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DTaskManager v1.

The updated version is found to the following Link:


DTaskManager is, obviously, a Task-manager that has specifically been projected
to furnish a series of advanced functionality in comparison to the TaskManager i
ntegrated of Windows, also maintaining the functions and the look of it.
The principal characteristics are:
1. DTaskManager is a program stand-halo and doesn't ask for setup, this makes th
e use as portable Tool easy of it.
2. He/she offers four different formalities for the closing of a trial:
- Application Of Closing, as when he presses on the crocetta of the title bar.
- Application Of Termination, similar to that sent by the I Know during the shu
- Termination Of Every Type Of Trial With BYPASS Di Permissions it is Protectio
ns, this makes him/it in degree to also finish services and processes of system.
3. And' possible to select more trials contemporarily so that to be able them ki
llare together (profit with some viruses).
4. Suspension / reactivation of the execution of a trial (as on Linux), profit t
o es. to temporarily suspend a task that occupies resources but that it is not d
esired to finish (type a coding Ancestors).
5. Rapids individualization of the in partnership executable to a trial (Functio
n "Find Target File") and visualization of the run of the same.
6. Visualization of the doors TCP/IP opened by the various trials (profit for th
e identification of troyans and spyware) with possibility to finish connections
TCP in action or to immediately go up again to the incriminated trial.
7. It has besides a lot of other smaller characteristics, among which the visual
ization of the path of the trials currently in execution, the selection multilin
ea, the possiblit to start a trial with the bank drafts of another consumer, the
possibility to get a forced shutdown and, it doesn't complete, the missed applic
ation of useless confirmations for the various operations.
8. Possibility to temporarily hide one or more windows.
9. Possibility to visualize all the forms (dll) loaded by a datum trial or, cont
rarily, to visualize all the trials that make use of a datum form (qesto can be
useful to know what trial is currently using a file).
10. Possibili to visualize the list of the forms that you/they are turning in the
space Kernel with the in partnership path (for the more one it deals with the d
riverses of peripheral).
11. Possibility to start a trial as other consumer (similar to the service "Run

12. And' also possible to simply effect the lock/shutdown/reboot of the system f
rom a voice of menu.
13. The tab "Performances" show information more detailed.
14. They are also implemented a series of smaller functionality that you/they ca
n come profits in particular circles:
A. Possiblit to reduce the working to the flight set of all the trials.
B. Possibilit to make seed-transparent DTaskManager so that to see what is happ
ening below also maintaining the full control of it.
C. Visualizzazione numerical in the TrayBar for that that it concerns the occu
pation of the CPU.
D. Visualizzazione graphics of the percentage of occupation of the CPU from a
trial (it allows to immediately individualize him/it).
E. Possibilit to plan not to the flight the priority of all the trials of syste
m to Idle.
F. Il I command "Reveal All Windows" it is able to visualize all the in partne
rship windows to a trial even if hidden.
15. Through a special option it is possible to effect the resolution of the loca
l and remote IPs so that to be able to easily identify them, the same option it
allows to also visualize the names of the in partnership services to the single
doors (if there am any).
16. With the option "Start In Separate Desktops" it is possible to do yes that D
TaskManager is visualized in a separate Desktop, in such way to be allowed to al
so manage without difficulty the cases in which the graphical user interface bot
h crashata.
17. In the Tab of the doors, sprouting the option "Show Bytes Exchanged", the vi
sualization of the byteses can be gotten that are sent and received by every doo
r, this can be useful to individualize if a trial is producing traffic and to ap
praise its entity.
In every case it needs to keep in mind that, under conditions of heavy traffic L
AN, to maintain selected the option, can occupy many cycles of CPU (in fact, to
work asks for to filter every single packet IP).
18. It doesn't ask for useless confirmations on every operation.
In the command line it is possible to use the following options:

END NomeProcesso|PID
KILL NomeProcesso|PID

The program turns on Windows 2000 and superior, to application, a version exists
for also NT4 of it (more limited).

Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (Dimio)
SKYPE : katafratto
: 145633952
E-MAIL : cyberdimio@gmail.com
HOME : http://dimio.altervista.org/
The program is distributed with the license Freeware.
The most greater part of the enhanced functions of DTaskManager they are availab
le only if he is "Administrator."