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Law on Sales, Angency and Credit Transaction, by Hector De Leon

Part I: Sales
Chapter 1: Nature and Form of the Contract
Chapter 2: Capacity to Buy or Sell
Chapter 3: Effects of the Contract When the Thing Sold Has Been Lost
Chapter 4: Obligations of the Vendor
Chapter 5: Obligations of the Vendee
Chapter 6: Actions for Breach of Contract of Sale of Goods
Chapter 7: Extinguishment of Sale
Chapter 8: Assignment of Credits and Other Incorporeal Rights
Chapter 9: General Provisions
Chapter 10: Barter or Exchange
Chapter 11: The Bulk Sales Law
Part II: Agency
Chapter 1: Nature, Form and Kinds of Agency
Chapter 2: Obligations of the Agent
Chapter 3: Obligations of the Principal
Chapter 4: Modes of Extinguishment of Agency
Part III: Credit Transactions
A. Loan (General Provisions)
Chapter 1: Commodatum
Chapter 2: Simple Loan or Mutuum
B. Deposit
Chapter 1: Deposit in General and Its Different Kinds
Chapter 2: Voluntary Deposit
Chapter 3: Necessary Deposit
Chapter 4: Sequestration or Judicial Deposit
C. Guaranty
Chapter 1: Nature and Extent of Guaranty
Chapter 2: Effects of Guaranty
Chapter 3: Extinguishment of Guaranty
Chapter 4: Legal and Judicial Bonds
D. Pledge
Chapter 1: Provisions Common to Pledge and Mortgage
Chapter 2: Provisions Applicable Only to Pledge
E. Real Mortgage
F. Antichresis