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1 Requerimiento de los actors

Talking about me, other people and companies
1. Identifique los miembros de la compaa por medio de una
presentacin personal. Mencione aspectos tales como: name,
nationality, age, interests, marital status, feelings, profession
responsibilities in the company.
my name yesenia castro, I'm from Colombia I was born in Tulua
valley, I have 25 years I married, a personal and professional level
my interests are many but the most important is to bring my
knowledge and get their input with total respect, my responsibility
company's general manager and my main functions is to direct
and guide the rest of the staff.
My name is Angella Chalarca, I'm from Colombia currently live in
Cali I have 22, my committed marital status, I am very friendly and
respites and my biggest interest is to prosper within the company,
I am currently the CFO in charge of accounting and money
management company.
my name is Luis Felipe Aguilar, Colombian nationality I have 20
years, single marital status, I am understanding and very
responsible, my interests within the company is to help you grow
more giving my contributions within it, now I am the sales
manager which includes my main function is to keep track of sales
of the company.
my name is Alfonso obando'm 33 years old currently my
relationship status is Married, I have a child of three years, my
personal and professional interests revolve around my family I
want to give them a good future by offering a better quality of life
to the best of my here I detnro company, I am the administrator in
charge of organizing and leading within the aforementioned
my name is Jos Castro I have 26 years, my relationship status is
single have a lot of interest throughout my life especially grow
here within the company personally and professionally want to
give all my contributions to help in what more can I am very
committed to everything I do and what I propose through fashion

via many things I have learned person, am the HR manager and

my main function is in choosing staff.
2. Escriba un prrafo en ingls y de acuerdo con su proyecto de
formacin sobre A company Profile. Incluya Companys name,
business, company activity, nationality, offices, customers, portfolio,
composition, major markets, main competitors and importance.

Via Moda
it is a company focused on making available to wholesalers and
end users innovative American clothes, focusing on fashion
garments with high quality and competitive prices, providing
our customers .oportunos and flexible purchase products
guaranteeing an excellent service and product.
We're a company of Colombian nationality for the purpose of
the customer reneges on all procedures and that the CIA was
responsible for everything from the shipment at the point of
origin to final destination, the terms of import and the costs
thereof and the whole process of legalization of goods and
likewise define receive ports that can be Barranquilla or fortune
by size of ports and a transport company to avoid many
our activities are: 1. The selection of apparel supplier in the
United States must be careful, this should be a serious business
and career.
2. Must be seen processing times for customs to avoid mishaps
when importing and to meet the timelines.
3. You have to perform all legal formalities necessary before the
4. To acquire the means of transport of the goods in accordance
with the requirements to prevent product damage and
economic losses.
5. The place where the goods to be stored must be ventilated
shelving, good natural and artificial lighting must also provide
the necessary tools to load and unload the product conditions.
6. It is very important when purchasing material resources,
have at least three potential suppliers in order to make an
assessment and make the right decision.
and to fulfill our goals are:
1. Quick response our company Via Moda need the ability to
quickly react to changes and advances. The ability to provide

customers with what they need is the key to ensuring future

2. Minimum deviations. The performance should be consistent,
must continually adjust the procedures for giving the customer
the required amounts in the agreed time with the quality
3. Minimum Inventoried The inventory is very expensive and
must be maintained at very low levels, also it represents a flow
of capital that can be stationary for long periods of time and
lose value.
4. .Consolidation movements. Transport costs can be reduced if
small shipments are consolidated into larger and less frequent
5. Quality. Not only must the products be of the highest quality
logistics services must also meet quality standards.
6. Support Lifecycle. It covers the need not only to deliver the
product, but also handle returns it. These returns may be that
the product was defective, or to recycle the same product and
packaging materials.
Achieving these objectives involves a number of challenges for
leading companies including the establishment of information
systems that allow errors to zero, the implementation of total
maintenance systems that allow zero breakdowns of machines
and equipment, the implementation of systems order tracking
production that enable better compliance with trade
commitments articulated from suppliers to customers, quality
systems that achieve the agreed specifications of products and
customer service, immediate attention needs sales
commensurate with the capabilities production, minimizing
request and response cycles 100% of orders, among others.