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Vir PF korporativnog contra Sluzba upravanja investiajama TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NIFE-03 TABLE OF CONTENTS SCOPE. DEFINITIONS. é DESIGN PHILOSOPHY... AREA CLASSIFICATION. AVAILABLE UTILITIES. APPLICABLE STANDARDS. PACKAGE CONFIGURATION 1 2 3. 4. LOCATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS, PLANT DESIGN BASIS 5 6 7. a 9, MECHANICAL /PIPING REQUIREMENTS... 10. SPECIAL REQUIREMNTS. 11. INSTRUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS. 12, SPARE PARTS. 12. MANUFACTURERS OF SUBCOMPONENTS. 14. SD MODEL REVIEW. 15, ATTACHMENTS TO THE SPECIFICATION. 16. SPECIAL REQUREMENTS RLEATED TO LOCAL CROATIAN EX CERTIFICATION. ‘Oval dokument se ne amie dali na wid upotrebu oscbama lavan INA Grape bez posebnog odobrenia| t_G2_INA_F6-00 i ha TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Slutba upraviianja investijama 1. SCOPE This document covers the minimum technical requirements for design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, inspection, testing, painting, packing and forwarding, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up of process compressor package. Unit shall comprise screw compressor, oil pumps, oil seals, oil cooler, filters and instrumentation along with associated piping, instrument air & impulse tubing necessary for the reliable and safe operation of the package. The equipment shall be designed as per the parameters as specified in this specification, data ‘sheet supplied in this requisition. Equipments and accessories of the unit shall be designed for continuous service. 2. DEFINITIONS Company INA dd. Vendor Gas compressor package supplier Wherever the word “shall” has been used, its meaning is to be understood as mandatory. Wherever the word “should” has been used, its meaning is to be understood as strongly recommended or advised. Wherever the wording “may be” has been used, its meaning is to be understood as freedom of choice. 3. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Equipment design shall comply with all documents / specifications attached in the inquiry requisition such as data sheets, job specification, API standards, other international standards etc as listed in requisition. The Vendor's scope of supply and technical requirements shalll be in accordance with requisition, this specification and data sheets, etc. Equipment supplied shall be of proven design and detailed reference list & other details shall be furnished along with the 4. LOCATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS, PLANT DESIGN BASIS SITE AMBIENT CONDITIONS. The site of the well Kalinovac 2 (Kal-2) is in the area located 100 km north-east of Zagreb, Croatia. ‘The approximate geodetic elevations of the well Kal-2 are approx 100 m above sea level. ‘Oval dokument se ne emi dalla uvid i upotrebu osobama levan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenla| IM_G2_INA1_F6-00 4i27 are PF korporativnog centra ‘Slu2ba upravijanja investicjama TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIWA / TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NFE-03 Meteorological data: Maximum ambient temperature 40°C Minimum ambient temperature -20°C Relative humidity 40-100 % Earthquake Equipment shall be designed for seismic loads according HRN EN 1998-1: Eurocode 8 with horizontal acceleration Tp=475 years an=0.117g. 5. AREA CLASSIFICATION The unit ill be installed in an area classified as Zone 2, Gas group IIA, Temperature class T3. All electrical equipment in field shall be ATEX certified for Zone 2: Ex Il 2G Ex de IIA T3 For instrumentation equipment requirements see chapter 11 - Instrumentation requirements. 6. AVAILABLE UTILITIES Nominal System Voltage |400/230 V / TN-S - (+/-10%) Rated frequency 150 Hz (25%) Power supply for motors (motors above rating and inclusive of 15 KW) LV 400 V AC (25%), 3 phase, resistance grounded. [Motors are not suitable for DOL starting Power supply for electric motor drivers| {all motors having above 0.18 KW up to} and less than 15 kW) LV 400 V AC (5%), 50 Hz, 3 Ph. Motors shall be| suitable for DOL starting with starting current! limitations and other requirements as stated in motor| data sheets. Instrument Air Operating pressure min./norm/max : 6 /7/ 8 barg Operating temperature min. /norm / max : 40 / 55 / 65 °C. Design conditions: Pressure : 10 bar g/ temperature 80 °C Cooling water Not available. ‘Oval dokument se ne smije dat na wvid i upotrebu oscbama lavan INA Grape bez posebnog odobrenia| Int_G2_INA1_F6-00 s/27 wire TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog cenira TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Slu2ba upravijanja investiojama 7. General APPLICABLE STANDARDS All correspondence and documentation shall be in Croatian or English. All measurements and units shall be in accordance with SI standards. List of the specifications and standards with applicable editions are included in requisition attachments. Vendor shall ensure that the equipment’ supplied are in total compliance with the requisition and related specifications / standards. In case of any additional deviations during detail engineering, Vendor shall communicate to through a concession requests and obtain approval. However, in case the deviation is not acceptable to Company then all costs for any subsequent modifications necessary to comply shall be borne by the vendor without detriment to schedule. GENERAL APPLICABLE STANDARDS: API 619 Rotary Type Positive Displacement Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical and Gas Industry Services API RP 520 Sizing, Selection and Installation of Pressure Relieving Devices in Refineries: = Part 1: Sizing and Selection = Part 2: Installation API RP 550 Manual on Installation of Refinery Instruments and Control Systems — Part | - Process Control and Instrumentation, API RP 551 Process Measurement Instrumentation. API PR 607 Fire test for Soft-seated Quarter-turn Valves. APL RP 670 Vibration, axial — position, and bearing - temperature monitoring Systems. ANSI/ISA 75.01 Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves. DIN 16128 Nominal Ranges, Scale Spacing and Scale Numbering of Accuracy Classes 1.0, 1.6, 2.5 and 4,0 Pressure Gauges. nHRN EN 50081-1 EMC - Generic emission standard - Part 1: Residential, commercial and light industry (EN 50081-1:1992) nHRN EN 50082-2 Electromagnetic compatibility - Generic immunity standard - Part 1: Industrial environment (EN 50082-2:1995) NACE MRO0176 Standard Material Requirements - Sulfide Stress Cracking-resistant Metallic Materials for Oil field Equipment. HRN EN 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP-Code) (IEC 60529:1989; EN 60529:19914Corr.1:1993) IEC 61000 Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). IEC 60332 Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions ‘Oval dokument so ne sre dai na uvid I upotrebu csobama lzvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenia Intt_G2_INA1_6.00 6/27 i fag a TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravijanja investicjama ‘HRN IEC 60364 Low-voltage electrical installations * HRNEN 50014 Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres . HRN EN 60079 Explosive atmospheres * HRN EN 60204-1 Safety of machinery — Electrical equipment of machines + HRNEN 60034 Rotating electrical machines * HRN EN 13463 Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres * HRNEN 62305 Protection against lighting ‘+ Croatian Official Gazette NN 058/2010 Ordinance on pressure equipment Vendor shall ensure that the equipment’ supplied are in Total compliance with related specifications / standards. Conflicting Requirements In the event of any conflict or contradiction between the Purchaser's technical standards and procedures the order of priority of the documents shall be as follows: © Data sheets * This specification © API * International standards & Codes * Vendors’ standard ‘Oval dokument so ne anije dal na wid upotrebu oscbama lavan INA Grupe bez posenog odobrenia| IMt_62_INA1_F6-00 727 i ERA TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03, PF kamporativnag contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘luaba upravjanja investicjama 8. PACKAGE CONFIGURATION Itis envisaged that there are two skids as briefed below 1. Compressor skid shall include as minimum: * Base-plate (self supporting fabricated structural steel base) for electric motor, its auxiliaries and screw cil flooded compressor, lifting lugs ‘+ Suction scrubber with demister and coalescer filter. ‘* Compressor with electric drive motor (controled by VFD) + Lube oil filters, pumps and heaters, oil cooler * Oil separator with demister and coalescer filter * Other necessary auxiliray equipment + On-skid piping and related supports (all vents and drains shall be collected to dedicated headers) ‘+ Insulation and heat tracing of oil system, including the oil separator, oil ines and oil filters. ‘+ Insulation and heat tracing of suction scrubber vessel and drain line (to gas outlet line) «Vibration & temperature transmitters with 4-20 mA output. «Local / gauge panel for compressor set. + On-skid instrument cables for compressor set. © On-skid instruments and valves. * Control boards, instrumentation and all instrumentation/automation equipments, on-skid cable tray/conduit/supports, on-skid interconnection cables and all bulk materials and accessories necessary to control and safeguard compressor and its utilities. * Vertical air cooler for oil. Air cooler shall bear the air cooler structure and the air coolers. * Air cooler shall be with four fan bays, each sized for 50% capacity, VFD driven. + Air cooler shall be mounted vertically . Elevation of air cooler tube bundle shall be no less than 1 meters above the grade level. * Two reciprocating pumps for salt water and condensate 2. Compressor control container shall inculde as minimum: . Unit Control Panel (UCP). * moc © Main motor vatiable-frequency drive (VFD) © Variable-frequency drives (VFD) for other motors o Relevant switchgear . Container shall be air conditioned and equipped with additional electrical heater Separate room for instrumentation air compressor Interconnecting (material and works) between the two units is in the scope of INA. Vendor's obligation is to execute the calculations and submit to INA engineering documentation which will ‘Oval dokument se ne erie dana wid upotrebu oscbama izvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenia It_G2_INAT_F6.00 a7 dir TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03. PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Slu2ba upravijanja investicijama contain the cable schedule, cable glands, piping material and all other that is required for interconnecting the two skids. The submission of these engineering documents is due three months before the contracted delivery of the compressor package. LD for delay shall be applied in case of non timely submission of the documents. In case of later changes by the Vendor which would result in INA ordering wrong connecting material, the cost of such material shall be deducted from the last invoice for the compression package. 9. MECHANICAL / PIPING REQUIREMENTS * Compressor stage shall be screw oil flooded Each pressure vessel / filter shall be provided with minimum: © 1 set of nozzle with isolation valves for venting the gas inside the equipment to vent before opening the equipment for service or inspection. © 1 set of nozzle with isolation valve for connecting vacuum pump suction wherever required © 1 set of nozzle with isolation valve for draining the vessel during maintenance. + Minimum nozzle size of 2" shall be provided on pressure vessel. + All pressure vessels designed as per ASME SEC Vill + PED specification and shall be certified by a third party inspection agency. * Allpiping and vessels shall be designed and manufactured as per NACE MRO175 * Skid piping requirements: © Piping is to be designed and fabricated in accordance with ANSI-code 831.3 + PED (97/23/EC) and shall be certified by a third party Croatian or other EU country inspection agency. iping shall be seamless. © Sizes 1 1", 2%", 3%” and 5" shall be avoided. © Metal surfaces are to be cleaned in accordance with Swedish standard ‘SIS.05.5900, quality SA. 2.5., after which surfaces are to be painted with 2 coats of primer. 0 Complete skid piping shall be hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the design pressure. © Piping X-raying, according to ASME 831.3, ©. All piping connections shall be installed to the skid edge + Material certificates are required for valves, fittings, pipe, instruments etc. ‘Oval dokument se ne amie dalina wid li upotrebu osabama lzvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobreria It_G2_INA_F6.00 9i27 wd He a, TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NFE-03 PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Sluzba upravianjainvesticjama Manholes shall be of a minimum 20" size if the vessel does not have internals & 24" size, if vessels have internals. Manhole flanges should be equipped with davit Allowable nozzle loads for pressure vessels shall be specified by Vendor The allowable nozzle loads at skid edge shall be specified by Vendor All components of the package shall be designed considering de-pressurising conditions also in addition to the maximum expected operating temperatures. All valves used for process isolation (main process gas, refrigerant, lube oil, instrument air and other utilities) shall be ANSI / ASME ball valves as per the pipe class. Proprietary valves or globe valves will not be acceptable. Fittings, check valves, strainers and all other piping elements shall be according to applicable ANSV/ASME standards. Proprietary piping elements shall not be acceptable. Hand valves 2" and less will be steel body 800# NPT. Built to API Standard — 602 Hand valves greater than 2” will be cast steel body 150# or 300# flanged. Built to API Standard - 600. Relief valves shall be designed as per specifications API 520 + API 521 + API 526 and shall be certified by a Croatian or other EU country third party inspection agency. Arrangement (layout) of piping, tubing and instrumentation shall be designed so that no line or instrument shall have to be removed in case of: © opening of pressure vessels for inspection, © opening of fitters for filter element change out. ° removal of control and shutdown valves ° removal of oil and salt water pumps. © removal of all electric motors. Generally, all equipment shall be accessible for opening and removal from skid, without the need for dismantling of any other equipment or piping or tubing or instruments. The exception of this requirement is only the removal of the compressor, oil separator and oil cooler. Main skid minimum size shall be 2.4 meters wide and 7 meters long. The equipment shall be placed on complete skid's area. It is not allowed to leave the unused space on the skid, Al supplied mechanical equipment and piping shall be CE marked. Vendor shall deliver CE declarations of conformity for all supplied equipment and for the complete compressor package assembly. The package shall be compliant with the following CE Directives (latest valid editions at the time of compressor package delivery), but not limited to: o ATEX Directive © Pressure Equipment Directive © Machinery Directive © Low voltage Directive In case of change in the content of the existing Directives or if the new legal requirements shall arise in the period before delivery of compressor to site, Vendor shall ‘Gvay dokument se ne amie dai na uvidil upotrebu osobama izvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenia Imt_G2_INAt_F6.00 10/27 iW num TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 iF korporativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Sluzba upravjaniainvestcjama 10. take measures and bear all the incurred cost in order to conform with the valid EU and Croatian legislation which will be valid at the time of delivery of compressor to site. SPECIAL REQUIREMNTS Lubricating oil flow measurement. Each oil injection point into the compressor of diameter %4" and larger shall be equipped with oil flow transmitter, wired to local control panel. Oil flow shall be trended in the PLC. Oil injection points of diameter smaller than %" shall be equipped with oil flow local indicator as minimum. Lube oil filters shall be of duplex type Lube oil separator shall be equipped with sight glass (with manual cleaning possibilty) in the section after the coalescer elements in order to monitor the oll carryover after the coalescing elements. Chamber with coalescer filter elements shall be equipped with autodrain device with a bypass to drain the accumulated oll back to the compressor suction. Compressor shall be equipped with oil pumps. One running and one for standby, both driven by electric motors. In case of selection of a screw compressor that does not require higher pressure of oll injection than the pressure available in the oll separator, i.e. if the compressor is able to run without any oil pumps, then it is allowed for only one start up pump to be supplied and oil flow can be established through the oil pump bypass. Compressor package shall be equipped with two reciprocating pumps for pumping of salt water and condensate from suction vessel to discharge piping. Capacity of pumps shall be minimum 2 x § m&/h (each pump minimum 5 mah) Main electric motor driver shall be equipped with extemal cooling fan, driven by dedicated electric motor running at constant speed. This will facilitate the higher turndown ratio of the main driver rotation speed. ‘Thermostatic 3 way valve shall be pneumatically actuated, equipped with E/P positioner which will receive 4-20 mA signal from PLC. Painting specification RAL 7001 — Pressure vessels, piping and walkways RAL 9005 ~ Steel structures and ladders FAL3020 ~ Safety valves and manual valve hand wheels Compressor turndown. ‘Screw compressor shall be capable of minimum turndown of 40% to be controlled by the compressor internal slide valve(s). Turn-down from 40% to 0% gas load shall be controlled by the bypass valve. Bypass shall be pneumatically actuated control valve, Electric motor and compressor speed turndown shall be lower than 50% of the rated speed. ‘Oval dokument se ne sri dali na wid upotrebu oscbama izvan INA Grupe bez possbnog odobrenia IM1_G2_INAt_F6.00 1127 f° Rae TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korparativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Sluzba upravijaria investicjama * Areas of the skid beam shall be provided with emboss plates Drain pan shall be provided below the oil pumps, seal area and wherever oil spillage is expected due to opening of flanges during maintenance or oil leakage. Drain pan shall be sufficiently slopped such that all spillage collected drains by gravity towards the drain flange provided. + All equipments / valves / components that need maintenance / access shall be placed at maximum 1600 mm above grade level. + Space heaters shall be provided for all electric motors above 7.5kW « Each pressure vessel, filters, strainers shall have isolation valves in the inlet and outlet so thal the equiprnent can be isolated from the rest of the system to carryout maintenance. ‘+ Manways covers, blind flanges, body flanges and other such which weighs more than 25 kgs shall be provided with davit arrangement. + Air cooler will coo! lubrication oil and gas. All motors of air cooler shall be VFD driven. Oil temperature will be controlled primarily by three way thermostatic valve, while gas temperature will be controlled by VFD driven electric motors. ‘Oval dokument se ne smije dana uvid lf upotebu osobama lavan INA Grupe bez posebnog odabrenia IM1_G2_INA1 F600 1227 TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 11. INSTRUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS 11.1 Vendor scope of supply Unless otherwise specified Vendor shall supply and install all instrumentation required to enable a fully operational package unit. The package unit equipment shall as far as practical be supplied complete, having all the instruments installed and tested. ‘The scope of supply shall include the following, as applicable: * Transmitters and measuring elements. * Control valves, on-off valves, solenoid valves, regulators. * Relieving devices. * Utility reduction/regulation as required for the supplied instrumentation. * Seals and purges. * Gauge boards to concentrate the location of operating instruments and switches. » Junction boxes for electrical power cables and signal cables. ‘+ Special cables for interconnection of the package unit with special oft-skid items. ‘* Indicating instruments for local observation of the package operation. ‘* Specialized equipment or items licensed or manufactured by Seller. * Vibration/temperature sensors with 4-20mA transmitters. * ESD pushbutton for emergency shut-down. * Unit control panel (UCP). * UCP cabinet + Allwiring, cabling, tubing, valves, fittings and supports for the instrumentation in the package unit up to gauge boards, junction boxes, bulkhead plates and local panels mounted on the compressor package skid. Wiring from JBs to control room and logic shall be in EPC scope. 11.2 Package Control System Vendor shall include in his scope the supply of Unit Control Panel (UCP), installed in the UCP cabinet, fully wired and factory tested. UCP shall be provided with single, non-redundant CPU, power supply, single IO cards & HMI with minimum 15” or larger touch panel (installed on the front of the cabinet). PLC controller shall be manufactured by either ABB, Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi. The UCP shall be designed to perform all control & shutdown functions of the package. UCP vendor shall provide with the delivery of unit all the backups of the controller and HMI software as well as process description, control logic and C&E matrices. ‘Oval dokument se ne smije dali ra uvid I upottebu osobama I2van INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenia IMt_G2_INA1 F600 1327 i Ge A TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Studba upravjanja investicijama UCP vendor shall give support during commissioning and start-up. Vendor's presence shall be included in this offer. Presence means all costs incurred by the Vendots's presence during ‘commissioning and shall be borne by Vendor. UCP cabinet shall be placed in a container. Container shall be air conditioned and equipped with additional electrical heater. UCP cabinet shall be supplied with integrated industrial grade uninterruptible power supply ‘system (UPS) ensuring the supply of the UCP and package instrumentation for at least 30 minutes in the event of main power supply failure. UCP controller shall be sized to include 20% Installed and wired spare, allocated per /O type and unit (where unit segregation has been specified). Spare capacity shall be measured after SAT. Spare capacities shall be available field inputs and outputs as well as functional software blocks. In additional to the installed spare, 15% spare I/O card positions shall be provided by means of ‘stalled, available card nest positions. Spare capacity shall be measured after SAT. In addition to the above mentioned PLC sparing, generally all cabinet(s) shall have 20% of space sparing, i.e. the cabinet shall contain 20% of free unused space, available for future equipment installation. UCP cabinet shall comply with the following requirements: ‘* Cabinet shall be self-standing, standard Rittal TS8 type or equivalent. * Cabinet shall be provided with 100 mm high plinths. * The cabinets shall be provided with a extraction fan system, in order to dissipate heat produced by electronic circuits during operation. ‘+ The filters for the extraction system shall be of easy replaceable type. Cabinet shall be IP 55 min. + Each cabinet shall be provided with internal lighting, complete with door switch, manual ‘switch on/off and outlet socket. + Allcables and wires shall be installed in cable ducts or cable trays * Cabinet shall be fully equippediwired (frames, terminal strips and rail, wire markers and ferrules...) and ready to be installed on site. * The field signals shall be segregated by signal type, function, and method of hazardous area protection. + Segregation is also required between wires and internal cables carrying different voltages (<50 V separated from > 50 V). Itis preferred that separate ducting is used but where this is impractical, the wires and cables may run in the same duct but shall be in separate bundles. ‘Oval dokument 36 ne Smije dali na uid upotrebu osabama levan INA Grope bez possbnog odobrenia| IM1_G2_INA1_F6-00 14/07 mr TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Sluzba upravianjainvasticijama * Colour of EExi terminal and EExi wiring cable ducts shall be blue. * Where wiring passes through holes in metal work, rubber of PVC grommets shall be installed. «The two kinds of cable ducts shall be mechanically separated + Intrinsically safe galvanic isolators shall have 24 VDC feed + The galvanic isolators shall be “DIN” rail mounting type. + Terminal strips for /O signal to/from field devices shall be not loosening, ant-vibration type. Multilayer solution of the terminal blocks is not allowed. * Solenoid as well as other non-I.S. outputs shall be individually fuse protected. ‘+ Partitions shall be included between terminals for different voltage and when required by regulations (EExi separation). ‘© Any equipment terminal having voltage in excess of 50 V shall be covered, + Allterminals shall be suitable for “DIN” rail mounting. + All conductors and wires (including the non-used conductors in multi-conductor cables) must be connected on terminals. + Allsignal and power supply wires shall have from-to markings installed on every end. * Sufficient room shail be left inside the cabinet for good access to the spare terminals. Internal wiring shall be arranged in such a way that it will not interfere with maintenance operation. Following signals shall be exchanged between the UCP and MCC in hardwired: ‘Compressor start (DO from UCP) * Compressor stop (DO from UCP) * Compressor stopped (DI to UCP) Compressor running (DI to UCP) * Compressor alarm (DI to UCP) Alll other signals shall be transferred to DCS via Modbus of Profibus protocol. INA shall advise later on the choice of protocol. Vendor shall include the communication equipment to be included scope of work and installed in the PLC cabinet. in Signals shall be isolated from MCC voltage levels by using the interface relays. Interface relays shall be placed in UCP cabinet. 11.3 Instrument requirements All supplied instrumentation equipment shall be compliant to applicable EU directives and shall be CE marked, Vendor shall deliver CE declarations of conformity for all supplied equipment. ‘Oval dokument se ne smile dain wvid li upotrebu osobama izvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobreria IM1_G2_INA1_F6.00 15/27 ir TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravjana investiciama In order to standardize with the main plant instrumentation, the package unit instrumentation shall be: Fiold instrumentation and ancillary systems shall be protected in accordance with IEC 60529, code IP 65, as a minimum, ‘+ Instruments and associated process connections shall be located in an area easily accessible from walking platforms or fixed installations such as ladders or gangways + Allinstruments shall be suitable for the environment conditions of the installation site. + Allelectronic transmitters shall be equipped with a local LCD display and shall be of same manufacturer like pressure trasnmitters. ‘+ Where applicable all electronic instruments shall be winlerized lo avoid effects of freezing and ice formation and snow. ‘+ Electronic instruments shall generally be considered for all applications. + Allinstruments and valves shall be suitable for installation in hazardous area Zone 1. + Alltransmitters and switches shall be intrinsically safe ("EEx'’), while solenoid valves shall be in *EEx em" execution, * All analog transmitters as well as valve positioners shall have HART capability ‘+ Minimum accuracy for pressure transmitters shall be +0,085% ‘+ Minimum accuracy for temperature transmitters shall be £0,03% ‘+ Wiring and piping leaving or entering the package unit shall terminate at a central location, near the edge, utilizing appropriate junction boxes, bulkhead plates or panel terminations. ‘+ UCP cabinet shall be equipped with IS galvanic isolators (provided by the Vendor) for the connection of signals from intrinsically safe instruments. + All pressure and differential pressure transmitters shall be mounted on a separate anti- ation, rigid steel structure. Transmitter manifolds shall be tubed to the piping connegtion with minimum ¥%" SS tubing. Hook up of instrument to piping connection shall consist of one piping gate valve as part of piping and one needle SS valve, as part of instrumentation. + Temperature transmitters shall be mounted same as pressure transmitters on a rigid, anti vibration steel structure. Transmitters shall be wired to the PT-100 probes installed on piping — thermowell All instruments and transmitters on pressure vessels shall be rated for 150% of working pressure of vassel Following documentation shall be delivered (where applicable): + Installation/user’s manuals * Certificates of hydrostatic pressure test * Calculation data sheets * Manufacturer calibration data sheets ‘Oval dokument se ne smi dail na uvid i upotrebu osabama levan INA Grupe baz posebnog odobreria IMt_G2_ INA F6.00 16/27 i PREGA TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Sluaba upravianjainvestiojama * Material certificates acc. to EN 10204 3,1 * Certificates of leakage test * CE declarations of conformity * PED declarations of conformity © =ATEX certificates PRESSURE MEASUREMENT * Gauge, differential pressure or absolute pressure transmitters shall be used, depending on the application and service conditions. ‘+ All wetted parts of pressure instruments shall be in 316 stainless steel as a minimum. + Pressure transmitters shall be of Emerson 3051 series or Yokogawa EJA series. ‘+ Overrange (pressure) and under-range (vacuum) protection shall be provided, as required by the design pressure. Overrange protection shall cover at least 30% above the specified range limit without calibration shift * Pressure gauges shall be of the bourdon tube type, bellows or diaphragm element and bottom connection with stainless-steel! housings with blow-out disc. 100 mm dials and zero adjustment facility. Ranges shall conform to DIN 16128. Gauges with ranges above 70 bars shall be of the solid type. Gauges subject to vibration shall be glycerine filed. Pigtails shall be provided for steam and high temperature services. + Scales shall have black printing on a white background. ‘+ Pressure gauges shall be ATEX compliant. TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT + Thermowells shall be in 316 stainless steel as a minimum. * Surface mounted, skin-type temperature devices shall be considered when the installation of thermowells is not allowed or impractical. * Platinum resistance temperature devices (RTD's), 100 ohm @ 0°, 3-wire type, in accordance with IEC 60751, shall be the preferred method of temperature measurement and be used for temperatures in the range of -180°C to 500°C. Elements shall be mineral insulated, stainless-steel sheathed and spring-loaded. * Field mounted transmitters, used with RTD's and thermocouples, are preferred where an analog signal is required. In case of high-temperature applications or in order to attend accessibility requirements, transmitters mounted separately from the thermowell shall be used. + Temperature gauges shall be bimetallic type, nominally 100 mm dial size, heavy duty stainless steel construction. ‘Oval dokument se ne smile dali na wid upotrebu oscbama izvan INA Grupe bez posenog odobrenia| I1_G2_INAT_F6.00 177 PF korporativnog Slu2ba upravianiaivesicjama | | TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FLOW MEASUREMENT Vortex-type meters shall be the preferred method for flow measurement of liquid, steam, gases and vapours. ‘Square-edged concentric orifice plates with flange taps (for line sizes up to and including 12” and radius taps (for line sizes 14” and larger) may be used for flow measurement of clean liquids, steam, gases and vapours. Design shall be in accordance with ISO 5167 and BS1042, subsection 1.2. Preferred differential ranges are 125 and 250 mbar. Orifice plates in horizontal lines shall be provided with vent/drain holes, when required by the application. The minimum hole diameter shall be 2 mm. Holes shall be taken into consideration in the calculation of the orifice plate bore. Restriction orifices shall be calculated in the same manner as square-edged concentric orifice plates with flange taps in accordance with ISO 5167, considering the relationship between differential pressure and permanent pressure loss. Sight glasses may be used only for lubricating oil, sealing liquids and cooling water. LEVEL MEASUREMENT Differential pressure transmitters (including flange mounted and remote diaphragm seal differential pressure transmitters) shall be the preferred method for level measurement on all liquid applications. Displacement-type instruments may be used for liquid level and interface level measurement. Displacement-type instruments shall be external type, with side-side connections and rotateable heads. Standard ranges 356, 813, 1219 and 1524 mm. Level switches shall be vibration fork type. Magnetic-type level gauges are required for local liquid level indication. The total visible length of the level gauges shall cover the complete operating range as well as the ranges of other level instruments installed on the vessel. CONTROL VALVES Control valves for throttling services shall be either globe angle, eccentric rotary plug, ball or butterfly style. Globe double seated and eccentric rotary plug valves shall not be used in shut-off applications. For automatic shut-off applications, which are not associated with control valves, line size ball valves shall be used. Ball valves in safeguarding services shall be of the fire safe design, according to API 607. Butterfly valves should not be used for shut-off purposes. On/off valves shall be equipped with limit switches (open/closed detection) ‘Oval dokument se ne mie dal na uvid i upotrebu osabama levan INA Grupe baz posebnag odobrenla ‘_G2_INAT_F6-00 1827 TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Slugba upravjanja investicjama * Body materials and connections shall comply with the service conditions. Screwed connections shall not be used without Company's approval. + Adequate valve/trim design and/or materials, as advised by valve vendor, shall be applied in order to overcome problems associated with noise, cavitation or flashing. Sound pressure level shall not exceed 80dB(A) within one meter from the valve. + Asa minimum, trim material shall be 316 stainless steel; hardening of plug and seat shall be done when any of the following conditions exist: ‘© Service with pressure drop exceeding 10 bar. ‘© Steam or wet gas service with pressure drop exceeding 5 bar. © Abrasive service. * Body materials and connections shall comply with the service conditions. The direction of the flow shall be marked on the valve body. * Actuators shall be pneumatic diaphragm or piston type. ‘+ Failure position and leakage class (ANSI/FCI-70.2) shall be in accordance with the service requirements. * Actuators shall be capable of actuating the valve against the maximum pressure drop that is dictated by the service conditions, in combination with the minimum instrument air supply pressure. + Electro-pneumatic valve positioners shall be provided for all control valves in electronic control loops. Valve positioned shall be controlled with 4-20mA signal and shall be HART capable with advanced valve diagnostics features. Pneumatic valve positioners shall be provided for local pneumatic control loops only. + Valve positioners shall be equipped with 4-20mA position feedback. ‘+ Valve sizing calculations shall be according to IEC 60534, part 2. The sizing Cv for equal percentage valves shall be based on 1.8 times the normal flow Cv or 1.2 times the maximum flow Cv, whichever is greater. The sizing Cv for linear characteristic valves shall be based on 1.5 times the normal flow Cv or 1.1 times the maximum flow Cv, whichever is greater. The nearest manufacturer's published Cv equal to or larger than the sizing Cv shall be used to determine valve size. Valve Seller shall advise where fluid velocity would exceed the recommended limit. + Limit switches shall be inductive, proximity type, with signal in accordance with DIN 19234 (NAMUR). ‘Oval dokument se ne smile dal na uid Wl upotrebu osobama lzvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobreria It_G2_INA1_F6-00 19127 i Ree TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog ‘Sivzba upraviianjainvesticjama tra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION JUNCTION BOXES Junction boxes shall be installed on the skid edge. Junction boxes for multicables shall be installed on the structures by means of standard type supports. Separate junction boxes shall be provided for each type of signal, e.g. analog, digital, solenoids, RTD, thermocouple, vibration, intrinsically safe and for power supply. Materials of construction shall be GRP. Junction boxes shall comply with the area classification and be weatherproofed to IP 55 (IEC 60529), as a minimum. Metric size threaded, double compression type (for armored cable only) cable glands, according to BS 3643/IEC 60423 shall be used to suit the size of the cables. Unused gland holes shall be plugged. ‘Screw terminals mounted on DIN rails shall be used. A screwed, laminated plastic nameplate with the junction box number shall be provided on the cover plate. INSTRUMENT PIPING “Instrument piping’ in this context, refers to the piping, tubing, fiting, valves and muttivalve manifolds required to connect an instrument to a pipe or vessel. Pressure instruments shall have 2 valve manifolds to provide the capability of depressurizing/draining the sensing line after the block valve is closed. Differential pressure instruments shall have 5 valve manifolds to provide the capability of depressurizing/draining the sensing lines after the block valves are closed as well as high and low sides pressure equalizing, Instrument air supply shall be through individual isolating valves and filter/regulator sets. If more than 3 instrument air consumers are included within the package, Vendor shall provide the instrument air distributor (to be located at the edge of the skid) and connect all the consumers to the distributor by means of SST tubing and fittings. Air distributors shall be of SST and equipped with valves at inlet, all of the outlets as well as drain. ‘Oval dokument se ne mie dai na uvid Wl upotrebu osabama levan INA Grupa baz possbnag odabrenia InMt_G2_INA1_F6-00 20/27 i fag a TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NVFE-03 PF korporativnog ceria TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravijanja investicijama_ INSTRUMENTATION CABLES * Allinstruments requiring off-skid connections shall be wired to terminal boxes at the skid edge. + Cables shall be installed on cable trays with covers or cable protection pipes. Hot dip galvanised cable trays and/or pipes shall be used. + All single and multipair signal cables shall have twisted pair(s), individual and overall screen with drain wire. * Signal cables shall have stranded conductors. Minimum conductor section for single pair cables shall be 1.0 mm2, and for multipair cables 0.75 mm?. Minimum conductor section for solenoid valve cables shall be 2.5 mm2. * Thermocouple compensation cables shall be specified according to IEC 60584-3. ‘+ Mineral insulated cables may be considered for high temperatures. * Drain wites of cable screens shall be connected to dedicated terminals in the junction boxes or local panel. Drain wires shall be individually sleeved up to the terminals with plastic sleeving. Drain wires shall be cut out and taped at instrument end. Instruments and associated equipment requiring power supply greater than 50 V AC or 100 V DC shall be adequately earthed. * Cables armouring shall be earthed at both ends as a minimum. + Power supply terminals in control panels, cabinets and junction boxes shall be covered in order to prevent inadvertent touching (protection class IP 20, according to IEC 60529). + Cable glands shall be nickel cadmium plated brass, double compression type (for armored cable only). * Cable outer sheath color shall be: o EExi cables: Light blue o Non-EExicables: Black + Each cable and wiring conductor (including panel wiring) shall be clearly and indelibly identified at both ends with closed ring shaped coding. ‘* Cables from local paneljunction boxes to instruments shall be identified with instrument tag number close to the panel/junction boxes. + Cables shall be compliant to IEC 60332 i.. flame retardant. Manufacturer's declaration of conformity or test certificates shall be supplied for each type of cable used. ‘Oval dokument se ne smije dai na wid it upotrebu osobama levan INA Grupa baz pessbnag odabrenla Intt_G2_INA1_F6-00 21/27 Wi aa TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION sluzba upravaniainvestiojama 12, SPARE PARTS AND START UP SERVICES Erection and Commissioning Spares Vendor shall include in his scope next Commissioning spares: © Commissioning Flushing oil © Screw compressor lube oil. The supplier shall provide the initial filing and the sufficient quantity for two complete oil replacements. © Complete set of all bearings for the compressor ‘One complete mechanical seal assembly ‘© One mechanical seal repair kit ° Vendor also shall provide spare filter cartridges for twenty replacements, i.e. 40 pieces of cartridges. Vendor shall include in his scope of supply, spares required for erection and commissioning of thepackage. If however, any additional spare is consumed during erection and commissioning, over and above the quoted erection and commissioning spares, the same shall be provided free of cost by vendor. Spares required for 2 years of normal operation. Vendor shall furnish along with the bid an item wise quantity and price quotation for spares parts required for the normal operation for two years after warranty period. The quoted price shall have a validity ‘of 6 months (inclusive of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation spares). Special Tools and Tackles ‘Any special tools and tackles required for maintenance etc. of the equipments of the package shall be included in the vendor's scope of supply. Vendor shall categorically confirm for each equipment, whether the special tools or tackles are required or not Start-up services Vendor shall deliver the price of start up engineer at the basis of man/day. During engaging of start up engineer services it will be paid only days performed on site. All other cost shall be included in this unit price. ‘Ovaj cokumient se ne smije dail na uv W upotrebu osobama lavan INA Grupe baz posebnog odobreria It_G2_INA1_F6.00 22/27 °) aE TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporatinog centra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravijanja investicijama 13. MANUFACTURERS OF SUBCOMPONENTS. The choice of package components shall be as follows: * Compressor: Aerzen, Frick, Gardner Denver, GEA, Howden, Kobelco, Mayekawa, Vilter, York. * Motors: ABB, Baldor, Konéar, Siemens. * Switchgear equipment: ABB, Konéar, Siemens. . \VFD: ABB, Danfoss, Siemens. . Control valves: Fisher, Masoneilan, Valtek. + Manual valves: North American or European manufacturer, bearing CE marking. * PLC: ABB, Mitsubishi, Allan Bradley * Transmitters: Rosemount, Yokogawa * Reciprocating pumps: Duwar, Wetherford, National oilwell 14, 3D MODEL REVIEW Skid 3D model review shall be conducted by presence of Company representatives. 3D model review by Company shall be a hold point. 15. | ATTACHMENTS TO THE SPECIFICATION + P&l Diagram. The purpose of the attachments is to show the minimum equipment, configuration and sparing philosophy. Everything that is indicated on the attachments represents the minimum scope of supply, but not limited to it, due to the fact that the Vendor is responsible for the supply and ultimate functionality of the system that shall be verified during the performance testing. However, Vendor is obliged to deliver all the equipment that is indicated on the attachments, although it is not necessary that Vendor understands the purpose of the required equipment. In case of conflict between the technical description of in the attachments and the text of this specification, the specification shall prevail. ‘Oval dokument se ne erie dat na wid ll upotrabu oscbama lzvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrenia IM1_G2_INAt_F6-00 29/27 ° HAH TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / NIFE-03 PF korporativmog genta TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravijanja investicijama 16. SPECIAL REQUREMENTS RLEATED TO LOCAL CROATIAN EX CERTIFICATION Requirements for electrical equipment to be used in hazardous area (Ex-equipment): 1. Requirements for manufacturers documentation / certificates to be supplied with the ‘equipment: * Equipment EC type test report according Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) that was prepared by an authorized laboratory, * Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity with Directive 94/9/EC, Note 1: Safety instructions regarding EC Type test report “X” conditions if any, has to be fulfilled (i.e. type of cable glands, maximum ambient temperature, wamings “do not open equipment...”, type of protective devices, cable isolation quality etc.), 2. Requirements for equipment marking: ‘+ Marking must be provided and shall include Category marking (e.g. Il 2G), applied type of Ex:protection (e.g. EEX de IIC T3), number of EC- Type Examination Certificate (e.g.PTB 03 ATEX 1111X) and other necessary data, + “Equipment” marked with Component EC-type-examination certificate (recognized by letter “U" at the end of Certificate number, e.g. empty enclosure) cannot be approved for use in hazardous area (2.9. PTB 06 ATEX 1023 U), as a standalone unit 3. Requirements for installation: + Equipment EC Type test report requirements have to be fulfilled, * Cables to be installed in hazardous areas shall be compliant to IEC 60392 i.e. flame retardant. Manufacturer's declaration of conformity or test certificates shall be supplied for each type of cable to be used. *For ally safe circuits (I.S.) itis necessary to use light blue cables and to carry out the segregation from Non-L.S. circuits (by means of cable trays segregation and/or by spacing or by using armoured cables for all the circuits); blue 1.S. cable glands have to be used, as well as blue marking of the I.S. circuits cable trays, * Itis necessary to implement the earthing of Ex-protected equipment housings and all other metal surfaces (e.g. JBs., cable glands etc.) used in hazardous areas, * For electrical equipment type Exd it is necessary to use Exd cable glands with sealing compound for cable connection; these cable glands (and Exd fittings, if used) need to have additional K-certificate, Note 2: Installation of Exd cable glands with sealing compound shall be performed by an authorized installer who is under the technical supervision of Ex-Agency, ‘Oval cokimont so na emije Gal na uv li upotebu osobama Izvan INA Grupe bez posebnog odebrenia ImMt_G2_INAt_F6-00 2427 PF kerporaivnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ‘Sluzba upravijanja investicijama iz TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA/ NIFE-03. * For armoured cables it is necessary to use cable glands for armoured cables (normally brass or stainless steel) and for non-armoured cables it is necessary to use cable glands for non-armoured cables, +For all electrical loads/equipment in hazardous areas reports and measurements (2.9. overvoltage, overload (also taking into consideration the special requirements for motors with type of protection “increased safety” EEx e, for regulated electrical drives, etc.), earth fault (also taking into consideration the system of earthing, etc.), short circuit ete.); Note 3: Measurements shall be performed by an authorized company who is under the technical supervision of Ex Agency. +For intrinsically safe circuits it is necessary to check conformity with limit electrical data. 4. Applicable standards: + European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) sIEC 60079-11, sIEC 6079-14, “IEC 60364, “IEC 60332-1, *IEC 60364-6, *IEC/EN 60204-1 ‘Ovaj dokument se ne emi dalina uvid li upotrebu oscbama lzvan INA Grupe baz posebnog odobreria Intt_G2_INAt_F6-09 25/27 inn TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACWA / N/FE-03 PE korporativnog contra TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Siudba uprevijanja investicjama Requirements for non-electrical equipment to be used in hazardous area (Ex-equipment): Non-electrical equipment with relation to hazardous area protection is equipment with no electrical components (or component of an assembled system, e.g. actuator installed on a valve), but which contains possible effective ignition sources as defined in standard EN/IEC 1127-1, paragraph 5.3. Possible ignition sources referred to in the standard are hot surfaces, mechanically generated sparks etc. 1. Requirements for manufacturers documentation/certificates to be supplied with the ‘equipment: “Category 1 (Zone 0) equipment and protective systems: (a) EC-Type Certificate, (b) Declaration of Conformity with ATEX Directive, (©) Maintenance manual (with safety instructions regarding "X" conditions, if any) Note 4: If Category 1 Non-electrical equipment is to be used in a Zone 0 environment, the manufacturer must gain an EC Type Examination and ATEX certificate from a Notified Body. “Category 2 (Zone 1) equipment: (a) Declaration of Conformity with ATEX Directive, (b) Certificate/Record of Deposition/storage of technical file at Notified Body archive “Category 3 (Zone 2) equipment: (@) Declaration of Conformity with ATEX Directive, (b) Maintenance manual (with safety instructions regarding “X" conditions, if any) 2. Requirements for equipment marking: Marking shall be made according to the requirements that are given in European ‘standard EN 13463-1, paragraph 9.3 (e.g. Il 2G c IIB Tx or at least Il 2G) “Marking shall be the same as given in manufacturers Declaration of Conformity with European Directive 94/9/EC for specific equipment, 3. Requirements for additional certification: *Applicable only for Category 1 equipment to be used in a Zone 0 environment (see Note 4 above) 4. Requirements for installation: *Non-electrical installations involve the installation of non-electrical equipment, with respect to connection to plant production and/or to sections of the media transport pipeline as well as additional pipelines (e.g. vapour pipelines), *Special requirements (e.g. conditions of symbol “X’, special requirements of the characteristics of certain protection types, etc.) if any, need to be fulfilled, ‘Gval dokument se ne smije dati na uid W upotrebu osabamva van INA Grupe bez possbneg odabrenla| IMt_G2_INA1_F6-00 26/27 PF korporativnog centra ‘Siudba upravijanjainvesticjama TEHNICKA SPECIFIKACIJA / TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NIFE-03 “Control measures of protection (e.g. protection against vibrations, temperatures, etc.) if any, need to be checked, *General condition of explosion protection of equipment and installation (usually at the level of visual control) need to be checked, “Parts with hot surfaces in hazardous area need to be located, ‘Measurements and tests performed for the purpose of defi temperatures, etc, need to be provided, “Specification of insulation materials, etc. shall be provided. 5. Applicable standards: *EN 13463-1, sENIEC 1127-1 Disclaimer: ing_ maximum The purpose of this guidelines in the chapter 15 is to help package units and equipment vendors in assessing the requirements of applicable Croatian regulations while designing, supplying or installing the facilities in Croatian territory for use in hazardous areas. INA shall not be held liable for any omissions or possible mistakes in this document. It is strongly advised that apart from these guidelines, vendors investigate the applicable European standards as well as Croatian regulations. Additional resources can also be found on Croatian Ex-agency web site (http://www.ex-agency. hr). ‘Oval dokument se ne erie da na wid upotrebu osobama lavan INA Grupe bez posebnog odobrania| It_@2_INA_F6-00 27/27