}myay nm>,
saemay nm>, p<cvay nm>,

sdaizvay nm>, iveray nm>,

vIr-ay nm>, g[naway nm>,
japtye nm>, ihr{yretse nm>,
xR;aRy nm>, igrIzay nm>,
igirzay nm>, An"ay nm>,
< -U;[ay nm>, -gaRy nm>,
igirxNvne nm>, igiriyay nm>,
kivasse nm>, puraratye nm>,
-gvte nm>, mwaixpay nm>,
m&Tyu<jyay nm>, sUmtnve nm>,
jgaipne nm>, jgve nm>,
Vyaemkezay nm>, mhasenjnkay nm>,
caivmay nm>, ay nm>,
-Utptye nm>, Swa[ve nm>,
AhyebuXNyay nm>, idg<bray nm>,
AmUtRye nm>, AnekaTmne nm>,
saiTvkay nm>, zuivhay nm>,
zatay nm>, o{fprzve nm>,
A}ay nm>, pazivmaeckay nm>,
m&fay nm>, pzuptye nm>,
devay nm>, mhadevay nm>,
AVyyay nm>, hrye nm>,
-gnei-de nm>, AVyay nm>,

d]aXvrhray nm>, hray nm>,

pU;dNti-de nm>, AVyay nm>,
sha]ay nm>, shpde nm>,
ApvgRday nm>, AnNtay nm>,
tarkay nm>, prmeray nm>,
#it Aaer pUja< smpRyaim.
44 xUp<
vnSpTyuvae idVyae gNxaF(ae gNxvum>,
Aaey> mihpalae xUpaey< itg&tam!.
yTpu;< Vydxu> kitxa VykLpyn!,
muo< ikmSy kaE ba kavU padavuCyet.
` blay nm>, ` izvay nm>, xUp< Aaapyaim.
45 dIp<
dIp< ih prm< zM-ae "&t Jvilt< mya,
d< g&ha[ devz
e mm }and -v.

-ya dIp< yaim devay prmaTmne,

aih ma< nrkat! "aerat! dIp< Jyaeitr nmaeStut.
a[aeSy muomasIt! ba rajNy> kt>,
% tdSy yEZy> p(a< zUae Ajayt.
` I blmwnay nm>, ` nm> izvay, dIp< dzRyaim.
46 nEve*<
idp! i)Nger #n! vter ANd ite A Skr e ANd
I mK #iNsde we Skr ,
e lce nEv*
e Aaen!
I, remaeve ild ANd iSNe vter AraeNd
we veSseL Plce #n! @c! )
aed #tem! Aaene vzed
le laevA
e ]
R w
` sdaizvay ivhe mhadevay xImih,
tae z<kr caedyat!.
` nm> izvay.
zaev! muS

invIRi;kr[aweR ta]R mua,

Am&tI kr[aweR xenu mua,
pivIkr[aweR z mua,
s<r][aw c mua,
ivpulmaya kr[aweR me mua,
qaec! nEv*
e ANd cNt! 9 itmes! `
` sTy<tvten
R pirisaim
iSNe vter AraeNd we nEv*
-ae> Svaimn! -aejnaw Aagaid iv}aPy
S t! aed tae caeme )
aer ide
saEv[eR SwailvEyRe mi[g[kicte gae"t
& a<
supKva< -ya< -aeJya< c leanip
sklmh< jae:y nIxay nana zakE pet<
smxu dix "&t< ]Ir pa[Iy yu<
U < caip izv< itidvsmh< mnse icNtyaim.
A* itit yiTkiNct! kiLptapr<gh
& e

pKva< c panIy< ywaepSkr s<yt

u <
ywakal< mnu:yaweR maeyman< zrIiri->
tTsv izvpUjaStu yta< me mher
suxars< suiv)l< Aapae;[imd<
tv g&ha[ klzanIt< ywemup -uJJytam!.
` nm> izvay, Am&taepStr[mis Svaha.
aep! vter aem! z<o
` a[aTmne Svaha,
` ApanaTmne Svaha,
` VyanaTmne Svaha,
` %danaTmne Svaha,
` smanaTmne Svaha,
` nm> izvay,
e < g&ta< dev -i me Acla< k>,
$iPst< me vr< deih #h c pra< gitm!.
I sdaizv< nmStu_y< mha nEv*
e < %mm!,
& a[ sure -i mui daykm!.

nEve*< smpRyaim.
caevre )
ce ivw! Claew! ANd cNt! gayI m<
i)ve itmes! Aaer rept
e ! 12 itmes! ` nm> izvay
svR Am&taeipxaNymis Svaha,
` nm> izvay, %rapae;[< smpRyaim.
et! laev! vter
aem! z<o
47 mha )l<
put! tuiLs A]wa Aaen! A ibg! T
#d< )l< myadev Swaipt< purtStv,
ten me s)lavair -vet! jNmin jNmin.
` izvay nm>, mha)l< smpRyaim,
48 )lak
put! tuiLsA]t Aaen! T S

k:ma{f matuil< c nairkel)lain c,

g&ha[ pavRtIkaNt saemz
e itg&tam!.
` kedareray nm>, )lak< smpRyaim.
49 kraetRnm!
kraetRNk< devmya d< ih -it>,
ca c< -a< idVya< g&ha[ jgdIr.
` I z<kray nm>,
kraetRnaweR c<dn< smpRyaim.
50 ta<bl
U <
pUig)l< sta<bl
U < nagvi dlEyt
Ru m!,
taMbUl< g&ta< dev yel lv s<ym
u .
` mnaeNmyay nm>, pUig)l taMbUl< smpRyaim.
51 di][a

ihr{y g-R g-RSw hembIj iv-avsae>,

An<t pu{y )lda Aw> za<it< y me.
` I izvay nm>, suv[R pu:p di][a< smpRyaim.
52 mha nIrajn
c]uda svRlaekana< itimrSy invar[m!,
AiwRKy< kiLpt< -ya g&ha[ prmer.
IyE jat> iy Ainiryay iy< vyae jir_yae ddait
iy< vsana Am&tv mayn! -v<it sTya simxa imtaE
iy yevn
E < tt! iya madxait s<tt m&ca v;qkT y<
s<tt< s<xIyte jya pzui-> yyev< ved.
` nm> izvay, mhanIrajn< dIp< smpRyaim.
53 kpUrR dIp
AcRt acRt iy me dasae AcRt,
AcRNtu pu ka vtpur x&:[ vcRt.

kpUrR k< mharaj r<-aet

< c dIpkm!,
mlaw mhIpal sha[ jgTpte.
` nm> izvay, kpUrR dIp< smpRyaim.
54 di][a
na_ya AasIdNtir]m! zI:[aeR *aE> smvtRt,
p(a< -UimidRz> aeat! twa laeka<g AkLpyn!.
yain kain c papain jNma<tr ktain c,
tain tain ivnZyiNt di][e pde pde.
di][ iy< dev yen mya kt,
ten papai[ svaRi[ ivnazay nmae=Stut.
` nm> izvay, di][an! smpRyaim.
55 nmSkar
saSyasn! pirxy> iSs simx> kta>,
deva y*}< tNvana> AbNpu;< pzum.

nmSte svRlaekz
e nmSte jgdIr,
nmSteStu pr nmSte prmer.
hetve jgtavev s<sara[Rv setve,
-ve svRiv*ana< zM-ve guve nm>.
nmae nmae zM-ae nmae nmae jgTpte,
nmae nmae jgTsai][! nmae nmae inrNjn.
nmaeStute zUlpa[e nmaeStu v&;-Xvj,
jImUtvahn kre svR y<bk z<kr.
mher hrezan suvna] v&;akpe,
d] y} ]ykr kal nmae=Stut.
TvmaidrSyjgt! Tv< mXy< prmer,
-van<t -gvn! svRgSTvy< nmaeStut.
pUvRe zvaRy kIitRmt
U y
R e nm>,
$zaNya< -vay jlmUty
R e nm>,
%re ay AimUtRye nm>,
vayuVya< %ay vayumUtRye nm>,
pime -Imay AakazmUtRye nm>,
nE\Tya< pzuptye yjman mdRye nm>,

di][e mhadevay saemmUtRye nm>,

Aaeya< $zanay sUyRmUtRye nm>.
` nm> izvay, nmSkaran! smpRyaim.
56 rajaepcar
g&ha[ prmezan sre D camre,
dpR[< Vyn< cEv raj-aegay yw>.
` cNzeoray nm>, D< smpRyaim,
` Vyaemkezay nm>, camr< smpRyaim,
` ivaTmne nm>, gIt< smpRyaim,
` saemmUtRye nm>, n&Ty< smpRyaim,
` ivmUtRye nm>, va*< smpRyaim,
` g<-Irnaday nm>, dpR[< smpRyaim,
` m&gpa[ye nm>, Vyn< smpRyaim,
` -uj<gnaway nm>, AaNdaeln< smpRyaim,
` ikalaineay nm>, rajaepcaran! smpRyaim,
` svRVyaipne nm>, svaep
R caran! smpRyaim,
57 m< pu:p

y}en y}myjNt deva> tain xmaRi[ wmaNyasn!,

te h nak< mihman> scNte y pUvRe saXya> siNt deva>.
y> zuic> ytae -UTva juyadaJymNvhm!,
sU< pdzc c Ikam> stt< jpet.
iv*a bui xnEyR pu paEaid s<pd>,
pu:pa<jil danen deihme $iPst< vrm!.
nmae=STvn<tay sh mUty
R e sh padai] izrae bahve,
shnae pu;ay zate sh kaeqI yugxair[e nm>.
` nmae mh(ae nmae A-Rk_e yae nmae yuv_yae nmae AasIne_y>,
yja< devaNy idzva mma jays> z< smav&i]dev.
` mmun> pir}avsr> mmu vatae Apa< zNvan!,
izzItimNa pvRta yuvSwae ivevirvSyNtu deva>.
` kwat Ae zucIy<t Ayaedd
R azuvaRje i-razuzan>,
e nye dxana \tSy samn&[y<t deva>.
` rajaix rajay s saihne nmae vy< vEv[ay
R e sme kaman! kam kamay m< kamerae

vEv[ae dxatu kbre ay vEv[ay mharajay nm>.

` SviSt saaJy< -aeJy< SvaraJy< vEraJy<
parmea< raJy< mharaJymaixpTymy< sm<t
pyaRiySyat! savR _`A> savaRyz
u > A<tada
praxaRt! p&iwVyE smu pyRNtay @krailit tdPyez
aekaei-gItae mt> pirvearae mtSya vsNg&he
AavIi]tSy kameivRd
e v
e a s-asd #it.
I saMbsdaizvay nm>, m<pu:p< smpRyaim.
58 ]mapn<
yiTk<ict! kmh
R e dev sd sukT :ktm!,
tNme izvpadSy -u]
< v]py z<kr.
krcr[kt< va kayj< kmRj< va,
v[ nynj< va mans< vapraxm!.
ivihtmviht< va svRmt
e t! ]mSv,
jy jy k[aBxe I mhadev zM-ae.
59 awRna

nmaeVyay sUmay nmSte ipuraNtk,

pUja< g&ha[ devz
e ywazyuppaidtam!.
ik< n janais devz
e TvyI -i< y me,
Svpadatle dev daSy< deih jgTpte.
baeh< ivivE pazE s<sa-yb<xnE,
pitt< maehjale m< Tv< smuXxr z<kr.
sae -v me Imn! sit> itpa*tam!,
Tvdalaekn mae[ pivaeiSm n s<zy>.
TvdNy zr{y> pSy neit,
sId Smrev hyaStu dENym!.
ncee -vei vaTsLy hain,
Sttae me dyalae dya< sideih.
skar[mze;Sy jgt> svRda izv>,
gae a[ n&pa[a< c izv< -vtu me sda.
60 z am[
mke w+e raeNds! Aae)
z<o ivw!

vter ilke Aarit ANd paer daeVN

cNt! ` 9 itmes! ANd zaev! muS
#ma< Aapizvtm #m< svRSy -e;je,
#ma< raS+ y vixRin #ma< ra+ taemt.
61 tIwR a
la-Ste;a< jySte;a< ktSte;a< prajy>,
ye;a< #NdIvr Zyamae dyStae jnadRn>.
Akal m&Tyu hr[< svR Vyaix invar[<,
svR pap %pzmn< izv padaedk< zu-m!.
62 ivsjRn pUja
Aaraixtana< devtana< pun> pUja< kir:ye.
` nm> izvay.
pUja<te D< smpRyaim, camr< smpRyaim,
n&Ty< smpRyaim, gIt< smpRyaim,
va*< smpRyaim, Aa<daeilk Aaraeh[< smpRyaim,

Aaraeh[m! smpRyaim, gjaraeh[< smpRyaim,

I saMbsdaizvay nm>,
smSt rajaepcar devaepcar zyupcar -yupcar
pUja< smpRyaim.
63 AaTm smpR[
inTy< nEimik< kaMy< yTkt< tu mya izv,
tt! sv prmezan mya tu_y< smipRtm!.
m<hIn< iyahIn< -ihIn< jnadRn,
yTpUijt< myadev pirpU[ tdStu me.
Aavahn< n janaim n janaim ivsjRnm!,
pUjaivix< n janaim ]mSv pu;aem.
Aprax shai[ iyNte AhinRz< mya,
tain svaRi[ me dev ]mSv pu;aem.
vtRmane bdaNy nam s<vTsre mag mase kZ[ p]e

yaedis itwaE I saMbsdaizv er[ya I

saMbsdaizv ITyw Anen mya cirt izvrai
te I sdaizv pUjaraxnen
-gvan! I z<kr> Iyta<.
` tTst!
. I sdaizvapR[mStu.
64 AyRdan<
I saMbsdaizv er[ya I saMbsdaizv ITyw
izvrai t sMpU[R )l aPyw c AyR dan< kir:ye,
Vyaemkez nmStu_y< VyaemaTma Vyaemip[e,
n]ip[e tu_y< ddaMyy nmae=Stut,
I izvay nm>,
tarkil<gay #dmy d< n mm.
kElaz inly zM-ae pavRtI iy v-,
ElaeKytmivXv<isn! g&ha[y sdaizv.
I izvay nm>,

sdaizvay #dmy d< n mm.

kal izv zM-ae kalaTmn! ipura<tk,
irt sure g&ha[y sdaizv.
I izvay nm>,
sdaizvay #dmy d< n mm.
Aakaza*azrIrai[ g&hn]malEin,
svR isi invasat ddamy sdaizv.
I izvay nm>,
sdaizvay #dmy d< n mm.
%madevI izvaxaRI jgNmat& gu[aiTmke,
aih ma< deiv sveiR ; g&ha[ay nmae=Stut.
I pavRTyE nm>,
pavRTyE #dmy d< n mm.
I gu[aTmn! ilaekz
e > a iv:[u izvaTmk,
Ay ced< mya d< g&ha[ g[nayk,.
I g[ptye nm>,
g[ptye #dmy d< n mm.
senaixp sure pavRtI iynNdn,

g&ha[y mya d< nmSte iziovahn,

I SkNday nm>,
SkNday #dmy d< n mm.
vIr- mhavIr iv }an vr d,
#dmy daSyaim s<ha[ izviy.
I vIr-ay nm>,
vIr-ay #dmy d< n mm.
xmRSTv< v&; pe[ jgdanNdkark,
AmUtrRE ixan< Aw> paih snatn,
I v&;-ay nm>,
v&;-ay #dmy d< n mm.
c{fIr mhadev aih mam! kpyakar,
#dmy daSyaim sa vrda -v,
I c{fIray nm>,
c{fIray #dmy d< n mm.
Anen izvrai ta<gTven AyRdanen -gvn!
I sdaizv Iyta<,
` tTst!
I sdaizvapR[mStu.

yaNtu dev g[a> sveR pUja< Aaday pitRvIm!

# kaMyawR isXyw punragmnay c.
;ke we klz
qet! By! i;+ ;!, Aa, hNdkRr ACkMG3bteLcaeAaem,
! _A
< aeidi)d )
aer $qAa{:
q+iNSlterted By! ;aeVMy AMkmr rMkmbRteLcaeAaem!,_
St! %Pdted Aaen!