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Joseph-Michael: DeCota

c/o PMB 167
1242 State Avenue Suite I
Marysville Washington near [98270]

Revelation of Arrival & Waiver

authored proceeding sui juris, alien juris;
without prejudice, without recourse;
one Natural Live Born Sovereign sojourn of star seed,
with indigenous power and inherent inalienable rights;
domiciled in Snohomish County Washington Republic,
as North American National, a Free Man on the Land;
Non-Resident Alien; Diplomat in US-occupied North America...

Revelation of Arrival
Now Today, On this Twelfth Day of August in the Year Nineteen Ninety Six, let the
Book of Life herein reveal I AM - now for then - arrived whole in breath, body, and soul
- of the soil of Gods earth and made of flesh, blood, and bone, be live Son of Man to the
Family of Man:

Whereas, I am Star Seed, from the beginning, with God, my Creator as my witness, I,
Joseph-Michael: DeCota, one true man of God, acknowledge all blessings given by
God; repent all transgressions against God; and waive all claims without God.

I already put your name & born day in it but you need to change the address to yours
IMPORTANT Do Not Sign this, instead...
Add red ink right thumb print to the area below the writing
Leave the top area blank for recording purposes
record the document with the county of your birth
in the cover letter request it be recorded in the trust/deed record book
and explain the SASE and that payment (type) is enclosed etc...
Submitting your document for recording By mail
Recording fees can be paid with check, money order or cashier's check