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Marys Role in Salvation

Religion 2016
By Evan Acosta
Protestants often believe that Catholics worship Mary. This is not
true at all we dont worship Mary, but we do honor her, and for very
good reasons. She was chosen by God to be the mother of our Savior,
Jesus Christ, and is the most important woman in all of history. These
arent the only reasons we choose to honor Mary, as there are special
doctrines of the Catholic faith that prove her to be superior to any
other woman. Lets go over the most important doctrines of Mary,
which make her such an important figure in the Catholic Faith.
The first of these doctrines is Marys divine maternity, or the fact
that Mary is the Mother of God. All Christians know and believe that
Mary was Christs mother. We also know that Christ is both human as a
man, and divine, as God. Therefore, it is easily seen that Mary was
indeed the mother of God. Since this is true, what reason do we have
not to honor such an important person?
The next doctrine is Marys perpetual virginity. Throughout her
whole life she remained a Virgin, only conceiving Christ by the power of
the Holy Spirit. Christ was an only child Protestants may argue that
this wasnt true, but it is. If Christ had brothers, He would have
entrusted Mary to one or both of them as He died on the cross, not
John, His disciple.
Another key doctrine is Marys bodily assumption, or how she
was assumed into heaven with both her body and soul intact. We know
this doctrine to be true by Sacred Tradition. The Apostles knew that
Mary was assumed by the power of God into heaven, and they told this
truth to their followers, and it was passed on from to every generation
of the Church up to today. Pope Pius XII said, The Immaculate Mother
of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her
earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory. In
addition to this, there are no records or relics of Mary, meaning that no
earthly evidence of her exists today.
The final doctrine is Marys Immaculate Conception. In order for
there to be a flawless Savior, His mother would have to be entirely
pure. Mary was preserved from original sin before her birth, and was
given grace never to sin again. Her Immaculate Conception allowed

her to perfectly conceive Christ, who would fulfill Gods will here on
Now we see that why Catholics honor Mary so much because
she deserves it. No other woman has ever had the flawlessness of
Mary. She is the mother of God, a perpetual virgin, the only person
whose body was assumed into heaven, and the only woman who has
had an Immaculate Conception. She is the most powerful woman that
can lead us to Christ.
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