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He LES! You have two days to explore Japan more. Google Street View O1_Look at the famous places on page 2 and see if you can find them on street view! What else do you see around them? O You researched 5 neighbourhoods — go find at least 2 famous/notable sights from each neighbourhood using street view! Trip Advisor - Reading In Japanese 01 Use the Japanese trip advisor sheet to find and answer the questions on page 3 of your package Trip Advisor — Visit a Neighbourhood C1 Follow the instructions on page 4 to enable Japanese on your computer as well as Rikai-kun for kanji reading O Complete the ‘find a hotel/restaurant/attractions’ in the Tokyo neighbourhood you most want to go to Tokyo Metro View the 4 commercials, and listen to the song, by entering the link for each (enter exactly as given) and answer the questions on page Sand6 Curecs cach Ct Zale at least ) /_Inanimate Alice Journals Look at page 7 and follow the instructions...as given... Any extra time? Have a look at the online interactive novel “Inanimate Alice” in Japanese. OR vist the Sepcq Nachonct Tourist Ovejen rete, to explore: more Shibuya’ s Hachiko Square Tokyo Tower Tokyo University’ s Akamon Entrance Gate (Hongo Campus) gi Ikebukuro (Ikebukuro Station) Yodabashi Cametia in Akihabara Ginza’ s Chuo Dori Ginza’ s Chuo Dori Hotel What is the name of this hotel? What ‘demographic’ (based on reviews) appears to have used this hotel the most? Is this a popular and highly rated hotel in your opinion? ‘Word of mouth’ may or may not be a great way to find something — do you feel you can trust it? Given that there is approximately 100yen for $1Canadian — is this an expensive hotel in your opinion? How does the review ‘label’ this hotel? Ayoung hip urban couple want to look for a hotel in Tokyo. They are very budget conscious and want a ‘good deal’ on a hotel. Is this the hotel for them? Why or why not? Enable the Japanese keyboard on your computer (Languages settings) Launch “Chrome” Search for a Chrome Extension called “rikaikun” and install it (NOT the Firefox ‘rikaichan’) - It’s installed when you see a little ‘happy face’ in the browser bar (far right) Activate Rikaikun Go to Trip Advisor Japan - http://www.tripadvisor.jp Hover your mouse over the text to see how to read it (if you don’t know how) NO! ise the Japanese trip advisor to try to. HOTEL —find one hotel in the TOKYO neighbourhood of your choice and book a 3 night stay. Why did you select this hotel? Name: RESTAURANT — find a restaurant near your hotel that you would like to go to. Tell me why you picked that restaurant. Name: TOURIST SITES - locate popular 3 tourist attractions in your neighbourhood of choice and list them (based upon popularity) and tell what you do there Et Commercial 1 (http://bit.ly/j12cm1lee) What are the ‘promoting’ or ‘selling’? 3 things | ‘observed’ or ‘noticed’ in the commercial 1 thing | ‘wonder about’ after seeing the commercial Commercial 2 (http://bit.ly/j12cm2lee) What is the commercial for? What is it promoting or selling? (What place?) 3 things | ‘observed’ or ‘noticed’ in the commercial 1 thing | ‘wonder about’ after seeing the commercial Commercial 3 (http://bit.ly/j12cm3lee) What station is this for and ‘why’? Note fi == What time of year does this take place in— specifically 2 things | noticed in the commercial Song (http://bit.ly/j12songlee) What is the ‘title’ of the theme song for Commercial 3 by JUJU? Listen to the song....how does it ‘fit’, or not fit, with the commercial? 4 other words you recognized in the song and what they mean. Commercial 4 (http://bit.ly/j12cm4lee) what are you thinking? Why is he going to Tokyo? Not sure? Look up the word %A¢ 5 ! This phrase appears on the screen — what ‘neighbourhood’ and activity is it advertising? | ect BLE AEH WRILCES Why a ‘snow monkey’? Any ideas? BAGHATLES ! ly be Inanimatealice.info/journals | < sire |S Inanimate Alice is an interactive adventure novel that you can ‘read’ in Japanese (formal or plain). The Journals are ‘extras’ to the story and are based on Alice's travels to Japan. She is learning Japanese and experiencing Japan for the first time. In each journal there is information, video and one or two games. The games are ‘basic’ but played at level 3 are a great audio review. You ‘turn’ the page by clicking on the top right corner of the journal. Work your way through the journals by.. - Reading = Clicking & viewing any of the videos - Playing the ‘games’ — level 1 & 2 give you the words — level 3 is ‘audio’ only Done? Send me an email telling me what the most interesting video you saw was...and where it was taken (what city/area?) and, if you went to Japan, what is one place that Alice went that you would like to go yourself? Interested in an online interactive story you read in Japanese? From Wikipedia: Inanimate Alice is an ongoing born-digital novel, an interactive multimodal fiction, relating the experiences of Alice and her imaginary digital friend, Brad, in episodes, journals, and other digital media. Episodes 1-4 of the series were written and directed by Kate Pullinger and developed by digital artist Chris Joseph as a prequel to an original screenplay by series producer lan Harper. Episode 1 was released in late 2005. There have been five consecutive episodes created to date, with Episode 5 developed by digital artist Andy Campbell from a script by Kate Pullinger, and a sixth is in production from a planned story arc embracing a total of 10 episodes spanning Alice's life from age 8 through to her mid-twenties. The viewer experiences a combination of text, sound and imagery and interacts with the story at key points. Follow the adventures of Alice by going to inanimatealice.com and scrolling down to episode 1. You choose the language you read in — and for Japanese you can choose to read in formal or plain (hitting the space bar changes it for you...) £2 U4!