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PEEEEEEEEERERELEEDER What is it made of > i -Write what are they made of and colour the school subjects. Y The rubber is made of, The pencil is made of. The pen is made of The pencil sharpener is made of. “ly The bag is made of The scissors are The ruler is made of. The pencil box is made of. iSLCollective.com PRREREREREEEREEEER ER LAAPAARARARALA HA ARAN APPR HY LVLALAARARARARA PAPAL RPP P RP BY UNIT 9 MATERIALS 1.- MATCH. 1 RUBBER 2 PLASTIC 3 WOOD 4 PAPER 5 FABRIC 6 GLASS 7 METAL 8 STONE 9 BRICK 10 LEATHER ___ 11 WOOL iSLCollective.com Complete the sentences Glass bricks paper wood rubber leather A wheel is made of rubber. A house is made of A book is made of A pencil is made of. Shoes are made of. A window is made of Are these materials natural or manufactured? Complete the sentences. Wool is a natural material. Paper isa material. Glass is a material. Leather is a material. Plastic is a material. Wood isa material. iSLCollective.com Our 5 Senses name: Find pairs that taste, feel, sound, look, or smell similar Make sentences. example: Flowers and soap smell nice. EN 1. taste 2 feel 3. sound 4. look __ 5. smell 6. 7. 8. iSLCollective.com ie © Listen and match. Check and sing. My name’s Mario, Now you choose your topping, I'm an Italian cook. Tomato, pepper and cheese. If you want to make a pizza, You can choose anything, Then listen to me and look. | € | Sausage, onion and meat. 5 & Take salt, yeast, flour and water, Cook for 15 minutes, Put them in a bowl. Then put it on a plate. x f 4 Mix them all together, Cut it with a knife and fork, And wait for it to grow. Hmm. Now that tastes great! When the base is bigger, Throw it in the air. Use your hands to turn it, ) Don't get it in your hair.