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MK Dons

Women’s Football
Academy 08/09 MK Dons
The Next Stage
Once you have come through the trial
Education and Sports Trust
process and have been given a place & MK College
within the MK Dons Football Acad-
emy along with being accepted onto one Present
of the courses offered by the college, you
will then be invited to attend a player
and parent induction evening.

This evening will give you a chance to

formally meet some of the teaching staff
and coaches that will guide you through
your academic and playing journey. MK Dons Women’s
Football Academy 08/09
During the evening all information re-
garding training and playing kit, match
fixtures, academic time tables, training
times and locations will be answered
along with any other information that
may not have been covered.
MK Dons Women’s
Football Academy 08/09
Good Luck! Milton Keynes College
Bletchley Campus
Marlese Levermore Sherwood Drive
Head Coach of the
Phone: 01908 688207
MK Dons Women’s Academy Squad Fax: 01908 684112
E-mail: marlese.levermore@mkcollege.ac.uk

We aim to enrich the lives of future

Women's Football Players, by supporting them through the
educational process!

www.myspace.com/marleselevermore Information Leaflet 08/09 Season

Introduction to the Women’s Elite Squad MK Dons
MK Dons Women’s Football Academy
Women’s Football Academy During the 06/07 season MK College formed an intro-
ductory recreational team that saw them play a variety of
This season we aim to provide the following;
Milton Keynes College are now the friendlies against local schools, six form colleges and uni-
A 9 Hour Playing and Training Programme
proud hosts of the versities.
A Full or part Time Academic Course
08/09 Seasons MK Dons During the 07/08 season MK College hosted a trial of
A 24 Week Fixture Programme
Women’s Football Academy. An FA Coaching Award
which over 30 girls attended from across the three cam-
Coaching Opportunities within the local area of MK
puses in order to finalise a playing squad of 16. These
Hopefully this information leaflet will girls then represented the college by playing in the British
An MK Dons Player Training Package
give you all of the details required in Colleges League and Cup (BCS), the Southern Eng-
A Chance to play for the National Colleges Team
order to see what we will be providing land Students Sports Association 6 A-Side League and
The ability to play in the BCS League & Cup
Cup (SESSA) as well as the occasional friendly fixture
along with giving you the correct contact when possible.
To ability to play in the SESSA 6 A Side
details for those involved with the League & Cup
Academy in order for you to register for If the above information is of interest to you
The girls finished off the season with the following stats
and you wish to receive a registration form in
the trials. under their belts
order to trial, then please contact Marlese
Participating in 24 Weeks Worth Of Fixtures Levermore on 01908 688207 or Darren Oldroyd
MK College Playing a total of 32 Games During The Season at the MK Dons Education and Sports Trust
Women’s Elite Squad Player Winning 22 of their Games office on 01908 622922
07/08 Only Loosing 7 Games
“This season has been rewarding and a Drawing 3 Games Trial Date
Scoring a grand total of 121 Goals 18th of June 08 at Tattenhoe Pavilion, MK4 3EQ
great insight into the playing demands Conceding Only 68 Goals 6:30 Prompt Start
of a Semi Professional Women’s Foot- Finishing 4th in the East 1 BCS League
baller. I look forward to next season!” Being the proud Winners of the Southern Eng-
land’s Sports Association 6 A Side Cup MK Dons Women’s
Football Academy 08/09
Milton Keynes College
Bletchley Campus
Sherwood Drive

Phone: 01908 688207

Becky Burbridge A big thank you and well done for all those that Fax: 01908 684112
wore the college shirt this season! E-mail: marlese.levermore@mkcollege.ac.uk