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The speed of tower wagon shall be ___________

At a class 'B' station with two aspect signalling, a warner signal will be provi
ded when the speed of trains exceed __________ while passing through the station
When inner distant signal is provided, the distant signal shall have ______ and
__________ aspects.
During night, the calling on signal shall display ______________ light in 'ON' p
The calling - on signal may be provided below any stop signal except ___________
A semi-automatic stop signal is distinguished by ____________________
Shunt signal may be provided below any stop signal except _________
When a shunt signal is defective ___________________ are the authorities for the
loco pilot to pass at ON.
Detailed instructions regarding working of shunting permitted indicator will be
available in _______
____________signal does not show any light in any position at any time.
Authority to pass defective LSS on double line on automatic block system is ____
When a signal is newly erected or re-sited, caution order shall be issued for a
period of __________
Distance between Home signal and B.S.L.B. shall not be less than ____________
The train speed while entering terminal goods yards is restricted to____________
Normal aspect of the fixed signals, except automatic signals, will be___________
The speed of train in 1 in 8 1/2 turn-out ( with curved switch on 52/60 kgs rail
s and PSC sleepers) is restricted to __________
The speed over the main line at a non-interlocked station for an express train i
s ________
In an emergency, during night, a material train may be ordered by ______________
Anemo-meter is provided for measuring _________________
__________mark board indicates presence of outlying siding points.
Under approved special instructions, when a colour light distant signal is combi
ned with LSS, the aspect in its 'ON' position shall be______________
The station warner in its 'OFF' position indicates __________________
The signal which is provided only at a class 'B' station in T A signalling is __
In M A signalling, at a station, a single arm home is sufficient when the speed
of trains running through station does not exceed __________
Visibility Test Post, if provided, shall be located at 180 metres from _________
When IBS is defective, before allowing a train _______________authorities are to
be given.
Fog signal post is located at ____ metres from the outermost signal.
After testing the signals, result shall be recorded in ________________
The SM of rear station shall give __________________ authority for passing a def
ective stop signal of the advance station.
A gate signal is distinguished by __________________________
Provision of side-lights may be dispensed for_______ and ________ trains.
Back light of signal will be visible in___________________ position.
In emergency a goods train without Guard can be ordered by ________________
Reception signals shall be tested by Station Master_______________.
Generally at a standard III interlocked station, for receiving a train over a lo
op line, the speed is restricted to ____________.
Slip siding protects_______.
Catch siding protects____________________
Whenever a Signal Inspector tests a signal, an entry must be made in _______

During thick, foggy & tempestuous weather, impairing visibility SM shall arrange
to place detonators at a distance of 270 metres from ____________
Life of a detonator after successful test can be extended by one year each time
subject to maximum of______________ extensions.
Wherever two distant signals are provided ____________ board can be dispensed wi
Visibility test post is painted ____________ and ____________ alternatively.
______number of detonators shall be given to each Fog signal man.
On token sections when token is extracted and subsequently misplaced, the author
ity for the Loco Pilot to start the train is _______________________
On single line tokenless sections, when advanced starter is defective, authority
to start the train is _________.
On double line when advanced starter is defective, authority for the Loco Pilot
to start a train is _______
When axle counter of I B signalling is defective, authority for the Loco Pilot t
o start a train is ________
On double line, authority to pass home signal of a class 'C' station at ON is __
The speed while pushing back with Guard not travelling in Brake Van showing hand
signals shall not exceed _________________ kmph.
The speed while pushing back with Guard travelling in leading vehicle, a brake-v
an, showing hand signals to shall not exceed _________
When stabled at stations, responsibility for protection of material train lies w
ith _______
Validity of BPC of a Material train is____________.
Shunting of wagons containing explosives shall be carried out only under the sup
ervision of ______
Before detaching engine within station limits where gradient is not steeper than
1 in 600, hand brakes of _____________ vehicles are to be applied.
Fresh declaration in the declaration register shall be obtained from staff when
they resume after an absence of ____________consecutive days.
When the Loco Pilot reports that he experienced lurch while on run, subsequent t
rains may be allowed into the block section giving caution order to observe a sp
eed restriction of_________ kmph.
When SM of a station in rear receives a message from the Loco Pilot who entered
into block section without authority to proceed, he shall give ____________ as a
uthority to proceed.
Speed of engine returning to bring the portion of train left behind in block sec
tion during divided train working should not exceed _____________ kmph.
If the Diesel Loco Pilot does not whistle and exchange signals with SM he shall
intimate to the SM in advance by giving ___________________________________ bell
For granting line clear on TALQ single line section at a station not having SLB/
Advanced starter, line must be clear upto ____________
For granting line clear on double line, MAUQ signaling station having no loop li
ne, line must be kept clear upto _____________________
Normal authority to proceed on double line is _______________
A Loco Pilot working a train has to look back on run, to see whether the train i
s following in a ___________ manner.
Caution Order is prepared on Form No. ___________________
In Automatic block system when all signals failed and communications are not ava
ilable, trains are worked on Form No.____________.
In automatic block system single line, when LSS fails, _____________ authority i
s given to the Loco Pilot to proceed.
When trains are run on T/D-912 on automatic block system, the speed shall not ex
ceed _____ kmph.
When SM of a station in advance receives a message from the Loco Pilot who enter
ed block section without ATP, he shall give ____________ as ATP.
Trollies/Lorries working during night under block protection on double line shal
l be treated as ____

The lowest rank employee who can organise line block on control telephone is____
When block instrument has failed, next means of communications for obtaining lin
e clear in order of preference is _____________
The speed of shunting of wagons containing explosives shall not exceed ____ kmph
The signal that cannot be taken OFF during total interruption of communications
is __________
Before allowing any train to enter a block section in advance during total inter
ruption of communications, it shall be brought to a stop at _______________
On double line sections, during total failure of communications when second trai
n has to be sent into block section, there should be a clear time interval of __
When a motor trolley is sent for opening of communications, it must be accompani
ed by _________
After opening of communications, when light engine is returning with or without
a train attached to it, authority to proceed shall be __________________
No. of wagons loaded with explosives allowed by goods train ______.
No. of wagons containing explosives that are allowed by parcel/mixed train _____
Minimum ___ guard wagons are required between wagons containing explosives and a
passenger carriage.
The maximum speed of the relief engine proceeding on T/A 602 is _________ kmph.
If a circumstance outside station limits is to be defined as an averted collisio
n, the inter-distance between stationary train and the obstruction shall be less
than ____________
On single line tokenless sections, authority for shunting beyond advanced starte
r and upto opposing FSS is ______________
Lost token notice shall remain in force for a period of ___________ months.
Token indicator is provided in _________________________ instruments
Where trains are booked to stop for less than 5 minutes at a station, outgoing t
oken shall be delivered _______________________________
The staff on duty can have only _____ private number books.
Colour of route button is ___________
To take OFF a signal in Siemen's panel, ___________and __________ button must be
When L S S fails in tokenless territory on single line, the authority shall be _
Collisionis an example of ____________________accident.
When patrolman does not arrive in time after schedule arrival time and marginal
time of 15 minutes, train shall be stopped and caution order has to be issued to
proceed with a speed not exceeding_________
Pushing back should be done only with the permission of _______
When a whole train is shunted across the main line to other lines at any station
, shunting must be supervised only by _____________
The whistle code to indicate fouling mark not cleared is ____________
Eventhough all signals at a station are semaphore, the one signal which can be p
rovided in colour light under approved special instructions is ________________
Whistle code to alert SM to exchange all-right signal is ___________
Block ticket is prepared in form _____________
99. A Railway servant directly connected with train passing duties shall not use
alcoholic drinks within _____________ hours before the commencement of his duty
100.During foggy weather, impairing visibility in Absolute Block system, the Loc
o Pilot shall observe a speed restriction of ___________kmph.
101. When panel is not in use, it should be ___________________

102. During power failure one generator should not be used for more than _______
_____ hours.
103. During power block _____________________________ train may be allowed.
104. Signal warning board is located at ____________ distance before stop signal
105. O.D.C may be attached to a goods train with the prior approval of _________
106. Speed of 'C' class O D C on BG shall not exceed ________ kmph.
107. Whenever points/signals are disconnected by S&T Dept., SM shall inform cabi
nman/leverman under exchange of _____________
108. The minimum vacuum level required in engine and Brakevan of a goods train a
_____ and ____ cms.
109. A R T shall be ready within____ minutes by day and ________ minutes by nigh
110. Accident siren four long, one short indicates _______________ .
111. If a wagon escapes into the Block Section, a relief engine shall be sent on
ly after a lapse of ____ minutes more than the running time of the slowest speed
goods train.
112. Bell beats for is line clear is _____________ beats.
113. Incoming and outgoing bell beats will produce ______________ deflection in
Galvano meter when both stations block instruments are in line closed position.
114. The Station Master who gives line clear shall remain on duty till the train
has arrived
and the _________ signal is given and acknowledged.
115. The Station Master taking over charge shall test the block instruments and
make a
record of the result then and there in the ____________
116. Verbal directions for shunting have to be accompanied by ________________
117. In an accident where the damage to railway property exceeds Rs._________, i
t is treated as serious accident
118. When a colour light distant signal is combined with a gate stop signal prot
ecting a level crossing, it displays _________________ light in "ON" position.
119. Normal authority to proceed for the Loco Pilot of a train on single line in
tokenless territory is _______
120. In double line section where an I.B.H is at 'ON' and telephone fails, the L
oco Pilot after stopping for 5 minutes shall proceed with a speed of ______ kmph
121.Automatic stop signal is distinguished by ___________________

122. Whenever a train is stopped on a gradient for any reason, it is essential t

o apply the________
123. When trains are run on T/D 912 in automatic block system, the speed shall n
ot exceed ___
124. When any light engine is despatched for opening of communications, caution
order shall be issued restricting the speed to__________________________
125. When the Loco Pilot observes any flasher light in the block section, he mus
t reduce the speed to ____ when view is clear and _____ when view is not clear a
fter putting ON and OFF three times the flasher light provided on his engine and
render help if needed.
126. The Loco Pilot must be given ______________ authority to start a train at a
having common starter in addition to ATP.
127. Speed of a train while pushing back shall not exceed ____ Kmph when the Gua
rd is
travelling in leading vehicle and _____ Kmph when not travelling in leading vehi
128. In EMU /DMU, the bell code signal O pause O indicates ________.
129. Fixed signals out of use shall be distinguished by keeping ___________.
130. When the Loco Pilot decides to take the train with a hot axle box wagon upt
o next
station from section, the speed shall not exceed ________________ KMPH.
131. Restrictions, as a temporary measure imposed, are intimated to the Guards a
nd Loco Pilots through ___________
132. When all communications failed in Automatic system on double line and train
s are
worked on time interval basis, the time interval shall be ______
133. During TSL working on double line in Absolute Block, speed of second and su
bsequent trains shall be ________________
134. A blank signal under complete power off is to be treated as________________
135. The amount of air pressure required in engine of a superfast express train
in F P is _______
136. On double line when a number of automatic signals fail, trains are worked u
nder line
clear system, by giving _______________ authority.
137. While at a station, the Loco Pilot is to obey ____________ instructions.
138. When the Loco Pilot of an electric loco is not in leading cabin and working
from trailing cab, the speed is restricted to ________________
139. The authority given, when IBS is defective is _________
140. The distance between two yellow lights of a semaphore distant signal showin

g Attention is ____
141. Whenever a signal is flickering or bobbing and no aspect is steady for 60 s
econds, the
Loco Pilot shall treat the signal as ______________ .
142. During total interruption of communications, after opening of communication
s, the speed of the first train shall be restricted to ________ kmph.
143. Introduction of Panel interlocking / RRI shall be carried out only under __
144. In 'ON' position, a banner type-repeating signal displays_________ light du
ring night
145. Fresh BPC is required when attaching or detaching of a minimum of _____ uni
ts take
146. Authority for the Light Engine to open communication is ________.
147.The authority for shunting between LSS and opposing FSS on single line token
section is _______
148. At diverging junction in MAUQ, a single arm home signal may be provided, wh
speed does not exceed ________________
149. To detach the engine of a goods train having 17 wagons in block section, br
akes of________ wagons are to be applied.
150. During total interruption of communications when train is detained at FSS f
or more than _______ minutes, the Loco Pilot must send the Assistant Loco Pilot
to the station.
151. The Loco Pilot working in Ghat section are to be given _______ LR trips.
152. When double heading is permitted, dead engine can be attached as __________
153. Vehicles shall not be detached from a material train in mid-section on a gr
adient of_______ or steeper.
154. Accident siren three long, one short indicates ____________________________
155."Train entering block section without authority to proceed "is an _______acc
156. Neutral section is located between two consecutive ________________________
157. Speed of the train shall not be less than ______ kmph while passing through
a neutral section.
158. EMU/DMU bell code for zone of speed restriction over, Resume prescribed spe
ed" is___________.
159. At every ________ metres, there is an emergency telephone socket provision

in O H E area.
160. Caution indicator is located at a distance of ______ metres, before speed/s
top indicator.
161. Dead engine shall not be attached to__________________________ trains.
162. The vacuum level to be registered in the engine before starting a goods tra
in is _______
163. The air pressure to be maintained in the engine while clearing a train of 5
6 BOX N is ____
164. Special instructions are issued by _____________________
165. Route indicators are treated as ________________________
166. BSLB is provided on double line section, in __________________ signalling t
167. Under no circumstances should a train be ____________ over trailed through
168. Provision of warning board is dispensed with, when ____________ signal is p
169. Only _____ damaged vehicle(s) shall be attached behind rear brake van of go
ods train.
170. The interval from the time the engine is detached from the train and it is
again attached
to a train carrying passenger shall not exceed _________________ minutes.
171. Loco Pilots and Guards of trains come to know about the class of each stati
on through ______
172. Written authority to receive a train to an obstructed line is _____________
173. While performing shunting on passenger carrying trains, shunting engine sha
ll first come to a halt at ______ metres from the train.
174. _________________ shall not be used for extinguishing fire on electrical eq
175. Speed of the light engine entering into a block section on block ticket is
restricted to
176. Before the introduction of actual non-interlocked working, on the preceding
Sunday or any day, when the number of trains are less ___________ should be tri
ed during the day shift to ascertain difficulties..
177. Vulnerable locations provided with automatic danger level indicators will b
e notified in the __________________
178. Authority to send a light engine on to an occupied block section is________

179. Authority for the trains passing over the temporary single line working is
180. The empty/load device-operating handle shall be kept in empty position when
the wagon is empty and also when gross load does not exceed _______ tones.
181. The distributor valve isolation cock handle in __________ position indicate
s that the
distributor valve is in working position.
182. The aspect shown by the warner signal in ON position is ___________
183. Colour light distant signal is identified by _________________marker.
184. Gate signal in automatic block territory shows _______________light when ga
te is
185. On double line, the authority to perform shunting beyond BSLB is __________
186. In the case of formations tested by vacuum exhauster/compressor, the time t
aken for
starting the trains after engine is attached shall not exceed ___________ minute
187. Derailment is an example of ________________ accident.
188. Whenever a stabled load is cleared from non-TXR point______________ check i
s to be conducted.
189.In a goods train the BP pressure in loco shall be _________ Kg.cm.2 and ____
____ Kg.cm.2 in BV.
190. When shunting permitted indicator is defective, the Authority given to the
Loco Pilot is ______________
191. Reduction of B P Pressure causes _____________ in the train formation.
192. COCs of all vehicles shall be kept in ___________ position except the front
side of loco and rear side of last vehicle before starting the train..
193. Target time for turning out M R T is ________for direct/indirect dispatch.
194. Mock drills for ART/MRT shall be conducted once in ________ months
195. The mark at which the infringement of fixed standard dimensions occurs, whe
re two lines cross or join one another is called_____________
196. Whenever 'healthy section' is isolated and re-energised, the first train to
enter block section shall observe a maximum speed of ________ kmph by day and _
____ kmph by night.
197. Engine whistle code for alarm chain pulled is _____________
198. Coaches with passengers shall not be moved for shunting purposes without th
e personnel orders of _____ and also ____________ of the train concerned.
199. Loco Pilot or Guard observes a signal light is partially burning or not bur
ning brightly enough to give a clear aspect, shall report the same to___________

200. When wagons are attached at a station, vehicle numbers must be included in
the VG by the ______
201. When a bogie coaching vehicle is attached to a goods train, it is taken as
equivalent to _________
202 __________________ is authorised officer of SCR.
203. The number of dead engines that can be attached to a goods train is _______
204. On BG a train is protected by keeping last detonator at a distance of not l
ess than ___________
205. When train is held up at FSS during normal working, protection is necessary
when detention exceeds____________
206. Minimum amount of vacuum to be maintained in brake-van of a Mail/Express is
_________ before starting the train.
207. When two white lights are burning horizontally in position light type shunt
signal, the aspect of the signal is _____________
208. Whistle code - - 0 0 indicates Guard to _____________
209. Whistle code for protection in rear is _____________
210.Whistle code for train parting is_________
211.Whistle code for insufficient vacuum in engine is___________
212.A position light shunt signal when placed below a stop signal shall display
____________ light in 'ON' position.
213.Red target by day and red light by night in the trap indicator indicates tha
t the trap is in ____________ condition
214.The number of hand brakes to be pinned down before detaching the train engin
e in block section on a gradient steeper than 1 in 600 is ____________
215.Arrivals and departures of passenger trains at a class D station are as per
the instructions given in ___________
216.When an averted collision takes place between two trains in the block sectio
n, the inter distance between two trains shall be measured and entered in ______
217.The validity of BPC of Material train is _____days, subject to examining by
TXR staff once in 7 days.
218.The securing of vehicles of material train when divided in block section sha
ll be the responsibility of __________
219._____ number of coaches is permitted in rear of rear SLR of a passenger carr
ying trains in case of necessity. (excluding Officers saloon)
220.By postal express, race special and __________, officers saloons shall not b
e moved.
221.When the engine of a passenger train is detached in block section to report

an accident to SM in advance, it shall be re-attached within ____________

222.Guards of trains provided with air conditioned SLR/LR shall show the all rig
ht signal to the Loco Pilot by ___________________
223.In case it is necessary to shunt a train from one line to another across the
main line, ________ will supervise the shunting.
224.The validity of the Competency Certificate issued for guards at Zonal Railwa
y Training Institute, Moula Ali is __________.
225.The danger zone in 25 kv area means the zone lying within ___________ of any
live electrical equipment.
226.The engine whistle code to indicate to raise the pantograph is _____________
227.Loco Pilots and Guards of trains come to know of all temporary speed restric
tions through ________
228.If any railway servant notices that a train has parted, he shall not show __
__________ signal to the Loco Pilot.
229.Outer, Home and ______________ shall not be taken off for shunting purposes.
230.The knowledge of the staff who are expected to use the detonators should be
tested once in ___________ by the Inspecting Official.
231.First aid box of a Guard shall be examined by ADMO once in _____________
232.When absolutely necessary the guard shall pull Guard emergency handle slowly
and gradually so as to reduce vacuum by __________ cm only.
233.Trucks loaded with girders, machinery, long timbers etc. shall be inspected
by Guard at stopping stations to ensure ___________________________
234.If an axle box of a vehicle is found running hot at a station, where the C&W
staff are not provided, the vehicle shall be _________________
235.A vehicle involved in an accident shall not be moved from a station where st
abled unless permission is obtained from ____________
236.Whenever the automatic vacuum brake is applied, the Guard shall send a speci
al report along with __________
237.While conducting GDR check the time allotted for checking a formation of 60
units is __________
238.The isolating handle of distributor valve of an air brake wagon shall be kep
t in ________ position while working a train.
239.The brake power of Mail/Express trains shall not be less than ______________
_ per cent en-route.
240.The engine whistle code for Guard to come to engine is___________
241.Averted collision is an example of ____________ accident.
242.The first objective to be achieved in case of an accident is _______________

243.The amount of air pressure required to be registered in the BP gauge of the

B/V of a passenger carrying train is __________
244.The amount of air pressure required to be registered in the FP gauge of the
BV of a passenger carrying train is ___________
245.W.T.T. is published on the orders of _______________
246.The restricted speed of a train passing an automatic stop signal at ON is __
247. The number of trains which can be run on a section in 24 hours is termed as
248. In Scottss formula, C = 1440x E what is meant by T _________T+t
249. Section will be considered saturated (related to line capacity) if the numb
er of trains run daily are _______________________ of the charted capacity.
250. The following are some of the methods available for determining the Line ca
pacity. (1)___________ ________ (2) ________________________.
251. Names of two coal loading stations in S.C.Railway are __________________and
252. Names of two cement loading stations are __________ and__________________
253. FOIS means_______________________.
254. COIS means ________________________
255. Formula for calculating wagon turn round is ___________________
256. Wagon turn round performance is denoted in terms of ________________.
257. If the number of wagon turn round days is more, the performance is
considered to be _______________.
258. SLO means _____________________________________.
259. Wagon census is conducted once in ____________________________
260. The ordering of goods trains depends on the availability of ____________,Lo
comotive, Path and crew.
261. NR cell means _________________________.
262. The time occupied for clearing a block section by a train which runs at max
imum permissible speed is called___________________________.
263. At Zonal level the management of Passenger Traffic is looked after by _____
264. Time Tables are issued _______________________year.
265. Accidents are classified under __________________ heads.
266. Train accidents are divided into _________________ and ________ accidents.
267. An example of breach of block rule is ________________
268. All accidents falling under the purview of section 113 of Railway Act 1989
are termed as ____________
269. A fire accident to a passenger carrying trains comes under class __________
__ in accident classification.
270. The ADMOs shall check all the First Aid Boxes in their jurisdiction at the
station once in a______________
271. Chapter VIII of Station Working Rules deals ___________________

272. The Loco Pilot of a train can save _______ by coasting.

273. The optimum number of trains which can be run on the section economically i
s known as ___________
274. In Scotts formula C=1440 X E, if T is the running time of the slowest T+t m
oving goods Train over a critical block section, and E is the efficiency factor,
then = __________
275. ____________ method is the most practical way of assessing line
276. _____ train is an integral movement of goods, usually one commodity, moving
from a single origin to single destination on a regular schedule.
277. An example of non-pooled wagon is ________________
278. At Railway Board, presently the inter-change of wagons are monitored by ___
279. The speed of goods trains with loaded wagons of carrying capacity +6T +2T s
hall be _______________________ and the speed goods trains with loaded wagons of
carrying capacity +4T +2T shall be __________________
280. The traffic comes under priority A in priority schedule is ______________
281. The speed of the goods train carrying C class ODC shall not exceed ____ KMP
282. The wagon turn round (latest) for S. C. Railway is nearly ________________
283. The wagon turn round (latest) for Indian Railways is __________________
284. CONCOR means ____________________________
285. IRCTCL means _____________________________
286. __________________ is known as Dry port also.
287. Roll on-Roll off concept was first introduced in ___________________
288. Ranjitpura is known mainly for _____________________ loading.
289. Ramagundam is known mainly for __________________ loading.
290. The validity of super intensively checked trains brake power certificate is
291. The management of Freight Operation at Zonal Headquarters is looked after b
y __________________
292. Stock reports are daily repeated at _______________
293. __________________ wagons may be loaded to other Railways but the Railways
receiving them should return (load/empty) wagons to the owning


294. In train No. 2723, the first number 2 indicates _________________
295. Primary train examination is generally conducted at ___________________
296. The number of berths available in WGSCN is _______________
297. Movements of military special are organized and monitored by ______________
298. Working time tables are issued by __________________
299. Recovery time is generally given short of _________________
300. Z R U C C means _______________________
301. Zonal Time table meeting is organized by _____________________
302. The detention to an Electrical for one hour costs Rs.______ and Diesel loco
costs Rs.______
303. For a special train, Registration fee cum security deposit is______________
304. The Divisional Control Office is under the Administrative control of_______
305. The standard time signal is given daily at _______ hours by Section Control
306. Under the scheme of rationalization of parcels, Parcels should not be booke
from and to those stations, by express trains, wherever the halt is less than
___________ minutes.
307. The right time start of a goods train is ________________
308. ______________________ is a centralized, coordinated loco and traffic crew
booking organisation which also deals with the train ordering.
309. All defects in OHE are to be reported to ____________________
310. Power block is given by ___________________
311. Auxiliary paths for movement of trains are suitable for ____________ trains
312. Every chart is printed normally for _________________ hours.
313. In a control chart, the station names are printed in ______________ rows.
314. In a control chart the horizontal row indicates _____________________
315. Weather warning messages are issued by _____________________
316. Bans are imposed by ______________________
317. Restrictions are imposed by ___________________

318. If the holding of wagons in a yard is more than the working capacity, it le
ads to __________________
319. The functions of a marshalling yards are reception of train, sorting, _____
_______ and _______________
320. Receiving more trains and despatching less leads to ________________
321. Yard congestion is statistically indicated through ________________ of a ya
322. The first step to reduce the yard congestion is _____________
323. Cut memos are prepared by ________________
324. Irregularity memo is issued to indicate ____________________ in yard.
325. Operating ratio = Total earnings?
326. If the working expenses are increased and total earnings are decreased, ope
rating ratio performance becomes ___________________
327. The operating ratio (latest) of the Railways is ___________________
328. The lesser the operating ratio _______________________ is the performance.
329. Wagon KM per wagon day indicates the ____________ wagon.
330. The net Tonne KM per wagon day = ?___________ Wagon days on line
331. Average speed of a goods train = Train KM ?
332. An example of Derived unit is ______________________
333. Engine KM per engine day on line gives ______________ of an engine.
334. The net Tonne KM per train engine hour =
335. Number of wagons dealt per shunting engine hour is =
336. SWR contains _________ paras and __________ appendices.
337. SWR copies in electrified areas are jointly signed by ______________
338. Any modification in SWR is issued in the form of __________________
339. The SWR shall be reviewed once in _____________________
340. Assurance register for SWR are to be signed by staff whenever _________
341. L.C. gate working is given in the ___________ appendix of SWR.
342. An ideal time for surprise inspection is _____________________
343. Regular inspection are to be conducted once in _____________

344. An example of non-detailed inspection is ________________

345. Different types of Inspections are _________________, _______________surpri
se, L.C. gate, foot-plate inspections.
346. Approved special instructions are issued by ______________________
347. Office of the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety is located at ________
348. Section 6 of Railway Act 1989 deals with ______________________
349. Presently the total number of circle offices of Commissioner of Railway Saf
ety is _____
350. Statutory enquiry has to be commenced by CRS within ______ days of an
occurrence of a passenger train accident.
351. Section ______ sub-section (2) stipulates an obligation on the Railway
Administration to give a notice of accident to CRS.
352. CRS will submit his detailed report to CCRS and other authorities in
D+_______ days.


At Railway Board, ___________________ is the head of the Safety organisation.
At Zonal level, ______________ is the head of the Safety organisation.
General Rules are issued by ____________
TMS means ______________________
An ON LINE REAL TIME system based on absolute current state of art technology an
d efficient communication system is _______________
Running more number of trains and increasing load per train increases______
Average speed of a goods train in Indian Railway approximately is _________
The formula for calculating the average speed of a goods train is ___________