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Katie Barton

7353 E. Sandia Circle

Mesa, AZ, 85207

To Whom It May Concern:

Ever since I started college, I have been passionate in my commitment to three things:
maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students interest in an independent life,
and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students. I have dedicated my school career to
each, as my resume will demonstrate.
I was excited to find a job opening in the Chandler Unified School District because both as a
grade school student in Gilbert and an adult in the Phoenix area, I have only heard positive
sentiments about the district as a whole. The positive reputation, dedicated staff, impressive
Special Education programs, and growing technology incorporated into instruction has drawn me
to have a strong desire to work at a Chandler Unified School.
My qualifications include a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education. I have spent two
years interning and student teaching in a variety of classrooms, taking the time to observe and
learn techniques from these experienced teachers. This past year, I have spent fifteen weeks in a
Self Contained Autism classroom, where my love and desire for the position truly flourished. I
worked tirelessly to create new, rigorous, but level-appropriate folder tasks, lessons, and job
placements for our students. I am currently spending fifteen weeks in a mainstream third grade
classroom where my classroom management skills and subject area knowledge has already
grown vastly.
Thank you for your interest and consideration in my candidacy. I look forward to hearing from
you. It would be an honor to be a Chandler Unified staff member.


Katie Barton

Katie Barton
7353 E. Sandia Circle
Mesa, AZ, 85207


Seeking a teaching position within a Special Education setting, bringing the

following experience, skills, and attributes.

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, ASU
Special Education and Elementary Education August 2013- May 2016

Student Teaching Experience

Self Contained Autism Teacher, Chaparral High School, Fall 2015
Developed individual tasks aligned to IEPs
Coordinated a class of eight students with various needs
Charted and collected data based on folder tasks and IEPs

Grade Teacher, Hohokam Traditional Elementary, Spring 2016

Coordinated a class of 27 students integrating best practices
Produced rigorous and creative lesson plans
Tutored third grade students in the afterschool Falcon Academy Program

Student Internships
Math Resource, Williams Field High School, Fall 2014
Co-taught Algebra I to support the students with IEPs
Retaught math lessons and broke down information based on individual
Uploaded notes and lesson onto an online page for students to view at home
Third/Fourth grade, Horizon Community Learning Center, Spring 2015
Observed co-teaching with two teachers and 60 combined-aged students

School Accomplishments
ASU Deans List, 2014-2015
Kappa Alpha Theta Human Resources Director, 2015
Student Body Treasurer, 2009-2010
Student Council President, 2006-2009

Work Experience
Nanny, July 2013-July 2014

Volunteer Work
Planned and organized Junior/Senior Prom, 2006-2009
Organized full day Autism Family Fun Day, 2006-2010
Organized Special Education Dance 2006-2010