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Soft opening MENU

JUNE, 2016

1. Fried Myanmar Tofu (12 pcs) $ 8 Homemade yellow lentil tofu with a hint of turmeric. Fried in light batter.
(soy-free, vegan)
2. Samosas (6 pcs) $ 8 Fried pastry filled with potatoes and onions seasoned with masala curry spices. (vegan)
3. Platha (4 pcs) $ 8 Daw Yees special handmade platha served with mashed garbanzo beans (vegetarian) or
coconut chicken dip.
4. Kima Platha (8pcs) $ 9 Platha stuffed with masala seasoned chicken, beef or lamb (add $ 1).
5. Pork Mix $ 10 Pork offal stewed in soy sauce and star anise spices.

Daw yee favorites We use dark meat chicken sourced from cage-, hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free chickens. All of
our eggs are organic.

9. Mohinga $ 10 Myanmars national dish. Round rice noodles in catfish chowder. (add an egg for $ 2, glutenfree)
10. Ohnoh Noodles $ 10 Wheat noodles in coconut chicken soup. (add an egg for $ 2)
11. Kyae Oh Noodle Soup (or Dry version tossed in garlic oil) $ 11 Rice vermicelli, flat rice noodles, ground pork,
tofu, quail egg, fish ball, mustard greens, chives. (gluten-free)
12. Garlic Noodles $ 11 Wheat flat noodles tossed in garlic oil and with shredded duck leg meat. (vegan option
13. Samosa Soup $ 9 Crispy samosa in yellow lentil gravy with garbanzo beans and cabbage. (vegan)

A thoke Burmese salad Vegan option available.

16. Tofu Thoke $ 9 Myanmar tofu tossed with cabbage and shallots in tamarind dressing. (gluten-free)
19. Tea Leaf Salad - Laphet Thoke $ 10 Myanmar-imported fermented tea leaves, shredded cabbage, steamed
corn, diced tomatoes, fried yellow lentils, fried butter beans, fried garlic, roasted peanuts and toasted sesame.
20. Khao Swe Thoke $ 9 Wheat noodle salad with coconut chicken, shredded cabbage and shallots in tamarind
20a. Gin Thoke $ 9 Pickled ginger, shredded cabbage, fried yellow lentils, fried butter beans, fried garlic, roasted
peanuts, toasted sesame and peanut butter. (vegan, gluten-free)

Hin Myanmar curry Served with jasmine rice. All curries are gluten-free.

Egg Curry $ 11 Deep fried eggs (4 pcs) in tomato and onion curry.
Fishcake Curry $ 11 Deep fried fishcake seasoned with fresh ginger and paprika in tomato and onion curry.
Vegetable Curry $ 10 Okra, eggplant, potatoes, yellow lentils, daikon and curry leaves. (vegan)
Chicken Curry $ 11 Chicken and potatoes in onion masala curry.

Shwe Kyi Cake (4 pcs) $ 5 Semolina sheet cake with poppy seeds. (gluten-free)
Tapioca Cake (4 pcs) $ 5 Tapioca, coconut milk and white rice flour. (gluten-free)
Cassava Cake (4 pcs) $ 5 Cassava flour and egg.

Molasong $ 4 Pandan jelly, tapioca, coconut milk and whole milk.
Fresh Young Coconut $ 3.
Myanmar Milk Tea (hot or cold) $ 3.
Soft Drinks $ 3.

all items 10% off during soft opening