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1, Inplantcels, which fhe fllowing processes uses ATP? (A) Osmosis roothairs (B) Mineral uptake in root hairs (©) Diffusion int roothairs (©) Turgorpressureinroot cortex 2. The spongy mesophyil is the cist site of ‘gaseous exchange ina dicotyledonous laf. “Thisispossiblebecanse the cellsare @ ® oO ©, ‘slongated in shape and vertically packed legate in shape an tightly packet found near the upper surface ofthe leaf found near the lower surfiee of the leat 3. Which of the following processes, taking place during photosynthesis, returns Chlorophyll molecules to theireced state? wo ®) © © Formation of ATP Photolyisof water Excitation of Photosystem (Oxidation of NADPH o2207010CAPE2007 oe GALPTP KA Products ‘THE CALYINCYCLE ATR, produced in photophosphorylaton, used in the Calvin Cycle shown above, Which of the following combinations correctly identifies the stages, labelled 110 IV where ATP is used? and I only Land Itonly Mand TV only Wandiltonly ‘Aa investigation of the offect of light intensity and temperature on the rate of photosynthesisofa suspension of Chlorella cellsshowed that at higher ight intensities, the cells phowosynthesized much faster at ‘20°C than at 18°C. Thisis because “ o © o photosynthesis is an enzyme controlled process carbon dioxide diffuses at higber temperatures ‘high temperatures favour high Ltanspiration rates ‘higher light intensities increase the ‘ate of photolysis of water (GOON TOTHENEXT PAGE 6 Tfexygen's notavailableduring the process of aerobic respiration, the net number of ATP molecules produced from a molecule of glucose is w 2 ® 4 oO 4 ©) 7. Inthediagram ofthe mitochondrion below, enzymes which catalyse oxidative phosphorylatonare located at ste -u woo ® Wm © 1 oO Ww 5, Which of tae following pairs of options is correct for both the Krebs cycle and the electron anspor chain? Webs Cyale Bleetron ‘Transport Chain (A) | Orisct consumed 0; is consumed (B) | COsnet produced | CO; produced (© | Siteof actions the | Site of action is inet membrane of | inner leer ofthe themitochendion | grana (©) [NADTisreduced to | NAD" ereduoed to NADH +H NADH+H ‘22070101CAPE2007 9. 10. Hern refers tothe following appara set tp to determine the rae of respiration of ‘geminating sees (lass tubing of| 22mm internal ameter Shallow tray of ater f—Mateen ‘ube Peston of re lk Germinaing es ‘The results of the experiment are presented inthetable below. Time ‘Volume of Oxygen (mins) | Absorbed (em’) (oased on distance ‘moved by meniscus) 5 16 0 2 1s 34 {20 42. _ Which ofthe following quantities represents the average rate of oxygen uptake by the seeds during the time course of the experiment? (A) 42cm! mint )O21em! mint (©) 1.266n? min* ) 67 em? br! In muscle tissue indergoing strenuous contractions, the formation of lactate is due (A) _highconcentmtionofcarbon dioxide (B) high oncentrationofglyeogen (©) low concentration of ghicose @) _lowconcentration oforyeen GOONTOTHENEXTPAGE 4 11, Whichorthe following isa correct defition ofthe term "habitat"? (A) The relationship between an ‘organist and other epecies (®) The interacting community of ‘nganisns and the environment (©) Treway inwhich the environment isexplitedby the organism (D) location within abiome where an ‘orgasm wells 12, Net primary production (NPP) is (the tansfer of energy though an ecosystem (®) the amount of organic material + availableto herbivores (©) theamourt organi matesial made ‘inphotosymesis (D) _thesmount of energy reaching the ‘earth's surface 13, The figure below zepresents an ecological pyramid of numbers. The species of organisms in te pyramid are blackbinis, aphid fice and chery tees, Ww x oa Match EACH of the species etow with the options above. w fx ¥ (a))iice —etids [taki ‘Bh [inckbeds| oe fads Tlaphide chery — |ice D)]iice [blackbirds] aphids if Bali 8 ‘2207010CAPE2007 ¥. 15. tem 14 refers 1 the terrarium below, an ‘oxampleofaselfsustaining une, ‘Which ofthe following reasons explains why ‘he plants inthe jar continue to thrive for Several months after the jar is sealed, even ‘hough no addvonal materials are sed?” (A) The plants contain stored carbohydrates thatare uilized, (B) Microorganisms in the soil decompose the organie wastes to fellate recycling. (©) Thereare mo erbivoresin the jarto eat tho plants and thus limit photosynthesis (D) The glass jar exposes the plants to ‘adequate light for photosynthesis In the nitrogen cyst, denitifying bacteria (A) atmospheric nitrogen to nitrates (8) sitatestoammosphericnizogen (©) ammonium compoundstoriraies (D) _atmmosphors nitrogen to ammoniimm ‘compounds GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE, 16. Whichofthe following describes the Bineton ofthoendodermis? (A) controls the movement of wator and ions to the xylem using & Casparian strip. @) _Tireleases root pressure as water moveaintothe xylem by osmosis. . (©) ttallows water moleculosto cling to the surface by cohesion se that 2 1 continueuscolumn iserented : (©) __eformsasystem of interconnected plosmadesmata through which ‘water nd fons ean move, Wem 17 refers io the diagram below which shows ome of te cells involved i loss of ‘wat from partoFaplant ‘Which fie folowing comecty identifies the ‘ons labelled P and Q2 Region @ (A) | Kvlem | Mesophyl eels (B) | Xylem Root eorex (C)[ Phioen | Palisade 1 (D) | Phioem | Stem eorex) (2207010/CAPE2007 18, 1s. ‘The function of the companion cell in mature phloem tissues that it w @ © © provides structural support forthe sieve tubes actively moves sucrose out of neighbouring photasynthesizing cnlls tothe sieve tubes moves sucrose against ‘concentration gradient into the yen contains anveleus nocded force visionof the sieverube elements Whieh ofthe following statements presents the BES Tevidence to support the mass flow theory of phloem transport? w @ © © hice tissue caries manufactured food to. destinations simultaneously, rather than tothe greatest ‘sink’ Sieve plates ae bartier and have ‘been reduced in the course of ‘evolution, Contents of sieve tubes ae under pressure, and sugar colution ‘exudes of phloem sze-cut Appropriate gradients between “Source! and ‘snk’ tissues do not GOON TOTHENEXT PAGE 6 tem 20 shows a diagram of longitudinal lems 24-22 raf to the diagram belowe section tne heat. ‘which shows the pressure inthe lefts af thehear. A 1 ur Ww 21. The scmi-tuma valves close at “= wot 20. Thepostioncfthesino-enialnadesindicted ® om » omen ow woo ot © om 22, Tho mall surge in pressure in region X is ©) caused by (A) ata diate (B) trial sysole (©) vertieulardiasiore (©) venricularsystote ‘tm 2ireferstothe photogmapnbelew which sthows.ahuman blood smear AP on = 04 ORM 23. What isthe appro mate magaifieation of {hiephotograph? (ay x700 @ x10 © x7 O xis GOONTOTHENEXT PAGE. (0220701070 APE2007 ‘em 24 refers tothe graph below which shows the oxy gen dissociation curve for ‘haemoglobin at pH 6.8 and 7.5. A i pus. ‘olution me oo mecmoglobia se Pari prover ofowaee 24. Thepercentagesturation ofhaemogibin in 26. theleadleavinganaetive muslejsshown aoa @ B O ¢ Oo Dd 2. 25. Which of the following combinations of processes numbered | to [V, relates tothe liver? 1. Glucose regulation 1 Teansamiation| HI Storage of Vitamins A, B and D 1. Manufacture of digestive enaymes ita @) Gilad iv © (ilanaiv ©) thitandv ‘02207010(CAPE2007 ‘Mam 26refersto the diagram below which shows tho ulirastricture of two cells from ‘the idney with par of an adjacent capillary Nuclens af — Mitochondria Blood eapitiary SS aaa “The epion ofthe nepinron shown isthe (A) Bowman’scapsile (©) collecting uct (©) glomenus (©) proximalubate ‘Glomesuar tate contains substances with aelative molecular massless than 68,000 {Ungermolocules sich a red blood cellsand proteinsere prevented from passing intathe nephron because ofthe (A) besementmembrans (@)—capillny endeteon (©) podocytes (©) glomenilarpressure GOONTOTHENEXTPAGE 8. 28, Whichofthe following pair ofcells and structures possess myelin sheath? (A) ond iTonly (®) Mandi only (© WandiVenly (©) Wandloaly 29. A delay of 0.5 ms occurs in transmission eros: a synapoo because (A) caleiamionsdiffiace into thesynaptic nm (®) fon channels in the postsynaptic ‘membrane respond slowly to the presence of acetylcholine which Gimases across the cleft (© the synaptic Knob releases ‘cetleholine whic diffuses across theclet (D) the presynaptic membrane isin a reffnetory period cn207010/CAPE2007 30, Glucagon isa hormone sereted by cellsin thepaneceat, Which TWO of the following _changesare brought shout by ghicagon? “a B) oO) Itdecteases the blood sucose level Winereasesthe blood glucose level It stimulates the breakdown of lyeogen UW stimulates the formation of sByeoeen and UL ant IV Mand Tand1v GOON TOTHENEXT PAGE 3 2 3 Which ofthe following comet identifies three groups of nutrients that provide energy inthedier (A) Protsin.mineals fibre (8) Lipids cabohyeates, fibre (©) Lipids, carbohydrates, prin (©) Minerals, wate, fixe Which ofthe following conditions is NOT cused by malnutrition? (A) Obesity (2) Marasmas (C)—Kovashionkor (D) —Emphyseme Fany deposits in arteries can contribute to strokes and heart diszase. Thisconditionis called (A) areriosclerasis @) antes (©) thrombosis (D) atherosclerosis Which of the following factors is responsible forthe inerease in heart rate ddringexcrcise? (A) Accumulation of lactic acid in the smuseles (B) Decreased oxygen concentration in the Blood scam (©) twereased adrenaline inthe blood (D) Increased glucose conconteation in ‘theblood seam (2207010(CAPE2007 35. “ Oy © Oy Which ofthe folowing eombnstions comely describe the pathogens responsible for ‘malaria, dengue fever and IDS? ‘Malaria | Dengue ] AIDS Fever Eukaryotic | Vins | Vins parasite Bacterium | Eukaryotic { Views parasite Virus Bacterium | Eukaryotic parasite Eukaryotic | Bacterium | Bacterium parasite Which ofthe folowing disease is treated swithdnigs thathaves similar structure tothe DNA molecule? 4) AIDS (®) Malaria (© Dengue fever {D) _Sieklecelt anoemia GOON TOTHENEXTPAGE, =10- ‘em.37 refers to the diagrams below which shows the stages of phagocytism of a becteriumby aneutrophil oO @ OO 37, Which ofthe following shows the corect sequence af he phagocytic process? wm 4 2 3 2 @ 2 1 3 4 © 4 2 1 3 oO 1 3 2 4 38. The following are characteristics of lymphocyes 1 Attack cells infected with roorganssms 1, Produceantbodies UL Produce memory cells TV. Matwesathe thyme gland ‘Two charsteristes fT Iymphooytes are (A) Land tony (B)—Lenditlonly (©) Lend IVonly (Mana ivonly ‘o2207010(CAPE2007 9%. 40, a 2, ‘Mem 39 refers tothe options below. L ut wv Globular lyeoproein Four polypeptide cans “Two ence binding sites Ahingercpion ‘The shove festures are charctristic of a) @ © co) sntigens soais phagocytes haerogobin ‘A newhor baby is protected from diseases bby antibodies acquired ftom the maternal cealtion. Thibisanexampleof “ @) © o rtf active mmnity sti passive immanity ‘natural active immunity natural passive immunity ‘Which of the following is NOT an example of m application formonsclenal miboties? w @ oO Oy Preguaney testing Diagnosis of diseases Prevention of transplanted organ rejection Gene therapy Fa‘ accurnulates nthe iver when alesho is consumed regularly becanse “ ®) Ce) liver celle ute aloohol asa energy souroe insted af fit fat absorbs aleolol and helps to deoutyit slcohol is used to synthesise fat ‘moleculesintheliver alcohol prevents the ivereells eam secreting fat molecules (GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE ne Wem 43 cofersto the diagram below which 44. Which pair of effects, labelled 10 IV, isa shows the manufsetuee of recombinant direct result of nicotine in tobacco smoke? bumaninsulin, 1. Consricton of areral diameter TL Increased mucus production inthe ‘veo ML, Paralysis ofeitiain the bronchi IV. Increased stickiness of blood phaclets : tna (8) Landtv (land D) Mandiy 45. Which ofthe following explains the use of restriction enzymes in gene technology? (A) Breaking down bactesil cell walls torcleaseplasids (®)—_Feaming DNA fom RNA (© Cutting open circular DNA of pais (©) Joining diferent picees of DNA to fon combinant plasmids 43. Atwhichpointofthe stages labeled fl ‘and LV, does the replication of donc gees ‘occur? wo om © mt o Ww s IFYOUFINISH BEFORE TIME ISCALLED, CHECK YOUR WORKONTHISTEST. 02207010/CAPE2007 3 The slectrons from _noa-cyslic plotoptosperyion pe ino the Cea (eleva whichof he lowing” ar ® NADH, FAD @) NADP ‘Which ofthe stages abled {= 1V on dhe dingran represent th stage at which carbo oxide sincera into the ec woo @ o oO w ov Which of the following combinations w © o {and tony aad tony Mand only LM Mandv Daring which of the following pattwins ‘does the synthesis of ATP occur by ‘wbstotefve phnephorylai? 1 Ghyts 1 Krbscole 1 Bleewon rmnsporcain A tow @)tanditonly (© Wenditlonty ©) LManditoaty 6 Uisderanneroic cotons te pynnacid radical by asepatingenmele eel canbe 1 exit pewbandonde ad water TL te tssegenerte NADH UL converte lntcasd TV. decarborylaedio form cety1CoA may ®) TandiMoaly (© LitlandVoaly ©) hmtearvoaly 7. Teetnalproaussofeyecinisire (A) eceplcommen (B)reduced NADH © ARNADmd pyre ©) pynvete,ATPand NADH 9. Which se foowing esribesan soxysten? 0. Jem 8 refers wo the Krebs cycle shown aw, aa Coons A Hate = (4) £0, ‘ow many carbon atoms ar represented st Xena Y seapoctvely? 1) sCandsc ® scmdac © Cadac ©) cmasc (A) Produce + connamen + dewomposers + nonving compoocs! (@) Producers + decomposes + habs * sonsiving coxaponeat (C)_roduers + connsmers + habits + no-ving component (0) Coommers + decooporers + habitats * werliving compencat ‘Thetblebelow shows the exinsted cere content othe trophic valsofa pean Levey | energy content 13a? Prodacen 500 Hetivores 15 ‘Oenivees 1S Gararores m1 ‘Which ofthe flowing indicates the percentage decease in coer beeen rode and herbivore? a) com & 027% © 02% ©) 22% (GOONTOTHENEXT u, 2 1. Which sequence cemecly represents te 14 scion f fing bai? (A) Ammonis» nitive + nitrate {@)~ Nitrogen > nite > cite (©) irae > asmonism — nitogs (©) Nive 3 nitate > ammonia lap 2 refer othe diagram below 15, corsnre3 { ‘Carnes ‘Teeter “bievenity is BEST desonbed as (A) the mumberof specie cin eth () —thevasery fete ie forms on (©) therange of genes on earth (D) therangrofeconysiems on earth ‘Thecreation of tod banks tw econ method of maintaining plat diversity Preparation of material for storage involves 1. rection ofthe moisture content of the scede selection ofthe bested placing the sods Irvezng the seeds Weay {and ony asdioaty land t¥ only Q58S 2BF ‘The diggnm below shows thee adjczat ‘ser prea ae given inka, vy. 1. U7 fet 4 stagesin hole of water ffom these io the atmosphere, dra a ‘wa potted ie ove ough he cay ‘ffixon mothe mower, Water evaporate from te surface of themmopaylcel ‘ater eves rom cel celldowa, 2 water potest gradiet inthe acon 1, Witerpames fom th tem xylan stothemenyflcel. Wich ofthe lowing describes the comet sequence by which water ie Lost by mupintn? ® iomy ® tomo © tem o wmor tem 18 refers to the darkly taining materia InbeledX in Figure 1a whichis ‘fe found backing See Ya igure 18, Figen ‘Waar he dey of X? (A) Case B) Ligain (©) Cohiose ©) Stet 8. ‘Which ofthe following choices corre relatiog to the tanslocstion of organic azia? (A) Sugars are always taasloceted ‘omswaris of towards the base oftbeplin. (B) Thesouve isasio wheromgaeare rodiad, while las are sites wee suga re ulized, (© Tremgarwsch rmaport malt plans suse. ©) Screctmeceintcloen agit coment redent ‘Which of th flloning income fc BOTH merical vie? ‘Anees [Veer ‘A [ Rin walled | Few date Sires BY Cotage Bisa | Tick wall ret © [ew asic | Have aver ‘Ares ‘Dek walled” | Callagn free Proent aml refer the fllowing dingras of ‘Setar od aascited blood ves “Theinfoor wit @ «0 oO m ov 6. 22. Which othe folowing isthe correct sequence of evens ia sng eat beat mown asthe cardiac eye? ‘Ala symole—+ vearicularsysole > anal dasole-» ventricle disile Vensicular dase» avialsytole > atl dassle > venricala stole ‘Stal Giasle-> stat rysole > venticular stole > venicular diastole Vesicle syle ail sysclo~> aia distole > ventricular destole ~ lan23 refers te flowing tbe showing the dinrbwsonofbod! vous, preted velo ‘shuns veculrayatem, Volame/en? | Prewere/ambig ay 10 100 ny B 0 30 3 ce] 2200 0 03 DL #0 z 8 23. Whichsetofdam coresponla with thse fore venacavae? sn2Areferstothefeliowing diagam. 25, Which combination below shows how postive fnback alec achange in ouput ‘dhe drecdorl ow of nimple? oo 0 Oust Dima oO 2 Ww * (age seein (B) Smal “opposite direction O (© Lage inci O Sh Sendineion y 26. The outzome of an increase ia insulin 24, Thecelllablid Xin the diagram shoves pois w= (A) aw increase in all permeability to spite (+ Bilin gucote conversion to (0, tmonoene Grom ‘Dy “paeceltt (© miaceus in bond george (©) eainreaeinconenianef ehvogen To pacer conversion 2 ‘Which of the Fotlowing ruta features reves molecales,withe molecular mas freer thar 68 000, pasting from the Glomerular capillaries into Bowen's pale (A) The basement membrane of the ‘epithelial cell of Bowman's ‘apae (8) Tanai srfece membrane ofthe ‘etal call of he capa (©) Thecel surface meee of te pital cells ofthe Bowrmas’s pale () Trempacesberwomthe extensions ‘of the podocytes of Bowntan's ‘spa tem 28 refs to te table elow which ‘hows volumes of water reabsorbed at Afferent regions of the human Kidney Dephrong, ‘The total volume of Blrate rodsced bythe prensa i 180 dy. 29, Which of the following explains why ory poison would affect the ‘ranamisionofervekapules? (A) Net pres require energy to. open. CB) Energy i rquied tm tare the (©) Goery ie roqute to change the ‘veltge potential Bom 70 mV #0 +0m, (©) Theyactasiabitorncf mvt ‘shhanoee am 20 refrtohedagramtetow showing ‘he pp betveen wonearns. Region [Volume of water (4a?) Procol | 1470 Loop of Henle 100 ial ules 192 Ccolcting dot 22 ‘What is the volume of wine produced per ot 16am ©) 22dn © 24a0 ©) 1R4e 32 Alcahols ita disease which has been 34. Whichofhefowingere=ty ates the linked fo intetamlyvioleooe, aggressive senaturlabeledY? ‘bchaviour and pty crime. In which ofthe following four disease categories can = ‘Stone i (A) Tam Mealy u (®)Tandaltealy (© Mant TV ony ©) Mand V only BiymphocrsTiymphocr 33, Whichofite lowing is NOT futon of ‘Thelpercels? autos I Z — (A) They activate Blymphooyes © feo vide ond diferente pla imme rine ome pe Eee ©) They quickly produce plasma cals mayo when they encounter antigen for thesecoad ne )Lymphnade (©) They amsiat Piller cals in the @) Tymugind deren ffoeigncels (©) Redbone manow (©) They scvate phagocyte cell © (©) Hypottalams cpu rig cells and boy ells Infinit freon sagen 35. The diagram below shows anibody levels in blood serum afer exposure to & parler nen. Whichof the folowing inmmnogobulns ivan imprtan inthe body's fstresponse to ananigen? fom | te -s tom 36 referstothe diag below which 36. Te two bee ich prema the atigen binding it and te region whic va lex iy abiding igen are tae @) ams ©) wes ©) dade {ton 3 refer ote following inforston, “Two ypes of imma were invenigtd in aie fring fom acu. Person X is injected with anodes tthe Sonne. Person ia injeted with vaccine and pro- dacs mtibogin a raul ‘Boot samples reread fom bth people regular neva, The esl ae ‘how ont grap blow (A) pasiveraua, atv mate (8) Fassvemtiical ave arineal (©) setvenanral ansive artical a” ‘Whieh of the following combinations represent commos uses of monoclonal (A) and tony @) L.lwedtVenly (© th, MandV only ©) tila v Which ofthe llowng is NOT areason wy energy requierens fern pple fo inn oldage? (A) Theaountof activi varies with ‘ciation, ©) Mraboi rte reduces wih ae. (© Gender makes difference 10 very ests, ©) Asnpersonagesthey may be ess ‘ive, ‘Body Mass Index (BMI) snow used as 8 simple means ofaszsing obey. Which ne of the following formulae suse ‘ious BNA? height in ‘ody massin ka? snr = be mas ik _ wy BMIe © ‘tee ofindividualin ys __ body massing Oe Tan 41 a. 10 profesional ete ané as unnaine individu ew engaged in 10 mete exercise. The ‘ete Blood presize, pulse and tresthing ate remained almost wochanged whieh ua ‘rine individual engrineed icc nal ree parameters Which of Ge folowing ‘count oa? (A) Te ate developt increas muscle mas, (@) Gurdacoupar aad ung capac erased with tes walang (©) Tieathiechas more smi duc to a perinliaed dct. (©) Edance levels ar higher in te aie. Which of te following conc dex the causative agrat andthe mode of wanstittion of dengue fore? ‘Camtve Ageet | Mode of Trensmison Ol View Veer | Bacteria Veetor | View Aubome | Bectrom Aihome Afr regular connumption of nobel fit 44. Which ofthe following vatements explain ‘ccamlates im the Hive Which of the ‘rhy seobol coprmpion cas real the ‘Rlloming providenanexplaatonof is? tee cflene quiet eye (A) Aloo provides amber for de a ‘yates of fst molecule in the 1 Alebol increase he prodacon of te SAD @) —Alcobo damage tierce 0 hy 1, echo inbibis ADH redaction. ‘anon conver fino pope. UL Alcohol rode be permeability of (© Abcohol acts asa baler fort eo ‘he collecting dats sherbet re. ©) Alcohol is weed by liver calls a (A) Tend toy reference to ft, as en energy @) ead only sore (© Maodtoaly o [Gand a ‘Uam.4S refs tothe ble below showing tree components of ohacosmske, Xe and Z md er ees, x ¥ z ‘Consasanaises | Combines with | lca secon Inemogiobn | of meus Scimlates ewe of | Deceaes eves of | Thickens ng | srealine oypenintlced ” | usese acca ‘sckinen’ | Damage the ining | Prete ing idones fein caeer 45. Whlenof te owing cores ientifien X,Y nd 2? x ¥ z | te | Ricotae Carb mesons @)_| Ter | Caren menanide | Nicoiae (©)_| Nietine | Catoe meocside | Tor ©) | Nicotine | To ‘Caton monoride IF YOUFINISH BEFORE TIMEIS CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORKONTHIS TEST. a0 0CAPEO0R The clectrons fom non-eyelie bhoteposphorylation passin the Calvin yelewie Aw @) NADR, (FAD (D) NADP Doinggpotorynthesi Py, emits electrons ‘hat (A) cinberecyeled diver Py @) — ialbackdirenty 9 Py (©) waillgeverae ATP (D) _willgenerate reduced NAD Which of the following combinations correctly deseribas the MAIN factors affecting theratof photosynthesis? 1. Liptn intensity and temperature TL Grhon dioxide concentration ant ‘sate of the stomata HL NADandATPevailbility TV. Phyochvomes snd the availability of (A) Tanttfonly @) tandltlonly (© Landi only ©) Lmeawv In raveele tase undergoing strenvous contastons the Formation oflactate is de ‘othe (A) lewcancentrationof glucose (8) low cencentation of oxygen (©) high eencentation of glycogen (©) bighconcennationafcarbon dioxide Inaerabic sprain, fie anoxinnommnbe: of ATP mnoleciles that may he pradaced Gomamolecule of gineaseis wo @ 4 OQ « : ©) 8 cave and we oxidised are (A) ADP and phosphate (®) NADA, and FADE (C) Phosphate and acetyl CoA (D) ADP and pyruvate ‘The two MAIN products of exidative hospherylstionin the mitachondrien are (4) AvP and wate, (B)—orygen aod water (©) NAD and FAD (D)bydkegen and oxygen ‘The-oxygen consumed ducing celhslar respiationis directly involvedin (A) phosphorylation of ADP (B) _ceaversioncfeitateo oxaleacente (©) ciation ofpynrateto cetyl CoA (D) —svvepting electrons in electron ‘wansport chain reaction. 3 tema cefes to te following pyramid of 44, umber oS 10 Which ofthe following food chains would create the pyramid of humbers represented above? (A) Decayed leat — earthworms — ‘small birds —p large birds @) Trees aphids birds teas (© Tree-pants—> lizards binds (D} Tee bids Meas > bacteria ‘Which oftoe following statements tboutthe electron transpartchain are cares? a =Re wo ® © o “Loctted in the miochondin and chloroplasts. © “valved inthe production of ATR Located onthe merabranes. (Oxygen isalways the final electron acceptor, and IV only and I oaty [Mandi only Manav onty B [Né&grimury production in an ecosystem over given period may be BEST esined 3 he total amountat (A) organic matter peoduces! by all ‘organisms inthe ecosystem (B) _newerganic mater produsedealyby igen plants (©) organic metic usodin respiration and ‘metabolism by all organisms inthe ecosystem, (©) neworgaricmatterramaining afer respiration and mesabotsm haa been Sled em 12 rere to the following disgras rie cio it content nary sing =H a ‘An experiment is setup as showa above 19 calculate the rate of respiration in red pea. ‘After 0, seconds, the indicator Mui in the ‘apllary bing moved 85 mmm. The diameter ofthe capillary tubings 0.4mm, Whats the rate of respiration inthe red pea? (A) 0.2 mm? ete! (B) 0.68 me? get (©) 17 eam! gle! (©) 86mm g's! ‘Which ofthe following arethe substrate and Product(s) ofanzerabicrespication? ‘Substrate | Produet (A) [Ghacose [Taste seis + COs (©) | Giucose [Ethanol + 002 © Pyravate [Ethanol + CO, ©) [Pmuvae [Lactcacia 16 “4 ‘hic atthe tllowing combinations nay Leen nie eum dk versity? | atety of species on eat I Canbe defined st ahe genetic level TL May be defined at the ecosysexa ‘evel TV, Relates only to endangered spaces (A) 1) Mtandit only (®) 1) and TV only (©) 1. Mand1V onty (©) Ttttand TV only ‘Which ofthe following stcements descrtbes the function of dentrifying bacteria in the sinogen cycle? (A) Splitthenivogen maleculet fora ‘ates @) Convert nitrates to etmospherie sigogen (©) Convert azamonium compound 9 —— @) Split nitrogen molecsles w form ln an experiment, the water potential afte ‘rater ia ail, ie feaned tobe 40 Pe, while ‘hat of pure water is OkPa. This difference isdueto the (A) presence of rineral ions inthe sil (B)—groster kinetic energy of the soil “water aolecues (©) smallsie ofthe mineral ions io the coll water (©) water potential of soil water being restive 18, Man $7roas to the dingra etow which shows smelt ells involve loss a water fom pata plant, ‘Which oft foowing combinations cerectty ‘dents the regions labelled znd? Region P| Region @ () [Potoen | Palisase 8) | Phloem _| Str cortex (©)| Xylem | Mesophyil cells ©) | Xylem [Root cortex Ina study of water movement in plant, the cotend ofa leafy choot ig placed in acilute sohtionofadye, After a few hours, deposits ofthe dye accumulate in the leaves ‘Thematsofmovementofthe dyeupthe stem isNOT increased by (A) tani () windspeed (©) temperature (©) svelabty of wate: 9 20 24. 5 “Which ofthe following statements is tre according othe mass (aessure) ave hypothesis? “ @ OQ @) ‘Sucrose snoves inthe phlosm ageinsta concentration gradient "The loading of sogars into the phcem inthe leas achieved by osmosis ‘Assouree ise site Where mopar are produced, while asikisasite where sugar ae ulized ‘Waters actively transported from the ntercelivlar spaces into the cell apa thezoot ead ofthe system. ‘Which of the fllowing combinations coretly describes systolic and diastolic blood pressure? 1m the buman eat, what is the point of “ ® © o atolie Blood BisstolieBioed Pressure Pressure ‘Produced by omsstian of | Presa i earis ar the aia ‘be aca contract Pretawein ti-aeries | Produced by eoetacton of aturtheatia contact | he atna Produced Wy sostractin oF | Prestue io dheareie fer the vetrices ‘be veubicles relax TPressuei te wicries | Prodacad by caotastion ot ater the veaictesreiox | te venice inition ofthe mansmalinheartbaa? wy ® ©) Puckyne fibes ‘Sinoatialnege Node ofRaavier ‘Atroveatiula node ‘Hemn22 refit the following agra which shows he heat snd neeociated blond veel 22, Theregion labelled Xis the wore ) pulmonary atery (©) inferior vena cava ©) superior vena cave 23 Po 6 hom 23 vies ote llostng ize vei Innwa the pressure changes tothe tel side ‘Eth heartand tenor during tscardine yee. Wa os oe as ds oF ‘Trme/soconas ‘Thesocton abetled X represents de (A) presoxein the ventricles asthe east ‘ls (B) pressure in the aorta as the heart sptien (©) ail pressure a the heart epics () _Vennicalar prssie as the her ls ‘Which ofthe following iste concerning the clfectof insulin oo targetests? (A) Decreased glucose metabolism (B) Increased ghconeogenesis (©) Inereaged blood glucose ‘concentration | (D) Toreased glucose permeability of ell membranes 25. 2. lus 25 ers othe able helowe whi ves the pls ale of hun ferent stages ofticir growth and evelpinent ts adalood | Patse rate (beats/min) 110-180 0-90 i, | 50-85 070 ‘Which group BEST repieseas infants? wor @ ou © mt oO WV ‘Which of te flfowing statements about slocagon is INCORRECT? (A) Actein opposition to imsulix (B) — Actsprimanlyen ivercelis (©) slots blood gucoseevele @D) —esyathesizedby islet Beta cells ‘A healthy person has ecenly drvuk sarge ‘quantity of (pure) weter. Which statement [BEST deseribesthe result ofthis ction? (A) Theproduction of ADH increases, ®) The water potential of the urine becomes less negative. (©) Thesolue concenuatioa ofthe wine ‘becomes more negative (©) The permentaity ofthe collecting ducts increase. “1, 28, Which the following cells and stwctures possesses myelii sheaths? wt ® « Om oO Vv 29. Thespeedoftransmission ofanerveispulse 31. In which of the following ways ean an fsaffectedby the inividal become infected with ETV forma infected person? (A) seengwiofthe impulse {B) concentration of cat! choline 1 Bxchungs of saliva during kissing (©) presence othe ayein shen B.—Bloot transfusion @D) amount of Nar that enters the TL Breastfeeding ‘newrene IV. Shang hypodermic needles @) Taad only Itnm.0 refs tothe diagrat below showing (B) 1, Mmd IV oaly ‘he gap between ro nearer, {C)UyMfana TV only (©), torandtv 32, Whichofthe following s true for mast cells? (A) Theyre found in lymph nodes only (B) They sre the emallet cirelating ed : tae lage raulocyes whi! 30. Theqrtda receptors forte nerotmaniter hye a aly sevlocnindas (D) They contain many granules rich ia om vase end beperin @) 2 © 2 oO 4 34 35, Which st die ftowing in Gute oF Iyampeytae? (A) ‘They bind only to whole antigen rvoecols vie eegpors.on thes ell ssuctaces. () They met passthrough the hymns ‘land before they un become fly Avesta! (©) They release cytokines when activates (>) They suppress the setivity of phagocytes Item 34 refers to the grips below whic shows the changes in enibody concedtaton Sn gorum doing he primary and secondary reaponae te an antigen 2nd nection ot angen ‘Weel ‘What ype ofzel is respite for initiating the increase a entibody production aftr he second injectonof amigas? (A) Beals ©) Feels (©) Macrophages (©) Meneryeet ‘Which oft following combinations comely eserbes ths pathogens responsible for dengue feverand AIDS? Dengue AIDS Fever (4) | Biotrium —— | Rewovin (8) Single susnded | Double suanded [RNA DNA | (© | ees Tafeats F ay | qlmobocyees_| (b [Parasite disease [infectious disease 46, Ey ‘ican that makeup Une heavy lighvelnncotananiteay molecule arene wy (A) daupidetonds @)__hyékogen bonds (©) ehyoaidichoncs ©) peptidebores Me37 refers te be diagrams below which show te stages of phagocytosis of a ‘acteriumby aneatopbi oO @ OO ‘Which of the following shows the correct sequence ofthe phagocytes process? m1 302 4 @ 2 1 3 6 O44 2 103 © 4 92 3 4 38 38, 40. Which of the following s coneet regarding ‘he se of monoclonal antbodiesinpregaancy testing? (A) Ifa test is negative, moute monoclonal ant. HCG atibadis do not bind to polyclonal anti-mouse ttbodios in te eontrol gion. (B) Ir the test is positive, mouse monoclonal ant-HICG anlbodies bind to HCG aly at the contrat region, (©) Mouse monoclonal anti-#CO ‘antibodies can detect low levele HCG. ©) Meuse, monoclonal anti-HCG antibodies camo detect low levels HCG. ‘A beby receives antibodies from ite mother Via the placeala. This is elled (A) ste priv immaity ©) tanaalpeesveicmamiy (©, mic aciveiomaity (©) haa acive immonty ‘Which ofthe folowing iste for ody Mass Index MA)? (A) Teesnpotbe used measure obesity inchilicen, (@) —Misaperfoct method for mearuring a peceon'e weight (©) tescaleulmedusingbot heightand ‘weight measurements. (D) _Irmeaturesthedisbution ofexzess atin thebadty, 41 a 4 ‘A.keyfeane of monoclonal antibodies is that they are manufactured by a ®) © © most cells cancer cells ne ype of T eat one type of B cell ‘Whied oft folawing combinations carecty deities te eausative agent sad the mode of transmission of dengue fever? “ ® o oy Cawsative Mode of ‘Ageat | Transaission Virus ‘Vector Bactaium Vector Virus Airbome Bacteria Aitberme ‘With regular consumption of alcohol, fat aceurulats in the Liver because fatatuctbs alcohol and deta t Livercells use sleabel instead of fat san energy source Alootolis sed in the synthesis of St ‘molecule in tho iver sleokol avpprescs the abit of vet cellstosecrtte fat molecules w ® oO ” 44 Which of the fllowing ian cnuse lung cancer? (a) tar B)—Aleahol (©) Nicotine (D) —Carbonmononide 45, Which of the following BEST desert @) 1 farm af physicat sli A severe craving foc a drug which Interfere wi person's ability to fusetin oul Chaurterzd by the continued ese for drug, even aftr physical Apendenee is pone Develops in persons who have wed large quantities afsxbsances such 3 sleahol nd barbturatas (Occurs wien the body becomes accustomed ton drugand requires ever-increasing amounis tc rchiove the same efeot IF YOUFINISHBEFORETIMEISCALLKD, CHECK YOUR WORK ONTHISTEST. tens eters the following diagram which represen chloroplast. 1. Ribulosebiphosphate carboxylase can be ound in Regn wy 2 The 1 electeons from non-cyclic photoshosphorylation pass into he Calvin eye via a are (FAD (© NADP (>) NADH, 3. TheCalvineycle is temperature dependent because (A) increased temperature increases the diffusion oeatbon dioxide (B) increased temperature increases the rate ofeolsin ofmolecles (©) enzymes involved in theresction are fected by ctangesin temperature (©) theroiutionofglyceratephoaphate 1 wove phosphate roquies high empenatre (2207O01CAPE2010 2 4 ‘Theroleofanygonin aerobic respiatonisto “ @) 1) o High oxygen concentration ¢; ‘idle pyrvicocid break down glucose into pyruvic acd symbesize thirty-eight molecules of ‘AIP sccepthyrngen iors inthe elecion ‘eansportchain| imi ‘photosynesis by preventing the formation of plyeerate phosphate. Thisis doeto “ iy © o the axidtion of reduced NADP by aes i oxen bP ngent teat oii T oxygen combining with Ro inoedofewbea diet trione phospbate which cajnot regenera RABP in high oxjgen cecainbon ‘The spongy mesophyll ie the ebiot sife of {eeous exchange ina dicotyledonous ea, ‘This is posible ecausethe cells ace ay e © o imegularin shape and ghey packed fongated in shepe and vertically packed ‘ound near the upper suriace ofthe leat ‘ound near the lower surface of the leat ‘The final products) of yeahs fre w ® oO o reduced NADH, aeetylcoenzyme A ATP, NAD and pyruvate pyruvate, ATPaed NADH, GOON TO THENEXTPAGE - tem 8 refers to the Calvin eyele shown 4, Whichofthe following emations shows the helow where ATP produced in fare of pyrovic acid during anaerobic photopasphon lion cwtised respiration? (A) Pynivieacid > acticacid CO, + con aye oF w TATE nt 1 (©) Pyric acid lactic ssid CO, + “ATP et (© Pyruvic acid 9 aloohol + CO, + ATP net ©) Pyruvic acid > alcohol + CO,» ‘ATP et 10, Which sequence comectly represents the action of intying bacteria? (A) Nivogen nitrate nitrite @) Nite nieate-> emmoniam (© Ammonium nite nivate 8. Which of the following combinations (©) Nitrate anamonium > nitrogen comectly idemifis the stages where ATP emters the eyele? (A) Landtteaty ®)—Tandiltanly (©) Wandill only (©) MlandtVenly ‘em 1 refers to the diagram below that shows a simple food web, Hebiveroxs___, tet. reen 7 prooctst Se camiverous © pects Mayty water beetle larvae 1. Which oft folowing organisms is INCORRECTLY identified with ts trophic level? «w © © ©) Gapen protoctiet- primary producer Hlrbivorous protocist- primary producer 1 (Camivocous water belle - secondary consumer (Carnivorous water beetle-tertiary coneuiner GOON TOTHENEXT PAGE O22070107CAPE2O10 Nein 12 refersto the folowing apparatus set up todetermsne the ate of rexpitauon of germinating seeds Gass ting of 2m interna ameter Meta. trey sauce otveaer i ‘wot in tte Germinaung set Postion of seals ‘The results ofthe experiment are presented inte abe blow Volante of Oxon ‘Time |» Absorbed (em) (onins) | (based on distance +_—_|_moved by meniscus) 3 18 10. 21 15 3a 20 42 12 Which ofthe following quantities represents the average rate of oxygen uptake by the seeds during the time of ie experiment? (a) D20e0? main? (B) 26cm? min (©) 420m mis! (©) ide he! 13, Whichotthe following pathvays ontibutes the MOST slecrons othe electron transport. chain? (8) Giycayuis @ —Calvincycle (Krebs eyele (©) Pynwvate oxidation 14. ‘Theterm’biadiversiy is BEST described as the (A) range of genera oneath (B) umber tspecieson earth (©) rangoofecosyetemsonearth ©) varkeyyorditzemlfeormeoneart (22970 101CAPE2010 15, 16. gun 1S veers an ocean Food pyramid. “The uoenber in bnickets presents the weightofthe organise, ‘Teepe Cave g ‘lytoplanhton 2580) ‘The percentage of energy available, for transfer parton eating Salogams of ‘oun is approxionatly ww 1% i B) 5% ©) 10% @) 20% Hem 16 refers to the diagram below whieh shows three adjacent plant cells, I, I and TL The values oftheir water potentials are sivenin kPa In which diretion would there be a NBT ow? w @ © ©) 9M nd > uot mdm +1 MS Mang 11 MW ang ot GOONTO THENEXTPAGE 1. 16 19. Whichotthe followingis NOTA partofthe 20. sympa pathway pants? (A) Cyoplasmetroornaits (B) — Lumenatxylem cells (©) Phamodesmata ofecrpasioncele (D) Cell surface menibrane of conical cells ‘Which ofthe following causes the stomeiato open? (A) anincteas in earbon dioxide in the air spaces inthe leaves, (B) —decreate in the turgor pressure in guard celts (©) accumulation of wator jp guard ells by active waasport (©) aniaflox of K* into guard cells followedby water by osmosis 22, lem 19 refers to the following diagram ‘which shows a longitudinal section of ‘nama hear, \ " WW 2 ‘The position of the sinoattial node is identified by the region labelled wot eon ul wD WV Which ofthe flowing camect x BOTH [erie | vem (A) | Tuinwatled | Rewelastc bres ©) | Collagentibes| Thickwalied preset (© | Fewestic | Valvespresent bres () | Thickwated | cotagensibres reent ‘The fanetion ofthe companion cel in ‘mature phloem iss is 10 (A) providestructurs support forthe sievetubes, (B) actively move mverae out of ‘neighbestng photoxythesizing cexllstothe sievembes (©) movesverose against ‘concentration gradient int the yen (©) provide nucleus needed for cell Givisionofttiesiewetabe ements Pulaeisa directmensure of (A) heartrae (®) breathing rate (©) stroke volume ©) blows preseure tem23 refers tte following diagram which 25. Which statement about glucagon is hows the pressure changes to th let side INCORRECT? Glucagoncauses ‘ofthe heartand the srt during the eaedine Pressure (QPa) 2 mM eyele (A) glycogen to break Jown to glucose inthe iver ©) elycopen to break down to glucose 16 inthe mascles a2 0s ae 0s to “Time seconds) ‘The section labelled X epresensthe 26, (©) simino acids and glycerol to be converted to glucose (D) increased release of glucose into the ‘blood wien tienecded One activity that is NOT an example of negative feedbacks the regulation OF (A) pulserate ®) bioodsuger 1A) atvilpressuress the heartempies tem 27 refers tothe drawings below which (B)—_ventrcolarpressure asthe hear ills show sections though nephron, (©) pressureinthe ventricles astheheart (D) pressure in the soma as she heart, erptis ern 24efesst the following diagaam. © 9 © O20 * Oo . Which figure BEST represents « section ‘trough the proximalconvohted tubule? woo ‘The cel abeled Xin the diagram sboveis @ om © w (A) platter ow (8) amonoeyre (©) anestophil @D) aneythrosye a 28 29, ‘ten 28 refers 19 the tble below wich shows volume of water eeabsorbed in the Aifferent regions of the human kidney nephrons. ‘The total volume of filtate preluced by the glomershusis 180 ines pe ay, * ‘Volume of water Region tres) reabsorbed per day Proximalcubsles | 1470 Loop of Henle loo Distal tubules 192 Collecting ducts 22 What isthe volume of wine produced per dy, inlines? “16 @ 22 © 28 84 Gilomerslafileate contains substances widh ‘relative molecular maa lees than 62, 000 [Largermolceues such asred blood cells aad proteins, are prevented fom passing the nephron because of tie (A) podocytes (B)—ghomeruiarpressure (©) capillary coothtiam 4D) basement membrane a1. iem.30refersto the diagram below showing the gop berween two neurones, ‘Whereis scery choline stored and secreted? a ®) © o Stored | Seereted into 1 3 1 4 2 3 2 7 Which sense it appropriately matched with itseagory? Disease | Category «a, [ADs Hereditary 4) | Swoke Degenerative (©) | Diabetes | infectious (©) { Empaysema | Deficiency ‘Which ofthe following canbe found inside the central core ‘of the human “immunodeficiency views (HIV)? ww @ © o DNA only DNA and RNA DNA and reverse transcriptase RNA and reverse uanscriptase 2. a, as “8 ‘The condition that is NOT caused by 36. In some stations the body's ioumne re alton i sponse i very specific and targeted in other silstonsitisnot. Whichofthe folowing UW) bay NOnOT gue or te bol moet (3) omrasmus ‘response systein? me eo olan . (A) Neuepits Newbie © lnaneat ssa nanaone ti fae 7 <7 in es ln, ‘esintioomcmiycn boda ee , are sad ssn oak + eae Yt ete ws cin sd [[everene Themes produces anibcie aba eu Bot san tered oath pole sep eons Teneiees uta, ioevee degagt ee ott - cell-mediated Aee, sn oe sesponie “wnits) re ) — sbympnonte @ ion WEE ( tenposbans nessiliea ea ni (D) redbone marrow 37. Thesypesofimmunity being investigated ace I anefforio save the if oF fiend,» man donated one of his kidneys. However, soine lime afte the implantation, the kidney was ‘jected, This rype of mune response is (A) psive natural and ative watiral (B) —passivesrifiin and active stiticiek. {C) active natura ad passive artificial (0) active ati and active natural (A) natural and active (B) satura) and passive {C) tiiciahand active (D) —anieialard passive 38 Whichof ite followingis NOT a methodof 44 tranemission ofthe HIV? (A) Senualiaterourse (B) Sharing intravenous needles (C)—Breastceding or breast ik gg. (D) Gone wansfer form mother io foetas 39, The monomers that make up the heavy and light cain of ananibody molecule ae joined oy (A) peptide bonds (B) hydrogen bonds (©) gheosidicbonds 2, (D) _Biwiphicevonds 40. Body Mass index (BMI) is now used as a simple meansof assessing obesity, Whichof {the following formulae is used fo calculate BMI Height (m) (Bey mss) Body mass (ke) S Height (mp Body Mass kp) © “Vege im) oy —Bamnas ‘Age of individ yr) A runner prepares for six months to nana ‘netathon by exercising fr three hows ily ‘This MOST ikelyresclisioan increase cardiac ouput UL tidalvonume NL, maselesize WV. blood pressure (A) Tandltonty (©) LMand only (©) Ullana lV only (®) Handi only Dengue feveriscaused by a (8) virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito (B) _vieuszeansmited by the Anopheles mosquito (©) phsmodir wanamited by the doses mosquito (©) plasmodium transmitted by the “Anopheles mosquito ‘Which of the following is @ mutagen and ‘cases cancer? ter (8) Aleahet (©) Nicotine (©) Carbon monoxide | | | | | 1 0. ‘ten retes co the flowing dingrnm which shows the changes in antibody concentration in the blood during pemory ard secondiy responses. Secondary response raion arbitrage og scale Aniboay toh oe @ “rime (anys) 44, ‘These responses are MOST likely cused by (A) antigens (B)—aibiotes (©) anitxins (D) antioxidants 45, One effect ofaleohol consumption ie thatit (A) Inhibits the release of ADEE (B) increases the relase of ADH (C) increases sexual performance (O) increases moscular coordination IF YOUFINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS TEST. (2207010'CAPE2010 ods Nem 3 refers to the following diagram 2. ‘The electrons from non-eyclie photophos- ‘Which represeat charoplst. ~ phorylation pas into the Calvin Cyele via ate (FAD (NADP () NADH, 1, Ribufose biphosphate carboxylase can be ‘ound in Region wor @) © tt © WV Ttem3 refers to the reaction scheme below which shows the dark reaction pathway ofthe Calvin Cycle oceurring for about 20 seconds Cabon ioide eo, NS x CH= rhi= ital Daphespte 3. Which ofthe following correctly identifios the compounds, X and Y7 x Y (A) PhosphoglyeericacldTrlose phosphate (B) Tiote phosphate Phosphoglyceric acid (C) Simple sugars Proteins (D) Acetyl Coa Sueeinie acid ‘Tho yield of greenhouse crops is tigher 5. Which of the following substances are than that of field crops, due to increased present in the matrix of a mitochondrion? ‘photosynthetic actvity bythe plants. Which ‘of tbe foltowing factors may contribute to 1. Gtucose this? (Adenosine diphosphete TH, Adenosine tripbosphatc 1. Constant application of farmyard IV. Acetyl co-enayme a 1. Rotation of plants (A) Land Ih only. IL, Humid airand moistsoitconditions ®) Mand If only IV. Hligherthan average carbon di (©) tll snd 1V only levels ©) ujtansiv 2 Teeny. 6. During aerobic respiration ia mammals, (®) Land only (©) Mand 1Vonly ©) Mandv only (A) sed in the Kreb’s Cycle 3 (B) converted to lactic acid (C) used to synthesise elyconen (D) one of the products of the Kreb’s te ynivic acid is fer to the apparatus below which is set upto determine the rate of respiration of serminaing seeds, Gas bing of 2mm internal diameter Which ofthe following statements explain 8, why the appazatus is left in the water for the same way but glass beads are used ‘Another setof apparatus is setup in exactly five minutes before readings are taken? instead of germinating peas. The purpose ‘of te apparatus with the beads isto 1. To-llow water to Sl he capillary Speers tbe, w serve asa control 1H. Tostabitise the pressure ofthe =p (2) mearure oxygen taken up aratus, {C) _ measuse carbon dioxide produced IM, To stabilise the temperature ofthe (D) _showthaegerminatingseedsabsorb spparatas ‘carbon dioxide IV. The seeds needed t9 adjust to ex perimental eraperaate, (A) Tand only (B) asd only (©) ihittandv only © Uy tandiy GOON TO THR NEXT PAGR, 10. Mem 9 refers to the diagram below which shows how energy flows in an ecosystem. Sunlight 4 Grass Grasshopper — Lizard -> Hawk ‘At which of the following stages is the MOST energy lost? (A) Lizard > hewk (B) Sunlight gase (©) Grass — grasshopper (D)_ Geatehopper lizard In the 1950's, G. F. Gause observed that two species of our beetle, Tribolium con- fasum wad Tribolium casizeum, survived ‘well on their own. “However, when they were put together, only one ofthe species survived. This resulted in the hypothesis called Gavse's Competitive Exclusion Principle which states that no two species ‘an co-exist ifthey occupy the serve (A) niche B) biter (©) ecosystem ©) environment 2 1. tex 1 ters to an ocean food pyramid ‘The number in brackets represents the weight ofthe organism, fret \ aN nes the pemitnsh ey eine transfer to a person eating 0.5 kilograms cof tna is approximately 1% ® 5% © 10% ©) 20% Which sequence correctly represents the ‘ction ef nitrifying bacteria? (A) Ammonivea— mitre — nitrate (B) Nitrite -pnfirate > armmoniure (©) Nitrogen > nitrate nite (©) Nitrte- ammonium > nitrogen ‘The mumber and range of different specios found in an ecosystem are called its (A) Biotic factors (B) abiotic factors (©) species diversity ©) commanity ‘Which of the following are NOT conserva- tei. 16 refers to the diagram below which tion methods use to mainisinbiodveriy? ‘shows a transverse section of a typical icotyedonos ot. 1. Gene bani V1, Botanic garden UL, Protected reserve IV. Badangered species (A) Land tly wy imate a (C) I, Hand TV only ©) taeitaneiv w ‘Item 15 refers to the diagram below that ee oe had tein 16. The Campa ei found inthe yer % Se canivoros labelled net ron Ce wo @) 0 © m Which ofthe fllowing ongaisms is ow INCORRECTLY were wit rope ita em 17 refers tthe dara teow which (A) Green protoctist- primary producer ‘shows thres adjacent plant cells, I, I and ) Herlvoreee poeta’ primary Th Thevalus ofelemte poss are roseer penn (€) Carnivorous water beetle - secondary consumes (D) _Camivorous water bet tertiary 1 0 rf 17, In which direction would there be a NET flow? Lom andi ur ® st nam +1 © Ustad 1 ©) Mt aat >1 (00 ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 18. 19, wits ‘The fonction ofthe companion cell in ma- ture phloem tissue is to (A) provide structure support for the siove tubes (5) provide a nucleus needed for call division of the sieve tube elements (© move sucrose against concentra. tion gradient nto the xylem (D) _sctvely movesuerese outofneigh- ‘outing photosyathesizing cells vo the sieve tubes Item 19 refers to the following three- . > Tenving tangs | leaving muscle ay 2 @) 2 2 oO} 6 6 | 2 2} 27. Ifthe diameter of the blood vessel is made 25, Adishetc administers an injection of na lin into the body. How does thie lead to 8 sinaller st X, a possible outcome is that lowering of blood glicos> concentration? (A) the rate of ultrafiltration will be comet A) Bptermesiiereneiitivet oy gg tea Ce cred (8) By intransng ine excretion of By ort Oe (©) water revabeorption will be (C) By promoting the formation of ee (©) opatng te foraton of ®) temtot inept wb pancreas reduced (©) By promoting the synthesis of peat oe take Soe co onToTHE NEXT PAGE 28, 29, Item 28 refers to the tle below which shows Volume of water reabsorbed in the Gifferent regions of the human kidaey neptrons. The total volume of filtrate produced by the glomerulus is 180 titees per day, ‘Volume of water Region (tres) reabsorbed perday Proximal tables] 147.0 Loop of Henlé 100 Distal tubules 192 Collecting ducts 22 ‘What isthe volume of urine produced per ay, in ites? @ 16 @) 22 © 2a ©) 184 Item 29 refers to the diagram below showing the gap between two neurones. ‘Where is acs] choline stored andsesreted? Stored (A) 1 B 1 © 2 ™ 2 Secreted into 3 4 3 4 31. Hem 30 refers to the following diagram of ° 1 © u wv ‘Which region assists in speeding up the ‘conduction of nerve impulses? Moy ® © m v © AIDS is caused by 3 “ @) © ©) retrovirus hinovirus Dacterium protozoan ‘disease that develops slowly and persists fer: “wy ®) © @) longtime is BEST described a5, cute chronic, degenerative self inflicted 4. 36 ‘The organism thatcauses AIDS infects and destroyacellsofthebody's immune system 0 that their mb gradually decreases ‘These calleare known a5 (A) Bilymphoc (B) plasma cells (©) Thelper lymphocytes (D) —Tmemory lymphocytes ‘Whichofta following tatementsis NOT explanation ofthe way in which antibodies ‘work to protect the body from pathogens? (A) They cause agglutination of baxter. (B) “They combine with viruses preventing them from damaging cells (©) They coat bacteria preventing ‘phagocytes from ingesting them (D) They attach to flagella of the 36. bacteria muking them easier for phagocytes to digest, Meg. 35 refers to he following diagram x a Whictof the following comet identifies the strctore labelled X in the diagram? (A) Hinge region (B) Variable region (© Disolpide (©) Light polypeptide stain Hem 36 efers to the following diagram, t Biymphocytes|[T Iymphocyte i | Antibodies I icesties in ‘mimane son Hpone — eellmediated immune response ‘The structure labelled Y is (A) alyroph nods @) the wyrms gland (©) the hypothalarns ©) red bone marrow ‘Which ofthe following sue for mastcells? (A) They ae found in lymph nodes aly, (B) They are the smallest circulating granulocytes. (©) They are large granuloctyes which engulf pathogens, (D) They contain many granules rich in histamine and heparin (00 ONTO THE NEXT PAGE 38. =10- Nera. 38 refers tothe following diagram of the structure ofthe human immunodeficiency vis Surface ajeoprorin Caps (protein capsomeres) Lipid bilayer envelope ‘Te components ofthe virus which ae considered to be important in producing a vaccine against the virus ae the w @) © @ BNAand capsid RNAand surface glycoprotein capsid and lipid bilayer envelope surface plyccpretein and the lipid bilayer envelope ‘Acrunner prepares for six months to run ‘marathon, by exercising for three hours Saily. This MOST likely results in an Jnerease in 1. cardiac output TM tidal volume muscle strength TV. blood pressure (A) Iptand mt only (@)1.Uand IV only (©) 1, Mland rv only (©) HU endv only Body Mass Index (BMI) ie now used as a simple means of assessing obesity. Which ‘of the following formulae is used to calcu Inte BMI? w ao Body mass 7) Body mass ahi (a) o Spee Bovy mass o ®) = Body mass (kg) _ ‘ge of individuals (75) “We 41, Injecting virusantigens nt the body results (A) natural iromanity (B) artificial ianmusity (©) anantigenic dit (©) snantigenie shit 42, Which ofthe following it NOT a possible cause of hypertension? A) Actiis (B) Kidney disease (©) Atherosclerosis (D) High levels of aldosterone 48, One effec of sleohol consumption is that it (A) inhibits the release of ADH (B) —ereases sho release of ADH (©) increases sexual performance (D) increases muscular cotedination “4 4s 1 iy believed that tac in cigarette smoke (A) theblood platelets io become sticky (B) moreadrenalineto bereleased into the blood (©) Blockage in blood vessels resulting inless oxygen being transported (©) increased secretion ofravcus from ‘goblet celle n the epithelia Which of the following BEST describes tolerance, a form of physical drug, dependence? (A) Asevere craving fora drug which interferes with person's ability to function normally (B) Charactarized by the continued desire for a drug, even after physical dependence is gone (©) Develops in persons who have sed large quantities of substances such 05 alcohol and barbiturates () Occurs when the body becomes accustomed to a drug and requires over increasing amounts to achieve the seme effect IF YOU FINISH BEFORE TIME 1S CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS TEST. (02207010/CAPE 2011 [orn 1 refer to the fllowing diagram which represents a chloroplast. 1. Ribulosebiphospnate carboxylase canbe found in region wor @® 1 qQ m o Ww ‘tem. sefers othe following dingram which otnes the events ofthe Calvin cycle. Greca) ieee) 1 ‘Tiiose ey Bere | starch Phesphate Phosphate ee) 2. Which of the sages Inbelled T- IV on the diagram represents the tage at which carbon dioxide {8 incorporated into dhe cycle? wil ® w © m o Vv 3. Which of the following combinations correctly describes the MAIN factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis? Light inteasty and tomaporanare Carbon dioxide coacestation and sate of the stomata NAD and ATPavailsbilty Phytochromes and the availability offons 2B oer (A) and Tronly @) Land llloaly © Mend ttf onty ©) Li.UladIv 4. The yield of greenhouse cope is higher thm that of fed exops, due to increased photosynthetic activity theplants. Which of the fllowing factors may contribute to this? 1. Constant application of farmyard 1. Humidairand mois soil conditions UL Rotation of plants IV. Higherthan average carbon donde Tevels (A) Tend Thonly B) Land only (Wand TVonly land 1V only Wem 5 refers to the following diagram ‘which shows some cells in the leaves of 2 dicotyledonous plant Which of ho following comectly identifies the regions labelled P and Q? Region P [Region @ (A)__[2eylem | Mesophyit cols (6) [xylem | Root one (©) [Phloem [Palisade (D) [Phloem [Stem cori In muscle tissue undergoing strenuous contractions, the formation olactateisdve tothe low concentration of ghcose low concentration oF exypea high concentration of elycopen high concentration of carbon dioxide ‘Kem 7. refers to the following sppersius whichis set up to determine the rate of respiation of, ‘germinating seeds. Ghass ting of 22mm internal diameter “Which of the following statements explain why the apparatus is left in the water for five mites before readings are taken? 1 U0, i N ‘To allow water to il he capillary tbe. ‘To stabilize the pressure of the apparats. “To sabilse the femperatire ofthe apparatus. “The seeds needed to adjust to experimental temperature (&) Land only (8) Wand tt onty (©) U.Mland1V only ©) LiL wma In anaerobic respiration, the maximum Hem. 9 refers tothe diapram below which umber of ATP molecules that may be shows bow energy flows in an ecosystem. produced from a molecule of glucose is aw 2 @ 4 © 3 4 @) 3% [Gens] firasshopper| [Lizard] 9, At which of the following stages is the ‘MOST energy lost? (A) Lizard > hawk (B) Sunlight + gss (©) Grass —> grasshopper (D) Grasshopper —> fizand G0 ONTO THE NEXT PAGE