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Leopold & Loeb Trials

Chicago 1924
Case Presented By: Gabriel Espinal, Yordi Chavez, Zachary Surujbhan & Jose Romero

Nathan Leopold (left) and Richard Loeb (Right)

Background Info on Defendant's

Personal Qualities
Nathan Leopold

Brilliant student that studied at the University of Chicago at the age of 15

He also was an amateur ornithologist, publishing two papers in The Auk,
which was the leading ornithological journal in the United States
He was apart of a wealthy family as his father was a businessman
Richard Loeb

Wealthy family; his father was the vice president of Sears, Roebuck &
Loeb had graduated from University of Highschool at the age of 14 and then
went on to attend college that same year.

Background Information

November 10, 1923, Nathan Leopold had agreed to drive with his lover,
Richard Loeb, from Chicago to the University of Michigan to burglarize
Loeb's former fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau.

But they had managed to steal only $80 in loose change, a few watches,
some penknives and a typewriter.

Loeb wanted to commit a crime even more extreme. He wanted to kidnap

and murder a child. They also wanted to demand a ransom

They spent the entire winter planning a possible kidnap

Background Info Continued..

May 21, 1924, Leopold and Loeb drove their rental car slowly around the
streets of the South Side of Chicago, looking for a possible victim.

As Leopold drove north along Ellis Avenue, Loeb saw his cousin, Bobby
Franks, walking south on the opposite side of the road.

Bobbys Father was a very rich businessman so they thought he would be

able to pay the ransom of his child

They were following Bobby home, when they finally decided to attack him
and pull him into the car which is where the weapon was pulled out to
murder him

Weapon Used to Kill Victim

They attacked the victim, Bobby Franks with a chisel

While Bobby was struggling to escape, Loeb stroke the chisel

down his forehead while Bobby was trying to protect himself

On the fourth strike, Loeb decided to put Bobby in the back seat of
the car and stuff a rag down his throat. He also put tape over his
mouth to prevent him from screaming or pleading for help.

Evidence Found

As they disposed of the body and thought about the ransom that
they would receive, Leopold dropped a pair of glasses that had
been in his jacket

The following day, a person notified the police of the body found
while also finding the pair of glasses that had been dropped
which led to the lead suspects, Leopold and Loeb

On May 31, they confessed the atrocious crime they had



Loeb's and Leopolds parents payed the best criminal attorney to save them from the
death penalty. His name was Clarence Darrow

Their case became very popular and people were starting to support the option of
death penalty

Darrow argued that they were guilty but that they were not behind those actions. He
believed they had a mental illness. Although, Loeb was the main killer.

They were able to convince the judge. So, Loeb and Leopold received life in prison

In 1936, Richard Loeb was killed in prison while fighting. In 1958, Nathan Leopold was
released from prison. However, he died in 1971

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