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Dear Friend:
Please publish the attached Copyright Notice in the Legal Notices section of your
newspaper once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks.
Please use SIX (6) POINT ARIAL NARROW FONT in all four (4) publishing's (for sake of
economy of space). The attached Copyright Notice is in 6-point Arial Narrow font for your
Upon the first publishing, please send me a copy of the newspaper at my billing address:
Joseph Michael DeCota
C/O PMB 167
1242 State Avenue Suite-I
Marysville Washington near [98270]
Upon completion of all four (4) publishing's, please send me a total of (4) ORIGINAL
affidavits of publishing re my filing.
If there are any extra costs for any of the above-requested services/products, beyond the
publishing costs, please include this cost on the invoice/bill and it will be paid.
Thank you in advance for your conscientious service.
Joseph Michael DeCota
P.S. Please remember that I need four (4) ORIGINAL affidavits of publishing upon completion
of the four runs. I will pay any extra cost associated therewith.