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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: Consolidation activity / Evidencia: Actividad de consolidacin

Stage 1: A summary of my day / Etapa 1: "Un resumen de mi da"
A. What to do? / Qu hacer?
Write a text summarizing one of your regular days and add images to support
the description. / Escriba un texto resumiendo un da cotidiano en su vida e
incluya imgenes que apoyen la descripcin.
B. How to do it? / Cmo hacerlo?
Example / Ejemplo:
Model images / Imgenes modelo


Fuente de imgenes: SENA

Model text / Texto modelo


On Monday, I usually get up at 6.00 am. I take a shower at 6.10 am. Then, I
get dressed at 6.35 am. I have breakfast at 6.45 am. And I brush my teeth at
6.55 am. I go to work at 7.05 am. At noon, I have lunch at 12.30 pm. with my
co-workers. Later, I go back to work at 2.00 pm. When I finish work, I go home
at 6.00 pm. I arrive there at 7.00 pm. I have dinner at 7.15 pm. Then, from 7.30
to 9.00 pm. I watch TV. Finally, I brush my teeth at 9.15 pm. And I go to bed at
9.30 pm.

Now, based on the models given find your own images and write your
description: / Ahora, con base en los modelos dados encuentre sus propias
imgenes y escriba su descripcin:



On Monday, I usually get up at 4:30 in the morning. I take a cold shower, at

5.00 o'clock. Then I saw 5:15 a.m. I light the stove and prepare my breakfast at
6:00 am. Breakfast in the company of my daughters. I brush my teeth at 6:30
a.m. I'm going to work at 6:45 am.
At noon in the company where I work we went to lunch, I lunch with my
coworkers from 12: 15 to 12:35. I return later to work from 13:00 to 16:00.
When I finish work, I go home at 17:00.
I get there at 18:00. I have dinner at 19:20. Of, from 7.30 to 21.30 h. I watch
television. Finally, I brush my teeth at 21:45 hours. And I go to bed at 22:00.

Stage 2: My last vacation / Etapa 2: "Mis ltimas vacaciones"

A. What to do? / Qu hacer?

Record a tape describing a photo of your last vacation. / Grabe un audio
describiendo una fotografa de sus ltimas vacaciones.
B. How to do it? / Cmo hacerlo?
Example / Ejemplo:
Model / Modelo
My last vacation
My name is Johnathan and this is my
family. In this picture we are at the
beach in Cartagena, where the weather
is always very warm and sunny.

Fuente: SENA

The woman is my wife, Sarah. She is

wearing a white dress and sunglasses.
The boy is my son, Mike. He is wearing
yellow shorts and a white t-shirt. The
little girl is my daughter Natalie, she is
wearing a white dress, a hat and
sunglasses. Shes holding a floating

Now, based on the model given find your own photo and write your description.
Then, Record a tape. / Ahora, con base en el modelo dado encuentre su propia
fotografa y escriba su descripcin. Luego, grabe un audio.

My last vacation

My name is Moses, and these are my co-workers. In this photo we are in the
Snowy del Ruiz, where the climate is always very cold and overcast. I have a white
shirt with black spots and pants with lots of pockets.
The young man dressed in a green shirt and blue pants. His name is Guzman. He
is married. His wife's name is Carolina. They have a son, his name is Javier. He
studied at a private school.
The man who has his hand on his head, he is Peter. He wears olive green shirt,

dark blue pants and jacket for the cold. He is 30 years old, he is single. He lives
with his mom. She is Deisy Marcela, is 50 years old. Peter always speaks of his
beloved mother Deisy, he says she is very funny. Your dear father died 20 years.
The young man who has his head down, he's Carlos. He wears a white shirt with
black stripes, the trousers are blue. Carlos lives in the Golden Caldas. He is 26
years old, do not know what his real wife. He always comes up with different girls
in town. He is skilled in systems and studied at the National University in Bogota.
The man who is sitting, he is Harold Ignacio, wool dress jacket turtleneck, his pants
is blue is already a bit faded. Harold use sunglasses are black color, he married his
wife is called Maria Luisa, and both are systems engineers, I like to learn from
them, their profile is very high.
The man who is sitting next to Mr. Sanchez Guzman is, he is a professional soldier
of the National Army, today is already pension after 20 years of service to the
institution and the country. In the like telling stories militia. For good behaviour for a
walk, he was in the Sinai in the State of Israel won. Sanchez married his beloved
wife Mariela it is called Public Accountant. They have 4 children, the eldest is
Jaime. He is 15 years old and studied at a military college, he is much disciplined
and likes to study hard. The second is called their son Daniel. He is 10 and is in
Sesto in a private school. He loves to go for a walk and visit cultural sites. The third
son is named Enrique. He is 8 years old. He studied the third grade in the same
school where he studied his older brother Jaime. He is very intelligent but likes to
argue with her friends. And Gabriel is the least of all 9 months old, her parents paid
a babysitter to take care of her son, she called Maria Stela, she is very funny.
Sandoval wears an olive green jacket and blue pants, not much of it, Sandoval is
new to the company, he is a chemical engineer by his physical appearance is very
responsible. He is not very introverted.
Pez the youngest, is a young man who always wears black. He likes gold and
silver in this photo he has a bright gold bracelet is very beautiful, its brightness is
like a star. He has no wife and lives with his parents and studied languages at the
University of Rosario.

To record the audio, please follow the next steps:

Search for the sound recorder in your computer.

Start the recording.
When you finish your recording, save the audio file in your computer.

Para grabar el audio, tenga en cuenta los siguientes pasos:

Busque la grabadora de sonidos en su computador.

Inicie la grabacin.
Al finalizar su grabacin, guarde el archivo de audio en su computador.
Stage 3: Submitting my evidence / Etapa 3: Envo de mi evidencia
How to upload my files? / Cmo subir mis archivos?
When you finish your work, send the files to your instructor through the platform as
1. Click on the title of this evidence.
2. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the files in your computer. Make sure the
files are attached.
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click Enviar.
Important: The platform will only allow you to submit your files once. Please, make
sure you upload the two (2) recordings when submitting your evidence.
Una vez finalice la evidencia enve al instructor los archivos a travs de la
plataforma, as:
1. D clic en el ttulo de esta evidencia.
2. D clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo y busque los archivos en su computador.
Asegrese de adjuntar los archivos.
3. Escriba algn comentario si lo considera pertinente.
4. D clic en Enviar.
Importante: la plataforma solo le permitir hacer un envo de las evidencias. Por
favor asegrese de adjuntar los dos (2) archivos durante la entrega.
Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning

guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to
develop them and deliver them correctly.
Nota: esta evidencia es de carcter individual. Recuerde revisar la gua de
aprendizaje con el fin de verificar que ha realizado todas las actividades
propuestas, saber cmo desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.

Criterios de evaluacin
Intercambia informacin personal y familiar con la estructura y vocabulario
requeridos en un contexto especfico.
Usa los pronombres y adjetivos posesivos con la estructura y el vocabulario
Utiliza los adverbios de frecuencia, con la estructura y el vocabulario
Utiliza sustantivos singulares y plurales con la estructura y el vocabulario
Describe su entorno respecto a lugar de residencia, estudio y/o trabajo
usando la estructura y vocabulario requeridos.
Usa los demostrativos con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.
Describe la existencia y ubicacin de algo singular y plural con la estructura
y el vocabulario requeridos.
Intercambia informacin usando el presente continuo con el vocabulario
requerido en un contexto especfico.
Describe el estado del tiempo con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.
Describe vestuarios con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.


Moises Poveda Malaver

Apprentice SENA