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Pre Investigation
1. What is Cinco de Mayo?
i. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrated on the fifth of May each
2. What does it celebrate?
i. It celebrates the victory of a small town in Mexico defeating a great army.
3. Who celebrates Cinco de Mayo?
i. The city of Puebla in Mexico celebrates this holiday.
4. How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?
i. There are parades and celebrations around the city.
5. List everything else you know about this holiday (prior to doing your research)


a) History Hunters
i. Benito Juarez was the Mexican President.
ii. Porfirio Diaz was a general in this war. He later became the president of
Ignacio Zaragoza was a general who was to fortify the City of Puebla and


rebel against the French invaders.

iv. Napoleon III was the leader of the French Republic who made his relative
(Maximillian) the ruler of Mexico.
v. Maximillian was the ruler of Mexico from 1864-1867.
See number 1.
Many people believe it is Mexicos Independence Day.
France was demanding payment from the newly independent
country of Mexico, so France invaded the Gulf of Mexico first. They were
making their way to Mexico City when they came across the city of

The small army of the city of Puebla (4,500 men) was able to stop

the powerful French Army.

The conflict lasted less than a day, only 2-4 hours. Therefore it
started and ended in 1862.


The small town of Puebla defeated the powerful French Army.

b.) Festive Foods Festive Foods


Mole is a sauce made with chocolate, chilies and other spices. It can
be red or green depending on the ingredients and the moles of Puebla
and Oaxaca are well known. Chipotle is a smoked jalapeno chili.
Chilaquiles are tortillas stir fried with onions, spices and maybe
chicken, topped with cheese and served with a sort of gravy. Enchilada
is a tortilla dipped in a chili sauce then filled with meat and cheese,
then rolled up.


Enchiladas are tortillas that are covered in tomato and chili sauce.
They are filled with different food such as vegetables and meat, then
folded and baked. Quesadillas are tortillas stuffed with cheese that are
folded and grilled. Tacos are fried tortilla served with many different
fillings such as meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Tamales are
cornmeal paste wrapped in banana or corn husks and usually stuffed
with chicken, pork or turkey, then steamed.


Mexican tortillas are made with either flour or corn, depending on the
part of the country. They can be served as bread or used for dishes
such as enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas.

4. Couldnt find this one


Tortillas are served with almost every meal.


In Mexico, they have breakfast between 7:00 am and 10:00 am, lunch
between 1:30pm and 4:00pm, and dinner between 8:00pm and


In the United States, we have tortillas, frijoles, chilies, guacamole,

salsa, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, and tostadas.

c) Modern Music and Moves


Some common topics include Mexican experiences,

along with things currently taking place in the Mexican

2. Mariachi is not only music, but the sum of a cultural
revolution expressed through a group of musicians,
dressed in popular clothing which encompasses the
essence of Mexico and its people.
3. The instruments include violins, trumpets, and guitars.
4. The son from Jalisco is called the son jacilenese. The
first Mariachi Mass was the concept from a Canadian
priest and is still celebrated today.
5. Tejano music has a modern sound and developed along
the Texas-Mexican Border.
d.) Fascinating Facts
1. This celebrates Mexicos independence, their heritage,
and their community.
2. France wanted to be paid the money that Mexico owed
3. This was only a victory for the town of Puebla, not for
the whole country of Mexico.

4. There were 8,000 total (6,000 were French soldiers).

5. This was important because a small town was able to
defeat a large army.
e.) Typical Traditions

You will see colorful floats and many dancers in elaborate costumes,
along with music.


Cinco de Mayo is also celebrated with festivities such as concerts, food,

street festivals, and traditional music.

3. Cinco de Mayo costumes are very colorful, flowy, and elaborate.

4. Cinco de Mayo is also widely celebrated in the United States, especially
close to the border because many immigrants from Mexico have come to
the United States and still want to celebrate this holiday.
5. Two Decorations:
a. Luminarias- punched tin or clay candle holders that give the
party a bit of a glow.
b. Mexican Flag- helps guests remember the true meaning of Cinco
de Mayo.
Part III:
Fascinating facts:
In learning about Cinco de Mayo, I learned a lot about their culture and the battle that
started the holiday. Todays celebrations include many parades that take place for Cinco de
Mayo. These parades are filled with many dancers and colorful floats that roam the streets. But
this celebration started because of a battle that took place between the French and the small town

of Puebla in Mexico. French wanted their money from Mexico, so they invaded Mexico. While
working their way up to Mexico City, they came across the small town of Puebla, whose small
army defeated the French. (100) To this day, many Mexicans and Americans celebrate this
victory in the Spanish culture. Celebrations and festivals are held all over Mexico each year.