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To Whom It May Concern:

May 10, 2016

It is with great pleasure that I introduce and highly recommend Kelli Murphy for a teaching position in the Poway Unified School District. Currently, I am her National University supervisor for the 2016 spring semester and it has been exciting observing Kelli work miracles with the children in her classroom. She exemplifies all the qualities of a competent, caring and effective teacher, always promoting a positive learning environment, while treating all students with respect. Her creativity when developing lessons is beyond compare, as well as her remarkable ability to engage all students in learning. I am always amazed at Kelli's energy and enthusiasm for this profession.

Kelli consistently organizes the curriculum for her classes by building lessons on prior knowledge. She places great importance on using a variety of resources, technologies, and instructional strategies to make the subject matter accessible to all children. Many of her lessons include creative, hands-on activities, which provide real life experiences that make the subject matter come alive. An example of this was shown when Kelli helped her kindergartners understand the jobs of a farmer. She created eight stations where children actually performed the duties of a farmer from milking the cows, to building fences, planting crops and corralling the pigs. She effectively plans so that her students receive high achievement of the academic standards. Addressing the interests and cultural backgrounds of the students requires a type of sensitivity that Kelli possesses. She believes learning should be fun and the children in her class truly love learning.

Miss Murphy uses a variety of sources for assessing student learning. Throughout each and every lesson, Kelli circulates the room to purposefully check for understanding of the concept taught. She realizes the importance of using assessment to drive instruction and uses various techniques (thumbs up/thumbs down, white boards, discussion etc.) to gain this knowledge.

Kelli establishes a very disciplined, caring and respectful classroom management routine in her class. She expertly promotes independent work time while she works with small groups. Her ability to communicate and maintain clear standards for effective behavior is remarkable. Instructional time is always maximized. I love watching Kelli work her magic with her students. It is obvious that she cares about the emotional, social and academic progress of her children.

Miss Murphy is a true professional in every sense of the word. Her creativity and work ethic far surpass any student teacher I have ever encountered. Her master teachers also brag about how well Kelli works as a team player and how much she enjoys collaborating to improve her craft. Most impressive, however, is Kelli’s positive, creative and energetic personality, which is contagious among her students.

Please contact me for any further questions about this talented teacher. Hiring Kelli Murphy on your staff would be the greatest hire of your career. Please consider her for a teaching position at your school, for she is nothing less than AMAZING.

Thank you,

Catherine Dow National University Supervisor 858 254 2112 Wilsondow@gmail.com