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Versatility that fits a world of applications


Selection Versatility

As Kodaks largest
manufacturing facility
in Rochester, NY,
Kodak Park has been
using M-compressors

The standard that specializes in

every task
From commercial highrises to offshore platforms, the world turns to one designthe
YORK M multistage centrifugal compressorfor reliable air-conditioning, gas compression, and refrigeration.
Thats because the M compressors key
feature is versatility. Versatility for cooling
office buildings and institutional campuses.
Versatility for compression of process gases,
hydrocarbons, and CO2 in onshore and offshore installations. Versatility for refrigerating
chemicals and pharmaceuticals in processing,
packing, and storage facilities.
This versatility has made the M compressor the ideal choice to meet the demanding
requirements of more than 3,000 installations
around the world.
Choices that meet critical needs
Compact M compressors are easily tailored to fit individual applications, thanks to a
wide range of available compressor sizes,
materials and components.
Heavy-duty compressors in four basic casing diameters with one to eight stages of
compression, provide up to 26,000 inlet CFM
and outputs of up to 15,000 gas HP.

Many options are available to address specific situations, such as special pressure,
horsepower, gas, or speed requirements.
Rugged cast iron compressor casings are
standard, but nodular iron or cast steel for
special applications and high pressures can
be specified. Impellers are fabricated of
brazed aluminum, brazed anodized aluminum, or electron-beam-welded stainless
Drivers such as an electrically driven motor,
gas engine, steam turbine, gas turbine and
others may be specified, as well as a control
system designed for your particular application.

in various applications
since 1958. CFC-12
(retrofitted to HFC134a) and HCFC-22
installations include
seven steam-turbinedriven M-compressors
for 20,000 tons of

Keep your refrigerant options open

water chilling. A 9F

M compressors can be used with a wide

choice of refrigerants. Plus, the M compressor with its open-motor design gives you
refrigerant options for the future, because it
eliminates refrigerant incompatibilities
encountered with hermetic drives.

brine loop uses three

Versatility for the 21st Century

YORK has responded to the CFC Phaseout
dictated by the U.S. Clean Air Act and the
Montreal Protocol with re-engineering services for multistage customers. We can
explore several options, from a low cost rotor
restage using HFC-134a to engineering additional staging or compressor re-sizing. YORK
has unmatched re-engineering experience,
having completed hundreds of conversions,
including new drivelines for competitive units.

M-compressors, one
electric-driven and two
providing 3,500 tons of
refrigeration. Also,
three steam-turbinedriven units with 350
tons capacity cool a
95F vapor condensing

Reliability that proves itself every day

Build your reputation on ours
YORK design expertise. YORK manufacturing quality. YORK installation know-how.
YORK operational support. Theyre all reasons
why so many customers count on YORK M
compressors for continuous service day after
day, year after year.
Take, for example, the experience of Olin
Corporation. The M compressors, purchased in 1972, were commissioned in 1973
for continuous chemical process duty and
have never experienced an unscheduled shutdown. Conversion to R-134a was completed
in 1995, with trouble-free service ever since.
This is just one of hundreds of compressors
in a rugged industrial environment that have
provided continuous service year after year,
decade after decade.
All M compressors are produced at the
Grantley Plant located at YORK Internationals
world headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. In
November, 1994, the plant was registered as
an ISO 9001 facility, showing YORKs continuing commitment to world class quality.
Our worldwide service organization and
factory repair and replacement system
extends the superior benefits of the Original
Equipment Manufacturer to wherever you

1 YORKflex coupling
simple, lightweight design minimizes
transmission of vibration. No lubrication nor maintenance is needed
2 Quill-type drive shaft
flexible, alloy-steel, threaded-driveshaft design provides access to the
shaft seal and front journal bearing

without disturbing the main drive

alignment. It torsionally isolates the
compressor from the driveline
3 Impellers precisionmachined, statically and dynamically
balanced for efficient operation


Minimal downtime and

maintenanceby design
YORK designed the M compressor with a
quill drive shaft, inboard bearings, and a
special impeller mounting which allows the
use of small-diameter, lightweight aluminum
journal bearings and a mechanical shaft seal
with low surface forces and speeds for long,
trouble-free life. The mechanical shaft seal has
proven reliable with air, refrigerant, or sour
The maintenance-free, infinite life flexibledisc coupling requires no lubrication. All seal
components are readily accessible, because
the flexible shaft and coupling design permit
easy access from the drive end of the compressor without removing the top half of the
When inside access is required, the top half
of the horizontally split casing lifts off to expose
all internal components without disturbing shaft
A force-feed positive lubrication system
extends compressor life by supplying oil prior
to start-up, during operation, and coastdown.

This world-scale LPG

fractionation facility
operated by Trident in
Mont Belview, TX,
employ 17 YORK Mcompressors. They
operate continuously,

Made for heavy industrial duty

driven by steam tur-

A heavy-duty, industrial casing (cast iron,

nodular iron, or cast steel) provides a rugged
exterior, which can be completely assembled
on a rigid structural steel base with optional
seismic mounts. Rotating components include:

bines for iso-butane

4 Rotor Balance checked as a

complete assembly to ensure minimal
centrifugal stress, temperature use,
and long life
5 Journal bearings reduced
rotor shaft size and diameter minimize
both bearing load and surface speeds
for extended bearing life

6 Thrust bearings tilting-pad

thrust bearing is steel-backed-babbitted for added load carrying capacity
and long life. The reverse thrust bearing is a hydrodynamic-film type

and ethane compression in heat pump

applications and by
gas turbines for
propane refrigeration.
The M-compressors
high reliability and
minimal unscheduled
downtime is why they
have been selected
for all process compression requirements.

Savings that you can bank on

Kuala Lumpur
City Centre

Make the most of your energy


Design-optimized energy usage for

your application
With a wide range of available stages and
options, the M compressor is optimized to
provide outstanding energy savings. All the
major performance variables influencing centrifugal compressor performance are scrutinized, such as gas flow rates, gas working
pressures/temperatures, gas composition and
gas compression ratio. A rotor/diffuser
arrangement is then selected to provide the
best combination of efficiency and flexibility
for your operating conditions.
Pre-rotation vanes assure efficient full- and
part-load performance throughout compressor operation.
Automatic controls rotate the
vanes to the
optimum position to maintain
the desired
capacity. A
manual control
can also be
For those
applications where side loads or flash-gas
loading is incorporated for maximum system
efficiency, the YORK M compressor is
designed with side-load connections at any

The YORK M compressor can be powered by many types of drivesincluding

steam turbine, electric motor, gas engine, or
gas turbine.
In applications where gas or waste-heat
from a steam plant is available, the M compressor can be turbine-powered to offset the
cost of electricity. Smooth capacity control
can be maintained by automatic control of
pre-rotation vanes, as well as variation in
Compressor factory testing
Every M compressor is factory air-run
tested to ensure mechanical integrity before
shipment. Its just part of the total YORK picture that includes proven product design and
state-of-the-art manufacturing. A wide range
of tests are available, including performance,
mechanical and API vibration.

High-performance cooling is essential in the

high humidity of
Malaysia, site of the
Kuala Lumpur City
Centres twin towers.
Measuring a record

Save with factory-assembled

To cut installation costs, the compressor
and driver can be completely assembled on a
rigid structural steel base. These components
are rough-aligned and shallow-dowelled by
YORK factory experts, then shipped as a single assembly. Only final alignment and dowelling are needed after the field installation is
completed. Coupling guards are provided in
accordance with OSHA standards.
See your YORK sales engineer for
the full story
The YORK Creed states, In every industry,
the products of one manufacturer stand out
as the standard, because of certain built-in
qualities of excellence that defy competition.
Thus, it must always be with YORK products.
Our M compressor exemplifies that creed,
with versatility, reliability, and energy savings
that defy competition. Nobody beats the
YORK M teams design and manufacturing
expertise. So for a successful new installation, retrofit, replacement, or conversion, go
with the winnerspeak with your YORK
sales engineer today.

1,476 feet tall, the 8.2

facility requires 30,000
tons of refrigeration
supplied by six 5,000ton centrifugal chillers.
Each uses a YORK Mcompressor operating
with HFC-134a. To
make the most of available energy sources,
three compressors are
powered by electricity;
the others use steamturbines.