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Being Right With

The "One-Anothers"
The Bible describes our relationship with other members of the
Body of Christ, manifested in the local church, in terms of
one-another. We have actually done a study on the many times
when we are to love one another, bear one anothers burdens,
and so forth. In our summer study of WeFit, we must particularly
understand that rightness with God also deals with relationships.
Of course, we should be right about the truth and biblical doctrine.
How many times have we been in conservative, fundamental
churches that felt more like a refrigerator of cold formalism than an
incubator of warm-family love resulting in others being born
again? Managed health care often creates frustration. For instance,
rush your bleeding 4-year old to the emergency room, and you will
often hear the question, Where is your insurance card? before
Whats wrong with the child? I understand bureaucracy,
organization, and such matters. God wants you to be right, but also



The Holy Spirit wants to produce His fruit in His people. As Leonard
Sweet wrote: Relationship is pivotal to Christian theology, because
God is love, and love is impossible outside of relationships.
Relationships are the ecology of Gods kingdom, the new creation.
We have no choice but to live with, listen to, and learn from one
another. My prayer this summer is that we will deepen our
relationships just like the early church. Just as the soldier ghts for
his pals and an athlete wants to win for his team, so we seek to have
the backs and carry the burdens of our brothers and sisters in
A trellis is scaffolding that enables a plant to grow upward and
reach toward the sun. When the plant cant support itself, the trellis
provides reinforcement. Like the trellis, we are supporting one
another in growth. May we follow James exhortation, Receive
with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your
souls as well as to make you pure (James 1:21). After all, when the
Word of God is implanted it can be transplanted into others.
On this Fathers Day weekend, I thank God for all Dads who lovingly
teach Gods Word to their children, who faithfully attend His church,
and who powerfully inuence their world. After all, one another
means family, too!


wefit wednesday night

June 22, 6:30pm - Worship
Center. Love One Another
theme and dessert!


July 18-22, 9am-12pm.
Incoming K - 5th grade. $35
fee. Visit fbcn.org to register.

salvage student camp

July 25-29, for both High
School and Middle School.
Register at fbcn.org today.

student camp financial donations
Camp is the most impactful week for our
students. We need to ensure these kids can
participate. Please contact the Student
Ministry at 596-8600 ext 243 to contribute
to this meaningful opportunity.

beverly burgoyne farewell receptions

Please join us in the Commons, following
services on June 18-19 for each reception.
Many families have been blessed during her
20 year tenure at FBCN. She and her husband,
Paul, are relocating to Clearwater, Florida.

meet the candidates

Come meet local Senate
and House candidates on
Thur, June 23 at 7pm in the
Chapel. This free forum is
open to the public. Doors
open at 6:15pm.

fl baptist childrens home

Informational meeting on
Monday, June 27 at 6pm in
DC109 for anyone interested
in becoming a foster parent
or adoption. To RSVP, call

fostering grace
For foster and adoptive
families; meet on Monday,
June 27 at 6pm in WC117.
Please email for childcare:

June Book club

Unquenchable, by Carol
Kent - June 23 at 6pm in
DC108. Discussion will be
led by Janet Wicker. Sign
up is required in the
Lighthouse Bookstore.

joy in the morning

Widows join us on Saturday,
July 2 at 11 am in DC109.
This ministry will now meet
on the rst Saturday of each
month from 11am to 1pm.

quarterly business meeting

All church members are
invited and encouraged to
attend the church quarterly
business meeting on Wed,
June 29 at 8pm in WC117.

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Bible and Life Groups
Midweek Activities


wednesday dinner

June 22, 4:45pm - 6pm (Fellowship Gym)

$6 each/$25 for the family (buy at door/cafe)
Baked Chicken with Rice, Veggies,
Salad, and Dessert

if you need assistance?

decisions for christ

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Mewborn, Alexander Shah
Professions of Faith:
Renzo Quiroga
Membership By Letter:
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June 20 - June 26
Call the Deacon Hotline (800) 732-9573
Our deacons of the week:
Falus Polston and Peter Hone

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