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Lesson Teaching Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Sean Splawski

Instructor: Dawn, Wes, and Matt
School: Mableton Grade: K-5 STEM Lab Instructor
Lesson Topic: Water Cycle/Weather Clouds Everywhere
Write a brief summary or blog of your experiences teaching this lesson,
addressing the following questions:
What went well? What did not go well? (Cite specific examples)
This lesson was an effective way to begin this unit. The students
were highly engaged and motivated to learn about clouds. Students
began the lesson by watching a Cloud in a Jar performed by
myself. The students were amazed how the cloud formed right in
the jar. This was a great way for me to explain how the water cycle
was happening right before their eyes. After this students learned
how to use the App Pic Collage. We then went outside with Ipads
and took pictures of different clouds. The students then used cloud
charts to label and identify their clouds. Once this was completed
students posted their pictures to the App Lino. We then created
clouds by using shaving cream on plastic wrap. Nothing went poorly
in this lesson. See pictures below:

How well were the lessons student performance objectives

Students were able to meet the requirements of learning how clouds
formed by creating Pic Collages and showing examples of what

clouds look like using shaving cream. Students gained a basic

understanding that clouds are made of water and were able to
observe how clouds form in an experiment.

Did classroom activity center on science understanding, inquiry,

and sense-making by all students?
Yes, this provided students with the opportunity to understand,
seek answers, and form their own answers about clouds and the
water cycle.

Did your scientific content knowledge enable you to support

students construction of knowledge and understanding of
important scientific concepts and processes?
Yes, I was able to answer and explain any question they had. I
was not always 100% correct on which type of cloud was which.

When you have the opportunity to re-teach this lesson, what will
you do differently (strategies, teaching tools, assessments, etc.)
to improve student learning for all students?
This lesson was taught to 6 different groups and the lesson was
effective each time and highly engaging for students. I would not
change anything.