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Oracle Lease Management Overview

Lease Life Cycle :

a) Credit Checking of the Lessee (Customer)
b) Author a Contract between Lessor and Lessee
c) Bill the Lessee during a Contract Term
d) Receive Payments from Lessee during the term of the contract
e) Lessee interacts with Lessor during the term of contract.
i. May inquire regarding his payments or next invoice
ii. May request for some additional Product information
iii. May dispute an invoice.
iv. On the basis of Lessees interaction, Lessors agent may initiate certain tasks internally or
send some notifications
f) At the end of Contract term, as per T&C of the contract
i. Lessee may return the Asset to Lessor
ii. Lessee may purchase the Asset
iii. Lessee may renew a contract
g) Lessor sends quote to the lessor if there is a purchase option as per T&C
i. May be an early termination Quote
ii. End of Term Quote
h) Asset is returned to the Lessor
i. Asset may become part of inventory which can be re-leased later
ii. Asset may be remarketed
OLM integrates the power of Oracles ERP, CRM and Contract Applications for complete
leasing solution.
Key Business Flows:
OLM has designed the following Key Business Flows to address all the scenarios of a typical
Lease Life Cycle
1. Credit Application to Booking
2. Invoice to Receipt
3. Asset return to Disposal
4. Quote to termination
5. Inquiry to Resolution
6. Period Open/Close - This is purely Accounting setup
Oracle APPS responsibilities for OLM:
All the Key Business Flows except Inquiry to Resolution are performed by
Logging into OLM HTML Version. Lease Super User module is used

OLM has number of concurrent programs for processing data within OLM and transfer of data to
other modules like AP, AR, GL etc. All these concurrent Programs are accessed by using Lease
Administrator responsibility which is in Oracle Forms Version.
Lease Center Agent Responsibility in Oracle Forms Version is used for the inquiry to Resolution
Business Flow.
1. Credit Application to Booking:
Modules involved: AP, FA, GL, Inventory, Contracts Core and Installed Base
A Third party Lease Price modeling software, SUPER TRUMP performs stream generation and
Lease Pricing
Credit Approval
Authoring a Contract
Vendor Payment
Asset Tracking
For some clients, Credit Application of the Lessee( Customer) is processed in a separate system.
Approved contract is entered in OLM. Contract information is available different subsystems.
Most of the times, Contract has to be imported by drawing information from those subsystems.
In a few cases, we may be entering a Contract from scratch
2. Invoice to Receipt:
Modules involved: AR, Collections, GL, Contracts for Service
Billing functionality identifies items to be passed onto lessee.
Billable items are as follows
Cost of the equipment multiple assets
Fees incurred like Customer Service Fee, Documentation Fee
Expenses like Insurance premium, Installation charges
Taxes like Sales Tax, VAT
Billing amounts may be generated automatically or manually
Lessee may have assets at multiple locations under same lease contract
Various Billing requirements like Usage Based Billing
Payments from Lessee Receipts to Lessor
Transfer of funds Lessee or Lessor may initiate
Mode of Payments: Direct Debits, Checks, Wire Transfers or Credit Cards
Notifications to Customers
Collections missing Payments, delinquent, litigations etc
3. Quote to Termination:

Modules involved: AR, FA, CRM Foundation, Workflow and GL

Alternatives when a Lease Contract expires
Manage a repurchase
Restructure a Contract
Terminate a Contract
OLM processes restructured contracts through Contract authoring and Booking
Request for a renewal or termination quote
Complete termination of Contract
Update Asset records
When termination quote for sale is accepted, assets are retired in Fixed Assets
4. Asset return to Disposal:
Modules involved: iStore, Marketing Online, Advanced Pricing, CRM Foundation
Asset returns
Asset evaluation process
Shipping instructions for returned Assets.
Returns may be accounted as scrap, or inventory to be remarketed
Remarketing manages disposition of Assets when a Lease expires.
Sale of Asset to a 3rd Party or internal remarketing efforts
5. Inquiry to Resolution:
Modules involved: CRM Foundation, Telesales, E Business Center
Customer Service representative tracks a customer inquiry through its resolution.
Communicate to appropriate authorities regarding tasks to be performed for resolving a customer
Define processes to manage specific requests such as:
Insurance quotes
Contract transfers
Equipment exchanges
Asset modifications
Lease Renewals
Components of CRM Foundation used in OLM
Sales Representatives

Assignment Groups
Interaction History
Summary of the modules used in OLM:
Financials : GL, AP, AR and FA
Contracts: Contracts core, Contracts Service
CRM: CRM Foundation, Installed Base, Telesales, iStores, Marketing Online
Distribution: Inventory, Advanced Pricing
(Telesales Customer Service and Collections Functionality)
Workflow Processes Approvals and Notifications
XML gateway Integrates with Lease Price Modeling Software
Advanced Inbound and Outbound Customer Service, Call Center functionality, Universal
Workques, Fulfillment Server