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Labor Day is celebrated in various countries across the globe at different days of the year
to honor the achievements and contributions of workers as well as to spread awareness
about the working conditions and wage issues of laborers.
2. Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from efforts
of the labor union movement
3. In Pakistan, the labor policy was started in 1972 and 1st May was declared as the Labor
Day and a public holiday.
4. Therefore On this day all the government organizations as well as private institutions
remain close.
5. As a member of International Labor Organization (ILO), Pakistan observes the Labor
Day in relation to its activities to improve the working conditions of laborers
6. This day is celebrated to realize the world with the financial economical rights of a labor.
7. In the light of Labor rights, Not only government but also the general public have to took
special steps.
8. Islam also teaches us a very good lesson about dealing with labor that is
Never heart a labor even and pay him before drying his sweat
9. So in the end I just want to say that we should have to take a lot care of our workers
because without them our country Pakistan cannot compete with the worlds most
advance countries.