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De Shaun Webb
Mr. King
27 May 2016
Individualism vs. Collectivism
Dont ever let anyone dull your sparkle. An individualist is one that has a habit or
principle of being independent and self-reliant. They believe to put themselves and their family
first before anyone. They have a purpose to things and one is a purpose of education. Their
purpose of education is to learn how to learn. It might sound complicated when its being read
but it means to learn how to cope with things. Individualism contains the properties of being
selfish and talked about amongst many.
Individualists boost the exercise of ones goals and desires and they value independence
and self-reliance the most. Craig Biddle says, Each has his own body, his own mind, his own
life. (Biddle). Each individualist is alike in many ways but they have their own mind and they
do what they want while still abiding by the rules of individualism. Everyone cant be the same
in the same world that would be boring. Its just like in school; kids cant be the same and they
think about themselves too much but they abide by the rules of the school. Could schools be
Kids want to be like other kids and they think about how they look and how they are
portrayed. Kids go through a web of confusion. Graham Stedman says caught in a web of
confusion (Graham). This is a powerful statement because it explains every aspect of life;
especially individualism. Its like a person is stuck but they always find a way out of it.


Individualists are always stuck in a web of confusion as to why other people, collectivists, think
they are self-conceited people.
In a collective environment, collectivists get happiness not just from doing things with
others but doing things both with and for others. Despite the evidence against collectivism, many
people believe they help others too much, but they fail to see that they are just trying to be a
good samaritan. Those who believe collectivists help others before themselves think they put
other people before themselves. Although aspects of this argument are enticing, it ultimately fails
to be a stronger argument because collectivists think individualists dont have a heart but thats
not the case. They want to help themselves and their family before they help collectivists who
want to help everyone.
Individualism contains the properties of being selfish and talked about amongst many.
Dont think collectivists should label individualists as selfish. If they dont want to help others
like collectivists, its their purgative. Why would individualists want to help people who call
them conceited, selfish, etc.? Maybe that makes them feel really bad and not want to help
collectivists when they need help. Make a habit of shutting down conversations that aim to tear
others down.


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