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Present Perfect
In love with football
At 11 o'clock this morning, James and Fiona will look deeply into each other's eyes, exchange rings and become
husband and wife. But at this wedding, there will be no church bells or quiet music. This is because they have
decided to get married on the huge pitch at Sheffield Wednesday football club.
James, 28, first met Fiona, 29, at a Sheffield Wednesday match in 2008 when a friend introduced them to one
another in the club shop. They've been to every game since then except for one match when Fiona was ill.
'I've supported Wednesday for over twenty years,' says James. 'It was a dream come true to fall in love with another
fan. We've got a lot in common - we occasionally have an argument but we've never argued about our favourite
team!' 'We've been saving up for two years to pay for the wedding,' smiles Fiona, 'and we've chosen
to have our reception in the club restaurant. It's going to be an unforgettable day for all of us! '
A-Read the text and write complete answers
1. .Where have Fiona and James met?
2. Who has introduced them?
3. Have they been in every Wednesday game?
4. Have they ever argued about Wednesday?


Have I been asleep?

You havent played.

He has run.
We havent read.
Have you been to London?
They have left.

B- Fill in the blanks using the present perfect.

1. John and Carol ____________ (not / see) the
movie yet.
2. ____________(see / you) Rachel? I cant find her.


They ____________(finish) their test. It was hard.

____________(do / they) their English homework?
I cant believe it. I ____________(win) the game.
Mary _____________(never/ be) in Paris

Connectors: so, because, but, although

C- Choose the correct answer.
1 I was hungry ________ I ate a sandwich.

7 I enjoyed the book _______ it had a bad ending.

2 He's tired _______ he went to bed late.

8 I didn't go out _________ I wanted to watch TV.

3 We missed the bus _____ we walked home.

9 She's got a lot of homework ____she's staying in.

4 ________ it was cold, we went swimming.

10 ________ he's got a car, he never drives to work.

5 It's a sad film _______ I like it.

11 I'm learning French ______ I want to live in Paris.

6 I left the party__________ it was boring.

12 He went to Jane's house _________she was out.