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Intuicin Esttica, muestra de escritura asmica:

A global exhibit of asemic writing, held from February 17th March 5th 2016, at
Centro Cultural Casa Baltazar, Cordoba, Mexico.

This show was curated by Michael Jacobson, and organized by Axel Calatayud and

Special Thanks to all of the participating artists/writers!

Here is a short Youtube video of the exhibit:


Asemic Writing: The New Post -Literate, Facebook Group:


Here is a list of asemic writers in the exhibit: Mostraremos trabajos de:

Axel Calatayud (MX),
Alexander Limarev (RU),
A sgri mur orhallsson (IS),
Carlyle Bekker (CA),
Christopher Skinner (UK),
Cristiano Caggiula (IT),
Denis Smith (AUS),
Edward Kulemin (RU),
Ethan Parcell (US),
Fabio Lapiana (IT),
Federico Federici (IT),
Francesco Aprile (IT),
Jay Snodgrass (US),
Jean-Christophe Giacottino (FR),
Jim Wittenberg (US),
Jeanette Cook (UK),
Karna Mustaqim (MY),
Lin Tarczynski (US),
Louise P. Sloane (US),
Marco Giovenale (IT),
Michel Audouard (FR),
Negutu Gheorghe (RO),
Nico Vassilakis (US),
Rosaire Appel (US),
Spencer Selby (US),
Tamara Wyndham (US),
Tim Gaze (AUS),
Tommasina Bianca Squadrito (IT),
Volodymyr Bilyk (UA)

Asemic writing show at Centro Cultural Casa Baltazar, in Cordoba, Mexico

This exhibit is a sample of writing from a global community of writers working at the edge of
illegible, wordless, or abstract writing. These tendencies have come under the umbrella term
asemic writing, a term first applied by two visual poets: Jim Leftwich and Tim Gaze. They used it
to describe their exploration of sub-verbal and sub-letteral forms of writing. The term asemic
stems from the Greek word asemos, which means without sign, unmarked, or obscure. All of
this activity has coalesced into Asemic Magazine, blogs, and groups on Facebook and Google
which cover asemic writing, and where many of these asemic writers in this group exhibit first
began to share their works. This asemic activity crosses over into many fields, such as:
calligraphy, typography, visual poetry, nonsense, apophenia, undeciphered scripts, graffiti,
nonverbal communication, alien writing, automatic writing, etc. It is an artform which seeks to
make the reader/viewer hover in a state between reading and looking.
Practitioners of asemic writing have probably existed since humans first began to draw with a
stick in the dirt and paint with symbols in caves. But for a modern history we can begin with
Henri Michaux. In the 1920s Michaux, who was influenced by Asian calligraphy, began to
produce works which resemble writing but are unreadable in the traditional sense because they
contain no words. Michaux is widely considered to be the founding father of asemic writing,
though he used the term interior gestures to describe his abstract calligraphy. Through the
course of the 20th century many artists and writers such as Cy Twombly, Brion Gysin, Ulfert
Wilke, Mirtha Dermisache, Morita Shiryu, and the French Lettristes among others, began to
create works at the intersection of art and writing, and were influential to later asemic writers.
The 20th century ended with two great works of asemic writing: The Codex Seraphinianus (an
asemic encyclopedia) by Luigi Serafini, and Xu Bings A Book From The Sky (Tinsh /divine
writing). What happened after the 20th century ended and the 21st began is asemic writing
merged with the Internet and personal computers; it is this fusion of ancient and modern, with
the association of the textual and visual that is attracting a great many artists and writers from
all walks of life to the unreadable.
This show will display how a few gestures from our global creative ancestors have had a
butterfly effect and influence on todays global asemic movement. Where asemic writing is going
next is anyones guess, but this exhibit is an important step into the future.
Michael Jacobson
The New Post-Literate

Marengo Poem by Alexander Limarev

ASI3 by sgrmur rhallsson

Axel Calatayud

Carlyle Bekker

LESTARET Asemic by Christopher Skinner

Digitalizzato by Cristiano Caggiula

Denis Smith

Fill In by Edward Kulemin

Contrato by El Pelele

Ethan Parcell

Asemic Schotch Tape by Fabio Lapiana

Federico Federici

Francesco Aprile

Jay Snodgrass

Jean-christophe Giacottino

Jeanette Cook

Jim Wittenberg

Karna Mustaqim

Light Closure by Lin Tarczynski

Louise P. Sloane

Marco Giovenale

Suite Noir by Michel Audouard

The Dialogue Of Mountains by Negutu Gheorghe

Type Drawing by Nico Vassilakis

Rosaire Appel

Spencer Selby

Pams Reading by Tamara Wyndham

Tim Gaze

Another Time by Tommasina Bianca Squadrito

Volodymyr Bilyk